New Rule: OK Boomer | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

23. april. 2021
1 599 965 Ganger

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Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice in this country, but Joe Biden is the right man for this moment precisely because he IS old.
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  • Aside from having some reverence for the old in the West, I pretty much don't agree with Bill.

    Valentin LiValentin Li2 timer siden
  • Lol okay boomer...

    F YF Y4 timer siden
  • This was the most boomer end monologue Bill has ever done. Taking battles for capitalism is lame and his argument for it is weak. There are plenty of other more compelling arguments against socialism or communism. "We've tried it" is not one of them because A. We've also tried capitalism and it has failed and B. "We" didn't try it. Poor countries did or crippling empires like China and Russia.

    Beeswax, likeBeeswax, like4 timer siden
  • Wow, Bill just proved he knows nothing about the Constitution, the economy, immigration or signs of dementia. He won't be another FDR, he will be another Jimmy Carter. Bill, you're not too bright.

    Craig SmithCraig Smith5 timer siden
  • Episode Summary: Old guys criticizes young people for age based criticism. Entertainer criticizes entertainers for entertaining.

    Chasing AdventureChasing Adventure5 timer siden
  • Ok boomer

    avithemostillavithemostill6 timer siden
  • Bill Maher so right it's funny how stupid his haters are for being big babies who want everything

    Van PetersVan Peters8 timer siden
  • Not going to respect someone just because he is "old"

    Sadinah RafaelSadinah Rafael9 timer siden
  • basically a re-hash of this new rule but potent nonetheless:

    geekdiggygeekdiggy10 timer siden
  • To be fair, I was actually concerned by his ability to go through sentences at first but I think now I can put that particular worry behind me

    Griffin CrumpGriffin Crump11 timer siden
  • Ok. all this dude is found is just taking poll results and giving lies. He said a third of young people want Communism. His results came from a poll which included only 2100 people. That number that supports Communism is very small and is only around 5,600 people. That is a very small percentage of young people. And the whole police thing. The article he got then goes on to say that those 33% would be in favor of trying other public safety methods. He makes it sound like they want now laws and no police. Plus it is valid to not want a president over 70. If they get old they can die. It was also about making sure he was mentally able to do the job. It wasn’t about us just not wanting an old president. We are all worried he will die in office. This dude is just upset cause one person called him old once and insulted him and now he is ranting to a random group of people

    Grace DickenGrace Dicken13 timer siden
  • Bill, didn’t know you kissed butt so much,

    Wayne KocherWayne Kocher13 timer siden
  • Come on bill ,really ? Everyday is nothing but more comedy gold with Biden, and for some reason none of you will touch him with a 10 ft you really think we dont know why no comedian will touch this guy?If he was a Republican it would be none stop jokes and Pelosi would already be moving to impeach and we all know that no matter which side you are on.

    Lee FritzLee Fritz16 timer siden
  • lo,l at all the butt hurt millenials

    Jibber JabberJibber Jabber17 timer siden
  • Stop sugar coating it. Pining for Communism is the same as pining for Nazism. They are both horrific ideologies. Communism has killed more than Nazism.

    Jibber JabberJibber Jabber17 timer siden
  • your pronunciation of the Japanese respect for old people day is a bit off its more like. KAY ROW NO HE

    Ernst BoydErnst Boyd19 timer siden
  • The Twitch point is wrong on so many levels. First off - Twitch Gaming Streamers being Entertainers is effectively the same industry as yourself Bill. Secondly - Twitch Political Debate Streamers being Entertainers is *exactly* the same as yourself Bill. Your entire show's content happens on a near constant basis with Streamers like Destiny and Hasanabi on the left. And I'm pretty sure there are a lot of Twitch Political Streamers on the right, I just can't name single one of them right now ('coz when I think of Stephen Crowder or Ben Shapiro who you've interviewed, they're only on NOworld last I checked). And what is the purpose of this rule? Normally your rules point out a fundamental flaw that hasn't been progressing properly. But in this case, you become the fundamental flaw that hasn't progressed properly... What's happened to you Bill? Between this and the Stan Lee one, you've really dropped off the deep end.

