Nobody Cares About Game Show Hosts

27. nov.. 2018
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November 2020 Update: This sketch was made long before Alex Trebek was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Rest in Peace to a great man and a Canadian legend. :(
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  • Rest in Peace, Alex. :(

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George2 måneder siden
    • Wah

      lenni 95lenni 95Dag siden
    • @Tom Lance me too buddy. Me too. (Also the fact that you are replying to this comment proves it)

      SupermoonwalkerSupermoonwalker3 dager siden
    • Yea this video showed up in my recommended after he died

      Tom LanceTom Lance3 dager siden
    • This makes it way sadder. But I still love ig

      SupermoonwalkerSupermoonwalker5 dager siden
    • Rip

      Chilly CatChilly Cat7 dager siden
  • this aged terribly

    SymbiontUVSymbiontUV12 timer siden
  • This aged horribly

    K LanfrancaK Lanfranca2 dager siden
  • Carl stop being a jerk

    Beasty The_beastBeasty The_beast2 dager siden
  • This didnt age well

    TheMindsTheMinds3 dager siden
    • @mcmanster Pain 1000 Mental state: 0

      TheMindsTheMinds2 dager siden
    • Neither did me or you

      mcmanstermcmanster2 dager siden
  • Before I watched the plural word for themes, I looked at google translate and it said themata. What is themata/what is the matter

    Diana BartlettDiana Bartlett4 dager siden
  • So, you have a game show video idea for me? Yes sir i do!

    Aarsh ChokshiAarsh Chokshi4 dager siden
  • RIP Alex Trebek

    Diego XavierDiego Xavier5 dager siden
  • The like button was invented for this video to be liked

    Titantron HellTitantron Hell5 dager siden
  • ... until they die

    ee5 dager siden
  • People always ask who is the host but people never ask HOW is the host

    Pingu the monsterPingu the monster6 dager siden
  • Carl is so mean

    Russal AryaRussal Arya6 dager siden
  • RIP Alex. You will live on forever in our hea- Wait, THAT GUY is replacing him! OH YEAH

    Ben KenobiBen Kenobi7 dager siden
  • You have your “questions” and “answers” backwards. The host says the answer and the contestant guesses the question.

    reptocilicusreptocilicus7 dager siden
  • Poor Alex... but at least people cared about him :(

    thisismycommentaccount3434thisismycommentaccount34348 dager siden
  • That eye brow is unaligned with his real eye brow and it’s bothering me

    Colin ThorpeColin Thorpe9 dager siden
  • What is We Miss You, Alex

    Erik LarsenErik Larsen10 dager siden
  • Well this one didn't age to well

    The_BlueSpartanThe_BlueSpartan10 dager siden
  • Oops, this didn't age well. RIP Alex Trebek

    Linda LandrumLinda Landrum12 dager siden
  • Rest In Peace Alex

    spelunkerspelunker15 dager siden
  • He’s a contestant, not a therapist

    ChumBucket347ChumBucket34716 dager siden
  • I feel bad for the host

    GD Chubby CheeksGD Chubby Cheeks17 dager siden
  • Well this aged poorly

    Fern _CTFern _CT18 dager siden
  • But we do we all loved alex

    EmelineEmeline20 dager siden
  • Until they die. RIP Trebek.

    The Outter RimThe Outter Rim21 dag siden
    • Yeah

      Julius NeposJulius Nepos18 dager siden
  • This aged pretty bad (Wheel of fortune)

    timmyrich75timmyrich7524 dager siden
  • Probably want to pull this down. Alex trebek was loved.

    M WalkerM Walker24 dager siden
  • What is da madda

    ChristopherSavage 21ChristopherSavage 2125 dager siden
  • Lol dude

    de poipolede poipole25 dager siden
  • Eat your cereal

    I eat CEREAL!!!I eat CEREAL!!!25 dager siden
  • OMG, Carls is a real jerk...

    Gergő VargaGergő VargaMåned siden
  • An hommage to Alex Trebek is tight!

    Alessandro GambinoAlessandro GambinoMåned siden
  • “Your doing great Carl.” Kinda sounds like mask Paul would say that

    The WriterThe WriterMåned siden
  • When you say you’re fine, but you’re not fine...

    Saim ShaikhSaim ShaikhMåned siden
  • This reminded me of lamas with hats

    Infinity Of NolanInfinity Of NolanMåned siden
  • Me: Wow, that last one really sounded like a question. Ryan: It did didn’t it.

    Parker kingParker kingMåned siden
  • Offensively fake mustaches and eyebrows are TIGHT

    Maximum MattMaximum MattMåned siden
  • Wish I had found this video when it was created :( RIP

    Sarah SpindlerSarah SpindlerMåned siden
  • This aged poorly.

    Grady AmickGrady AmickMåned siden
  • It's so carl 🙄😒

    geekergeekerMåned siden
  • Why did this pop up now? Just why?

    DungeonTTVDungeonTTVMåned siden
  • This [2020] is full of deaths (counting video game [player] deaths lmao)

    Johann Charles TVJohann Charles TVMåned siden
  • This did not age well

    hotpocketonfire 1hotpocketonfire 1Måned siden
  • This hits different now

    CaliberCaliberMåned siden
  • Ouch. 💔

    theflowerheadtheflowerheadMåned siden
  • RIP Alex Trebek 1940-2020

    Lightning AveLightning AveMåned siden
  • What the hell youtube

    So Ya Like JazzSo Ya Like JazzMåned siden
  • NOworld knew what it was doing when it recommended this to everyone.

    Grimm CreeperGrimm CreeperMåned siden
  • Wow recomended after i saw alex trebek died

    Tommyinnit ClipsTommyinnit ClipsMåned siden
  • I saw this thumbnail and I was like "bro... That's like really disrespectful..." But then I realized it was from 2 years ago.

