Mr.Beast/Pokimane/Ludwig + More PogChamps 3 Semifinal Action!

26. feb.. 2021
337 928 Ganger

It's an epic day of PogChamps 3! There was one quarterfinal matchup of @MrBeast vs @Michelle Khare, and two semifinal matches of @Ludwig vs @Sardoche and @Pokimane vs the winner of Mr.Beast/Michelle Khare! is matching up to $100,000 in donations received during PogChamps3 to benfit the player's charities of choice alongside of the prizing for the event. If you'd like to donate towards our goal, please visit
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  • Whats that song at 2:37:00!!

    Patrick LubbersPatrick Lubbers21 dag siden
  • 1:06:18 is he implying yerba mate won't make him feel regenerated? He's like "If only I had something to make me feel regenerated, but all I have is this shitty Yerba Mate"

    MoeMoe25 dager siden
  • Michelle & Mr Beast's colour coordination (Maroon & Green) was on point.

    Ben DavisBen DavisMåned siden
  • 1:25:19 yes

    SaustySaustyMåned siden
  • the guayaki advert has the pieces wrong. this is strangely stress-inducing.

    Marcus wrightMarcus wrightMåned siden
  • 03:54:54 my feet fell asleep ... hikaru: nice :)

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMåned siden
  • 03:54:54 my feet fell asleep ... hikaru: nice :)

    miko foinmiko foinMåned siden
  • How the heck did mrbeast get there

    evolutionevolutionMåned siden
    • Nice pogchamp 4 leak 1:18:20 cant wait

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovMåned siden
  • What is the Song called in the beginning? Its a banger in my opinion but I am to dumb to find it please help.

    McTeddyTPMcTeddyTPMåned siden
  • What version of the Halo theme was QT listening to?? That double bass was nice

    Divine PlantsDivine PlantsMåned siden
  • Danny killed it this stream, great commentary from him and Hikaru

    Divine PlantsDivine PlantsMåned siden
    • Why is ludwig so annoying? He's so arrogant I automatically root for the more humble player

      miko foinmiko foinMåned siden
  • Am i the only one who noticed that in the Yerba Mate ad the board is set up wrong?😂

    RptemtrotRptemtrotMåned siden
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    gao degao deMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who think that poki is super fake?

    Alfonso LabeagaAlfonso LabeagaMåned siden
  • Yo danny talking about Dobby getting it on with Malfoy's mom was weirdchamp x1000, lmao. I'm with it

    inordirectioninordirectionMåned siden
  • What the fuck was Ludwig doing here

    A EA EMåned siden
  • Really hope pogchamps 4 is with 32 participants!

    stardustiestardustieMåned siden
  • They don’t know naruto...

    Alfonso LabeagaAlfonso LabeagaMåned siden
  • Music at 1:23:26?

    Benjamin RaabBenjamin RaabMåned siden
  • Danny shilling for the sponsor is hilarious lol

    avery465avery465Måned siden
  • By far the two most annoying commentators. Pair one of them up with literally anyone else and it's a good combo. These two together are cringe af

    KittenIgnitionKittenIgnitionMåned siden
  • I would like to see the chess coach play among us

    RemedyRemedyMåned siden
  • I have high hopes for the future of PogChamps. I think we could see PogChamps for different ELOs in the future. It's great watching these players improve over time

    DrasticSkubaDrasticSkubaMåned siden
    • yeah like if they make it by elo like sub battles it woud be great

      Hamza PrinceHamza PrinceMåned siden
  • Nice pogchamp 4 leak 1:18:20 cant wait

    Nameless BeggarNameless BeggarMåned siden
  • Why is ludwig so annoying? He's so arrogant I automatically root for the more humble player

    PaxiellePaxielleMåned siden
    • dude tbh Sardoche also is arrogant lmao

      Pandaway _Pandaway _Måned siden
  • I hate sardoche

    Lord BamseLord BamseMåned siden
    • Ok

      Pseudo original mais pas tropPseudo original mais pas tropMåned siden
  • Ludwig looks crushed at the end, despite what he says. Great match through. Well done both of you. Sardoche looks much stronger since he lost to Benjy earlier. Benjy vs Sardoche will make for a good final if it happens (it will!).