    KategariKategari19 timer siden
  • Respect the old guy, goddammit! Look at him trying so hard. What more you want him to do, kneel? His knees couldn't handle it, forchristsake! Don't you have your own old people at home who belittle you because of you age too? You should've known better.

    Lily BLily B20 timer siden
  • Bernie is oldre than Biden and young people loved him, the problem with Biden isn't his age his policies are just stuck in the 60s.

    Super DanSuper Dan21 time siden
  • anything is possible when you are a delusional hypocrite millionaire I guess. what do I know? I'm poor.

    weepingwellweepingwell23 timer siden
  • Imagine where bill would be without his trusty Applaud signs to tell everyone to laugh at his terrible jokes.

    Robbie StevensonRobbie Stevenson23 timer siden
  • maher goes full boomber, never go full boomer

    John LennonJohn LennonDag siden
  • Yeah the picture representing Indian's culture js not accurate. The statistics behind 30% of Americans want communism is not representative enough if you check the where's the good journalism at? Thank you Dylan is in Trouble for the information!

    gabriellantisgabriellantisDag siden
  • Bill's only just starting to notice this. This started in the 90s

    Matt RussilloMatt RussilloDag siden
  • Pure of boomers in this channel right?

    LuminositiyLuminositiyDag siden
  • Cue trolls.

    Herman ten KloosterHerman ten KloosterDag siden
  • I think wasting money to see some has been political comedian that needs a sign for the audience to laugh or clap is even worse.

    SintSukeSintSukeDag siden
  • Imagine being an entertainer and calling any form of entertainment “a waste of time”

    Sulyvahn BelmontSulyvahn BelmontDag siden
    • Then again, it’s not like he’s the one writing these jokes

      Sulyvahn BelmontSulyvahn BelmontDag siden
  • Yikes. Ok! Young is dumb. Remember.

    Mark NarchoMark NarchoDag siden
  • I understand now; Maher is a comedian. Who's gonna have the last laugh?

    Catalin MCatalin MDag siden
  • Bill Maher: "Watching people play video games on Twitch is dumb." Also Bill Maher: * uploads video of himself reading other peoples jokes to NOworld *

    Stacey SmithStacey SmithDag siden
  • Brutal! Absolutely brutal. More like this please. 😍😍😍

    Hadi JafariHadi JafariDag siden
  • Boomerism isn't ageist. It's a mindset you boomer. It's a mindset that was handed down by boomers. Boomers have been the wealthiest subset that ever existed because they mortgaged most of our futures for their benefits. And their rich kids who has been handed down their wealth have been passed down the same mindset.

    Black OrchidBlack OrchidDag siden
  • Old man yells at cloud strikes again.

    Patrick SpelmanPatrick SpelmanDag siden
  • "Abolish the police!" Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters?

  • While he makes some good points, elders who fall for phishing scams and honestly believe that Keanu Reeves is working for Qanon undercover and send the scammer a fortune over, and over again... they still get a vote. The old folk who sit and rot their brains believing trumpisms via Fox are exactly as bad as the young people who do the same, though, that much is true.

    DSSlocksmithsDSSlocksmithsDag siden
  • To claim Joe is mentally sharp still puts coherent thoughts together with ease shows his ignorance here. Either that or he is feeling the pressure of voicing to many “conservative “ thoughts of his own.

    J McCJ McCDag siden
  • Who the fuck falls upstairs? Smoke some more weed Bill or can't you find the humor in it. If you can't your no comedian.

    Buck NakedBuck NakedDag siden
  • 100% agree..

    Renee VRenee VDag siden
  • Go to bed grandpa!

    Roger SPunktRoger SPunktDag siden
  • Please.

    Jim MartinJim MartinDag siden
  • I guess since Bill thinks it's a waste of time to watch other people play games we shouldn't go to any Mets game and instead play against each other at the park.

