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Ordinary Things:
Original Music by Bejamin Symons:

  • Nordman get to the Nordhole

    Senor StudlySenor Studly55 minutter siden
  • 20:20 So Midas made 177013 huh

    SetantaSetanta7 timer siden
  • It has been 6 months

    Trystan FranziskusTrystan Franziskus7 timer siden
  • "Dooh Dooh Toto in africa..." :---ASDASD ( 5:18 ) =D

    rillumarilluma18 timer siden
  • euryodice uses a lesbians face

    cyberklashnikovcyberklashnikov21 time siden
  • The version of david in the bible has him have sex with the woman while she's still married, and when she tells david she's pregnant, he brings her husband back from the war and tries to get him to sleep with her to cover it up, but the soldier refuses because he felt guilty being home when all his friends are out dying, and THEN david sends him to be killed in war.

    Kenny's Life StoriesKenny's Life Stories23 timer siden
  • I only watch Internet Historian videos for NordMan.

    David TimmonsDavid TimmonsDag siden
  • Is it just me or does everyone watch the ads for internet historian. I love the NordVPN ads, and this one was excellent! They dont pay you enough

    Vikturus22Vikturus22Dag siden
  • the only content creator whose paid promotion i genuinely look forward too and don’t skip.

    John DwyerJohn DwyerDag siden
  • Hey internet historian. Please do a video on wall street bets and GameStop amc. Really would be a awesome vid.

    Jacob ChamberlainJacob ChamberlainDag siden
  • why is the ad so high quality

    DezmasDezmas2 dager siden
  • I looked it up, Charon takes the coins for a retirement fun, not even kidding

    Jack NapierJack Napier3 dager siden
  • Your six months are up, return the holy grail or perish.

    B0B1800B0B18003 dager siden
  • It kills me every time I hear "Not in the clan it's just a hood" lol

    Vladimir PinedaVladimir Pineda4 dager siden
  • I believe Midas couldn't eat because water and food also turned to gold upon contact with his tongue. Don't worry, the Greeks thought if that loophole, it's actually in the story

    Al-Razi of ArabiaAl-Razi of Arabia4 dager siden
  • "I won't be needing this for another 6 months" Its been 6 months 👀👀

    Gary OakGary Oak4 dager siden
  • I think we would all like to see a anime of nord vpn

    Dash V3Dash V34 dager siden
  • Ordinary things is so learned in mythology damn.

    Kadir ArslanKadir Arslan5 dager siden
  • That "Onii-chan, daisuki desu." Gets me everytime

    LycorineLycorine5 dager siden
  • 19:00

    Ian PlaceIan Place5 dager siden
  • Only do the grim handshake of the other guy does the asop handshake

    Ddie1Ddie15 dager siden
  • Im beginning to think that your videos are actually just NordVPN content with the rest of it being a really long ad for your channel.

    RemTreeFiddyRemTreeFiddy5 dager siden
  • It's been six months internet historian, are you in need of the holy grail yet?

    Casper SteelantCasper Steelant5 dager siden
  • You could've gone into the next story about Midas, where another god disfigured him and eventually drove him to suicide all because he preferred someone else's music.

    CoomberToonsCoomberToons6 dager siden
  • 21:21 I didn't expect that LMAO

    JohnThePancakeJohnThePancake6 dager siden
  • The government doesn't know grapes don't grow on trees!

    KraliMishevKraliMishev6 dager siden
  • wait in the anime ad does she say ONI Chitaiskyi in russian?

    AJA studiosAJA studios6 dager siden
  • scppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 096

    dean deandean dean7 dager siden
  • The grail is needed

    Johnny Green FaceJohnny Green Face7 dager siden
  • Literally any female ever: *Exists* Zues: *And along came Zeus*

    ItzKrypticYTItzKrypticYT7 dager siden
    • And sone males as well, Zeus fucked everything that moved

      Ian OjedaIan Ojeda4 dager siden
  • А меня забавляет все таки эта ебучая западно европейская культура, которая даже свои мифы не может переварить. Суть мидаса в абсолюте! Это вопрос о возведении чего либо в абсолют, потому что уже не важно например во что мидас превращает при касании. Золото? ок его становится настолько много что оно ненужно нахуй. Хоть в говно превращай итог одинаковый.

