Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

7. jan.. 2021
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • Sabrina didn’t have to bash her bc Olivia wasn’t being mean or anything in this song 😭

    IcyygirlIcyygirl12 sekunder siden

    Agatha Sy TamcoAgatha Sy Tamco17 sekunder siden
  • Okay pack it up catriona gray

    GaeaGaeaMinutt siden
  • How is this thing beating don’t play

    Hugo ParraHugo ParraMinutt siden
  • I'm obsessed with the bridge part

    drivers licensedrivers licenseMinutt siden
  • I feel really bad for Olivia it seem as if she put her heart and soul into this relationship and whoever broke her heart (Joshua? 🤔), clearly didn’t know how talented she is.

    Nelly HNelly H2 minutter siden
  • My first time listening to this after hearing about the love triangle thingy or whatever’s going on. One thing I can say is that she’s truly talented. And ONLY 17 AT THAT😭.

    Ffourty-eightFfourty-eight2 minutter siden
  • This song brings allot of comfort to me

    Alexa IrigoyenAlexa Irigoyen3 minutter siden
  • Joshua is just a regular white boy olivia

    Leah WileyLeah Wiley3 minutter siden
  • In 2 years ima bc driving vibeing to this

    Kloe MitchellKloe Mitchell3 minutter siden
    • Samee

      Noelle EdmenNoelle EdmenMinutt siden
  • I'm here for i don't know how many times anymore 😆

    theexplorertheexplorer3 minutter siden
  • Hi, I know you still come back here :)

    Hinata UwuHinata Uwu4 minutter siden
  • Come to brasil 🇧🇷❤

    Giulia GiangioppoGiulia Giangioppo4 minutter siden
  • Overrated

    tokioozez 。tokioozez 。4 minutter siden
  • This song is amazing on so many levels. I just heard it today and I’m completely blown away. I relate to the overall message of the song and it sound f ing incredible. Amazing job Olivia and love what you have done. Thanks for one of the best songs of 2021!!❤️❤️

    Noah EvansNoah Evans4 minutter siden
  • this song is sad but I'm happy coz i found Olivia

    VOvo Kang PalakaVOvo Kang Palaka4 minutter siden
  • I keep listening to this song

    TITA LAOZATITA LAOZA6 minutter siden
  • Best wishes for u:") talented girl💙

    Hasti NorouziHasti Norouzi6 minutter siden
  • this song is BLOWING UP I SWEAR I added it to my Spotify playlist and liked it on NOworld AND ITS ON THE RADIO (edit) wowowowowoow everyone knows that

    chloe playschloe plays6 minutter siden
  • Love u olivia

    Loop.charlx •-•Loop.charlx •-•7 minutter siden
  • crazy how well this song is doing...

    Aarik IbanezAarik Ibanez8 minutter siden
  • I Love this song it’s soo good, I’ve heard this song a billion of times 😂

    Jessica IbarraJessica Ibarra8 minutter siden
  • The whole message of the song hits me 😭

    JonesJones9 minutter siden
  • *me*: I Regret Everything I said .. I made Him Cry

    { . M Y C T . }{ . M Y C T . }9 minutter siden
  • I wonder who the dislikes are from!!!!!!!

    Skylar HartleySkylar Hartley9 minutter siden
  • Hermosa

    #ArmyBlink Forever#ArmyBlink Forever9 minutter siden
  • E eu aqui mais uma vez com o coração em pedaços por olivia. Maravilhosa ❤️

    Diego PereiraDiego Pereira10 minutter siden
  • Wait i she that girl from Disney and that series with the girl with glasses ? If she is or not I STAN no matter what!

    Fansani 2021Fansani 202110 minutter siden
  • It feels so good when the emotions of someone's personal life...nd soo many people from different parts of this world could relate to it

    Arushi singhArushi singh11 minutter siden
  • Love this song, I get Christina Perri vibes

    Chantell MeloChantell Melo12 minutter siden
  • Wow. She is just so amazing, you can hear the pain in her voice.

    Izzy FallsIzzy Falls12 minutter siden
  • Best song to happen!!!

    Sydnie MarieSydnie Marie14 minutter siden
  • Hi

    Daij & My T.V.Daij & My T.V.14 minutter siden
  • 💕you’re strong and better than them 💕

    madison tuoheymadison tuohey15 minutter siden
  • ART

    Sabrina GorinoSabrina Gorino15 minutter siden
  • who is the guy she's talking about?

