Old Powerlifter Teaches Me DEADLIFT SECRETS

5. april. 2021
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I took a trip to get deadlift help from an old, elite powerlifter, Marc Bartley. Marc broke down my deadlift, gave me help with speed deadlift training, deadlift setup, and deadlift accessory exercises, and more!

  • Awesome

    Big SmokeBig Smoke12 dager siden
    • @Jr Kim no. Tom is a thief. Bringing him back is never going to happen, and it’s a terrible idea.

      DathanielDathaniel5 dager siden
    • @Jr Kim tom robbed him

      dareto challengedareto challenge6 dager siden
    • @Jr Kim Stop. We dont need this. We need good vibes hard work and no thieves. Go somewhere else if you cant respest this.

      TigerjuhhhTigerjuhhh8 dager siden
    • @Jr Kim You still have to ask permission from your business partners to take money. Which he did not. Tom will never be in another Juji video deal with it.

      RamoRamo9 dager siden
    • @Jr Kim he was affiliated with it not %100 his

      ZebskieZebskie9 dager siden
  • I like to treat my deads like squats. I use the same stance, get my butt down, and explode off the ground with the legs.

    AChristianYoutubeAChristianYoutube5 timer siden
  • Great to have a face to the name, heard load about spud on the forums for a long time

    Andy JamiesonAndy Jamieson11 timer siden
  • Who's the camerawoman?

    se sese se17 timer siden
  • Hey Juji, good cue that worked for not to not shrug is to really cue elbows out the whole lift. But that only works with double overhand

    Chris CarbajalChris CarbajalDag siden
  • We are not gonna talk about how jacked jujis forearms are

    Damien WitekDamien Witek2 dager siden
  • hanging out in columbia for a bit eh? Great stuff!

    Jon PlatoJon Plato2 dager siden
  • Sam is doing a very good job. I think a lot of people are happy to see how involved she is in your journey!!!!

    Luc DuvalLuc Duval3 dager siden
  • It is a great thing to have a Master teach you in a discipline that you have chosen. It's amazing to see the progress one can achieve with a master teacher coupled with a humble student mindset. I was lucky enough to be a student of Larry Vickers. Changed my mindset and ability Drastically.

    The Man with No NameThe Man with No Name4 dager siden
  • Is That Sam behind the Camera now she has Great energy keep it up guys

    Nicholas obstNicholas obst5 dager siden
  • Easy ... USE A LONG LEVER to lift heavy stuff!

    Muck006Muck0065 dager siden
  • Lmao I love the Santana reference at 6:38. “OK.”

    DathanielDathaniel5 dager siden
  • Awesome video! This dude is so hardcore and knowledgeable! I love this kinda shit.

    GrapoGrapo5 dager siden
  • Juji's forearms are massive!

    J CJ C5 dager siden
  • Maybe it's just me but I don't like when someone is behind me while I am deadlifting. This video made me uncomfortable lol

    Alexander VieraAlexander Viera5 dager siden
  • knowledge

    Weaboo HeavenWeaboo Heaven5 dager siden
  • just catching up with the last vids and i'm loving sam as juji's teammate

    ExpeladeitoRExpeladeitoR6 dager siden
  • Narco naps.... Me too bud. I didn't know the plate numbers were supposed to face inwards.

    Jeremy BeckmanJeremy Beckman6 dager siden
  • Tom did nothing wrong!!!!

    Blastbeat ApologistBlastbeat Apologist6 dager siden
  • Let’s learn deadlifts from someone who’s worst lift is a deadlift!!! *heavy sarcasm, many respect*

    Walrus386Walrus3866 dager siden
  • I'm just wondering how they ripped their quad off, that seems insane to me!

    DaanDaan6 dager siden
  • Tom just called me and asked me to tell you he wants his gym back

    Josh the Flat Earth JediJosh the Flat Earth Jedi6 dager siden
  • I didn't know there was any other way to put plates on the bar than to have the numbers facing in towards the lifter.