    CrueLoafCrueLoafMåned siden
  • What music is playing at 1:23:15 when Ludwig gives his speech

    Fahim KoehlerFahim KoehlerMåned siden
  • Can I say the best combination of people speaking on this screen are lud Danny and hikaru. Hess is great on here too

    Taylor JohnsonTaylor JohnsonMåned siden
  • i lost a tournament on dota 2 today at semi finals and that's okay but damn ludwig losing here gave me sadge

    Kent TakaishiKent TakaishiMåned siden
  • T H R O B B I N G

    Lenard GarmaLenard GarmaMåned siden
  • I like how everyone was against sardoche but he manage to win at the end wat a great game of both player

    Clutch2608 _Clutch2608 _Måned siden
  • 2:43:00 he says fuck off dog, you have 30 000 subs but apparently your brain doesn't work perfectly sadly XDDD the trashtalking revenge

    Quentin ChéreauQuentin ChéreauMåned siden
    • @Max Khovanski Even if I fucked up your translation is wrong, he said "je vais tellement le trashtalk, il faisait trop le malin" which means Im going to trashtalk him, he was acting like a child

      Quentin ChéreauQuentin ChéreauMåned siden
    • @Max Khovanski oops I fucked up in the timer, I was talking about 2:43:00

      Quentin ChéreauQuentin ChéreauMåned siden
    • That's not what he says at all. The actual translation is "I really am a trashtalker. But he is too clever, he is too clever".

      Max KhovanskiMax KhovanskiMåned siden
    • @Lúcio but he only said that because of ludwig's trashtalks

      Quentin ChéreauQuentin ChéreauMåned siden
    • Yeah I mean it’s all in the heat of the moment, although Sardoche has been incredibly sweaty for this tournament. Nice for him to take it seriously but you think he’s gone a little off the scale, literally worry for him if he loses in the final...

      LúcioLúcioMåned siden
  • karma

    TondeuseAgazonTondeuseAgazonMåned siden
  • Hikaru on Pogchamps: "That's a GREAT move.. objectively it's probably bad"

    Patsk88Patsk88Måned siden
  • 1:05:54 , what if Kb4 to block the rook and after takes then Qb5? As it's covered by the bischop?

    LordarnoudLordarnoudMåned siden
  • WHERE IS THE GUY WHO COMMENTS ALL THE TIMES!?!?! I'm lost without you

    Sam BainbridgeSam BainbridgeMåned siden
    • @Maryam No the Jordan guy, I just found him though lol

      Sam BainbridgeSam BainbridgeMåned siden
    • You mean levy? Aka gothamchess?

      MaryamMaryamMåned siden
  • Sardoche actually won because of what Cinderella said for against Ludwig. "You have to fight him so he will not call you Sardouche" -QTCinderella

    Like WagonLike WagonMåned siden
  • Will Michelle ever allow herself to feel good about her chess? It's going to be hard to keep chess as a hobby if you're always going to beat yourself up about it.

    EPMD_EPMD_Måned siden
    • I think that was just shock. She definitely had a very positive reaction on her IG story

      Matthew RentschlerMatthew RentschlerMåned siden
    • She should watch Logics post game interviews. Dudes so inspirational and his speeches stopped me from beating myself up after bad plays.

      unjuseabbleunjuseabbleMåned siden
  • Did we really just watch chess for 4 hours...

    BananaBananaMåned siden
  • damn, these two games by michelle were great, cool to see where she went from that first game with rainn. ludwig vs sardoche was great as well

    ehn.behn.bMåned siden
  • Sardoche is the best player in the tournament no discussion

    AzertyuiopAzertyuiopMåned siden
  • 2:23:43 "Smoke a cigarette frenchy, you seem stressed out! It's just a chess game amongst shitters." Lud on point hahaha!

    Jarad GarrenJarad GarrenMåned siden
  • 2:44:24

    Eftear RahmanEftear RahmanMåned siden
  • Hikaru and Daniel are a great combo! Daniels humour and Hikarus overworldly skills are a good match!

    DaHaDaHaMåned siden
  • Pokimane has so much Pride. She can't bare to be checkmated so she resigns.

    louis delsaerlouis delsaerMåned siden
  • Beast want to learn now. Just a little late. But good on him!

    CameramaniaCameramaniaMåned siden
  • Bye bye Ludwig, Mrbeast and pokimane, out now ! This is the best day of the tournament 😌

    NalderificationNalderificationMåned siden
  • Wtf Sardoche is taking it too seriously

    MatanMatanMåned siden
    • How do you take a $100,000 chess tournament "too seriously"?

