My D&D Character!

13. feb.. 2021
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⭐Music by Adrian von Ziegler:
⭐The tune that Plumeria plays to make Robin fall asleep is from the Record of Lodoss War OST!
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  • I've been getting some comments from people about how the fairy lore reminds them of the Tinkerbell movies, which apparently also have seasonal fairies! :0 I've never actually seen any of the Tinkerbell/Pixie Hollow movies so I had no idea 😭 While I didn't take any inspiration from Pixie Hollow, the autumn fairies having leaf wings were def inspired by the earth faerie from Neopets LOL

    EmirichuEmirichu18 dager siden
    • Nice

      Muhammad IrfanMuhammad IrfanDag siden
    • Yoy should watch them. They're soo good (especially Tinkerbell and the never beast. Watch that one)

      Sitian IianSitian Iian2 dager siden
    • kinda true not really

      Nerdlet StarNerdlet Star2 dager siden
    • You should put your story in WEBTOON. Your story is really amazing I'm sure it will become famous😆

      Morvarid wolfMorvarid wolf3 dager siden
    • Love the animation and nice story too, i also did a lot of comics back in the day i did like 12 comics it has a good story

      Kaznar UlaoKaznar Ulao4 dager siden
  • Now this just made me want to play DnD Never played it before, and now it piqued my interest Oh yeah, the voice actors are really great

    Yuu KamiYuu Kami33 minutter siden
  • Ahh my first dnd character was a Pixie c': gotta make things difficult and homebrew some cute lil beans

    Duckily ARTDuckily ART2 timer siden

    callmeanidiotcallmeanidiot3 timer siden
  • I was I didn’t only one that was watching that like it was anime I was so interested in it please do a part two

    Mini MoonMini Moon4 timer siden
  • I played naruto d&d and soon I'm going to play Aot d&d should be fun with my friends

  • I swear if Robin dies/died Imma cry Q^Q

    cheesy spidercheesy spider7 timer siden
  • This is amazing

    Ashley GoAshley Go7 timer siden
  • This reminds of seven deadly sins where members of the fairy race were taken by humans for their wings

    Brian DoBrian Do8 timer siden
  • You have to find a DM to continue and possibly finish Plumeria's story (hopefully not with her death) and tell us what happens in the sessions. Dnd sessions can be pretty hilarious and make no sense sometimes (I recently started an escaping prison three shot where I started by throwing parables to a guard and I killed him after 3 parables because I was an assassin rogue. That was literally a David and Goliath and we all brushed into laughter (eventhough that must be a pretty awful way to die). My point is, please do a dnd campaign and tell us how the sessions go 😊

    paocutpaocut8 timer siden
  • i can tell everyone from experience that the beginning of this where she wants to be a fairy is exactly how dm's react to people wanting to be something unique "go look up a homebrew."

    IronandrewIronandrew11 timer siden
  • Link is in trouble

    WhozatboyWhozatboy15 timer siden
  • This is probably my favourite NOworld video. Hits all the good vibes and was amazing to watch.

    Riley DuncanRiley Duncan15 timer siden
  • publish the amazing book for money and for others entertainment pleas post the book it is amazing.

    Dylan HugillDylan Hugill15 timer siden
  • If you don’t make this an actual cartoon movie or tv show one day, I will be sad.

    Diana PrinceDiana Prince16 timer siden
  • I want to see a Fairy barbarian, imagine that adorable little Warcry when they are enraged.

    DragonWolfDragonWolf18 timer siden
  • robin reminds me of link lol btw HOW DID YOU DO THIS?????its so freakin good

    Alexandra Johnson-DevineAlexandra Johnson-Devine21 time siden
  • Funny D&D story from my experience, soo in my campaign.. we learned that a magical bottle can produce anything liquid or solid, sooo my friend filled it with mayonnaise, and lets just say things for a village went out with a bang, the mayonnaise was combustible.. and killed 76 out of the 200 survivors.. 😂

    -*Red 777*--*Red 777*-22 timer siden
  • should've made a animated introduction with purely drawing as motion and burn all fairies, humanity shall bring extinction to all sentient bipedal species.