    GervindialGervindial7 dager siden
  • Tom's voice is so soft and different

    Depressive PumpkinDepressive Pumpkin7 dager siden
  • I learned from this, that guy is very smart

    forrest cormierforrest cormier7 dager siden
  • i definately think you should get eddie hall down your gym juji his deadlift technique massively helped mine and thats just from watching his video on it. !!

    GiggskadabraGiggskadabra7 dager siden
  • Definitely dissected Juji’s technique and provided pertinent corrections.

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson7 dager siden
  • He knows his stuff, guess that happens when you are 53 and have likely 35 years of training.

    nunnink avnunnink av7 dager siden
  • That place has a good built in nutrition store

    Scuffed Seth RogenScuffed Seth Rogen8 dager siden
  • You in cola bro I missed you

    Scuffed Seth RogenScuffed Seth Rogen8 dager siden
  • These videos must be really difficult to do for Juji. Its hard and also frustrating to try and master someone else's techniques without a camera around. The idea of the video is that he learns a lot from this guy, improving his lift, giving the audience a satisfying ending. That goal is extremely difficult to reach though because things like this take more than one days time. People will hate me for this but...I do miss Tom.

    Travel ReviewTravel Review8 dager siden
  • what kind of microphone are you using, barely can hear juji or spud and then when sam speaks its very loud

    valdezapgvaldezapg8 dager siden
  • Absolutely floored that guy's deadlift is actually LESS than both his squat AND BENCH!!!!

    SilentMottSilentMott8 dager siden
  • videos are better without Tom

    JZ DavisJZ Davis8 dager siden
  • Gota say, Sam has been a great fresh component behind the camera. Love her commentary and personality

    FreakinRican32FreakinRican328 dager siden
  • is there a difference between wearing gear and using gear?

    chris mahoneychris mahoney8 dager siden
  • i feel these type of videos help with learning how to do compound lifts right, i also struggle with deadlifts so this helps might try some of this on my next leg day

    Mark Graham Jr.Mark Graham Jr.8 dager siden
  • Your girl riffing at you was the best part!

    Slave LiberatorSlave Liberator8 dager siden
  • Spud is the guy that taught Toddzilla how to train.

    SamSam8 dager siden
  • Btw Juji you had a weightlifting belt back in the day. If I recall correctly you wouldnt tell us where it came from, because the brand didnt want to sponsor it. It looks a whole lot like Spuds belts. Is that a coincidence? :P

    Bjorn RasmussenBjorn Rasmussen8 dager siden
  • Sams quality commentary makes me wonder where she has been all these years :)

    Bjorn RasmussenBjorn Rasmussen8 dager siden
  • Nice to see you working out, DOVYDAS.

    Angelo RamirezAngelo Ramirez8 dager siden
  • Juji --> Are you no longer arm wrestling?

    Mark AnthonyMark Anthony8 dager siden
  • learned something

    gordon harwellgordon harwell8 dager siden
  • Awesome

    ferna2294ferna22948 dager siden
  • Hamstrings tight?.....haha no.....probably never heard of JUJi to ask that

    Randy GentryRandy Gentry8 dager siden
  • Awesome video guys. I’m definitely not squeezing my glutes on the way up. Gonna try this Sunday. Thanks.

    JRSBOOMJRSBOOM8 dager siden
  • Ayy twice the coffee half the water, ristretto shots are where it is at

    Tumbledor & TricksterTumbledor & Trickster9 dager siden
  • We need Brian Shaw

    C JC J9 dager siden
  • He seems like a very nice man

    DuncanDuncan9 dager siden
  • Progress!

    Gus.Gus.9 dager siden
  • Looks old..im 51 and people guess im 35..Nice video though 💪

    Island MikeIsland Mike9 dager siden
  • Juijmufu you have a unique ability as a popular lifter to encourage good form and not ego lifting. Doing vids like this are great! Please keep showing other improvements you make in form and keep showing progress we (the fans) LOVE IT!

