Ole & Bruno ARGUE During Brighton Match! | Man United News

5. april. 2021
52 624 Ganger

Jay is back outside Old Trafford with the latest United news and transfer rumours, including all the post match reaction following last night's game!
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  • I think it is Bruno who is managing second half of matches 😀😀😂😂😂

    KarthiKarthi9 dager siden
  • He knows OLE has no clue. The team looked out of imagination and ideas before Bruno argued. That Glazzers puppet

  • I really hope we let everyone else fight to get Håland, whilst we just sign Sancho. Then (in an ideal world) sign Camavinga & Varane, and get Pogba signed up

    4Bester4Bester9 dager siden
  • Bruno is a player that gives it all and do at times pass empty passes overall he works hard and passionate following Ronaldo footsteps. I will scream at pogba all day when he falls at times, slopy and lose the ball so easy resulting to united one goal less.

    Didi DadaDidi Dada9 dager siden
  • Can't stand shyte like this, you want the guys to have tea time and chit chat things out... YOU NEED TO SHOW YOUR PASSION YOUR DESIRE so others can understand and get on the same page. Especially with fans not present. Its not like he's taking his belt off and lashing players with it. His team talks

    madmikedbzmadmikedbz9 dager siden
  • Bruno’s saved Ole’s ass so much his tired and frustrated of it lol

    M.AM.A10 dager siden
  • We need to srtart playing Diallo on the right

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name10 dager siden
  • Make Fernandez player/trainer. OGS just don't get the strategy right

    Berto de los santosBerto de los santos10 dager siden
  • Stick with Mason he’s our boy and now it looks like we’ve got top 4 give him the starts from now till the end of the season imho

    Glenn FGlenn F10 dager siden
  • Classic Jay lmao 0:42 not talking about Jamie Carragher here

    Glenn FGlenn F10 dager siden
  • Watching the sub titles hilarious trying to interpret the Manchester accent

    Peter ThurstonPeter Thurston10 dager siden
  • Blah blah The elephant in the room is that the team was poor today. Brighton gave mufc a game and were bailed out by two key moments. The manager needs to go...

    The EdgeThe Edge10 dager siden
  • If it was nothing, by making this video aren't you making something of nothing?why compound the problem? More people know about something that we didn't know before this video!!!!🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🥱🥱🥱

    Jay SinghJay Singh10 dager siden
  • I like to see the players and manager arguing a bit. It shows the f’in care.

    Lorraine GrayLorraine Gray10 dager siden
  • Ole also said mason learning from the edi. U missed that.

    varun gurjarvarun gurjar10 dager siden
  • Bruno’s passion is insane. I love that he is so vocal.

    Jake DriverJake Driver10 dager siden
    • He should be the captain

      Dela FuenteDela Fuente10 dager siden
    • Bruno is a leader and a winner. He doesn't like some of this stupid attitude in the united squad...

      Ehiz EbhohimenEhiz Ebhohimen10 dager siden
  • Next year Greenwood needs to make the steps that Foden has made at City this year. By then second year syndrome won't be an excuse anymore and the signs over the last couple of months indicate he is heading in the right direction again. A bit of confidence can do wonders.

    Peter TaylorPeter Taylor11 dager siden
    • @Dela Fuente There is a reason why Greenwood hardly played for United for a period of time this season and that is because when he did play he was very disappointing and nowhere near the standard of his first season. The problems we have with some other positions don't impact on that. You could even argue that if we didn't have a RW problem that Greenwood wouldn't have got many playing opportunities at all over the last 2 years because he would have been viewed as purely a centre forward proposition. If he had been playing for City he would have been equally disappointing and not scored anything like 20 goals. That is just a ridiculous assumption and he may not even have played many minutes at all. Poor form is poor form, no matter where you play. Foden has become weapon at City this year playing in a similar role to Greenwood and is only marginally older than Greenwood, so the comparison is valid. Greenwood is a huge talent, but that doesn't guarantee that he will become a really big player. He has to deliver next year.

      Peter TaylorPeter Taylor10 dager siden
    • You can not compare foden and greenwood if Greenwood plays for city he would have 20 goals a season. He is not a RW and the Team is not good enough yet if we can solve our CDM / CB / RW problems im sure Mason will prove that he is Very Good

      Dela FuenteDela Fuente10 dager siden
  • Perhaps Bruno is fed up with Ole's lack of tactical ability or ability to impose himself on games when United is being outplayed by inferior opposition.