      DrasticSkubaDrasticSkubaMåned siden
    • There's money to be made. Completely justified imo

      Rémi DelattreRémi DelattreMåned siden
    • @Sunskrith because he said he trained every day during 2 month with his coach or something He trained a lot, so of course he's taking it seriously

      PoutPoutMåned siden
    • @Pout so how the fuck would you know if he doesn’t show it - you read his mind through the screen?

      SunskrithSunskrithMåned siden
    • Ludwig too, but he doesn't show it

      PoutPoutMåned siden
  • Didn't know Michele khare has indian heritage. Noice.

    Abhijeet SharmaAbhijeet SharmaMåned siden
    • You blind brah? lol

      Divine PlantsDivine PlantsMåned siden
    • yes her father is indian and her mother is american

      MichaelMichaelMåned siden
  • MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one..

    Little MrBeast.Little MrBeast.Måned siden
  • I really enjoyed these matches! Unfortunately, I was also surprised by the toxicity in Anna's chat ( 3:35:57 ).

    Sapphire AshesSapphire AshesMåned siden
    • @Tarpeing how is sardoche toxic?

      l cl cMåned siden
  • Sardoche is too obsesses with chess, my gosh.

    Nick MaoNick MaoMåned siden
    • Chess = beautiful game so it’s normal

      Kamo GarannKamo GarannMåned siden
  • How's everyone so positive... Everyone's rating is between 500-1200 but then Sardoche pops up with nearly 1500, it's not even fair.. He's gonna win the entire thing after kicking 2 of the viewer's favourites out fairly early because he's just too high rated... Nice.

    Foreign KingForeign KingMåned siden
    • @DJ Dorlis Apparently voicing an unpopular opinion in a calm manner is whining like a fucking child? Take your pills before you have a breakdown... Fair enough that he really wanted to sweat it out and get good, but there's comments here saying he got selected at 1250, and had been training for a while before that for a showdown against another streamer so clearly he was already good.

      Foreign KingForeign KingMåned siden
    • @revacho a Yes I agree with you. I hope everyone will surpass themselves for pogchamps 4 so people stop complaining about people taking the tournament seriously beating up people who don't.

      OmegaZechipsOmegaZechipsMåned siden
    • @OmegaZechips he plays so much that his rating has been kind of bouncing around a bit ie he was 1083 on January 11th but was usually 1100+ back in December and around 1200-1300 for most of January. But in general I agree, it's fine to take the tournament seriously and he is certainly doing that and might very well get the (deserved) victory for it.

      revacho arevacho aMåned siden
    • @revacho a Yeah, you're right my bad. But still, he started grinding when pogchamps 3 was announced and he was 1083 on January 11th. He still managed to get 400 elo in less than two months. So my point still stand. If he wants to win more than the others, the others just have to get better.

      OmegaZechipsOmegaZechipsMåned siden
    • @OmegaZechips he started training for a showdown against another streamer that went down January the 16th and was selected for Pogchamps when he was around ~1250 in rating

      revacho arevacho aMåned siden
  • Hello, Is it possible to add subtitles ? I'm french and can't understand everything except when sardoche is speaking english.

    A. Jos.A. Jos.Måned siden
  • 1:20:53 Rooks and Bishops are in wrong place BRUH

    Advait VibhuteAdvait VibhuteMåned siden
  • The lewd connection wessely ban because creditor neurally push forenenst a zonked quart. obedient, dull watch

    Salvador GadySalvador GadyMåned siden
  • MICHELLE DID SO GREAT! I’m so happy!!!

    MaryamMaryamMåned siden
  • 1:51:45 unbeatable commentary

    Toby RybergToby RybergMåned siden
  • 3:16:44 (just a time stamp, don't mind me)

    Julian BlackJulian BlackMåned siden
  • 3:25:19. Dan WTF. Rxbd7 is gg

    Jon ZasaiJon ZasaiMåned siden
  • Is Michelle in finals?)

    Jenil ShahJenil ShahMåned siden
  • This pokimaine girl has such a entitled, "i don't care" attitude. Complete RBF too.

    VanguardVanguardMåned siden
  • 2:45:07 KEKW

    Léo lienneLéo lienneMåned siden
  • Pokimane seems to "sometimes" be using an engine. Her eyes veer to the side when she is making some strong moves above her level. Is there any safe guard in place against engine moves?