    RyanRyan9 dager siden
  • Big fan of spud inc. products. Happy to see the guy behind it all is so amazing.

    dethvxdethvx9 dager siden
  • I'm convinced he wants everybody to have nice booties for other reasons 30:27 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

    Lee ArnesenLee Arnesen9 dager siden
  • are we just gonna ignore that his bench pr is higher than his squat

    Tim MarshallTim Marshall9 dager siden
  • The vibe around the videos without... he who shall not be named, feels more genuine and, pure? Not trying to stir up unwanted news. But, I was worried the dynamic would feel funny without him, and it feels like, a whole new product. Not worse, not necessarily better, but I'm happy Juji is able to find success regardless.

    It's ColtonIt's Colton9 dager siden
  • Really like this kind of video - technical feedback and other input from a third party really makes the content a lot more interesting in my (okay maybe no humble enough) opinion! I realize that takes some work and a lot of coordinating to make this happen, but it is great when you do it! 😃👍💪 My deadlift needs a lot of work and I'm pulling low weight so maybe that's why I'm fixated on this!

    Fred RichardsonFred Richardson9 dager siden
  • This is awesome.

    michael herreramichael herrera9 dager siden
  • man, relaxing your shoulders made a BIG difference in how your form looks!

    Travis TubbsTravis Tubbs9 dager siden
  • I used to teach music (guitar mainly) 7 days a week, up at 5 trying to fit in workouts... I definitely used those narco naps on the studio floor in between lessons. Never went 2x grinds and 1/2 the water though. That's a new one to me!

    Fairweather MusicFairweather Music9 dager siden
  • Have a coffee or tea or caffeinated soft drink. Nap from between 10 to 20 minutes. I like 12, but experiment without the caffeine. Caffeine will attach to the melatonin receptors in your brain, but will not replace the melatonin that is already there. i.e. caffeine will help you stay awake, but if you're tired caffeine won't wake you up further. A nap of between 10 to 20 minutes (roughly) will clear out melatonin from your brain more effectively than a short nap, or a long snooze. This is why you often wake up groggy after a snooze. If you think that you can never fall asleep that fast, set a timer for twelve minutes and say that I'm wrong.

    Pogla The GratePogla The Grate9 dager siden
  • this was great. I've been re-focused on my deadlifts recently and I learned some great tips from this vid. Marc is a great guy with some incredible knowledge. I miss the reverse hyper from the old gym I was at. I've been focused on building my home gym and really need one. I always used to use it for recovery after deads and squats and it felt great. You two need to colab more in the future!

    G GoldG Gold9 dager siden
  • Deficit deads always helped me off the floor. With your long arms they're ideal.

    GalegzorGalegzor9 dager siden
  • this guys smart. Nice.

    Zeke DelskenZeke Delsken9 dager siden
  • The father / son content we didn't know we needed.

    Rogue MaleRogue Male9 dager siden
  • Of course the numbers go on the inside 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Prime MattPrime Matt9 dager siden
  • Jubilee Muffin learns forbidden deadlift jutsu from an elder powerlifting hokage

    Tee EmmTee Emm9 dager siden
  • I love my original Spud Inc. nylon wrist wraps with velcro; they are 6 yrs old, beat to shit, smell dodgy, but still work great for wrist support during bench, press, and squat. I have the Spud choker wraps, but probably won't need for another 6 yrs.

    Mandrake llcMandrake llc9 dager siden
  • How the helllllll am I older than jujimofo. Sheeeeet.

    Racer XRacer X9 dager siden
  • Nice. I need a reverse hyper machine!

    Zach RobertsZach Roberts9 dager siden
  • Can anyone help me out why elite powerlifters have their deadlift as their poorest lift? Surely the deadlift should be the heaviest, then squat and then bench?

    Lewis HolfordLewis Holford10 dager siden
    • @Julius Jahn is that really all it boils down to? I was staggered when I saw the WR squat is higher than the WR deadlift

      Lewis HolfordLewis Holford9 dager siden
    • The gear doesn't help as much

      Julius JahnJulius Jahn9 dager siden
  • i miss tom

    gutsfuck9gutsfuck910 dager siden
    • Sam seems to be over laughin

      Julius JahnJulius Jahn9 dager siden
  • Lol that guy reminds me of Master roshi

    Shar MooShar Moo10 dager siden
  • so glad spud told juji about the weight 😫😂

    Kai WirthKai Wirth10 dager siden
  • I swear I thought the thumbnail was Stan Efferding

    Jaberwock33Jaberwock3310 dager siden
  • Loved this:) Great content

    James MobilityJames Mobility10 dager siden
  • Oh and awesome one punch man meme timing

    AleiumAleium10 dager siden
  • Sam is actually a dope cameraperson

    AleiumAleium10 dager siden
  • Nice video Juji! Love to see you learn and do good stuff.