    Peter TaylorPeter Taylor11 dager siden
  • I swear whoever does the thumbnail for these uses the same picture of Ole every time

    Tom InmanTom Inman11 dager siden
  • Jay is that a Woolrich coat you are wearing? Cheers

    Lauren ReeveLauren Reeve11 dager siden
  • As if you think Greenwood is as good as Haaland. You know deep down that that's bollocks.

    dylan graftondylan grafton11 dager siden
  • Not only is Bruno a Manchester United player he is also a fan, the guy really wants to be here and contribute to getting us back to the top table, I'm delighted he argues and snaps at people, we spent years lauding people for the same and if Ole was angry and frustrated yesterday then that too is a good sign.

    B D66B D6611 dager siden
  • Deluded fan base. Bruno who is a limited footballer thinks he’s bigger than the club so questions the manager and moans at his team mates in all games even after making bad passes. But the fans give him a pass. How the mighty have fallen that the fans think he’s actually an elite footballer.

    TheWalletheadTheWallethead11 dager siden
  • Ole gonna 4231 next match with the same lineup at the back and two DM. This guy truly has no tactical idea

    Athay PhomAthay Phom11 dager siden
  • We need players in and out ... Should we sit and wait for Mason to reach that level?

    Murphy moeMurphy moe11 dager siden
    • Yes lad we should.

      B D66B D6611 dager siden
  • Take care of Bruno he put you there Ole

    Murphy moeMurphy moe11 dager siden
  • Huge massive respect for Jay 🙏

    Nozzy-ENozzy-E11 dager siden
  • I don't know the actual stats for Greenwood but I feel like he very rarely misses the goal and he hits the wood work all the time from the incredibly tight angles. His striking ability is honestly amazing and his runs are getting better on and off the ball. And then he can pass the ball with a great touch. Yeah his goals are down this season but he's also grown so much more this season and he's only 19. We have so much time to create a beast.

    Kaleb DieterleKaleb Dieterle11 dager siden
  • Fernandez can read the match much better then OGS.

    Berto de los santosBerto de los santos11 dager siden
  • Giggsy argued back with Fergie for 20years. Didnt do them any harm

    MonkfishMonkfish11 dager siden
  • I have a genuine fear that ole is quite cowardly and afraid to make big decisions.. He waited till de gea left on compassionate leave to drop him for Henderson.. He seems terrified to drop or even sub Fred no matter how badly he plays.. And he clearly has a petty personal issue with van de beek!!

    Sean O CSean O C11 dager siden
  • Bruno is a tough guy to manage...Ole is the right guy who can manage him...

    Nikunj PasariNikunj Pasari11 dager siden
  • 100m for Andre Silva is laughable.

    Tilikum TimTilikum Tim11 dager siden
  • The English press love to embellish and use hyperbolic nonsense to stir their shit. They are the worst press on earth, bar none.

    Peter McAllisterPeter McAllister11 dager siden
  • I love your channel, and have been supporting you for a long time and will continue to do so coz u guys are genuinely doing a great job. But this kind of video tag/title seems click-baity..we all know these are just part of the game.

    Arpan ChatterjeeArpan Chatterjee11 dager siden
  • Mason will be the #9 once he gains bout 10 lbs of muscle

    Hrothgar 85Hrothgar 8511 dager siden
    • @Dave Elcock CR7 was jacked. Mason isn't close nor will never be close to a Messi talking bout slickness. I dont know a box office 9 that is slick and does it at the highest level. Rooney was a beast and physical. Haaland is a animal. Lewandowski is also built up well. Maybe Aguero. But I dont think Mason has any of what Aguero has in his tool box. Would be nice if Ole actually gave us a look at him for 90 mins as a 9 1st lol.

      Hrothgar 85Hrothgar 859 dager siden
    • @Dave Elcock if he stays on the RW he will remain a average talent in that position. Greenwood is good in the box in front of goal. Just add some power to hold up the ball, back to goal etc. He will keep his pace and side to side finesse. He can add muscle while maintaining his inborn ability to shoot and move.

      Hrothgar 85Hrothgar 859 dager siden
    • @Dave Elcock With his body type he has room to add muscle. Again this all depends if United want him as the future 9. Far as skeletal structure thats why I said he's only 19. His body needs to catch up. Hence some off season weight training. Samething as college kids in the off season for football here in the States. Different sport I know but its played at a level you have to be physically dominate to reach those lofty expectations.

