New Rule: Not In It Together | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

12. feb.. 2021
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“We’re in this together” is the new “Thank you for your service” - just something to say to the people doing the dirty work so we can feel better about not doing it ourselves.
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  • Ohhhh priceless indeed my fellow man of culture!

    Post ‘ and GhostPost ‘ and Ghost36 minutter siden
  • This is why you c the rich elite leftist that say dumb shit like this cuz they're not out working they have money they're comfortable at home they don't care if businesses are closed they can afford private schools for their kids I don't care if they're actors or athletes none of them are on the side of the regular people thank goodness I live in Texas

    Just For commentingJust For commenting6 timer siden
  • The sad part is..the "pandemic " will guarantee the likelyhood of "only cameo" will become a reality

    Thomas KornThomas Korn8 timer siden
  • I laugh at his jokes, yet to be sure, Bill and his various Hollywood elite guests have no better a grip on the truth than any of us. I am actually closer to the fuss, and what truly alienates me from comedy is when one such as this imitates substance. He is never going to touch Carlin, Pryor or Bruce... not so much a progressive or a conservative, as he is not so much "politically incorrect" now just uh- Real Time, he is no Dan Ball either (Get Real) who maybe a bit sticky for my taste, yet at least he doesn't take the cliche view of the moment. Nah. I stopped watching Maher, because he wouldn't stop humping my leg! Good boy, good boy, go get your chew toy, so funny, yet d'ja ever wonder what he really is about. Hmm. No worries. It's just comedy. I actually think Pres. Trump is much funnier, and more substantial as well. That man cracks me up, helps my neighbors and friends with his heartfelt approach (ready to be majorly trolled here, yet I was against his becoming President, open as a family friend, we must all be such,) and then another friend, an artist, a tiny woman who was too scared to leave her apartment- all year, tells me she wants Biden to win, die and install Harris, as anyway and anyone who is a woman must be next. Wow! I do not talk with her anymore. I believe in the most capable having the job. Pres. Trump showed me more than any before him had. Maher, sometimes gets a chuckle. I tire of the ones so much smarter (hah) and more righteous, evolved than myself or my blue collar friends. They tend to have soft minds, softer hands than we who work many ways, often against the elements and our own limits. I generally like what he has to say. It does feel empty though, like the man works for his market. Nothing wrong with working hard. In a comedian, the risk of pandering, well, it does feel like old Bill here, is just looking for attention so much- humping my leg. Hmm. "one potato" ... Count me out! OK then, smile and be well!!! ~RaVen~

    RaVen DaWnRaVen DaWn10 timer siden
  • Movie: "My Date With The President's Daughter". Dabney Coleman as the President: "Family family family family family family". Aide: "Yes sir".

    Christopher HanleyChristopher Hanley10 timer siden

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire12 timer siden
  • Bill run for president

    BlackbirdGLIBlackbirdGLI12 timer siden
  • Wait!!!!!! We are ‘in this together’ My place of work passed out buttons saying so!!!!!! I work at a hospital.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🧐🧐👌👌👌

    Kevin EdwardsKevin Edwards17 timer siden
  • in the same breath he complains about adults not finding partners... but then insults people with children. IE, if you dont have his exact life style then you suck.

    Sean BrooksSean Brooks19 timer siden
  • It’s about person choice Bill.

    Tha DocTha Doc19 timer siden
  • if people only did what they want to do then no one would be garbagemen etc etc.

    Sean BrooksSean Brooks19 timer siden
  • Stay single and enjoy my time and money how I want. Or date a woman who's been corrupted by modern feminism, raise kids who aren't even mine, get taken for half my hard earned shit because they wake up one morning, decide it's too hard to be married and loyal, and be miserable the whole time myself..... Yeah that's a hard choice. "Family" has no meaning to the younger generation. It's me me me, and I'm a millennial saying this. My generation failed miserably at life. Sorry it's the truth and now they want everyone to pick up for them like mommy and daddy did. F off.

    Bolts64Bolts6420 timer siden
  • Good man

    Breandan MaguireBreandan Maguire21 time siden
  • Agreed. This country is great at changing the names of things to make them more palatable.

    Frank UllmannFrank Ullmann21 time siden
  • Thank God these liberals are gonna die out soon because they hate ...families

    Moonfood78Moonfood7821 time siden
  • lol, I love the forever bachelor / childless types. Always signaling how much they don't want to have any responsibilities. Yeah okay Bill. While you die alone, your vast wealth to go to the government and lets be fair, probably a large amount to charity, the rest of us who choose to have families will at least have loved ones around us when we go and a place for our wealth to benefit people we love.

