NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes

22. feb.. 2021
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  • Giannis airball had me dead

    shellshocker rootrippershellshocker rootripper5 minutter siden
  • It's really impossible to overstate how much officiating has changed it, too. Eurosteps, softer defending, drawing contact on 3s, etc has all helped offense a ton.

    atomlyatomly7 minutter siden
  • Why don't you talk to the damn refs as to why defense hasn't caught up?

    UtopicZeusUtopicZeus17 minutter siden
  • You say curry is The game changer. He's not, the real game changer was the golden state system developed by steve kerr that actually made Curry and Thompson shine like that.

    Eduardo ValdezEduardo Valdez27 minutter siden
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez31 minutt siden
  • Its really simple.. They arent aloud to play defense nowdays, everything is a foul... Plus flop city.

    Drew SkinnerDrew Skinner32 minutter siden
  • Imagine Kobe or Mj today 🥵

    Hailey CarolineHailey Caroline40 minutter siden
  • I believe as well there were players who were previews of the future. Gilbert Arenas definitely being one of them. Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Bird played faster than their competitors. There are things to dislike about the current NBA but this is how the game should’ve been played since day 1. I think all the GOAT players realized this.

    majinblack27majinblack2745 minutter siden
  • I think Lu Dort is someone that is very advanced on defense.

    Eran BosmanEran Bosman45 minutter siden
  • Kobe would have scored 100 points in a game

    01tonyde01tonyde50 minutter siden
  • This man's videos are too nice! The attention to detail, the stats, graphics, all of it. Also, if you adjust any of the legend's stats for pace, JUST PACE, their stats sky rocket

    Arnold KArnold K54 minutter siden
  • The reason is because EVERYTHING us a foul there's no defense from half the league and everyone just Intentionally jumps into the defender then throws up a shot and its instantly a foul and he gets free throws. why does he get free throws for jumping into the defender?.

    John DoeJohn Doe55 minutter siden
  • As wild as it is to say, it's crazy how Steph literally changed the game of basketball.

    Arnold KArnold K56 minutter siden
  • The three highest-scoring seasons in NBA are (full seasons): 18/19 111.2ppg, 84/85 110.8ppg, and 78/79 110.3ppg. In the top 10 highest scoring seasons in NBA history, 9(!!!) of them are in the '70s and the '80s.

    Dimi33chelidzeDimi33chelidzeTime siden
  • Proves how demented the GOAT argument is

    YatanYatanTime siden
  • I like the video and it was fun to watch and you made some good points but some of what you said, mostly with the numbers, was just wrong. And you also sometimes omitted important pieces of information. Like you can't just increase volume without accounting for a dip in efficiency and that's something people build complex models for. Also, you should have used 3pts% instead of makes because makes increase volume and stars are often the one who get to shoot the most and they've always made the most money. TLDR: Good video but you're using numbers wrong

    PowzewuPowzewuTime siden
  • Don’t really understand the Giannis insult for the 3PT shot but whatever, apparently the only 7 Footer who can’t shoot the 3 is Giannis. He’s still averaging 29PPG so take it or leave it.

    VitalGodxDVitalGodxDTime siden
  • Vanvleet BAYBEE

    Patrick RhodesPatrick RhodesTime siden
  • This might be your best video yet! Rest in peace to #TRAPSAX

    Roger TejedaRoger TejedaTime siden
  • now thats my strategy in NBA2k

    Ef VegimEf VegimTime siden
  • Players you picked for not scoring 25+ points a game are like who??? Except for Bill Russell! Please!

    SugarRay2SugarRay2Time siden
  • Yall know the players were created to stop one man that's Jordan

    Captainhook LaneCaptainhook LaneTime siden
  • Man great video fr incredible facts !!!

