My New Gaming Keyboard is Badass - Keycool SP84 Review

5. juni. 2020
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Before I build my very own custom keyboard, I thought I would buy myself something to keep me satisfied until then.
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Keycool SP84:
Aura Mousepads:
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    TechSourceTechSource5 måneder siden
    • You should have got the apex pro tkl with double shot keycaps also the apex pro tkl is one of the fastest keybords but it’s also super smooth and not very loud either also there is a built in screen were you could put your logo on it and I know you just got this new keybord but the keycaps overtime may wear out and it won’t feel as smooth anymore this is just me but I think you should get the apex pro tkl with double shot keycaps also get it at Best Buy it’s usually 200-300 dollars but if you buy it at Best Buy it’s 175 still alot but it will improve your gaming bye alot

      Zyro KeysZyro Keys3 måneder siden
    • Can I have your old keyboard or any you don’t use?

      Mark RehMark Reh5 måneder siden
    • Happy birthday bro❤

      Dr EgyptianDr Egyptian5 måneder siden
    • I love your videos man lotta love

      Dylan HenleyDylan Henley5 måneder siden
    • I was just watching another video and it also had 669 comments

      Xuz FrostyXuz Frosty5 måneder siden
  • i thought this is 75%?

    Ah HaoAh Hao12 dager siden
  • I kinda don’t like mainsteam you tubers talkin about custom keyboards since like the pc community with little kids that think they are knowledgeable are going to go to custom keebs and start doing the same thing xd I literally got a 12 year old client tell me that he wanted something like a Anne pro 2 with jelly Pom keycaps which are like 115$ and impossible to get, yet his budget was 79-100

    MAMIあきみあさひMAMIあきみあさひ19 dager siden

    Thomas KinkadeThomas KinkadeMåned siden
  • 4:17 sounds like Perry the Platypus.

    Bananana LiBananana LiMåned siden
  • LMAO 3 days what up 6 month gang

    RockLockRockLockMåned siden
  • You're good at testing/reviewing mech keyboards, I think you will be a keeb geek.

    CKTechTalkCKTechTalkMåned siden
  • Does... Does he know thats not an 80 Percent??? an 80% is a TKL board not that. Thats a 75 Percent like I have.

    HenbiHenbi2 måneder siden
  • the color scheme for the keyboard looks good to match your channel logo and it looks like the matrix keyboard fro clix

    NameName2 måneder siden

    ZNX nitroZNX nitro2 måneder siden
  • Anybody else just want to know what keyboard case they’re using?

    ToxiGradeToxiGrade3 måneder siden
  • gk61 is the fastest keyboard rn?? it has a 0.2 response time with the gateron yellow switches and it like 70 $

    ShynxzyShynxzy3 måneder siden
  • 3 DAYS?! 3 days is nothing, I spent 3 months looking for the right keyboard

    LinarcLinarc3 måneder siden
  • what is the mouse pad in the video.

    Wesley TannerWesley Tanner3 måneder siden
  • Anyone know if there is a 75% out there with f keys and arrow keys NOT spaced out (like the KC84/KBD75/YMDK75), but is ALSO hot-swappable AND comes with a compatible metal case with a brass plate? I've done so much research and it seems this has never existed yet. I'm desperately looking for one!

  • *clicking key board noises*

    TaboyTaboy4 måneder siden
  • that keyboard is so satifying when he typed on it WOW

    Emily BillingsleyEmily Billingsley4 måneder siden
  • As a keyboard enthousiast this bothers me

    LevicoLevico4 måneder siden
  • You should buy a keychron k6 its this but better

    LevicoLevico4 måneder siden
  • I’ve always been a fan of ur channel for around 3 years

    スプレイズ /Splaze_スプレイズ /Splaze_4 måneder siden
  • Hi TechSource I recently dm you on insta and I was wondering if u can gift me the keyboard

    スプレイズ /Splaze_スプレイズ /Splaze_4 måneder siden
  • I bought the same keyboard from kprepublic on aliexpress without the keycaps as a parts set. (xd84). They sell the parts separatly and i let them assemble it with LED's and in iso layout. If you want LED backlight you can order the LED's from them and solder them in yourself, no RGB tho. They also have other parts like cases, keycaps, ...

    andy hellemansandy hellemans4 måneder siden
  • 04:05 more like asmr

    Ahmad Haady SheikhAhmad Haady Sheikh4 måneder siden
  • When you building your custom keyboard?

    Joseph HongJoseph Hong4 måneder siden
  • Why don’t ya just build a keyboard bruh

    Pierre CaballeroPierre Caballero4 måneder siden
  • happy birthday

    Wilson WebsterWilson Webster4 måneder siden
  • Awsome...

    AbdulGhostAbdulGhost4 måneder siden
  • r/mechkeys do your thing

    Snicker DoodleSnicker Doodle4 måneder siden
  • Hi, can anyone help me? I bought one of these cheap and need instructions for Bluetooth etc

    JasonJason4 måneder siden
  • hotswap models are available on aliexpress now for about 90$. pretty good deal if you ask me.

    Kesateria MatahariKesateria Matahari5 måneder siden
  • Cherry MX browns? Lol, who tf in their right mind uses brown switches?