    Einstein0808Einstein080810 dager siden
  • Not that I don't enjoy your more wacky videos, but you need to do more of this. I really enjoyed it!

    NoceoNoceo10 dager siden
  • 1:49 consider repairing the bar? speculation the bent deadlift bar can be dropped off to a metal shop or auto frame shoo and they heat and straighten it?

  • Metal! This channel and metal go so well together! 🥔spuds mud makes me remember the bugz and he likes coffee garlic honey and hair!

  • muh man pulled out second breakfast joke dam.

    walendaaawalendaaa10 dager siden
  • I love how Sam asks the critical questions

    gunter901gunter90110 dager siden
  • How strong is Sam?

    James AndersonJames Anderson10 dager siden
  • Your deadlift vids have helped my deadlift go up from 135 to 205 lbs. thanks for your help. And I weigh 135lbs and I’m weak so now im trying to get it to 300lbs and I will let you know how it goes and my progress

    The GHOST RThe GHOST R10 dager siden
  • Ole spud 🥔

    Johnson BenjaminJohnson Benjamin10 dager siden
  • Juji we need to see you with bugenhagen again. 2 real freaks of nature ripping weights in half.

    Cesar ParedesCesar Paredes10 dager siden
  • This video hella boring. Bring back tom. Lol jk. But ya this was a snoozefest pal.

    Justin MielkeJustin Mielke10 dager siden
  • This may be the best Juji video to date. Spud and his products are great. My garage gym is awash in Spud yellow. I have to differ with him however on how to load plates. The true old school method is first plate facing in, all others facing out. That used to be the method required at weightlifting and powerlifting competitions. It was one of the first things you learned when you entered a gym and nothing else was tolerated. The only sin worse than misloading the bar was dropping the weights (yes, we used to have to lower all our lifts under control). There are various theories why it was done this way. We used to joke that it reduced wind resistance. There's also the idea that it allowed for more contact between the first two plates so they spun together better. I've also heard that Bob Hoffman insisted on it because it allowed the York brand name to be seen from all angles. After almost 50 years since I first lifted a bar, I don't think I'm capable of loading one any other way. The video of Brian and Eddie arguing about how the plates should go drives me crazy because I think they're both wrong. The loss of this convention is a sign of the breakdown of civilization. If we can't agree on this how can we agree on anything. It's no wonder young people can't count change or spell correctly. I blame the internet, Crossfit, Common Core, and the easy availability of bumper plates. 😁

    Johnny ReedJohnny Reed10 dager siden
  • this is great, fun flashy backflip, ninja videos are cool too. but literally mostly dialogue from a knowledgeable person is so cool. love the info. love the laid back way its presented.

    Dave FrazierDave Frazier10 dager siden
  • Spud Inc is the company I always need random stuff from lol

    Andrew NguyenAndrew Nguyen10 dager siden
  • He reminds me of a bald, jacked Mickey Rooker lol

    Dennis GDennis G10 dager siden
  • listening to a craftsman explaining about the skill and his experiences is always a good treat, awesome vid!!!

    Fiz FlowFiz Flow10 dager siden
  • Spud's mud is a great idea!

    Pieter ZijerveldPieter Zijerveld10 dager siden
  • Essentially at 13:20 he is describing a levering action, which greatly increases relative force. The miracles of a great and practiced technique.

    Tactless TortoiseTactless Tortoise10 dager siden
  • Hobbit feet 😂

    SaijuhrSaijuhr10 dager siden
  • "Do you squat like that? Cuz that's awful" Oof

    PizzaCatPizzaCat10 dager siden
  • What kind og lever belt is that. Any one knows?

    nwvh23nwvh2310 dager siden