My wife picks out Cool Tech Under $50

27. mars. 2020
588 095 Ganger

Welcome to a new series on the channel where my wife picks out the cool tech instead of me! But is it actually cool?
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Pictek Gaming Keyboard:
Pictek RGB Gaming Mousses:
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LED Charging Cable:
Millenium Falcon Micro USB Cable:
Fortnite Boogey Bomb:
Nillkin Wireless LED Charger:
Darth Vader Clapper:
Thanos Gauntlet Lamp:

  • The cringe meter is strong in this one. Bloopers in the end. ►Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device: Use the coupon code techsource to get 25% off Dashlane Premium

    TechSourceTechSource8 måneder siden
    • lol

      Vegeta_PlayzVegeta_Playz6 dager siden
    • what the guy does for the vids

      Leah HamiltonLeah HamiltonMåned siden
    • @Saucy stfu bro stop asking for things

      Sam MasseySam MasseyMåned siden
    • fifty or icky is a good name for the series

      VestrixVestrix2 måneder siden
    • You did not have to get gloves bro no virus on a poopy LOL

      VD TinsVD Tins3 måneder siden
  • shouldve been called hit or shit

    Stephen KennedyStephen KennedyTime siden
  • Why is she under that table huh?

    JairoPlayzTYJairoPlayzTY6 timer siden
  • Hey guys welcome to "Bad or Rad."

    GB - 06BV 782746 McCrimmon MSGB - 06BV 782746 McCrimmon MSDag siden
  • i got a add ass soon as she hit u

    senary godsenary godDag siden
  • I Laugh when ed runs away when he reads china HAHAH

    Mary krissha DeclarosMary krissha DeclarosDag siden
  • you should make it Nice or Rice

    Bruno IsleBruno IsleDag siden
  • 18 minutes of ed flexing his wife in front of virgin nerds watching his channel

    Dustar ionDustar ionDag siden
  • ed acting shocked like when u get a sweater for christmas and have to act happy in front of grandma.

    Dustar ionDustar ionDag siden
  • YEET or keep

    Abolo 7Abolo 7Dag siden
  • Lit or sh*t

    Gummy 69Gummy 692 dager siden
  • call the series "sick or shit"

    SynciiSyncii2 dager siden
  • 4:52 wai hold up..

    PdPd2 dager siden
  • lol he said puberty

    fresh boifresh boi2 dager siden
  • Good or bad

    Kevin OBKevin OB2 dager siden
  • Tech or Meh

    Yoo StaahpYoo Staahp3 dager siden
  • 🤓Awesome or Possum🥸

    Steve ZaldivarSteve Zaldivar3 dager siden
  • Name: trash or cool

    XD urbiXD urbi3 dager siden
  • Name for the series?: cop or drop

    N0tLucasN0tLucas3 dager siden
  • 8:38 it easily seen that it fake

    Hadi ShamseddineHadi Shamseddine3 dager siden
  • i have a name its "Fire or Retire"

    CZMC AlphaCZMC Alpha3 dager siden
  • 7:03 Ed says he is a die hard star trek fan, ummm u mean die hard star wars fan?

    Harper EvangelistaHarper Evangelista3 dager siden
  • Dank or not dank

    Team PhotonTeam Photon3 dager siden

    JaxtechJaxtech3 dager siden
  • Star trek xD

    EmpireOfMarketingEmpireOfMarketing3 dager siden
  • You should have used the Logitech g213

    Xander DaviesXander Davies4 dager siden
  • Yeah, I don’t think a Star Trek fan would buy anything millennium falcon related...

    Matthew ChytilMatthew Chytil4 dager siden
  • Real? Or banana peel?

    Matthew ChytilMatthew Chytil4 dager siden
  • name for the series: not or not not

    Jacob PpmJacob Ppm4 dager siden
  • I love how Ed always makes everything sexual 😂😂, I love that guy

    TG7_KristianProTG7_KristianPro4 dager siden
  • Pass or ass

    CrossHairsCrossHairs5 dager siden
  • It should be called “cash or trash”

    MickyDs_ YTMickyDs_ YT5 dager siden
  • He just yoinks her back down under the table lol

    HaZeHaZe5 dager siden
  • "Yas or pass" lol

    VejuksVejuks5 dager siden
    • Kinda cool lowkey

      DezineDezineDag siden
    • This is genius. Take my like

      Truffle NutTruffle Nut3 dager siden
  • Shit or hit

    Mis VoiceMis Voice5 dager siden
  • Keep or sweep

    Telvin jeffesonTelvin jeffeson5 dager siden
  • This episode was hilarious

    Jordy Díaz de LeónJordy Díaz de León5 dager siden
  • Cool or fool

    dakevizzdakevizz5 dager siden
  • d d d d d d

    Black zsanBlack zsan5 dager siden
  • 0:39 what is she doing under there

    AngryAsianAngryAsian5 dager siden
  • Me boogie bombs came out in season 1

    swift creationswift creation5 dager siden
  • I have a name trash or cash

    Kevin PilcoKevin Pilco5 dager siden
  • 123 Ko Kain st. 💀💀

    BanksForRealBanksForReal6 dager siden
  • Pushes wife under the table... Then later he says: "I wonder if this picks up other claps". I think there was some major editing.

    RetroSplashRetroSplash6 dager siden
  • 0:38 If I was married to a beautiful girl like her. I wouldn’t do it.