    WaterWater5 måneder siden
  • I wish I had a 60 percent gaming keyboard and at least a pc

    Jason GomezJason Gomez5 måneder siden
  • Just buy a ducky one-two mine probably the best keyboard yet

    RARA5 måneder siden
  • Did anyone else find the ad uncomfortable when he nodded?

    Tyche!Tyche!5 måneder siden
  • Everyone: ... Word document while someone tests a keyboard sound: hehdjrjdoslsbfbshafafqhfojrncncjpalkfmtnduebxydbdhenbdhekdngskakabdhxyskab

    Eu MesmoEu Mesmo5 måneder siden
  • can someone please tell me what monitor he is using at 0:46? thank you!

    pog hairspog hairs5 måneder siden
  • How to you order your own custom space cable because when I go on the website I cant

    Poopie_lukaPoopie_luka5 måneder siden
  • "jigsaw cutter" even though its a bandsaw

    Kevin MallonKevin Mallon5 måneder siden
  • I had and reviewed this keyboard and it's incredibly nice to type on.

    SanSan5 måneder siden
  • i like your keyboard byt why the hell is the text like that

    Reddish !Reddish !5 måneder siden
  • Who could read what he was typing?

    Dania DiazDania Diaz5 måneder siden
  • The coil on that cable looks like it would fall apart in a few months. Other than that, it all looks amazing.

    FloatZFloatZ5 måneder siden
  • Those space cable coils are so bad go to mechcables for a better and more customisable cable

    ThreeScrollThreeScroll5 måneder siden
  • 8:21 nice hook with high sens lol

    blank modeguysblank modeguys5 måneder siden
  • Ed gaming at 2am with his cherry Mx red keyboard: *Makes no sound*. Me with my green switch at 2 am: *Makes tons of noises* My Parents: “ur faking dead”.

    cruixalcruixal5 måneder siden
  • hi

    Zerc ΨZerc Ψ5 måneder siden
  • Ed can i have a gaming pc

    ParzivalParzival5 måneder siden
  • It looks like clix keyboadrd

    FreshiSZNFreshiSZN5 måneder siden
  • You care so much about other people and think about yourself second. You are just you are a good man.

  • discord has an option where you can make it so they can only here your voice and nothing else

    EfinEfin5 måneder siden
  • I just recentky recieved this keyboard after wathcing this video. I must say best gaming keyboard i have ever purchased! The way the way the keys feel when im gaming is just perfect feeling. Thank you TechSource for showing me this Awesome keyboard! Everyone make sure to subscribe and like TechSource!

    KARMAroKUDOKARMAroKUDO5 måneder siden
  • Oooh, a custom keyboard aye? Interested in what board and switches you'll be using.

    SanctusSanctus5 måneder siden
  • What Mouse do you use?

    Enano 7002 么Enano 7002 么5 måneder siden
  • Check out the Dre I gramr 80% it is basically the same thing as this just black has led lights and has a braided cable

    crypyti ccrypyti c5 måneder siden
  • B

    Mayed AlShamsiMayed AlShamsi5 måneder siden
  • 𝒸𝕠𝑜Ⓛ

    ttv slairttv slair5 måneder siden
  • I have a keygasm (keyboard and ,orgasm combined) whwn I hear cherry switch

    Kausar Ali ShahKausar Ali Shah5 måneder siden
  • Bad switches, keycaps are meeh... They at least are good pbt ones (having them and I know from experience and the print usually wear offs fast), overall not bad for 99$ EDIT: HEARD THE STABS. CHANGING MY MIND RN LMAO

    bgSmurf4ebgSmurf4e5 måneder siden
  • Ed is the type of person to cable mange his mouse when he is using a laptop

    SkateSkate5 måneder siden
  • use the noise suppression in discord... it works pretty well... even blocks out my barking dogs. being that theyre 100lb guard dogs uh they get loud lol

    lunchboxjoeblunchboxjoeb5 måneder siden
  • My keys for this keyboard are mixed My "0" is my "/" my "O'" is my "6" key. I need help!

    90s90s5 måneder siden
  • I bout this keyboard but there’s a problem and I need ED’s help. When I type “I” it types 5 instead. It does that with a lot of the keys so I can’t sign into my computer. Please help

    ZarkoughZarkough5 måneder siden
  • You lose some color vibrance when opting for PBT keycaps. PBT has a lot better quality, but is a lot harder to get very vibrant colors.

    JasonJason5 måneder siden
    • @Toby Zheng yeah, at that price point you are probably right. But the point I'm trying to make is relevant for the content in this video. This keyboard costs less than a set of keycaps from GMK. And around this budget, generally, PBT would perform better. But I totally agree. If you have $150 to spend on keycaps, go for GMK.

      JasonJason5 måneder siden
    • Jason I think you may be talking about lower end caps. I’m talking about higher end enthusiast keycap sets. The most highend keycaps are made by GMK with ABS plastic. They are the best you can get. They use ABS for the more vibrant color, but due to the material, they shine quicker, same as any other ABS plastic does. PBT will shine, however at a slower rate. When done right, both are great, but just based on the enthusiast market and what manufacturers offer, ABS is superior.