    InfermitoriInfermitori22 timer siden
  • emily: pay attention to class kids! me watching this in class:👁👄👁

    noo. ninoo. niDag siden
  • This is just like Tinkerbell

    Quỳnh HoàngQuỳnh HoàngDag siden
  • For some reason, I don't think the market seller would be all that interested in a tiny fairy. At least, I think, not in the way she means.

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithDag siden
  • She's a bard!:D

    Nekochi MeowNekochi MeowDag siden
  • Is this d&d or another legend of Zelda timeline

    cam kellycam kellyDag siden
  • I love this D&D character Emirichu!

    Elsie NielsonElsie NielsonDag siden
  • When you ask that one girl in class what she’s drawing:

    Chuck PrasekChuck PrasekDag siden
  • Was not expecting Reznya narrating! ❤️ ❤️

    Ian DominguezIan DominguezDag siden
  • i won't lie but the most reason i watch your videos is for your cute animation

    XO_Herato 75XO_Herato 75Dag siden
  • Omg I need more 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

    Alaura MendozaAlaura MendozaDag siden
  • Coud you make more videos about fairy please thank you.

    Clea KimpiamClea KimpiamDag siden
  • Good work Emirichu You are the best!

    KatieKatieDag siden
  • So cute 😘

    KatieKatieDag siden
  • I REALLY Want this to be a anime!! Like this is tooo good OMG!

    Cxrmell SnaxxCxrmell SnaxxDag siden
  • I never totally played the D&D game but I have played those themed video games such as Dragon age, Skyrim, and other D&D theme'd games I mostly go with either human mage, elf mage, elf rouge, or human rogue. But I do love your fairy character Emily she is so cute and Plumeria flowers are adorable yet so pretty. Hope that you can one day play D&D again with your friends to continue her story to let us know how her story goes.

    Kendra HinoriKendra HinoriDag siden
  • so "Verbal Destruction" is Plumera's passive skill?

    Dong Hyun KimDong Hyun KimDag siden
  • Actually a less violent version of li'lu

    Castra AtmokoCastra AtmokoDag siden
  • I had chills with that story

    Kimberley Hébert-SergerieKimberley Hébert-SergerieDag siden
  • Oooo nice OC I could never make one so detailed

    Smol playsSmol playsDag siden
  • 12:08 "Tee-hee ;9" I stg

    Troy ScarTroy ScarDag siden
  • I almost thought it said DxD character.

    UniversalUniversalDag siden
  • My fleshed out Oc is a special half elf named Orion, His father is a full wood elf while his mother is a half wood elf making him 3/4ths Wood Elf and 1/4th human. He lived with his parents but on his 17th birthday, His father disappeared. 3 years after the disappearance of his father, His mother was killed by a Priest who saw her as an impure soul and needed to be punished. After the disappearance of his father and death of his mother, Orion found a hidden library in his home full of scrolls and his father's sword and mothers bow and after spending weeks in there, decided to set out on an Adventure to find both his mother's killer and if he could, His father I haven't made his character sheet yet but I have made his origins and backstory, I'm just hoping I can join a DnD campaign and finally use him

    Kane FisherKane FisherDag siden
  • “Never really been into the fantasy genre...” *Proceeds to create a detailed and creative society and culture about fairies for the first character*

    Nice Goat DoctorNice Goat Doctor2 dager siden
  • That should be some game or something?! ITS AWESOME

    Khuslen BatsaikhanKhuslen Batsaikhan2 dager siden
    • yes!!!!

      Llama_Lover 123Llama_Lover 1232 dager siden
  • Emirichu: Cute tiny fairy with wings.. Irish Mythology: ummm.. yeah about that..