    SeanSean22 timer siden
  • Bravo!

    blackmancerblackmancer22 timer siden
  • Bill's trying to cover for the fact that the Covid Scamdemic was used to strengthen the Gig Economy by mentioning it in the first place...but at least he mentioned it. Three cheers for The Great American Financial Reset! By the way,I think Covid is real. The government,state and federal, use it as a more ways than one.

    kawasaki whip twokawasaki whip twoDag siden
  • Not to humble brag but apparently I tipped one GH driver well enough the she could quit, thew the company bag behind. I've been a delivery guy, you go on with ya bad self! 💙

    TurtleproofTurtleproofDag siden
  • You're alone and sad Bill.

    Rupert PupkinRupert PupkinDag siden
  • Loved the Romney "shut the fuck up!" Comment , it was great to hear as a single man myself

    Angel HernandezAngel HernandezDag siden
  • I wanna know why people with kids get all the tax breaks. You had them. You pay for them. You should pay more because they use up resources like heath care and schools.

    Chris PowersChris PowersDag siden
  • Cheers to Maher for speaking up for singles -- which includes boomers. I'm tired of being excluded from the conversation just because I didn't mate and reproduce. I would have, had I found someone worthy of what I agree is a grand cause. But it was never going to happen just to meet the expectations societal norms.

    Claire LowryClaire LowryDag siden
  • It would be nice and steady pay if Uber passengers actually tipped. But they by and large don't. And if they do, it's a buck.

    Seth S.Seth S.Dag siden
  • Lol bill is getting bitter about being old and lonely I think

    Mitchel MaharMitchel MaharDag siden
  • I would argue that people who sign up for Uber and the other “gig economy” jobs, do want to do it, otherwise why did they sign up? Why does every job have to solely sustain people? I’ve had Uber drivers who were retired and did it for a few extra bucks and to socialize, others were college students who needed spending money and liked the flexibility, and others who did it instead of working for a cab company because they liked calling their own shots and driving a nicer car. Why can’t that be enough? If the gig economy is not compelling to you, choose something else. Everybody in it is a willing participant, but the government chooses to seize it and ruin it like they ruin most everything they touch.

    Jordan CookJordan CookDag siden
  • The Grub hub delivery person is making a shit load of money in tips

    Lee Joel BeasleyLee Joel BeasleyDag siden
  • America is one big family...or it should be. And yes we all have fights with our siblings! But the family should still stay strong. 🙏🇺🇸

    Self SightSelf SightDag siden
  • who hurt you Bill

    Tina PhelpsTina PhelpsDag siden
  • I mean to a certain extent a gig economy has its advantages and disadvantages for example it may not pay you a full time salary but you have the flexibility and to anytime you want. And like freelance work if you do multiple jobs it eventually adds up to a full time salary. And it's not really meant to cover a full time salary its mostly meant to make money at the side that you can make at anytime.

    RandomName 07RandomName 072 dager siden
  • I actually really love that Cameo website. It's so fun.

    David TraubDavid Traub2 dager siden
  • raising my kid hasn't been that tough and i have been enjoying my life more than if i didnt have her. you may have missed out on a very special person in your life. i would say i feel sorry for you but you seem to be having fun anyway, you do you

    Daniel PhillipsDaniel Phillips2 dager siden
  • We're in it together means mass orgies and tonnes of spilled semen. That's how Christianity started according to John Allegro.

    Paul MitfordPaul Mitford2 dager siden
  • Families keep empires alive. Without them, countries die.

    John JamesJohn James2 dager siden
  • Tell that to biden

    Mike BMike B2 dager siden
  • "Getting a good night's sleep... not sharing the remote, or changing dirty diapers...never having to have a relationship talk, or having to listen to a passive aggressive sigh" And.. Not being divorce reamed. Not having fake allegations filed against you. Not having a cheating spouse who monkey branches. Not finding out the kid you've been raising isn't yours. Not paying off HER debt. Yes welcome to MGTOW.

    cb750cb7502 dager siden
  • well he gets some stuff right, but is still basically saying the full grown children living alone who can't handle sharing a remote or deal with a relationship that isn't about them are more valuable to the nation than people raising children. So what you don't like family values, what is worse is the grown man babies who think they are winning by not procreating and living a life devoid of real meaning. A good nights sleep and avoiding diaper duty isn't an auto win button for life. The most valuable things are what you get from service, not from being unfettered.

    Elevator Music IreliaElevator Music Irelia2 dager siden
  • Ending is gold

    Shuvo AmitShuvo Amit2 dager siden
  • sounds like an entire 3 generation span of selfish egotistical bastards. Good thing they are not having kids.

    John Neil BuntingJohn Neil Bunting2 dager siden
  • Society isn't being set up for selfish assholes who's biggest worry is sharing the remote...cry me a river.