    Bxbyb BsbsbsbBxbyb BsbsbsbTime siden
  • This is not creating wins tho

    Captainhook LaneCaptainhook LaneTime siden
  • They scoring more points cause they completely changed the rules

    nick mccoynick mccoy2 timer siden
  • Interesting info but as a viewer of the game I find this era of basketball a lot less pleasing to watch and find it less captivating for some reason. Maybe cause it values the individual efforts around scoring way more than anything else...but it's disguised as a team sport still. Glad I watched this but the league is undeniably soft regardless. Harden got fouled and gets 2 at the line just from reading this.

    Timeless PulseTimeless Pulse2 timer siden
  • would love to see more defense in the NBA and not just the playoffs

    Garrett McMurtryGarrett McMurtry2 timer siden
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    qiang linqiang lin2 timer siden
  • And the change of the shotclock on offensive rebounds probably also has a lot to do with the amount of points being scored. Faster pace.

    Martin BentzenMartin Bentzen2 timer siden
  • Increased analytics with regular 3 pointers and probably the greatest restrictions on defence. It's all subjective but the NBA is probably the most boring it's ever been in my lifetime, right now. Oooh wow, another step back 3 - my life is complete.

    Dark KnightsDark Knights2 timer siden
  • Honestly it's just back then coaches would bench your ass for shooting from deep like today. I think it's just the facts that players can fire up as many threes as they want without getting benched

    Too QuikToo Quik2 timer siden
  • Even non shooter gotta shoot😂😂

    edward timothyedward timothy2 timer siden
  • Don't forget the added illegal offensive moves and "gather steps" lol 😆

    Jermaine YoungJermaine Young2 timer siden
  • That was a dope ass video thanks for making that

    MaximumPlayerMaximumPlayer2 timer siden
  • But...Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem wouldn’t have averaged 60 points per game if they played today 🙄

    J. S.J. S.2 timer siden
  • no guard ez as fck.

    naxGam1ngnaxGam1ng2 timer siden
  • Never thought I'd listen to a ~20 min analysis go by so quickly. Well done with the writing, research, and editing. One of the most important vids that all hoopheads need to watch rn.

    EricEric3 timer siden
  • Good points...... But hands down the rule changes! No hand checking, no hard fouls

    Derrick JohnsonDerrick Johnson3 timer siden
  • Bwhat would MJ do in this era?

    YouTube SucksYouTube Sucks3 timer siden
  • Why you disrespect caris he no average player

    Hashman BoxingHashman Boxing3 timer siden
  • i fell for that joe ingles😂😂😂

    Javin Angelo SaysonJavin Angelo Sayson3 timer siden
  • Prime Kobe Would be crazy in todays gameplay

    Malanday TVMalanday TV3 timer siden
  • This is a great analysis of today’s game vs previous generations. Of course, we don’t have the opportunity to actually see what would really happen if today’s players played back on the day and the other way around. I do think the evidence points to: 1. Yesterday’s GOOD players would for the most part across the board have better stats than they used to for all of the reasons mentioned. (More opportunity, faster pace, more long range shooting) 2. Yesterday’s GREAT players would likely not have a big increase in stats, and depending on that specific player would actually determine if they were better or worse. All the same reasons why GOOD players are having better stats are the same reasons why the GREAT players wouldn’t. And this is more specifically speaking of the players that already scored a lot (MJ, Kobe, and other guys like that). Yesterday’s GREAT players already had the ball the majority of the time. They already took the most shots. MJ took about 24 FG attempts per game in the 94-95 season and shot 8 free throws per game. It’s not likely that Jordan is going to increase his usage. And if he did, that certainly wouldn’t help the other players increase their stats. Also, MJ played in an era where you couldn’t zone and help. The way they do today. They were essentially always playing 1 on 1. Of course, the greatest players are going to kill everyone 1 on 1. It’s hard to say if MJ would be better or worse today. Today’s best players are able to create so much space and 1 on 1 situations by being deadly from 3. Maybe Jordan would have developed a more consistent 3 point shot, but if he did, that would also be a completely different Jordan than what we remember. What would his game look like if he went from shooting 1.5 3 point attempts a game to 8 or 9? He’d look like someone we don’t recognize. People seem to think that Jordan would be able to shoot 8 or 9 3s a game. Make 3 or 4. Shoot 35 shots a game and have 5-7 big dunks every game. It doesn’t work like that. My point is that it’s unlikely that any of the all time greats would unlikely have huge stat changes one way or the other. The game has always been about the best players and they were going to get numbers regardless. There are a few notable exceptions such as Steve Nash (though not really in the ALL TIME GREAT discussion like Jordan). But Steve Nash would have definitely scored more, probably around 25 a game or so. But guys on his team like Amare Stoudamire would end up looking a lot more like Clint Capella or Andre Drummond.. The same goes for some of the greatest big men ever. Unless Shaq was surrounded by a lot of great wing defenders, he would be such a liability on defense in today’s game. Sure, he’d still get his, but at what cost? They’d just switch him out on guys like Steph, Dame, Luka, etc and they’d drop 40 or 50 on him while he only gets to play 20 minutes a game because he’s on the bench from either fouling, being too tired, or simply the coach benching him because the other team is killing him on defense. Comparing eras does get to be useless. There are only a handful of elite players that would legit dominate no matter what era the played in.