    Nameless Grifter 2Nameless Grifter 2Dag siden
  • Tell them Bill!!!!

    janis jacksonjanis jacksonDag siden
  • Really Bill? Sharp? Able? List one accomplishment... Maher is a total has been.🤣🤣

    Bill VerlanderBill VerlanderDag siden
  • Really? Biden hasn’t given you any comedic material to make fun of? Cmon Bill 🤦‍♂️ , you’re getting way too partisan now. Even if you want to forget all the terrible policies he’s initiated, the guy is a gaffe machine. Literally a walking meme.

    Esteban MolinaEsteban MolinaDag siden
  • Biden speaking sounds like Ozzy Osborne

    Lature BogdanLature BogdanDag siden
  • o really People watching other people play games is a waste of f*cking time and watching your show is not ? they do it for entertainment just like you do boomer

    jovan stojanoskijovan stojanoskiDag siden
  • Biden is taking drugs to prolong his life.

    Mohit ShettyMohit ShettyDag siden
  • No comments on Hunter Biden ?!

    Mohit ShettyMohit ShettyDag siden
  • "Dear President Biden! I would like to make you a Proposal regarding the issue of the Minimum Wage. There would be no problem with bankruptcies. And why do I talk about this topic safely? Because I was an eyewitness and intellectual witness of what happened in Germany with companies and factories that went bankrupt on purpose by their owners who left them with their own bags, and the money given to them by the solidarity tax for the reconstruction of the former DDR, East Germany. Investors from their country, the USA, taught the workers in these companies and factories to buy the company and put it on the stock exchange and those same workers who left the employees' status and became the owners of the company had their efforts Harvesting Profits $$ instead of Bankruptcy. Which obviously had no repercussions in Germany, which is not really a democratic country, much less just and liberal. They quickly stifled this issue and called the same investors, the American investors, with "Grasshoppers of Capitalism", which was a very low blow and False. This was just one of the measures to solve a problem in the transfer of funds to companies and a solution to the issue of the Minimum Wage. So we leave the company of an owner alone and pass it on to the company of all the Workers who are working there. One can also analyze a Capital for those who want to start their own company in economically weak places. Make this investment with all these smart fronts and put the USA in the magnificent Democratic place that it has always been and are, this the country that we all love, wherever we are. I love the United States of America and I wish you and all your team and management all the success that you all deserve !!

    Cesar CataldiCesar CataldiDag siden
  • “Who is this person who wants to assess who is and who is not a Patriot in the USA ?! Someone who embraces Dictators of Communist Countries and falls in love with them and even believes in them more than in the intelligence of the Democratic Country, USA, CIA and FBI, declaring this before the international TV cameras when he was in Finland with his friend Putin! WOW Someone who calls US citizens stupid? And wait a minute, who needs fun, a show, coming from the White House in a country that has a Wonderful Entertainment Market, the Show Bizz, to have fun with it? Should they need their fun at the White House, being deceived by Hypocrites and Liars like him, Donald? Who needs it? The Wonderful People of the USA kicked him for someone who is at least a hundred times stronger than him and who really works and does not rub against popular leaders and communist dictators like he, Donald, did! And then he, Biden, these ignoramuses call him a communist and not only the President of the USA, Biden, but, everyone who, even though he is really a Patriot and respecting the rules of Democracy from a spectacular country, decides not to embrace the lies of professional cheater! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Recalculate the votes in favor of him, Trump? And keeping in mind not to recount the votes if not defining how many votes he, Trump, would like to get - 11 780 Votes !! Unbelievable confession of bribery and with threats in addition , in citing the hatred of those who wanted it, Trump in Power !! Unbelievable! And can all this in the USA?! WOW

    Cesar CataldiCesar CataldiDag siden
  • Stop kissing Joe's ass Bill to say Joe has been sharp and focused have we been watching the same guy? Joe's been nothing but a lieing doddering forgetful embarrassment!!

    Dino CitroneDino CitroneDag siden
  • Bold words for someone who looks like a Wallace and Gromit background character

    GRUsomeGRUsomeDag siden
  • @ Real Time with Bill Maher Biden's job report sucks after 100 days, meeting 25% of it's quota. Another DISMAL JOB REPORT AS OBAMA WOULD SAY. I guess we have another 1.4% GDP President until 2024! Applaud that! trying to recover from a Pandemic! Meanwhile unemployment has just increased to 6.1%. Yeah PERFECT MAN FOR THE JOB! BOOMER!

