My New Girlfriend Teaches Me How to Cook!

6. april. 2021
348 773 Ganger

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  • Malena cute af tho ngl

    Minej MosurisMinej Mosuris8 timer siden
  • this is way better than maya and that other dude lmaooo

    Ethan HamelEthan Hamel23 timer siden
  • Globglogabgala

    Chad BroskiChad BroskiDag siden
  • why are they together?

    veqh fefaveqh fefaDag siden
  • Watching Nick and Maya: serenity Watching Miz and Malena: chaos and destruction

    Reno Raines the BHReno Raines the BH2 dager siden
  • clickbait / cringe and bad acting. good job..

    Nim RodNim Rod2 dager siden
  • malena: your hand is a claw miz: rawr XD

    Kate AKate A2 dager siden
  • maya looks like a old grandma with the hair she has now

    Tim ZettervalkTim Zettervalk2 dager siden
  • Title of the video makes miz seem sad...

    Calais XiongCalais Xiong2 dager siden
  • Idk if miz is putting a show, or he is that stupid.

    Play gamesPlay games2 dager siden
  • 16:44 LOLOL

    SalvadorSalvador2 dager siden
  • 13:56 LMAO

    SalvadorSalvador2 dager siden
  • microwaving plastic and styrofoam is not good for you or your next of kin

    Zach HooperZach Hooper3 dager siden
  • Fooking Hell, war das Video unterhaltsam 😂

    Jeremy RetiJeremy Reti3 dager siden
  • Xs

    Fighter LmFighter Lm3 dager siden
  • Imagine u want a strong man in ur life, and then u got this clown here :D :D

    Sgt_ DenoSgt_ Deno3 dager siden
  • my new girlfriend, sounds like u bought a car or a dog ?

    Sgt_ DenoSgt_ Deno3 dager siden
  • But did they fuuuuuck?

  • This guy using the word cringe when ALL his "content" is cringe and he knows it

    Kevin FerreiraKevin Ferreira3 dager siden
  • "Oh no I never go up on the top shelf, yeah Maya took the ladder" LMAO

    Will HobbsWill Hobbs3 dager siden
  • 0:27 she is circling her prey

    I need a new nameI need a new name3 dager siden
  • For the next time you can do something better put the chicken in a ziplock with a little oil then smash it then you wont turn it top poultry pulp

    jaime gutierrezjaime gutierrez3 dager siden
  • Using the "claw hand" method to chop veggies is smart I wonder if she worked in a restaurant before

    Tyler HooksTyler Hooks3 dager siden
  • My fridge is empty! Must be nice to have food.....

    ᔕɧყ Lunaᔕɧყ Luna4 dager siden
  • For those that dont cook lol .... you have to lay the food down from bottom to top... not top to bottom.. lol Thats why he got splashed with the oil

    DeandalapandaDeandalapanda4 dager siden
  • the keying on the chat is really distracting but other than that great vid :)

    Discount CheetoDiscount Cheeto4 dager siden
  • Mizkif is the biggest manchild

    יהודה גדוליהודה גדול4 dager siden
  • Malena: "it looks like I'm about to drop you off at school" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RJ DaleRJ Dale4 dager siden
  • 5:08 salt is a terrible carb since it has 0 carbs.

    WayStedYouWayStedYou4 dager siden
  • Can someone fill me in on what happened? Why did they switch girlfriends?

    altrahidealtrahide4 dager siden
  • jesus christ

    MakaioMakaio5 dager siden
  • Today we learned malena is just a god damn giant

    Iamyafatha 420Iamyafatha 4205 dager siden

    bkdkdms ndnsnbkdkdms ndnsn5 dager siden
  • I hate that I knew the song he was making when beating the chicken

    Anthony NickolsAnthony Nickols5 dager siden
  • Is this Kuskus, yes its rice

    DutkeDutke5 dager siden
  • That apron is pretty sweet ngl

    HenloLimboHenloLimbo5 dager siden
  • dude, dmx died a few days ago and he sang the song...


    Edward Serfrosty MartinezEdward Serfrosty Martinez5 dager siden
  • 10:37 nailed that handshake

    Joel AnttilaJoel Anttila5 dager siden
  • 9:36 malena throwing

    El leozinhoEl leozinho5 dager siden
  • 1:13 maya? i'm scared monkaW

    El leozinhoEl leozinho5 dager siden
  • Malena must feel like she lives with npc's

    Ozzylep UnknownOzzylep Unknown5 dager siden
  • Geez... How tall is she?

    Ian MigIan Mig5 dager siden
  • why does it look like mizkif has two right eye brows... Is it just me?

    F RF R6 dager siden
  • Malana Is the female Gordon Ramsey🤣

    Bear Wit UsBear Wit Us6 dager siden
  • That old man just kidnapped that little boy

    Joseph WilsonJoseph Wilson6 dager siden
  • Malena reminds me of that giant chick from elder scrolls

    B3_OPB3_OP6 dager siden
  • I'm 6 '5 and that house looks too big for me lmao

    Parker DunmireParker Dunmire6 dager siden
  • his girlfriend looks like his little brother hahahahah wtf

    Robin mozillaRobin mozilla6 dager siden
  • crazy timing on the DMX beat

    yesidoskateyesidoskate6 dager siden
  • Low key melana could beat all they asses probably 🤣

    regular weedregular weed6 dager siden
  • bruh skyller på "kjøttdeig og kyllingkjøttdeig" bruuuuuuuuh

    Theodore DenieulTheodore Denieul6 dager siden

    Finn VictorssonFinn Victorsson6 dager siden
  • 9:23 9:37 16:43 died instantly

    LiquidLiquid6 dager siden
  • i learned dmx up in here sounds like mary had a little lamb

    Michael itsbivMichael itsbiv6 dager siden

    yusuf hajiyusuf haji6 dager siden
  • It's so weird that so many streamers have 0 idea about cooking.