    Greg JimenezGreg Jimenez3 timer siden
  • Dribble dribble 3... Dribble dribble missed 3.... Dribble dribble drive foul.... Dribble dribble and 1.... Repeat

    Keith SwanKeith Swan3 timer siden
  • This gen is a lot lazier on defense, also doesn’t help with rule changes, guards just tend to walk around the perimeter and let their matchup burn right past them, this is why the scoring chart is rising, especially for guards

    CrewNew GamingCrewNew Gaming3 timer siden
  • The reason is no body fucking plays defense

    Eric JamisonEric Jamison3 timer siden
  • One word - roids, period

    Berave TrolliolliBerave Trolliolli3 timer siden
  • I’d like to disagree with the statement “there is less defensive effort today”. Defense is getting harder because players have to run their man off screens and playing pick and roll defense is so hard especially when you’re guarding an elite PNR player who can score and create. Also, NBA offenses arent just “giving the ball to the best player”. Sets and plays from the past are still alive but have evolved due to the SPACING. SPACING is the greatest difference between this era and the past. It has unlocked offense greatly and has allowed most players to shine. This is the reason for the scoring boom.

    xxxaaxxx xxxxxaaxxx xx3 timer siden
  • Joe Ingles, a long way from Steph but still a legend

    Andrew FAndrew F3 timer siden
  • yo i love these videos so much that i'd honestly appreciate u making a podcast on spotify that are just ur videos without the visuals...just a thought. like fr if i could download all this i'd be listening in the car on the regular.

    Yi-Ren Tay WeaksYi-Ren Tay Weaks3 timer siden
  • Because there's no defence

    The KhanThe Khan3 timer siden
  • Imagine what a 37ppg player can do when you're not allowed to touch him.

    YawtsaYawtsa4 timer siden
  • So now we know why Lebron jacking up threes all the time and slacking off on defense. He's knows what's up and he's trying to stay relevant

    Lane JopsonLane Jopson4 timer siden
  • Because there are too many three pointers in today's NBA, soft defence ( mainly because of the rules ) and virtually zero half court game, it's like watching tennis transition basketball with mega scoring that favours offensive play and iso play individual basketball , it's a no brainer really, of course there's more scoring, Jordan would be absolutely killing it ( even more than he already did ) in today's NBA.

    Iggy BlitzIggy Blitz4 timer siden
  • Why you gotta do Giannis like that😂

    Connor SienConnor Sien4 timer siden
  • Luka is the best example of nba defense from his mvp season in europe avg 12pts to nba rookie putting up 30pts - 40pts triple double. Euroleague defense is like 90 's 00's nba defense they allowed handcheck

    Asian BoyAsian Boy4 timer siden
  • MJ would average 40 ppg

    Erkan CetinErkan Cetin4 timer siden
  • One of these days my man, you'll get a call with an offer to host your own NBA Talk show...