    Tory LivingstonTory LivingstonDag siden
  • Right on Bill! Thank you.

    harrissimoharrissimoDag siden
  • This guy probably thinks watching sports is fun.

    Carson I SilentCar ICarson I SilentCar IDag siden
  • obviosuly someone recently mocked bill for being old, possibly the network. But as far as im concerned people should be hesitant to vote for anyone over 70. The United Nations estimate a global average life expectancy of 72.6 years for 2019, and its 78 In united states in 2018. How old is biden again?

    Derek CunninghamDerek CunninghamDag siden
  • That used to bug us???? He is as big of a buffoon as the former Orange Nan. We need to “Grow Up”. We are the only country in the world dumb enough to believe everything these fake politicians say and do even though their past behavior screams otherwise! Help us! No more R v D. They both suck!!!

    Nicole WrightNicole WrightDag siden
  • Oh, Bill just set things straight, just spitting fire...

    Mac MckulisMac MckulisDag siden
  • you can tell he can't get hard anymore

    Vladimir PackardVladimir PackardDag siden
  • Wow, spot on!

    Jane MorrisonJane MorrisonDag siden
  • 6:17-6:20:MY FAVORITE PART!

    Kunal SharmaKunal SharmaDag siden

    Kunal SharmaKunal SharmaDag siden
    • What are his mistakes?

      mew10521mew10521Dag siden
  • Go get’em Bill. The stupid generation

    CARUSS866CARUSS866Dag siden
  • Nobodys screaming "we want communism" the REAL progressives dont want other peoples things, we want the opportunity to have and afford our own!!!!

    irish ladyirish ladyDag siden
  • Feeling a little defensive there, Bill? There's... a LOT wrong and/or missing from his argument. Especially in the era where facts are subjective, and the oldest demographics seem to choose a reality than doesn't match observation/demonstatration more than any other group. Bill is getting old, this was his "get off my lawn" speech.

    Elizabeth SetlowElizabeth SetlowDag siden
    • Complete with condescendingly calling twitch "a waste of time" when he's been wasting people's time for decades in the exact same way. Those youngin's and their fancy video games

      Devon ChafeDevon ChafeDag siden
  • Bill thinking he's still relevant, that's cute.

    Justin HydeJustin HydeDag siden
  • "You think I'm out of it because I'm not on Twitch?" Nope, but now I think you're out of it because you think it's only for watching people play videogames. Mike Shinoda from LP streams (or did for quite awhile) making music, as do other musicians.

    3lit3gn0m33lit3gn0m3Dag siden
    • It’s a throwaway joke and you’re taking it so seriously 😂 the world must suck being so sensitive

      ABCABC4 timer siden
  • "Beautiful when young, wise when old" >Is old >Proceeds to bash one the largest, most insidious, petty, easily angered, spiteful and vengeful communities on the planet, which also happen to be one of the biggest money-making giants in the internet _ooo the irony_

    João Pedro Avelãs e SilvaJoão Pedro Avelãs e Silva2 dager siden
  • what a friggin boomer

  • Nice Burn.

    Basque From the PyreneesBasque From the Pyrenees2 dager siden
  • Bills living in another world!

    Dustin CookDustin Cook2 dager siden
  • Didn't we already go through this entire charade with another fossil named Jimmy Kimmel?

    EPloar DivEPloar Div2 dager siden
  • I mean...watching other people play video games is entertainment, sort of like your show is for entertainment. If watching others play video games is a waste of time then you, Bill Maher, have been wasting people's time for what..over 30 years?

    David AsbillDavid Asbill2 dager siden
  • ok boomer lmfaooooooooooooo

    AprilApril2 dager siden
  • 6:53 That can be said for every single form of entertainment. If people didn't have time to waste the entertainment industry wouldn't exist. Movies, talkshows, concerts, sports events, video games - all a waste of time.