      Hrothgar 85Hrothgar 859 dager siden
    • @Hrothgar 85 look at the body type, haaland is massive and does not in no way look like 19, mason hasn't lost his mothers' features yet, no comparison mason will never be that striker to bully cbs like lukaku, he's gonna be slick.

      Dave ElcockDave Elcock9 dager siden
    • @Dave Elcock Fella named Erling Haaland... Sure you heard of him. That is a #9. He isn't skinny. He isn't weak. He isnt getting nor would he get bullied by CBs in any league. Still fast in a straight line, side to side, agile and strong. Greenwood can do this to fit his body style and to match the type of game he would play down the middle.

      Hrothgar 85Hrothgar 859 dager siden
  • modern day football is far to soft! players argue! managers and players argue! for **** sake families argue! modern day media need to get a grip the absolute drips

    kyle jolleykyle jolley11 dager siden
  • Why is this even news? And I don't blame Bruno to be fair. I'm not confident in Ole at all and I honestly can't even see us winning anything under him.

    JGarth92JGarth9211 dager siden
  • This is why you get your news from quality fan channels. Clears up all the non sense media and reports the truth what’s going on at your club. Love you guys really appreciate all your efforts making top videos

    Evan NystromEvan Nystrom11 dager siden
    • Thanks bro!

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
    • Thanks bro!

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
  • I imagine every fan was as frustrated as I was watching that game. I'm delighted the players and manager feel the same

    Joe Mc CallionJoe Mc Callion11 dager siden
  • I'm gutted we didn't get a weather update in the beginning.

    salemawsalemaw11 dager siden
  • Ole is weak

    Saragon MackenenySaragon Mackeneny11 dager siden
  • Bloody love Jay!

    om mkom mk11 dager siden
  • Players never question proper coaches, didn't see anyone talk back to LGV, yes LGV football was outdated but man was a proper coach

    Ali GAli G11 dager siden
  • Manager shouting instructions to players, and players not liking it. Shocker(!)

    King ZandeKing Zande11 dager siden
  • 4:30 am I the only one who notice Mason has the wrong kit number in picture lol Jay he's number 11 you should update the picture of choice

    Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFCTrym the Manchester United fan #MUFC11 dager siden
    • @Nick88 88 not really just felt like mantioning it lol

      Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFCTrym the Manchester United fan #MUFC11 dager siden
    • Jay brings the news not the background graphics. Get in touch with the channel if it bothers you that much.

      Nick88 88Nick88 8811 dager siden
  • well it's a football match and people get heated, arguements are bound to happen atleast sometimes

    Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFCTrym the Manchester United fan #MUFC11 dager siden
  • Two holding cm at home ole out

    StephenStephen11 dager siden
  • **Manager and Players have a frustrated match and have a high tension row which is 💯 normal** Media: Write that down! Write that down!

    Ameya GokhaleAmeya Gokhale11 dager siden
  • Gotta love Jay, top bloke 👍

    Hated,Adored,Never ignored!!!Hated,Adored,Never ignored!!!11 dager siden
    • Cheers bro

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
  • Aye the sun lied th day. Went out in a tshirt. Nearly died. Baltic.

    Russell the WonderBeastRussell the WonderBeast11 dager siden
  • Fake news, Bruno is a perfectionist ! He wants every ball - expects to see runners ! Was our most creative player again

    Tim SterrettTim Sterrett11 dager siden
  • 👜 handbags because they care.... glad they do.....

    Valerie NaidooValerie Naidoo11 dager siden
  • Odds on andre silva ending up at wolves?

    connor llewellynconnor llewellyn11 dager siden
  • Mason is a better striker than Haaland .