    KometoKometo7 dager siden
  • Wow, what an ad!

    KometoKometo7 dager siden
  • @12:47 I thought grapes were toxic to canines.

    Toilet BreadToilet Bread7 dager siden
  • To get a wish you want, you describe what you want in lots of detail, even combining lots of wishes, and give it a made up name. Then you ask for it by that name. You just defined the thing, so there's nothing that can go wrong

    Vessel of the Lord, Slayer of HereticsVessel of the Lord, Slayer of Heretics9 dager siden
  • My god, knowing this much about things, yet BOTH don't understand the glass house analogy? Its referenced for multiple reasons but neither are close to that! Heh

    Practically PituophisPractically Pituophis9 dager siden
  • its almost been 6 months. i am eagerly awaiting the holy grail

    Cocktimus PrimeCocktimus Prime10 dager siden
  • I only watch these videos for the ad times now.

    Jeffrey SolanoJeffrey Solano10 dager siden
  • if the drinks that midas is trying to drink turn to gold then he obviously cant just use a fork or something to pick up the thing he is trying to eat

    An_Annoying_CatAn_Annoying_Cat10 dager siden
  • I hope Nord VPN are paying you good money for these epic adverts. Also, game of thrones season 8 was the worst. Far far worse than the reference you made which I can't remember. Much much worse.

    Deano spleenoDeano spleeno11 dager siden
  • I love this episode, I can’t stop watching it!

    Jedrzej PrzykazaJedrzej Przykaza11 dager siden
  • i think....i think i started watching these for the advertisements...

    Beep BoopBeep Boop12 dager siden
  • i post comments on youtube videos

    hi im autistichi im autistic15 dager siden
  • Midas could've just used a fucking fork

  • I thought this was gona be some m rated nfsw vertion of his channel but i should of known better

    Outlet _Outlet _17 dager siden
  • You wanna buy some death styx?

    ShitpostsShitposts17 dager siden
  • This man has a 2nd channel? Binge initiated.

    Toby AllardToby Allard17 dager siden
  • You are very blasphemous! I unsubscribe!

    babis babinosbabis babinos17 dager siden
  • Stole the little guillotine joke from Rowan Attkinson's Devil skit :D

    Christitan TutucChristitan Tutuc18 dager siden
  • It’s almost been 6 months. What are you using the cup for IH?

    Gossamer CheeseGossamer Cheese18 dager siden
  • it only works when he wears his golding socks

    al nal n19 dager siden
  • Midas would do golden turds, right? Well, 1 or two before he started starving. I would have thought that applied to anything that left his body, like tears, vomit etc

    TheUplateTheUplate20 dager siden
  • You forgot the part about the David and Bathsheba story where God literally kills their firstborn son in retribution. God didn't fuck around back then

    RetroDadRetroDad20 dager siden
  • 0:24 - Main channel password: Password123

    Josef ApertureJosef Aperture21 dag siden
  • Please do more with Ordinary Things, i don't know if I've laughed this hard in years

    Danny RustDanny Rust21 dag siden
  • This was funny af

    OrlaOrla22 dager siden
  • not gonna lie, Sokrates is so darn annoying in AC Odyssey

    Waffle-WaffleWaffle-Waffle22 dager siden
  • this is drunk history without the drunk aspect

    Trixten642Trixten64224 dager siden
  • Utterly delightful. Thanks for the distraction.

    SwampdemonSwampdemon24 dager siden
  • That nordvpn ad was the best ad I've ever fucking seen

    Thiago SilveiraThiago Silveira24 dager siden
  • I would've given a thumbs up but the whistle stop tour of the adulterers lining up in front of the little guillotine really bummed me out

    Agent AzzJuiceAgent AzzJuice25 dager siden
  • turn paper to gold and it will be the sharpest thing ever

    JoeChemoJoeChemo25 dager siden
  • When is the next exciting episode of nordman that intro got me so pumped . . . And hard

    lordodin92 dietryinglordodin92 dietrying26 dager siden
  • Nordvpn anime...yes.

    DankmemesleoDankmemesleo26 dager siden
  • The advent of Hadestown now means nobody has an excuse to not know the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, or the story of Hades and Persephone.

    SleepyArtsStudentSleepyArtsStudent27 dager siden
  • @20:33 Internet Historian don't need to activate no stinkin' Windows!