    FroudiniFroudini2 dager siden
  • what a dumb fucking ass shit take .

    SerllinoGGSerllinoGG2 dager siden
  • rich old white people think they deserve respect just for being rich old white people lol, Bills generation fell asleep at the wheel for their entire time on watch and got us to where we are now.

    Fred Durst Guitar SoloFred Durst Guitar Solo2 dager siden
  • How is watching Twitch for entertainment any different than watching Bill Maher or any other TV for that matter? It's all a waste of time. Entertaining is usually a waste of time outside of the enjoyment of said entertainment...

    MRIMRI2 dager siden
  • Okay, Boomer.

    HeatherSPRTCHeatherSPRTC2 dager siden
  • Entertainment is a waste of time Bill. Than sadly includes you.

    Chris BryerChris Bryer2 dager siden
  • alright boomer

    Harvey MarveyHarvey Marvey2 dager siden
  • Yea i agree: Twitch is a waist of fcking time But so is your show Bill entertainment in general is a waist of time and you have been doing it for more than 20+ years.

    adam kmetadam kmet2 dager siden
  • What he says is true, most millennials are complete morons. That's why society is going downhill and conservatives countries like China are rising up...

    TheStepmonkeyTheStepmonkey2 dager siden
  • Billy: ageism is bad Also billy: young people r stoopid

    Stephanie CrossmanStephanie Crossman2 dager siden
  • 50 and 60 is prime age for president

    Matthew MillowayMatthew Milloway2 dager siden
    • @Matthew Milloway Isn't Biden nearing 80?

      EPloar DivEPloar Div2 dager siden
    • you should be council in your 70s an up

      Matthew MillowayMatthew Milloway2 dager siden
  • 80 is a time for cognital decline. maybe even 70. my grandparents were extremely wise. bjt I saw first hand age an alzheimefs

    Matthew MillowayMatthew Milloway2 dager siden
  • Ok but some people just have knowledge. Wisdom is when you’re able to apple knowledge to real life.

    Aden HawkAden Hawk2 dager siden
  • He radiates smugness with the power of a thousand suns.

    DarrykDarryk2 dager siden
  • Ok Boomer 😂

    B NagyB Nagy2 dager siden
  • it's sad to see Bill like this, Joe Biden is a walking joke, the only thing is that your hands are tied up. Just like any anchor in the woke media, One of the biggest comedians sold his soul to maintain the show. Where is the guy who said: "is not anti-woman talk about woman", "FEMININE VALUES ARE NOW THE VALUES OF AMERICA, SENSITIVITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRUTH, FEELING ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FACTS, COMMITMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN INDIVIDUALITY". Like I said it is sad to see all gag up someone with like this.

    Tibulo CamachoTibulo Camacho2 dager siden
  • Ah ha ha ha

    Judysallyyellow2Judysallyyellow22 dager siden
  • It's great to see butt hurt liberals mocking poor Bill. They prove him right as they proclaim their ignorance. The best part is he's another liberal. Cancel culture always winds up destroying itself. Communism, socialism, fascism. It's all the same. The government either owns or controls everything. Millennials think it's a good idea. By the time they realize just how wrong they are it will be too late. Ignorance is bliss.

    sidearm45sidearm452 dager siden
  • Young people think that old people were born that age.

    superkunk2superkunk22 dager siden
  • Who is prejudice against old people?

    Falkorn986Falkorn9862 dager siden
  • I see (hear) that the paid whooper is still in the audience. Could she be retired maybe? It's been years.

    John MacgregorJohn Macgregor2 dager siden
  • 4:53 Yes, that's exactly how greek old men walk on the street nowadays *crickets* We don't have money for food and you think we have money to have horses? Don't know if I should feel offended or flattered

    Nafsika AkNafsika Ak2 dager siden
  • Are you high? This potato can barely stay awake. What a joke

    Todd KoelschTodd Koelsch2 dager siden
  • Nothing to Add 😜

    Se SeSe Se2 dager siden
  • sheep nothing but sheep

    SploogeTubeSploogeTube2 dager siden