    Greg I.Greg I.4 timer siden
  • I expect the born of a 3pt defensive player in the future, someone who can shut down the shooters. And it will make the difference. It's absurd to see how the best defensive team nowadays allows 106 Ppg

    Luis Felipe Mahecha EscobarLuis Felipe Mahecha Escobar4 timer siden
  • NBA offense is softer but is easily better than defense. But.. Defense can be improved I can think of 3 ideas minimum not used in the NBA that would exploit offense/ boost defense without giving up anything. You just need to watch every game and see how they do it. The numbers are right but numbers can be skewed with readiness and accurate plays. Defense will rise again but offense sells tickets and no one can argue that

    King BishopKing Bishop4 timer siden
  • Because there is no body-body head to head in short there is no Physical defence😂😂 and more actors 😂😂 Shaq attack,Jordan rule, hard attack 🤫

    irishClaire samiairishClaire samia4 timer siden
  • I'd agree that Curry helped accelerate mass acceptance of the 3, but LeBron created the position-less basketball player. That man can play 1-5 better than anyone that's ever played.

    Andrew VukichAndrew Vukich4 timer siden
  • You made some good points in this video, but let's please stop pretending that Steph is THIS impactful of a player. He's not. He's just not. End of discussion.

    GuessWhoNotGuessWhoNot4 timer siden
  • No disrespect but u sound like young don the sauce gkd

    TAOTAO4 timer siden
  • Look at the jazz they are the best team in the league and their best player is a great defender

    Matan SachsMatan Sachs4 timer siden
  • Enough comparing generation via stats

    Junel AltoJunel Alto4 timer siden
  • Wondering how MJ would score today . May be avg. 55 points with full dominance

    Tal SammanTal Samman4 timer siden
  • you cant even play defense no more, putting your hands up like a statue is not playing defense.

    tazz 4lifetazz 4life5 timer siden
  • When you realize Brooklyn got too much fire power. Those 3 guys can easily score 100 points together every night

    boy Afrikaboy Afrika5 timer siden
  • So basically when I put 5 shooters on my team in all the basketball games I played in the 80's and 90's I was doing the right thing.

    BleatmopBleatmop5 timer siden
  • That is why I get angry when people say that LeBron is a better player than mj because he has a more stretched game. If mj played in today’s era, he would strech his game.

    JJ AbsawiJJ Absawi5 timer siden
  • They made defense illegal, added a million commercial breaks, and cut down on minutes per player, all of which advantages shooters. Shooting is much more difficult when you're tired or being pressed by a physical defender.

    John SwainJohn Swain5 timer siden
  • When jimmy hits us with the slo mo joe action😂

    David GolderDavid Golder5 timer siden
  • You should do more of the what would their stats be now” could be a good video

    VontaNextDoorVontaNextDoor5 timer siden
  • As of 2-25-21 Almost every clip you show, no one is playing defense. Most players are practically open. Most high schools are playing man to man at least 3/4 quarter court. Most colleges play defense. So when these young players come to the league (I know some), they are surprised how easy it is to score a basket because of the lack of defense. The lack of defense also causes people to score within 15 seconds. I was always taught that, the man with ball will always tire faster trying to get around you. Out of the top 10 defensive teams, 7 have winning records (low team, Spurs 10th @ 16-11). 5 of those are also in the top 10 of 3 pts allowed (Knicks @ 10th). Opp 3pt % (out of top 10 defense), 4 teams are in top 5 (1NYK, 2PHX, 4UTA & 5LAL). There here is no excuse to let someone pull up 5 feet from the 3 pt line, hand down man down. Some of the better teams just play defense all over the court & won't let you shoot uncontested 3s. Best defensive players 1 Rudy Gobert 2 Ben Simmons 3 Myles Turner (only team not in top 10 defense or 20 wins [15-15] 4 Lebron James 5 Mikal Bridges (shortest player @ 6'6")

    reno419rockstarreno419rockstar5 timer siden
  • I teared up on the Brandon Roy clip 🥲 4:24