    J.L. WilsonJ.L. Wilson3 dager siden
  • Thank God we're starting to deal with these companies in Europe now. Their undermining our minimum wage and are damaging our market. These employees are not protected or insured under EU laws. It's clear these companies are from the US in how they treat their employees. Thank you for that and good luck with that. Our politicians may be slow, but at least they are opposed to exploiting employees. No wonder every American wants to own his own business.

    Niles CooperNiles Cooper3 dager siden
  • Its funny cuz the entire audience probably ubered there 😂😂

    Marshall AllmanMarshall Allman3 dager siden
  • commie Bill hates others have families. left hates your kids.

    Hussar0Hussar03 dager siden
  • Not only that, but from the outset the hoarding of basics like TP, disinfectant wipes, and the number of people not wearing masks at all or drooping off their chin is proof that we're not only not in it together, but a lot of people could give a fuck about you or me.

    Ryan MaxwelllRyan Maxwelll3 dager siden
  • Never thought the day would come when “mainstream” media talks about only fans. I thought that was quietly bundled and shoved into the corner of the gaming world where e-thots prey on socially inept men and young teen boys.

    Regal_7Regal_73 dager siden
  • Bill hates families because he doesn't have one.

    Braap44Braap443 dager siden
  • Left trying to erase families nothing new stopped watching awhile ago just happened to see on NOworld complete trash ee need stronger families to have a better future its an investment in the next generation jerk off

    Karl WoertzKarl Woertz3 dager siden
  • "Thank you for your service" was for vets. Now , it's for anyone. The meaning is lost. Doesn't mean anything now. I'm a vet from the 80's. Sure, I was in during a time of peace. But I volunteered, gave 4 years and was glad to do it. I signed a contract, did my time. So why is everybody suddenly PC on people who work? They are jobs. They work. Even people in the military work. They do their jobs. Period. They don't need constant reminders of "Thank You". Please , don't patronise hard working people.

    Honest JohnHonest John3 dager siden
  • Uh oh, someone is going to catch flak from the "SeX wOrK iS rEaL wOrK" people

    smolkafilipsmolkafilip4 dager siden
  • Dang Bill might take Limbaugh's throne!! This new Bill is great!!!!!!

    caleb jcaleb j4 dager siden
  • Still killin it

    WhatthefrigwithterriWhatthefrigwithterri4 dager siden
  • Not sure how the anti family stuff relates to the gig economy stuff.

    Peter RogersPeter Rogers4 dager siden
  • His fans aren’t very bright. Maher pretends to be about the people, but then he is rich and doesn’t help anyone beyond what is tax deductible

    shonz88shonz884 dager siden
  • There are reports that depression is sending women to the hospital because they started doing amateur online porn only to discover that just because guys occasionally looked at their naked “yoga” pants in public, doesn’t mean that they’re attractive enough to see nude

    shonz88shonz884 dager siden
  • The grumpier Maher gets about family, the more he comes off like a confirmed Bachelor who keeps the advertisement photo in new picture frames just to pretend that he isn’t going to die alone

    shonz88shonz884 dager siden
  • This guy gets it. "Why don't you ask spouse to do it" "Spouse is gonna make you sleep on the couch for that one" Husband this, wife that Wtf makes you think I'm with anyone? Why do people assume that?

    Secretly a CelebritySecretly a Celebrity4 dager siden
  • Bill Maher is the closest thing we have left to a George Carlin.

    Spencer EvansSpencer Evans4 dager siden
  • Sure let’s have more single parent households because they are doing so well in general

    Kevin HartwigKevin Hartwig4 dager siden
  • Whenever he's smart, it's lost on his audience.

    Paper PlainsPaper Plains4 dager siden
  • This is brutal. The world is in a very bad state.

    magicpretzelmagicpretzel4 dager siden
  • “We’re all in this together” is bullshit. America doesn’t want unity. If it did, we wouldn’t have one side storming the Capitol and another trying to change the Constitution.

    Jay EmmJay Emm4 dager siden
  • Count the hits and ignore the misses

    Delirious MysteriumDelirious Mysterium4 dager siden
  • Bill wouldn't give you good advice, hed just make fun of you and hope you get it because he's a comedian first and good person second.