    Rahul SethiRahul Sethi6 dager siden
  • can you buy out my amazon shopping cart with a limit of course

    slayer livesslayer lives6 dager siden
  • 17:09 You can see the sweat under her arm. Just saying.

    iBlxuiBlxu6 dager siden
  • wtf?!?

    Devarsh PaulDevarsh Paul6 dager siden
  • It actually is a cool series🔥🔥

    Vivek KerkettaVivek Kerketta6 dager siden
  • cool or cooln´t

    Diego MolinaDiego Molina7 dager siden
  • Your wife single?

    CalinCalin7 dager siden
  • sick or bad

    Tomaz KuharTomaz Kuhar7 dager siden
  • 6:23 Did I HeAr sTArTreK

    BSpiderBSpider7 dager siden
  • Sick or di I'll stop

    Stalate GamingStalate Gaming8 dager siden
  • Its star wars not star trek >:(

    RowanTheRoket PlayzRowanTheRoket Playz8 dager siden
  • 17:10 he is so happy, he isnt a virgin anymore

    Plastik NinjaPlastik Ninja8 dager siden
  • Mid smack I got an ad

    Joseph SzotJoseph Szot8 dager siden

    Hyper I JSHyper I JS8 dager siden
  • Lit or crypt

    LiqoLiqo9 dager siden
  • lol when the wife went under the desk he was getting pipe lmaooo

    gomezgomez9 dager siden
  • man this episode is soo funny 🤣🤣 please make it happen again 🤣

    Rani LpRani Lp9 dager siden
  • He said Star Trek for real ?

    Carlos A MattosCarlos A Mattos9 dager siden
  • you could do "yay or nay"

    Jedd SheehyJedd Sheehy9 dager siden
  • 4:45 a perfect example for you kids of why not to use drugs lmao

    Official_SachapOfficial_Sachap9 dager siden
  • He said dieheart startreck fan 2x

    Jay-_-Jay-_-10 dager siden
  • You should call the series "Hit or Sh*t"

    Sad Life is Happy.Sad Life is Happy.10 dager siden
  • You might be the OG but I'm sticking to random Frank P Cool tech under 50

    tomas varistomas varis10 dager siden
  • The racist from China joke had me week 😂😂

    CelttCeltt11 dager siden
  • 0:38 oh no....i think we all know what about to happen...

    staticstatic11 dager siden
  • Trash? Or Cash?

    HawkzツHawkzツ11 dager siden
  • No one Ed twerking: 4:47

    •Vanilla Blob ••Vanilla Blob •12 dager siden
  • Die hard star TREK fan?

    Hudson smithHudson smith12 dager siden
  • yay or nay

    Kimi MahadiKimi Mahadi13 dager siden
  • cop or drop

    Ghost24sevenGhost24seven13 dager siden
  • nope or dope

    Vari941_ YtVari941_ Yt13 dager siden
  • lmao the headwrap part got me laughing

    BWTECHBWTECH14 dager siden
  • dope or nope is a good name

    TheInsaneJohnsonTheInsaneJohnson14 dager siden
  • was the mask and gloves necessary when u mentioned china?

    Syazanee SyahmeSyazanee Syahme14 dager siden
  • cop or not??

    hunter findlayhunter findlay14 dager siden
  • Didn't realise until today that Ed was standing all this while lmao xD

    Zah_AteZah_Ate14 dager siden
  • he said Star Trek twice with a Star Wars item smh

    SbrubblySbrubbly14 dager siden
  • rad or bad? lit or sh*t?

    BenThuGeekBenThuGeek14 dager siden
  • Is it just me or is your wife the sister of that armenian kid you surprised with a gaming setup?

    Syed Sanan AhmedSyed Sanan Ahmed17 dager siden
  • Cop or drop

    Swing Is HyperSwing Is Hyper17 dager siden
  • I got an ad half a second before she hit him, I hate my life

    CwillCwill17 dager siden
  • cheap star trek lol

    Kazi SafiKazi Safi17 dager siden
  • Cash or Trash

    Alejandro MartinezAlejandro Martinez17 dager siden
  • no one: literally no one: Ed when he sees the best pc in the market: ram sticks dont look good with those cables also ed: this wireless charger is insane!!!

    PotatoholicPotatoholic17 dager siden
  • that discord sweater is fire🔥🔥

    jimmy jobjimmy job18 dager siden
  • Damn Ed, nice wife!

    Anthony DecesareAnthony Decesare18 dager siden
  • yay or nay

    ishenishen18 dager siden
  • Title: “Techy or Tacky”

    Swrve™Swrve™18 dager siden
  • cash or trash

    BeastKidMCBeastKidMC18 dager siden
  • Tech or Trash

    Ethereal NateEthereal Nate18 dager siden
  • 0:38

    EmperorOf PenguinsEmperorOf Penguins19 dager siden
  • The lamp was the coolest one even though it really wasn’t a product

    Addsion DunnAddsion Dunn19 dager siden
  • Yeet or not yeet

    Aryan SinghAryan Singh19 dager siden
  • From Jorge Martínez-Martin: you need it or yeet it!

    Darío PadillaDarío Padilla19 dager siden
  • this is late but poop or scoop

    DovahkiinDovahkiin20 dager siden
  • lol now USA has more cases than china

    fortnite will survivefortnite will survive20 dager siden