    DigohzDigohz5 timer siden
  • Doncic has Bird vibes

    MuTiNous4MuTiNous45 timer siden
  • Imagine Kobe playing at todays NBA

    nat natnat nat5 timer siden
  • I can't believe this guy thinks this. That players just suddenly got "exponentially greater", offensively. He can't even see that it's because of the drastic increase in 3 point shots taken per game as well as deep 3's that's lead to a spike in scoring because... What does a drastic increase in 3's and deep 3's do? IT STRETCHES OUT THE DEFENSE! This means the amount of distance a defensive player has to move to recover on defense is, "exponentially greater", than ever before, thus you have a spike in scoring due to more open shots but perhaps more important, uncontested layups/dunks... It's not Houston Rocket science people. The true basketball purests already know this.

    Ryan FaleyRyan Faley6 timer siden
  • What if Bill Russell played today with at least 38% 3pt shot?

    Aoshi JayyAoshi Jayy6 timer siden
  • Came in here thinking he was gonna say something like the empty stadiums are making players more confident, but ok, you’re right too 🤣

    crunchburgercrunchburger6 timer siden
  • Ok, so just make 3 point shots Cost 2 points. That way the current effeminate Meta will go back to what the way it was in the past.

    JOSEPHJOSEPH6 timer siden
  • We need jimmy with the saxophone beat in the back again 😔

    Aaron RosarioAaron Rosario6 timer siden
  • I’ve been saying this since 2011. I bought 2k11 for the first time and straight up created 3pt specialist and then said I can improve the other parts later but 3pt is important. My friends said I didn’t understand basketball with that mindset and created all-round players and were handicapped when starting their careers.

    Rad SelsRad Sels6 timer siden
  • Great video. Impressive breakdown and analysis of the offensive explosion of the past couple of years.

    Wendell JohnsonWendell Johnson6 timer siden
  • Agent 0>Bradley Beal easily tf?

    Shifty SenseiShifty Sensei6 timer siden
  • Reason is because all the underrated defending guards and forwards are alway's injured

    NotAcrack100%NotAcrack100%6 timer siden
  • Wait till the game catches on to my DEFENSIVE CROSSOVER move!

    amp ampamp amp6 timer siden
  • Right now good defense is just there to make a guy score 25 instead of 30. It still adds up even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

    Two CowsTwo Cows7 timer siden
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung7 timer siden
  • Luv these vids

    bryan munozbryan munoz7 timer siden
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    vishal gillvishal gill7 timer siden
  • Why is the nbas numbers down so much if the game is built to be played fast and entertaining?

    Beanster 8Beanster 87 timer siden
  • this just proves that KD is the greatest scorer of all time

    35am35am7 timer siden
  • This is basically a huge reason why the nba is boring for me: defense becoming an after thought. All I’m saying is, the day we see a modern day defensive heavy team dominate the league I’m gonna be more than ecstatic

    Tyler AbnerTyler Abner7 timer siden
  • So Jordan woulda averaged 40 a game

    TyropicaLTyropicaL7 timer siden
  • Gs

    Tate OftedahlTate Oftedahl7 timer siden
  • Yes the offense got better because it ALLOWED itself to get better. How could the defense now catch up to it? Did it get better as well? This is not an apples to apples comparison from the eras before.

    Jambibau BJambibau B7 timer siden
  • Man I re-watched game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals last night and it was crazy to see the difference in defence and how much harder they played D back then

    JR the boyJR the boy7 timer siden
  • Somewhat similar to 30 HR hitters in the 90's(30 HR's went from being special,to being Basic😳)

    Darrell BooneDarrell Boone7 timer siden