    Nik BanerjeeNik Banerjee2 dager siden
  • I love that voice, it's so soothing... also she low-key sounds like Lucinda from Mystreet. 🌌

    Olivia MyersOlivia Myers2 dager siden
  • The macabre chord daily face because barbara preclinically delight about a absent roast. flagrant, standing marble

    Wesley klienWesley klien2 dager siden
  • I love it!!

    Jehan CapalJehan Capal2 dager siden
  • Hey I didn’t know Reznia did voice overs.

    The blue NigHtMaREThe blue NigHtMaRE2 dager siden
  • 3:31 *asmr voice activate*

    AkirayakeruAkirayakeru2 dager siden
  • And legends say, Robin never woke up

    SwayDragon -SwayDragon -2 dager siden
  • Emily I’m serious. I want more of this. This is good!

    I’m a LlamaI’m a Llama2 dager siden

    Azaleya ReidAzaleya Reid2 dager siden
  • Me after hearing the story Me: Wait what was this again? a movie? oh wait, I'm watching Emirichu

    HN WUNHN WUN2 dager siden
  • "ah, alright screw it, why not? we could make it work. Go look up a homebrew" This is basically 90% of every 5e champaign

    Popelite99Popelite992 dager siden
  • Me: the elf thing is probably robins father, just because of the drawing 😅

    Irene GermoIrene Germo3 dager siden
  • What happened to robin!!

    BFSB CrewBFSB Crew3 dager siden
  • gasp!?! she plays dnd! whoa

    vextorkai 1vextorkai 13 dager siden
  • I am just starting D and D

    Ken WongKen Wong3 dager siden
  • Animate More dnd story.

    Fukyu YuetoobFukyu Yuetoob3 dager siden
  • I was really happy to see that your DM allowed you to just have a fully homebrewed character! The biggest thing about DND is making sure everyone has fun and i could tell that he really wanted you to play/have fun! I love the character and the story behind her!

    ShadowMonarchGamingShadowMonarchGaming3 dager siden
  • 16:57 She is gonna eat them soon.

    RRebel 993RRebel 9933 dager siden
  • Robin reminds me of Link

    Monica PastranaMonica Pastrana3 dager siden
  • Emirichu: pay atenchon in class me: but im waching this in calss

    red gear22red gear223 dager siden
  • plz animate an opening for avatar

    shreeshant kcshreeshant kc3 dager siden
  • Wasp-winged fairies...The ponytail!!!

    YX AnimationsYX Animations3 dager siden
  • *SO YA WANNA BE PARTA THA DND COMMUNITE EH?* *well ya better start by makin some vidjias dunking on the masterclass of why tf does this exist that is UA Mystic.* _On an unironic sidenote, homebrew is hit or miss. Mostly miss. But don't worry too much, because if you can do it in a homegame and it's not stupidly strong like some subclasses/classes/items are from homebrew sites on occasion, it's usually just a flavortext thing._ Also on an unironic note, streaming D&D stuff could actually be p thicc for income so long as you get a decent turnout, and hopefully you can enjoy throwing the math rocks that go clickidyclackclack.

    Wj GolisanoWj Golisano3 dager siden
  • I am surprised that I have been watching you for awhile and not sub and that I didn't know that you know D&D

    Young King_XYoung King_X3 dager siden
  • plumeria sounds like a disease when out of context

    Kamdin ScottKamdin Scott4 dager siden
  • My cat (kit kat) was trying to break my hamsters cage. I was watching this and before I can say kit kat the word Robin comes out and my cat comes running to me XD

    JustACatJustACat4 dager siden
  • Emily just 1 thing I want to say I would happily play dnd with I'm still kinda figuring it out myself but if your ever in need of a dm or a party member just heart my comment and maybe even comment on this comment

    dimogorgosdimogorgos4 dager siden
  • Ireallylikethehobbit

    AemVRAemVR4 dager siden
  • I think this needs a part 2 👁️👄👁️

    KeiVAKeiVA4 dager siden
  • i know this girl didn’t just wright an *entire* ✨c l a s s✨..........might i add.

    mcylvssyrnknmcylvssyrnkn4 dager siden
  • Pls continue

    shezarvince dofzshezarvince dofz4 dager siden
  • And there’s a crap guide to Emirichus character your welcome

    Appleboy 567Appleboy 5674 dager siden
  • Oh! That's why I recognized Aleks' voice! I knew I recognized the voice for Robin from one of the animes I watch. That or I just recognize the anime professional style. Or both. I don't know but it was very familiar.