    Chasehelle ZacariasChasehelle Zacarias15 minutter siden
    • Probably Joshua Bassett

      Mrs. AnpanmanMrs. Anpanman7 minutter siden
  • She's getting her driver's license this spring:-)

    Nicole HendricksonNicole Hendrickson15 minutter siden
  • Nda bisa bahasa enggres

    Jeremia _IndoJeremia _Indo15 minutter siden
  • I FEEL YOU GIRL !!😭💔

    Hailey NelsonHailey Nelson15 minutter siden
  • You go girl 💕💕💕

    madison tuoheymadison tuohey15 minutter siden
  • Pure talent Olivia

    Karo KawaiiKaro Kawaii16 minutter siden
  • I’m so obsessed with this😔

    Santiago BlancoSantiago Blanco16 minutter siden
  • (sees brooks tiktok video on drivers license) Me: WHERE IS THE VIDEO!! also me: *Gasp* SHE LIED (Watches the whole thing) My brain:Really!!

    Elise TriplettElise Triplett17 minutter siden
  • I love you

    Tessa Young's Movie ChannelTessa Young's Movie Channel19 minutter siden
  • 2 weeks and 64 mil views go off boo🙌🏽🙌🏽💘this song hits different🥺✨

    Its_lia _Its_lia _19 minutter siden
  • Wait she sang this song. I didn't even know she can sing.

    Samuel SolisSamuel Solis19 minutter siden
  • It's always a blond girl. (Just like Selena, Justin & Hailey thingy) Ps- Not tryna be a racist or anything lol

    Sangay ChodenSangay Choden19 minutter siden
    • the fuck?

      jungkookjungkook16 minutter siden
  • this song literally lets me overcome my ex

    Diya JoshiDiya Joshi20 minutter siden
  • this songs says the story of my life

    Diya JoshiDiya Joshi20 minutter siden
  • Man! This is song is so popular rn!!! Even James Charles made a video singing this!

    Winter VibesWinter Vibes22 minutter siden
  • This song isnt shady at all while sabrina wrote a song "skin"

    Kelly CaldaKelly Calda22 minutter siden
    • go outside please it's really not that deep you know

      jungkookjungkook19 minutter siden
  • olivia:"your probably with that blonde girl" sabrina:"maybe blonde was the only rhyme" oliva:"now i drive alone past your street" sabrina:"dont drive yourself insane" the tea is popin

    Kate KimKate Kim22 minutter siden
  • Never heard anything like this after lewis capaldi's song

    chris15841chris1584124 minutter siden
  • At this point feels like y’all ain’t even fighting for the boy, y’all just fighting with each other....

    Simranpreet KaurSimranpreet Kaur24 minutter siden
  • After listening to this song I finally texted my ex and told him how I truly felt and that I’m still in love with him.

    Hunter JohnstonHunter Johnston25 minutter siden
  • Her father is a filipino😽

    Kelly CaldaKelly Calda25 minutter siden
  • Lets all say it together "Iconic"

    Birey GebrenigusBirey Gebrenigus26 minutter siden
  • I did a cover of this song and it would be really cool if y'all go check it out ☺️

    faypibibiifaypibibii26 minutter siden
  • I feel so hurt even tho I'm nbsb lol y

    Jaimee RangcapanJaimee Rangcapan26 minutter siden
  • The fact that olivia is a half filipino☺

    Kelly CaldaKelly Calda27 minutter siden
  • Congrats on topping the charts. Stay grounded and don’t get caught up, just keep doing what you been doing and enjoy!

    Hawn sHawn s27 minutter siden
  • This got me in my feelings. Okay, now make a love song

    Isai IsleñoIsai Isleño27 minutter siden
  • 64M views wow good blow up!

    They Adore NiyaThey Adore Niya28 minutter siden
  • i have to get back here from the Joshua's song you guys keep talking about, just to clear my ears, oh my God!!!

    Dylan DaiyaDylan Daiya28 minutter siden
  • surely gonna sing this once I got my drivers license ughhh

    Jaimee RangcapanJaimee Rangcapan29 minutter siden
  • This song is such a masterpiece and tells an all too familiar story.. 💔 A 7 Year relationship.. He was my first love.. it's been about 2 years and I'm still dealing with the trauma and the empty void left in my chest. After everything.. I still can't erase him from my mind 😔

    Rebekah JiracekRebekah Jiracek29 minutter siden
  • 1 week _ love the song 2 weeks - love the song I must get my own license

    omah dubemomah dubem30 minutter siden
  • “Maybe blonde was the only rhyme” She didn’t rhymed blond tho...