    Premier LeaguePremier League11 dager siden
  • Bruno and Ole probably “row” every training session lol it’s not necessarily a bad thing

    dogcatdogabledogcatdogable11 dager siden
    • @Jenny Neame I’m a bit of a yes man. It’s scary when Fernandes shouts so I just do what he says. Cheers, Ole

      Ole Gunnar SolskjaerOle Gunnar Solskjaer10 dager siden
    • Bruno Fernandez thinks he's running utd. Olly golly not stronger enough. Give him to klopp and see who comes out on top. To big for his boots he thinks he's god

      Jenny NeameJenny Neame10 dager siden
    • @TheWallethead freak

      dogcatdogabledogcatdogable11 dager siden
    • @TheWallethead Its true, he bullies me. I just sit there nodding and smiling. Cheers, Ole

      Ole Gunnar SolskjaerOle Gunnar Solskjaer11 dager siden
    • You’re deluded. No top manager rows everyday with a player and not be undermined by other players. This fan base have lost their collective marbles

      TheWalletheadTheWallethead11 dager siden
  • I always watch Jay for the weather report

    fatbelly27fatbelly2711 dager siden
  • Ole in a heated spat lol !! FFS is that your journalistic best 🤣🤣🤣. Jesus who pays these idiots ? N.B. the journalist not Jay lol !

    Robert DoyleRobert Doyle11 dager siden
  • yes we need another striker. I think priority is still another Defender & Defensive Mid. So we can free up the creative front players.

    Brian AsciakBrian Asciak11 dager siden
    • @Jac Denn many pointa i agree with mate a cdm would help a lot but i dont trust lindelöf and speacially Maguire they let us down so many times in important matches ( Sevilla, Leipzip, Leicester the list is long) we need a CB we can rely on everytime. Maguire seems to blame Lindelöf and the other CB by saying he wants Ben White. He should look at his performances especially as the captain.

      Dela FuenteDela Fuente10 dager siden
    • @Dela Fuente Maguire only had very less defensive mistake than you think. He has been solid and very dependable since Christmas. We had the 3rd least goals conceded last season only 3 goals more conceded than Liverpool. This season we have 34 goals conceded. In which 11 came from first three matches. Which as Ole said rightly is because of lack of preseason and fitness. If we remove that it's 23 goals from rest of the 27 games. Which is still a bad number but still it's 5th best defense in the league still( from 30matches) And coming on to our goals conceded so many of them have started from miss passes from midfield. If we bring in a quality CDM who can pass well and defend well you can avoid many of them. It will also help VDB or Pogba to play more freely in an advanced position resulting in more chances for us to score. Yes a lindeloff upgrade will be really good but realistically we will not buy 4-5 players in the window. So priority wise it should be DM, RW and striker.( Even though I don't know how many our board will only get). Lindeloff is not that bad CB even though he have some weaknesses. But those are much less and many of them can be avoided if we get a good DM. And surely if we want to go the top level we would have to eventually replace lindeloff with someone quality. But time being we have Maguire, Lindeloff, Bailey. Tuanzebe can step up next season and also Mengi might step up in 2 seasons. So more priority should be a DM in my opinion which will help us both defensively and attacking wise. And can't deny we don't have proper RW and we so rarely uses our right channel. If Amad can step up next season then it's fine.

      Jac DennJac Denn10 dager siden
    • @Jac Denn CB luxury ?????? Look how many goals we concede to many defensive mistakes either lindelöf or maguire are good enough.

      Dela FuenteDela Fuente10 dager siden
    • I think a good DM, Proper RW and striker( Cavani replacement) should be priority. CB upgrade will be a luxury

      Jac DennJac Denn11 dager siden
  • The press in england are TW@TS.

    inkwell floodinkwell flood11 dager siden
  • Manchester United are the only team with negative press after a win.

    TellTell11 dager siden
  • These things need to be quashed and can escalate. All fans know that if Bruno gets fed up in the next year without squad progress then he's gone. His wages won't be a problem and neither will any suitors.

    DJ SmithDJ Smith11 dager siden
  • Stop spreading bs news

    Talal ChowdhuryTalal Chowdhury11 dager siden
  • Spat...im not talking about Jamie Carragher here 🤣🤣🤣

    VanDutch10VanDutch1011 dager siden
  • Neto and pau torres with a backup rb would be a good summer given our owners

    Arsham FArsham F11 dager siden
    • See you my friend, your a realistic fan and doesn’t talk shit. Realistically these 2 players are first teamers and would improve the team. Hopefully the board don’t overpay like they normally do.

      Cbsc BoysCbsc Boys11 dager siden
  • If given the chance, Greenwood can turn out to be better then Haaland. Greenwood can shoot with either foot. He is playing in the EPL not Bundesliga. He is playing out of position usually forward right and not his natural position. He is ready now if given the opportunity as a centre forward.