    Chris the WriterChris the WriterMåned siden
    • @Mac hhahahahahaha

      DJ DorlisDJ DorlisMåned siden
    • Yeah, she must be using one of those engines that hangs rooks and misses bank rank mates. Actually can't believe you just suggested she was cheating. Unreal.

      MacMacMåned siden
    • nah, i mean she makes very bad blunders that makes her lost

      d. nadind. nadinMåned siden
  • 2300 player couldn't mate with the bishop pair??? That's a bit unbelievable.

    Chris the WriterChris the WriterMåned siden
  • 1:59:26 - the best inspirational speech of all time

    Daniil KaizerDaniil KaizerMåned siden
  • Looking at these donation totals and meanwhile jimmy donated 10k himself

    TraeeTraeeMåned siden
  • NOworld: finish your mid fade without pausing Me: *Holding my pair of scissors* son of a bitch I’m in.

    PeculiarGalaxyPeculiarGalaxyMåned siden
  • If mrbeast had known that is a peon in step, he could have won

    Omar Quispe EstelaOmar Quispe EstelaMåned siden
  • Félicitations to today's winners!!! Very good games!!

    Ethan CEthan CMåned siden
  • Sardoche-Ludwig games and the interviews were gold

    Chin RuizChin RuizMåned siden
    • I love lubwig but man, he is kinda annoying.

      RaleighRaleighMåned siden
  • 1:18:17 LOL

    Channel Nobody WatchesChannel Nobody WatchesMåned siden
  • 32:02 Delayed Bongcloud

    Coos OorlogCoos OorlogMåned siden
  • Matches getting better and better✌

    pedrochalaco1pedrochalaco1Måned siden
  • Lmao I love how awkward they are about these tea advertises.

    Bear GryllsBear GryllsMåned siden
  • The fact that Hikaru “instantly” spot a tactic on Na2 in the first game Ludwig-Sardoche scares me.

    Topclass-ATopclass-AMåned siden
    • @Mr. Pointless time stomped ✅

      Igo drowsyIgo drowsyMåned siden
    • @Rushikesh timestamp for the tactic??

      Mr. PointlessMr. PointlessMåned siden
    • @G S Lud is not that beginner dude, Sardoche attacked his another knight with his pawn. So anyone would try to save knight rather than taking a free pawn

      RushikeshRushikeshMåned siden
    • @G S as someone that's played against Danny few times I can confirm that he can find similar tactics when he is playing, even if they are not winning material "just" exposing the king.

      NaitbitNaitbitMåned siden
    • It’s not even that advanced (I don’t mean that in the condescending way) because taking the pawn with check is correct but more importantly it’s a very tempting move to beginners who love free pawns and checks. the follow up is just seeing there’s a fork, but yeah the difficult part is realizing that there are two knights looking at it. I’m surprised Danny didn’t see it but it’s fair because he’s just commentating and not really playing. I’ve seen a video of Hikaru finding a under-promotion to bishop tactic in seconds as well and that was crazy

      G SG SMåned siden
  • they were expecting GM level tactic from Lud

    RushikeshRushikeshMåned siden
    • @Rushikesh tbh, if you are above 1500 the first thing you should be looking forin that position is checks and captures and like levy said, danger levels. I think seeing Nxa2+ (which Ludwig probably didn't intend when he played Nb4) is the hardest part, rather than the fork that comes after it.

      cjxchess17cjxchess17Måned siden
    • @cjxchess17 nope it's not that obvious. Ludwig's other knight was attacked at the same time, saving it is the first thing that comes in mind. I'm >1500 elo and with little effort, I would've found it if someone told me there was a tactic there

      RushikeshRushikeshMåned siden
    • ​@Rushikesh Keep in mind he has been commentating for the past 2 hours at the same time, while I also didn't expect Ludwig to find it I think most 1500s should be able to find it during a 10 min game (or at least see Nxa2, after which Nc3 would be obvious)

      cjxchess17cjxchess17Måned siden
    • @cjxchess17 dude, neither did that International Master spot that tactic. It's an easy tactic when you know there is a tactic there

      RushikeshRushikeshMåned siden
    • It’s more like a 1500-1700 level tactic

      cjxchess17cjxchess17Måned siden
  • Ludwig at the end didn't really panic he wasn't focus on the game and that's why he lost.