    Amirhosein HerandyAmirhosein Herandy6 dager siden
  • Maya so cute

    Big FloppaBig Floppa6 dager siden
  • I love how patient miz was lmao

    MeloismellowMeloismellow6 dager siden
  • 9:23 malena close pinning miz like that is such a cartoon moment

    dnsoulxdnsoulx6 dager siden
  • Wait, what happened to Maya

    Elmo's ArmataElmo's Armata7 dager siden
  • not a bit twitch guy myself, but this mizkif is genuinely pretty funny

    KybersonKyberson7 dager siden
  • >puts too much oil in the pan >allows it to heat up >basically drops it flat on it >gets oil splatter and burned "Melana you idiot!"

    Admiral MudkipAdmiral Mudkip7 dager siden
  • Imagine they both start to like eachother more and actually start dating lmaoo

    Eddy mannEddy mann7 dager siden
  • Nick and Maya was the most awkward cringe weird shit i've ever seen. Miz and Malena is alot more natural.

    PetaBread27PetaBread277 dager siden
  • So funny you two should colab more

    Tob MTob M7 dager siden
  • Unfortunately asmongold isn't always there to load the top shelves

    Tyler BezodisTyler Bezodis7 dager siden
  • "yeah pretend I'm a dog"

    Zayn MaliceZayn Malice7 dager siden
  • 4:55 RIP DMX

    3Spooky 5Me3Spooky 5Me7 dager siden
  • Well uh as a Norwegian... Malena, kjøttdeig translates to minced meat. So groundbeef would be storfe kjøttdeig

    EricMichaelLPEricMichaelLP7 dager siden
  • Dude he destroyed the chickens man oh em gee

    Ryan WhittemoreRyan Whittemore7 dager siden
  • She is a ma'am, not a sir....

    Norbert KulcsárNorbert Kulcsár7 dager siden
  • Yes! OTK in da house, man! Love that hoodie!

    Norbert KulcsárNorbert Kulcsár7 dager siden
  • They are so fucking funny together

    Jack HurstJack Hurst7 dager siden
  • Hope I make it outta here

    Taweelze 300Taweelze 3007 dager siden
  • sooooooooo about Malena dropping Miz off at school or Miz taking Malenas Chipotle order, iiiiiim just trying figure out which is more accurate

    Edmund MillwaterEdmund Millwater7 dager siden
  • needs more choking

    Wet Matress uwuWet Matress uwu7 dager siden
  • 10/10

    Jorge Herrera-MinaJorge Herrera-Mina7 dager siden
  • why do your eye brows go the same way

    RyanIsFadeddRyanIsFadedd7 dager siden
  • His DMX joke kinda went bad over the past 3 days

    ThePsilocyberThePsilocyber8 dager siden
  • 1:10 MAYAAAAA... fellsbadman lmao

    sitriixsitriix8 dager siden
  • Lmaoooo this is genius. Next do same sex cause ya know gotta be inclusive 😂🤓

    C SC S8 dager siden
  • Is that your older sister?

    Chris FrederickChris Frederick8 dager siden
  • Did he just call salt a carbohydrate?

    Kalil EKalil E8 dager siden
  • Baking soda in the fuckin fridge

    WolvezWolvez8 dager siden
  • Content

    Tyler RobbleeTyler Robblee8 dager siden
  • 8:23 best part

    John BJohn B8 dager siden
  • Malena teaching her child how to cook is wholesome

    Karama kameonKarama kameon8 dager siden
  • How tall is malena god dam

    Young WhiteyYoung Whitey8 dager siden
    • 6'2

      YonaxYonax7 dager siden
  • lower the volume

    Lee MilbyLee Milby8 dager siden
  • F

    FlikoFliko8 dager siden
  • 14:24 Malenas face of distress when she realized he wasnt joking is priceless

    Isaiah ButlerIsaiah Butler8 dager siden
  • Salt is a carb?

    JimJim8 dager siden
  • Miz has the fear of god in his eye's

    Raphael LaufRaphael Lauf8 dager siden
  • The chat freaking out that he didn’t wash his hands has me dying. Then he touched the cats face.

    By CynicalBy Cynical8 dager siden
  • Beauty and the Beast: The lost tapes.

    SwurlySwurly8 dager siden
  • malena is about to RUIN Miz hahahah LETS GO!

    ryan andersonryan anderson8 dager siden
  • when she tried to spit and he opened his mouth. Holy fucking shit I lost it

    monmojimonmoji8 dager siden
  • Your girlfriend could beat the shit out of you

    Jay RoJay Ro8 dager siden
  • Yes siirrr im on it hahaha 😂

    Benzo FuryBenzo Fury8 dager siden