    EVA NOVIKAEVA NOVIKA11 dager siden
    • @Cbsc Boys True. Think next year if Ole plays him more centrally, all this crazy Haaland talk will be put to bed. Hope Greenwood bulks up abit more.

      EVA NOVIKAEVA NOVIKA11 dager siden
    • He bulked up a lot from last season. He can bulk up a bit more if he wants and he will be completely ready. Just need to work on headers and he’s fine.

      Cbsc BoysCbsc Boys11 dager siden
  • Haha I couldnt stop laughing from moment one jay saying it's freezing I hear ya im nearly 50, have no hair and in my trusty parka also , welcome to.Manchester eh cold even when the fkin sun shines! Top man jay, scruffy win but a vital 3 points

    David PearsonDavid Pearson11 dager siden
    • haha, nice one bro!

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
  • Greenwood is the reason I want Sancho this summer over Haaland. Let Greenwood have a run up top and sign Haaland cheaper next summer

    steve9893steve989311 dager siden
    • Raiola won’t let Haaland leave next season. He will do his best to offload him in the summer so he can get a big payment in agent fees.

      Cbsc BoysCbsc Boys11 dager siden
  • the players getting worst because of the tactical..no proper plan..just play short passing on own half..and try to attack using individual ability and hope getting the goal...zzzzz 🤦

    VAGEL 23VAGEL 2311 dager siden
    • It looks like they need a break tbh. Bruno, Rashford looks like they need to go on a 3 weeks holiday to relax and recharge

      omgwerockhardomgwerockhard11 dager siden
  • Im pretty sure I've seen Greenwood score 15 to 20 in a premier leauge season I haven't seen haarland do it ....???

    kristian barrowkristian barrow11 dager siden
    • Let's be realistic though, Haaland has done it in the champions league, there's no doubt that he's ahead of Greenwood as things stand. I can still see Mason becoming and RVP level striker though.

      L1nxL1nx11 dager siden
  • Eric Bailly is a walking disaster area!

    ScoutsourcedScoutsourced11 dager siden
  • Ole got schooled by harry potter farther yesterday we were poor slow no imagination hopefully we won the game but it was scrappy win why can't we dominated the game and create chances

    james tsejames tse11 dager siden
    • @omgwerockhard if you got eyes which i doubt you got what about Bottom-of-the-table Sheffield United caused a stunning upset with a Premier League victory over title-chasing Manchester United at Old Trafford. We dont have the squad depth of Sheffield United ? idiot

      ali aliali ali11 dager siden
    • idiot. if you got eyes which i doubt you got. the last couple of months the passes has been dreadful. some of these players out on the pitch have played way too many matches. tbh i think we over achieved on the league table with the unballanced team we got. Havent had 2 functional wingers out on the pitch in ages, we dont have the squad depth of man city

      omgwerockhardomgwerockhard11 dager siden
  • I haven’t watched the video yet but by looking at the title I don’t understand why anyone would be surprised with that. Didn’t Rooney and AFG argue all the time

    Kai99Kai9911 dager siden
    • That's how I remember it. Gary Neville as well.

      Josh S FoxJosh S Fox11 dager siden
  • The MEN reports.... anything that will get traffic to their website. If it was City they'd be wanking themselves into a coma over the raw, unbridled passion of the manager and players bla bla. If it's United, it's always some invented sensationalism.

    Yōkai Motorcycle EngineeringYōkai Motorcycle Engineering11 dager siden
  • Lol Jay mentioned ‘heated exchange’. By sky sports lingo, this probably was one of them!

    PSPS11 dager siden
  • I think Ole rates Mason above anyone including Erling. And I think he is right.

    Mar MedliMar Medli11 dager siden
    • Greenwood got one of the best finishing in the league. It’s a fact. He just needs to fully ready other parts of his game. Pressing movement etc.

      Cbsc BoysCbsc Boys11 dager siden
  • Great show as usual chaps, straight talk and realism.

    leveyManUKleveyManUK11 dager siden
  • Dude, you're one year older than me, stop making me feel like I'm ancient. 😕

    Wtf! Am I actually right?Wtf! Am I actually right?11 dager siden
  • Forget haaland get Ings and Neto I say

    Shaun PattersonShaun Patterson11 dager siden
  • Not like the "one more and you're fucking off" to lingard ages ago 😂

    Ek Thirty Four Nine SevenEk Thirty Four Nine Seven11 dager siden
  • slow news day i guess

    isaac07y21isaac07y2111 dager siden
  • Hard fought win agaisnt a well setup Brighton. Praise the win? Of course not lets gossip about a player who is 100% committed to winning. Wise up this isnt loose women. Take the win and move on

    kyaden Worldkyaden World11 dager siden
  • They are so desperate to create drama at united. It’s embarrassing by the gutter press

    SlackSlack11 dager siden
    • It's been like this for a long time United sell news like no other team.