    Whathe whatWhathe whatMåned siden
  • Pokimane, you'll be missed 😥

    Adrian GrayAdrian GrayMåned siden
  • : O Daniel thought Naruto was river dancing. Lol its understandable but sad.

    SenseiTumbleweedSenseiTumbleweedMåned siden
  • im lowkey proud at how well Lud played this tourny

    Cade M.Cade M.Måned siden
    • It’s crazy to see how much he has improved and I’m proud of the effort he has been putting into by getting lessons with Hess. It’s just really difficult to win this kind of tournament because there will always be people higher rated than him. I’m a little bitter about him losing to Sardoche who has been the sweatiest player I’ve seen by far, grinding chess 8 hours a day for over a month. Great match from them both though, ultimately the better player progressed.

      LúcioLúcioMåned siden
  • I can't believe neither of them knew that Matt Damon's best movie is Thor: Ragnarok.

    Mohammad AskariMohammad AskariMåned siden
    • @bariqi setijoso Loki. Or... an Asgardian actor portraying Loki. Who's to say?

      Mohammad AskariMohammad AskariMåned siden
    • He was in that movie? As what?

      bariqi setijosobariqi setijosoMåned siden
  • I don’t understand why lugwig trash talk sardoche just for the fact of being french 🤷‍♂️

    François DhonneurFrançois DhonneurMåned siden
    • @Tarpeing loll

      d. nadind. nadinMåned siden
    • Cry French baby

      محمد امین ایمانیمحمد امین ایمانیMåned siden
    • i mean, i think they're both pretty chill now, but his chat sometimes makes fun of sardoche just because he is trying hard lol. idk about sardoche's chat tho i don't understand french lol

      d. nadind. nadinMåned siden
    • @Rob The Kid Most of them are pretty sweaty, its a tournament. And especially that he has the highest rating out of everybody, you expect him to have that pressure.

      Neil Ryan SustiguerNeil Ryan SustiguerMåned siden
    • He wasn't trash talking. I watched Sardoche's stream and before goin in the interview, the both of them congratulated each other in a call. And both were talking in french so... that was just banter and Sardoche was laughing too

      Neil Ryan SustiguerNeil Ryan SustiguerMåned siden
  • Bruh sardouche is such a sweat

    Ryan MahRyan MahMåned siden
  • michelle has come a long way since her encounter with rainn , she's playing pretty damn well

    Gurkirat singh AnandGurkirat singh AnandMåned siden
    • @Mat Roqueta exactly

      Gurkirat singh AnandGurkirat singh AnandMåned siden
    • ikr?? From a first match vs the strongest player in her group (and maybe in the tournament) to getting into the consolation bracket finals with one of the most pog backrank checkmates in pogchamps history

      Mat RoquetaMat RoquetaMåned siden
    • @Jenil Shah yes she defeated pokimaine in semis 2-0 , both of them being pretty epic games

      Gurkirat singh AnandGurkirat singh AnandMåned siden
    • Is she in finals??

      Jenil ShahJenil ShahMåned siden
  • I’m so glad Michelle got those wins. She has put in mad work and it is paying off! I want to see her win the consolation bracket

    KP da FreekKP da FreekMåned siden
    • @Paxielle ikrr

      d. nadind. nadinMåned siden
    • @Paxielle Exactly, it's so satisfying seeing her winning after so many people wrote her off because of the Rainn match.

      RayscaryRayscaryMåned siden
    • Dude the amount of people bad mouthing her I kinda want her to pop off

      PaxiellePaxielleMåned siden
    • @d. nadin yeah, I mean everyone worked hard and deserves win but I think favourite is neeko rn.

      Stratum7Stratum7Måned siden
    • @Stratum7 yea i don't really know if she can win, I don't watch her match with tubbo but i watch her games with rainn wilson tho and tbh i think she improved, I'm hoping she could win tho, she trains a lot. but I'm also rooting for neeko, if she wins so idk who am i gonna support lol

      d. nadind. nadinMåned siden
  • The spurious twig endoscopically pack because draw sadly carry throughout a wakeful rat. wild, bouncy glider

    Chungwei WangChungwei WangMåned siden
  • Does anyone else find sardoche really weird? Like kinda strange and sweaty and gross. Strange.

    Sneha RameshSneha RameshMåned siden
    • @Tarpeing you completely misread my comment. Maybe it is poorly phrased but what I meant is that one can dislike Sardoche because of what he says/has said in the past. I didn’t assume that YOU, as an individual, were hating on him for that.