    MangøMangøMåned siden
  • This aged well... lol

    BassMunkBassMunkMåned siden
  • This hits differently after his passing.. its not even funny anymore. It was before but now It just breaks my heart 😔💔

    Joseph PalmquistJoseph PalmquistMåned siden
  • This didn’t age well.

    Tanman730Tanman730Måned siden
  • Come on...Carl was being a total jerk. Everyone sees it.

    Every OneEvery OneMåned siden
  • Rest in peace Alex

    Guff ッGuff ッMåned siden
  • Every time he says carl I think of llamas with hats

    Carab the singerCarab the singerMåned siden
  • I care about game show hosts 😭

    Tabby AngelaTabby AngelaMåned siden
  • This hits different now.

    Keith OakleyKeith OakleyMåned siden
  • Too soon. Like, years too soon to have known...

    Thirst FastThirst FastMåned siden
  • You’re a Dick!

    Shawn BrooksShawn BrooksMåned siden
    • Shut the fuck up shawn

      KashEZKashEZ19 dager siden
    • Dude reply this was made before Alex died so stfu dumbass

      Cooper orellanaCooper orellana28 dager siden
    • Why?

      Cooper orellanaCooper orellanaMåned siden
  • Man, Carl's a dick

    MycerniusMycerniusMåned siden
  • This video did not age well... which just makes it even more hilarious!

    Shawn ReynoldsShawn ReynoldsMåned siden
  • This came in my recommended and I almost cried R.I.P Alex

    Jake SaJake SaMåned siden
  • My name is Game Show Hosts

    RedRedMåned siden
  • Prostate cancer needs more research.

    Madman From SpaceMadman From SpaceMåned siden
  • I feel Alex would have enjoyed this skit.

    dynomardynomarMåned siden
  • Everyone does nowadays. RIP. My super serious science teacher talked about him during class. My teacher is #1.

    Grady AmickGrady AmickMåned siden
  • I'll take Chicken Nuggets for $1000. Wow, are you sure you want that many chicken nuggets?

    My3dviewsMy3dviewsMåned siden
  • Well, NOW we care about them. RIP, Alex.

    Sam, aka Frisco17Sam, aka Frisco17Måned siden
  • lost my cool at the "What's TheMataah?"

    yevi Coulsonyevi CoulsonMåned siden
  • Ryan pronounces 'Carl' like Rick Grimes does....CAAARRRRRRL!!!

    Paul FoxPaul FoxMåned siden
  • Your NOworld art is glorious

    Janus InitiativeJanus InitiativeMåned siden
  • This hits different now that we lost Alex Trebek

    Actual ContentActual ContentMåned siden
  • People care about Alex trebeck

    Grand Admiral ThrawnGrand Admiral ThrawnMåned siden
  • This did not age well.....

    DaMarineDaMarineMåned siden
  • 0:27 You mean the question is go in on. Not the answer.

    Vijay AnandVijay AnandMåned siden
  • The algorithm has a really bad sense of humor

    Hurry the PeaceHurry the PeaceMåned siden
  • Oof this JUST came up in my suggestions. RIP Alex

    Levon The LightsLevon The Lights2 måneder siden
  • RIp 😞😞😞

    Mr. Me_mathMr. Me_math2 måneder siden
  • You were the best host Alex! :’(

    The X ManThe X Man2 måneder siden
  • Ah, so NOworld recommends it a few days after a game show host dies. Not only that but the specific one being parodied here

    nathanfish1998nathanfish19982 måneder siden
    • It’s because people are going back and watching The algorithm did same thing with escape from anime hell

  • Yikes. This didn't age well.

    Alexander De La CruzAlexander De La Cruz2 måneder siden
  • RIP Alex Trebek

    matthias720matthias7202 måneder siden
  • This was a bad time for this video to be recommended

    Blazinplays -Blazinplays -2 måneder siden
  • This hits different now...

    Angsty Cinnamon RollAngsty Cinnamon Roll2 måneder siden
  • This got very relevant in the blink of an eye.

    NintendoNintendo2 måneder siden
  • Alex trebek

    Jacob pyleJacob pyle2 måneder siden
  • RIP Alex Trebek

    Tmb1112Tmb11122 måneder siden
  • He’d be a great replacement for Alex Trebek

    Duh 123Duh 1232 måneder siden
  • This was not a good time for youtube to recomend this

    James GreenleafJames Greenleaf2 måneder siden
  • Why did I see this on the day that Alex Trebek died? Lol.

    Delicate DisasterDelicate Disaster2 måneder siden
  • This popping up today of all days is pretty rough timing. Hopefully it doesn’t become an inconvenience

    Ryan WilkinsonRyan Wilkinson2 måneder siden
  • :(

    Explosion of AwesomenessExplosion of Awesomeness2 måneder siden
  • RIP Alex trebek

    Fruitforge FilmsFruitforge Films2 måneder siden
  • Remembering this on the sad day of trebeks passing

    The time traveling potato OThe time traveling potato O2 måneder siden
  • Well... It's too late to ask now. Rest in Peace, Alex Trebek.

    The Ark-Ham SandwichThe Ark-Ham Sandwich2 måneder siden
  • The algorithm offered this to me today. RIP Alex. :`-(

    Regina GRegina G2 måneder siden
  • Watching this after Alex Trebek died like😭😭

    Noturnacho ONoturnacho O2 måneder siden
  • Rip alex trebeck

    Shadow Wolf GamingShadow Wolf Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Found this vid on the unfortunate day that Alex Trebek passed. Why NOworld?

    Wilex LyWilex Ly2 måneder siden