      Mar MedliMar Medli11 dager siden
  • Get another big experienced striker , move Greenwood up top , wonder wud Dortmund take Lingard plus cash for sancho

    david thomasdavid thomas11 dager siden
  • Weak game. Imagine this being fucking news.

    A SupertrampA Supertramp11 dager siden
  • Is this really a fucking headline 🤦‍♂️

    Dave LovettDave Lovett11 dager siden
  • Spot on Jay. It’s like some people have never played football. At least players like rashford and Bruno give one

    Imagiro 123Imagiro 12311 dager siden
  • Great review 👏

    Hoffzillano1Hoffzillano111 dager siden
  • Who would swap Martial for Sancho?

    Dale CooperDale Cooper11 dager siden
  • Meanwhile at Stamford Bridge it's Royal Rumble 2021.

    Dale CooperDale Cooper11 dager siden
  • Exactly - people disagree and sometimes argue at work, it’s part and parcel of life. I don’t understand this fixation on players arguing, it’s just to have something to write stories about

    Simon DawsonSimon Dawson11 dager siden
  • Masons value is 45,000,000 nah I'm telling ya now it's higher than that

    Nicholas WarburtonNicholas Warburton11 dager siden
  • 19 year old Mason has 30 goal involvements in almost 2 seasons and he isn't playing in ligue 1 or Bundesliga . Couldn't ask for more from a teenager .

    Skaria PaulSkaria Paul11 dager siden
    • Never gonna win anything with the likes of him starting up top

      Michael DevaneyMichael Devaney11 dager siden
    • @salford 5 True that.

      Skaria PaulSkaria Paul11 dager siden
    • Crazy even though our midfield doesn’t create much there top stats

      salford 5salford 511 dager siden
    • Mason has the talent to be a dominant striker for us, just give him the playing time and get a top class cdm and center back/ possibly right winger

      Gary ThompsonGary Thompson11 dager siden
    • @EVA NOVIKA Didn't mean any disrespect to other young ballers out there. I'm sure Haland will smash it wherever he goes . But Mason has the quality to produce big numbers in a less intense league when under no pressure.

      Skaria PaulSkaria Paul11 dager siden
  • Who wouldn’t lose it on Ole? He’s so useless

    Sims NyandSims Nyand11 dager siden
    • He’s 2nd in the league

      The UnknownThe Unknown10 dager siden
    • How can you call the only manager to get top 4 twice on the bounce since Sir Alex useless? You know how stupid that sounds?

      TellTell11 dager siden
  • yeah that's nomal

    MonkeyMonkey11 dager siden
  • Jay reppin' on BT Sport last night. Quality mate!!

    Serious LeeSerious Lee11 dager siden
    • @Serious Lee Nice!

      Tilikum TimTilikum Tim11 dager siden
    • @Tilikum Tim Jay motty on the bt sport post match asking Rio about the appointment of Darren fletcher. It was great to see paddock representing and asking questions that us fans want answers too.

      Serious LeeSerious Lee11 dager siden
    • What happened?

      Tilikum TimTilikum Tim11 dager siden
    • Link please

      Brian PedronBrian Pedron11 dager siden
    • Thanks bro

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
  • For some reason, the taste of fish and chips in cone-like shape newspaper was something else back then.

    Sham YSham Y11 dager siden
    • @Niandra haha, nah we used ketchup to kill that taste

      Sham YSham Y11 dager siden
    • The ink really added that special tang

      NiandraNiandra11 dager siden
  • Nice work from jay on sunny 🌞 Monday morning good day to all 60 points and high I “HOPE”

    Shamsul AlamShamsul Alam11 dager siden
    • Cheers bro

      Stretford PaddockStretford Paddock11 dager siden
  • Thanks for the weather update Jay Much appreciated.

    Matthew BassettMatthew Bassett11 dager siden
  • Got the win 3 points on the tally

    Shamsul AlamShamsul Alam11 dager siden