    Delirious MysteriumDelirious Mysterium4 dager siden
  • What the fuck is wrong with you guys. I myself DOING THE DIRTY WORK say to people that we are in this together to people who ask me why I do what I do. Verbicidal Tendencys

    Delirious MysteriumDelirious Mysterium4 dager siden
  • Without FAMILIES (children) there literally is no more society. Moron.

    bidmcms3bidmcms34 dager siden
  • Didn't caligula turn the wife's and daughters of Rome into whores well we are getting there

    richard murphyrichard murphy5 dager siden
  • I dont get why democrat entertainers love so much to berate poor people. And they have the balls to accuse conservatives about lack of compasion when they want to control the flow of imigration into their own country. You flood the country with slaves from latin america and mexico , and then you mock americans for having low paying jobs. How evil and demented are you ?!

    george cobaleanugeorge cobaleanu5 dager siden
  • I love this guy

    Lost ZLost Z5 dager siden
  • never realized bill maher was so based

    Dr CringeDr Cringe5 dager siden
  • Family structure is a good thing to promote in our country. It brings many positives outcomes if done correctly. Just don’t think that it has to look a certain way or that it is the answer to everything. It’s a sacrifice for those who build it and try to manage it the best they can. Those who have it shouldn’t look down on those who don’t wish to go down that road

    Scott MScott M5 dager siden
  • At least with Instagram and FansOnly, women will never have to be unemployed.

    David LenzDavid Lenz5 dager siden
  • ofc Bill Maher with the anti sex work take not surprised lmaooo every sex worker ever has made more worthwhile material than this boomer hack lmao

    Noah ShueNoah Shue5 dager siden
  • This day and age , people still bashing themselves on the head raising children they can’t support financially.

    lunamypetlunamypet5 dager siden
  • Bill has been on 🔥 lately!

    Chris CarelockChris Carelock5 dager siden
  • 'Rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells...'

    ClevernameClevername5 dager siden
  • Bill Maher can be hit or miss for me at times..... But, Yuuuuuuuuuuup this one is on point.

    Danny McclenonDanny Mcclenon5 dager siden
  • I am at home making just as much money as I made before. That’s why I should not comment on shutdowns. Only those who are affected by the lockdowns should be calling the shots on it. Business owners, employees who are suffering due to loss of revenue and wages should be the ones I charge if stuff should close or not.

    R VanzoR Vanzo5 dager siden
  • Every problem on planet earth can be traced back to someone’s shitty parents..

    Christopher JamesChristopher James5 dager siden
  • When is Bill gonna do his ‘dirty work’?

    David GDavid G6 dager siden
  • Not to surprising to learn only fans has a twitter login. Only idiots!

    Pat MigroinPat Migroin6 dager siden
  • Bill Maher is actually one of the largest purveyors of Cancel Culture. Bill Maher's show REAL TIME supports and thrives on CANCEL CULTURE. They could have called the show "Cancel Culture with Bill Maher". Bill won't survive the attempt at canceling Cancel Culture. It is way too late to defeat the wave of hate he helped built.

    Marie ClarkMarie Clark6 dager siden
  • Dying alone is also fun I guess

    Steve ParrSteve Parr6 dager siden
  • Bill Maher and his fans are dumb

    Eddie GeschEddie Gesch6 dager siden
  • You had me until the anti-family talk Bill. Love you though

    ED HARRISED HARRIS6 dager siden
  • I don’t think bill likes children

    So you’re telling me there’s a chanceSo you’re telling me there’s a chance6 dager siden
  • The monster that Bill helped create will eventually devour!

    Lewis WrayLewis Wray6 dager siden
  • typical leftist rant. Some 33% true, 33% sanctimony/anger, 20% rambling, 13% humor.

    GeneGene6 dager siden
    • He aint a liberal

      tu mamatu mama4 dager siden
  • The aboriginal bandana thermodynamically inform because double expectably x-ray beneath a separate badge. jittery, hurried chest

    Avi AkhavanAvi Akhavan7 dager siden
  • The reason the family is still centered is because they're producing the next generation.

    Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius7 dager siden
  • Ritalin, Twitter, Facebook, NOworld, Android and Apple are raising your children.

    No OneNo One7 dager siden
  • *SIGH*

    Chase BerwickChase Berwick7 dager siden
  • Priceless lol

    Adam XAdam X7 dager siden
  • bill an athiest self serving selfish man. nuff said.

    chip hiltonchip hilton7 dager siden
  • You might want to seek help. You might want to seek a new way to share information. That was truly depressing when the majority of us need a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Charisse RempelCharisse Rempel7 dager siden
  • I agree that the "in this together" line always sounded stupid to me. That being said, I really dont agree with all this hate for gig work. I'm a mechanic that does DoorDash on the side and I love it. Average $25+ an hour to essentially drive around. Love doing it in bad weather too-people order and tip more.

    219Thompson219Thompson7 dager siden
  • Why do they care about family anyway? They say that immigrants are so much better than native bord, so why would you want any native bord anyway? Politicians are the scums of society.

    John TremblayJohn Tremblay7 dager siden
  • Can't afford a family!

    JoAnn HolmesJoAnn Holmes7 dager siden
  • Exactly. Bullshit

    Martin GlynnMartin Glynn7 dager siden
  • Totally on point Bill.

    john newsonjohn newson7 dager siden
  • Phappy hour - goodness, gracious:)

    Anthony HewetsonAnthony Hewetson7 dager siden