    Beyoncé KnowlesBeyoncé Knowles30 minutter siden
  • Listening to both this song, and Sabrina's song 'Skins' because we are not going to put two very talented women against each other over some stupid drama that the internet caused.

    KimKim30 minutter siden
  • this is so sad alexa play still got time by zayn

    NicoleNicole32 minutter siden
  • Those who like this song are probably having a lot of insecurities

    Nabilah ZinNabilah Zin32 minutter siden
  • Cuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Sadio SZNSadio SZN32 minutter siden
  • who is here after sabrina carpanter" s "SKIN'

    Tasfiah TasnimTasfiah Tasnim32 minutter siden
  • 💜💜💜💜💜

    samanthairene picarsamanthairene picar33 minutter siden
  • I can't wait to fall in love with someone and then go through a bad break up and listen to this song while driving at 3am. No really tho.

    Luvyouth -Luvyouth -34 minutter siden
    • Fr

      Lo KnightLo Knight34 minutter siden
  • Just saying your begging him back, so you must have done something wrong with him. And my mom says once we all find out what happens everyone will turn on you. Good luck :)

    Hannah GodfreyHannah Godfrey34 minutter siden
  • Poor baby :(

    DottieMinervaDottieMinerva35 minutter siden
  • I love the song ❤

    Reyna ChavezReyna Chavez35 minutter siden
  • This hits different when you were with through a friend you cared for deeply and were with them for everything even when they went to the hospital twice, and they just left you a 1 hour ago. I loved him...

    Malaya ForneyMalaya Forney35 minutter siden
  • Between Olivias song, Joshuas song, and Sabrinas song, drivers license is most definitely my favorite

    JaeAnn DavisJaeAnn Davis36 minutter siden
  • There's gonna be a lot of pressure on the next song she's gonna put out.

    Bing GetBing Get36 minutter siden

    Elizabeth AElizabeth A36 minutter siden
  • 2:28 IF YOU WANT TO SKIP TO the bridge part and play it over amd over

    Genessa Rica LagusGenessa Rica Lagus36 minutter siden
  • Rick Beato brought me here

    TgorillaTgorilla36 minutter siden
  • Enserio no entiendo como a la primera vez de escucharla me llegó tanto, ahora entiendo porque es tan popular.

    Jenn DenisJenn Denis37 minutter siden
  • Skins just doesn't flow well compared to this it doesn't vibe with anything...

    Samantha JGSamantha JG37 minutter siden
    • we don't care

      jungkookjungkook18 minutter siden
  • can we get this video to hit 100 million views in a month cuz that'd be pretty cool

    Nazeeha NNazeeha N38 minutter siden
  • This hits different when you’re too young for a drivers license or a boyfriend

    addy raeaddy rae38 minutter siden
  • Ive never had a boyfriend why am I crying

    Bing GetBing Get38 minutter siden
  • Olivia...You are a VERY talented person and I admire you because, well why not?? We want you to keep up the good work! WE LOVE YOU OLIVIA, STAY STRONG FOR US!!!

    Tara ThomasTara Thomas38 minutter siden
  • But why did jousha and sabrina have to fire back with a song lol. "You said forever now i drive alone past your street" + "shes everything im insecure about" + "red lights stop sig-😭😭😭😭 deep parts

    extra amazing editsextra amazing edits39 minutter siden
  • Idc what people say, Olivia's song is overall better than sabrina's

    waveyy. aveyyywaveyy. aveyyy40 minutter siden
  • candu bngt plis.....😭

    shaira syhrshaira syhr40 minutter siden
  • This song is the best I just love how talented she is.

    Ava Cosse'Ava Cosse'41 minutt siden
  • I’ve been consistently here for 5 days and can still feel the same feeling when i first hear this masterpiece. I’m not broken hearted and happy with my relationship but i don’t know why i’m crying and feeling the pain with her song! 🥺 OLIVIA WILL BE A LEGEND

    God is LoveGod is Love42 minutter siden
  • i wonder what movie will use this for a meaningful scene first. great song!

    zentvnglezentvngle42 minutter siden
  • bruh i just listened to the whole song thru and she said i still fucking love you shes bomb\

    Zoe GonsalvesZoe Gonsalves43 minutter siden

    Dhroopatee SeesahaiDhroopatee Seesahai44 minutter siden
  • I got goosebumps 🔥🔥

    Arlo VibesArlo Vibes44 minutter siden
  • This Hits Different For Those Who Don't Have Girlfriend And A License😭

    Dhairya ParmakerDhairya Parmaker45 minutter siden