      Toby ZhengToby Zheng5 måneder siden
    • @Toby Zheng it is interesting, since we all have different experiences. I have owned several keyboards with ABS keycaps and, for me, they tend to quickly lose their finish, paint scratches and in general more fragile. Been using a keyboard with double shot PBT keycaps on, and they both look and feel the same as new. Just looking over the general cap it tends to be thicker and therefore more sturdy and less fragile. I would personally recommend ABS if you want a special aesthetic with vibrant and color accurate tones. PBT is better quality wise and long-term usage is typically better.

      JasonJason5 måneder siden
    • PBT has better quality? I beg to differ. GMK caps are ABS and they are by far higher quality than and PBT set, including ePBT. This is also coming from an ePBT man, myself. GMK is better quality all-around, just that they will tend to shine quicker.

      Toby ZhengToby Zheng5 måneder siden
  • this video is the definition of cringe 😂

    greygrey5 måneder siden
  • not very cheap sh*t

    KoKos_pavelKoKos_pavel5 måneder siden
  • ed your wall arts is not align with your monitor, not seal for you!

    Ariel RichardsonAriel Richardson5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • A suggestion you should try to get a custom keyboard with some good switches and a gmk keycaps (to match with your set up)

    Twinshot ZeroTwinshot Zero5 måneder siden
  • 5:27 that also means whatever texturing on that keycaps, will be gone in the matter of months

    Emmanuel ThommyEmmanuel Thommy5 måneder siden
  • 0:48 its Honeyyyy ohh

    FishylonglegsFishylonglegs5 måneder siden
  • No Ed, that keyboard looks like a fisher price toy haha. seriously doesn't look good :( just some chinese junk from amazon

    EddieEddie5 måneder siden
  • Hello my names Raphael its my birthday on June the 17th I got the Steel series apex 7 and Logitech g905 mouse. But I haven’t opened them as its not really my birthday yet.

    Jen SalinasJen Salinas5 måneder siden
  • If you ever build a keyboard, I recommend the Gateron Clear Switches

    Horchata KevinHorchata Kevin5 måneder siden
  • You can get a nice backlit keyboard with some navigation keys and dedicated arrow keys from the Ducky/Varmillo Miya Pro keyboards.

    GoobGoob5 måneder siden
  • Reds make me sad get browns

    steven depinasteven depina5 måneder siden
  • What’s up with the coil on that cable! It looks all lumpy

    Miggy CatchemMiggy Catchem5 måneder siden
  • seeing Ed get more into the keyboard community makes me happy

    Tono GGTono GG5 måneder siden
  • Why don’t u just build ur own?

    Danbrandman DDanbrandman D5 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed! Can you drop a link to the mouse pad that u use it is cool

    MadellionMadellion5 måneder siden
  • asmr keyboard edition

    Mystic SMystic S5 måneder siden
  • This keyboard actually broke down * key cap breaks * Me: this guy is a wizard

    KennethKenneth5 måneder siden
  • ASMR KeYb0ArD 4:06 Thank me later👌👍😁.

    john cerenojohn cereno5 måneder siden
  • How can you type on that keyboard 😭

    JayTheSaibotJayTheSaibot5 måneder siden
  • why wouldn't you just get the ducky one 2 mini? its a far better key layout and far better design quality and comes in wireless and wired

    NikNik5 måneder siden
  • That's not 80%. That's 75%. 80% is like a normal tkl . At least that is what i learned in the past week since i am trying to build my own keyboard but I am having real trouble finding a swapable rgb pcb for a 80% iso keyboard

    RCRC5 måneder siden
  • Ed: bends cables 90degrees to manage Also Ed: my keyboard stopped working after 3 years

    Ömer Furkan YalçınÖmer Furkan Yalçın5 måneder siden
  • Ya said to many negative about this keyboard but at the end ya still love it

    CodeXCodeX5 måneder siden
  • please review the lenovo t540 desktop i believe it is a very good value prebuilt and no one has reviewed it yet

    James MorrisJames Morris5 måneder siden
  • I think I will pass

    bcbdo8 MCbcbdo8 MC5 måneder siden
  • 4:06 30 sec of ASMR keyboard

    VennixVennix5 måneder siden
  • What are the speakers from you main setup called??? The red and black ones 0:24

    Miki StamenkovicMiki Stamenkovic5 måneder siden
  • ed is the type of guy that cable box his hair too harsh? NAH

    Mr SShrimpyMr SShrimpy5 måneder siden
  • Yooo

    Yin YYin Y5 måneder siden
  • Congrats! 👊 Nice keyboard! At first i was like “How you’ll be able to find the letters?”, but then i saw them. Cool design! Keep up with the awesome content! 👍

    EmichtvEmichtv5 måneder siden
  • Perfect timing i'm building a gaming pc

    WWE JUNKY 97WWE JUNKY 975 måneder siden
  • Oh happy birthday

    BlackMenBlackMen5 måneder siden
  • Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎈🎂🥳

    SxxthSxxth5 måneder siden
  • dude its 75% not 80% smh

    RyujinRyujin5 måneder siden