    Madison MyersMadison Myers4 dager siden
  • emily revealing she’s a hufflepuff

    LynnLynn4 dager siden
  • DnD +_+. The meatball likes also Jocat? You've got better friends than I thought.

    Meatball ManMeatball Man4 dager siden
  • can you make an anime out of this

    Kaznar UlaoKaznar Ulao4 dager siden
  • Robin: *speaks* My tummy all the sudden:🦋🦋

    NicholasシNicholasシ4 dager siden
  • Emily what are u doing with your life your Asian make a goddam anime write a manga ill read it use youtube make a cartoon ill watch it your wasting your talents id give anything to have your skills get your friends and your boyfriend in on it do something because want this to become a franchise

    Jason ArcandJason Arcand4 dager siden
    • The Asian thing was not to insult i just don't know if Asian are only ones who can professionally write anime 🤔 so if offended u I didn't mean it I really love your stuff u have potential and if u did id be one of ur super fans well I already but u know what I mean

      Jason ArcandJason Arcand4 dager siden
  • The fairies are so cute! :3

    Drion_086Drion_0864 dager siden
  • Man, I can't believe Pokemon and Fire Emblem Heroes copied your name.

    Coran BakerCoran Baker4 dager siden
  • WOW, THIS IS GREAT YOU HAVE TO READ THE REST TO US (or not if u really don't feel like it or want to) WHENEVER THE STORY IS FINISHED!!!

    Rieas RoseRieas Rose4 dager siden
  • Chlamydia?

    KXMAKXMA4 dager siden
  • 8:20 Was it blowing

    Eric LeeEric Lee4 dager siden
  • Storybook-type narration over encyclopedia-type content

    Eric LeeEric Lee4 dager siden
  • Everyone knows that spring is just summer lite anyway.

    Eric LeeEric Lee4 dager siden
  • After watching this video this really threw me back to Tinker bell days

    Shiyen OlaerShiyen Olaer4 dager siden
  • if you ever use this character for a dnd, pls record it and put it up on your channel

    Griffin H.Griffin H.4 dager siden
  • The amount of talent that is on NOworld is astonishing and criminal with how they're not banning together to make actual shows of their own like Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. I really would like to see more independent projects like those from more people especially with how amazing Emi's backstory for her character is and the voice narration and voice-overs are just amazing. It makes me crave for more so badly now. T-T Ugh I hate how it takes so very little to get me invested in a good story.

    Leon CobenLeon Coben5 dager siden
  • I’m a really big fan of folklore and world building, gotta say I love the lore you’ve made for your fairy’s. The British Isle where I’m from has a bunch of cool mythology on fey, and would you mind if I steal a few of your ideas for some of my own games?

    Endless_oceanEndless_ocean5 dager siden

    Bro LeoBro Leo5 dager siden
  • What happend to robin

    KGamingKGaming5 dager siden
  • I love characters and especially plumeria I hope You make more of the story can’t wait to hear more what happen

    Josh SandersJosh Sanders5 dager siden
  • Im Playing Dnd right now

    KGamingKGaming5 dager siden
  • 15:38 When plumaria said _"that's rough buddy"._ Yk when she's a *_true avatar fan_*

    lily mochilily mochi5 dager siden
  • This makes me wanna play dnd

    Caleb TachenkoCaleb Tachenko5 dager siden
  • How did combat work?! 😲

    madison dunlapmadison dunlap5 dager siden
  • Is it a bad thing that Robin kinda reminds me of Link from breath of the wild for some reason, I am 99% sure he reminds me of Link (legend of Zelda) because of the ears and hair.

    Olyvia MataOlyvia Mata5 dager siden