    Rena BastetRena Bastet27 dager siden
  • orpheus more like orifice

    MrSignmeoutMrSignmeout27 dager siden
  • hulk ha no regen power, he has the power like in games : 60% of enemies attack damage is transferred to strength and defence.

    Spoony Jeff UKSpoony Jeff UK27 dager siden
  • Nordman: into the nordverse

    No OtNo Ot28 dager siden
  • Maybe his name is actually Hade and people have just been messing up the apostrophe

    Drew MullenDrew Mullen29 dager siden
  • this guest man, does my absolute nut in

    estelle aeonestelle aeon29 dager siden
  • ”I’ve seen that box before” Oh

    NissethepearNissethepear29 dager siden
  • "Do do do do do do Toto in africa."

    Rusty ShackelfordRusty Shackelford29 dager siden
  • So, technically it does get colder, but there are also more intense UV rays is you go high enough, which would melt the wax. May this man that made the myth was even more brilliant than we thought.

    GameCrafter117GameCrafter11729 dager siden
  • i think around the stratosphere it gets warmer and then it gets colder. so you're like, *HALF* wrong

    GlitchionoGlitchionoMåned siden
  • Slings were actually mainly used to herd sheep, not to protect them

    kodak greenkodak greenMåned siden
  • I'm surprised that you didn't say that no one knows Plato's name because no one does Plato is his wrestling name

    I don't knowI don't knowMåned siden
  • What makes the story about David and Bathsheba worse it that Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, was close friends with David.

    Max CunninghamMax CunninghamMåned siden
  • this nordvpn add was a violation of human decency

    Dave's Gachi ChannelDave's Gachi ChannelMåned siden
  • Really it's her fault for not being behind Orpheus when he turned around. It was the first rule

    Russian BotRussian BotMåned siden
  • You guys must be 420 high when you do this xD

    LtdCloudLtdCloudMåned siden
  • High enough in the atmosphere, the temperature does spike to levels that would have melted the wax wings.

    AntillicusAntillicusMåned siden
  • The ad was better than the entirety of Dragonball Evolution

    Nathan FlynnNathan FlynnMåned siden
  • was that a Rowan Atkinson reference with those adulterers in front of the small guillotine

    Luc JanssenLuc JanssenMåned siden
  • Can't believe you guys skipped Oedipus 😂

    LordBillington42LordBillington42Måned siden
  • You forgot how the muses keep Orpheus' head on their mantle so he can read them poetry.

    Jonathan CookJonathan CookMåned siden
  • Socrates drinking the poison reminds me of that meme of the guy eating the orange in oblivion

    Lourenço MagalhãesLourenço MagalhãesMåned siden
  • norudu no bipienu

    Manuel CarvalhoManuel CarvalhoMåned siden
  • There was a kids' book i read in primary school about a kid whose hands turned everything to chocolate and I'm only now realising that it was just a dumb-shit version of Midas' story.

    Ethan SavageEthan SavageMåned siden
  • innit is british for desu

    LotionManLotionManMåned siden
  • Two wive, innit?

    Carl DialCarl DialMåned siden
  • 15:58 I have a stronger feeling you meant お兄ちゃん cause 鬼ちゃん is demon chan and not brother

    runforitmanrunforitmanMåned siden
  • 11:37 proceeds to shit pants while farting in front of the person threatening to expose that you have a second wife and kill him straight after but the guard saw you and now you have to go on a side quest as per your community service.

    CwispyCwispyMåned siden
  • Some of my best friends are alive. I. FUCKING. Died!!!!!

    Chris DChris DMåned siden
  • this man literally created a awesome anime opening out of stock photos

    hellhellMåned siden
  • wouldn't stealing someone elses wife make Hades an adulterer?

    John SmithJohn SmithMåned siden

    John ColeJohn ColeMåned siden
  • Kinda sad you had to censor those works of art.

    MannyMannyMåned siden
  • God I love OT Sumito alone is kinda eh but with IH he’s my favorite co host But OT is always gold, IH pants or no

    Pronouns GalorePronouns GaloreMåned siden
  • i should reread the percy jackson series to relive my childhood imagination

    clairvoyanceclairvoyanceMåned siden
  • at 15:52 this is a better anime than my hero academia

    Charles Leonrey SumugatCharles Leonrey SumugatMåned siden