      DJ DorlisDJ DorlisMåned siden
    • @DJ Dorlis it ain't any the Lang bro. I don't find rubius weird. Bro idk what it is, just checking if anybody else sees it

      Sneha RameshSneha RameshMåned siden
    • @Tarpeing weird in what sense? I mean of course you could dislike him for his controversial opinions and his persona but he’s overall a normal person that is VERY competitive. Je comprends pas 🤷🏾‍♂️

      DJ DorlisDJ DorlisMåned siden
    • Lmao just because he doesn’t speak your language you find him weird? He’s just a normal guy 🤷🏾‍♂️

      DJ DorlisDJ DorlisMåned siden
    • He's not confortable talking in English so it adds to the weirdness. But I assure you he's a normal guy

      PoutPoutMåned siden
  • omg he actually resigned. what a french thing to do

    Anthony PrivatAnthony PrivatMåned siden
    • He only had his king tbh, I would resign too. And please, you’re cultured enough to look beyond simple French bashing, so please kindly do

      European MapperEuropean MapperMåned siden
    • ? he searched for the draw after his mistake , he already had a win

      TondeuseAgazonTondeuseAgazonMåned siden
    • He was waiting for the Americans to arrive late to help him and take all the credits for the victory but they were too busy fighting diabetes

      Pseudo original mais pas tropPseudo original mais pas tropMåned siden
    • In the end he won anyway and humiliated his opponent.

      NalderificationNalderificationMåned siden
    • And your mum, she resign ?

      SwaxSwaxMåned siden
  • Go michelle

    Haciendo HoraHaciendo HoraMåned siden
  • 2:09:30 xQc has Taught Hikaru well

    An_LeAn_LeMåned siden
    • @Nick Mao but it control the centre which is why it’s a good move

      SAI3DSAI3DMåned siden
    • not so because bishop will only attack 2 pieces, not forking anything and not winning any material Hikaru gotta work out on this a bit more

      Nick MaoNick MaoMåned siden
  • In the interview of ludwig v sardoche, it's like them with their respective older brothers lol!

    Jordan LimantaraJordan LimantaraMåned siden
    • Sardoche said before the interview "I'm gona trashtalk him as fuck... Oh no I'll stay humble"

      Roger WilcoRoger WilcoMåned siden
  • 1:56:36 "yeah i mean sardoche really actually, i-i've said that his nerves have been *his biggest shi*-... B-biggest issue" -GMNakamura 2k21

    Ykob RngoYkob RngoMåned siden
    • @The Idiot thanks, i misheard it

      Ykob RngoYkob RngoMåned siden
    • Reminds me of when he said something in a 4 player chess match

      BananaBananaMåned siden
    • His nerves have been*

      The IdiotThe IdiotMåned siden
  • Ludwig put up a fight!

    Haciendo HoraHaciendo HoraMåned siden
  • Rook and King end game is easy 🤔..... If you have experience tho 👍

    P GP GMåned siden
  • Mr. Beast is so trash, he should just stick to giving away money for stupid shit

    marcus larwamarcus larwaMåned siden
  • wooow man, incredible moment at 2:23:01 when hikaru said that is starting to turn around, ludwig is playing this famous ost from naruto called " reverse situation ", helping him to turn the table and win the game

    Hamza PrinceHamza PrinceMåned siden
    • yeaah one of the best moment of pogchamp history i think, thats give chills indeed

      nassim rebbahinassim rebbahiMåned siden
    • I had goosebumps

      ThirdP GamingThirdP GamingMåned siden
  • How about the next pogchamps contains all of the previous champions of consolation and winners brackets?

    ODENODENMåned siden
    • We need some OG in pogchamps 4. Vas-y Ceb!

      H_ngm_nH_ngm_nMåned siden
    • I think winner, and people who lose on the final match (finalist?) will be good. Like pro pogchamps or something. If they need more player add previous pogchamps player that around 1100-1400 rating.

      SwordsmanSwordsmanMåned siden
  • it's literally hard for Hikaru to not simp for Ludwig

    ImBsalImBsalMåned siden
    • ​@George Hernandez For me, it's Rensch lol

      Akshit TyagiAkshit TyagiMåned siden
    • same for his bestfriend, magnus

      Stock KnifeStock KnifeMåned siden
    • @Natural Born Affiliate yeah I guess he would simp for the American one

      sachathebotsachathebotMåned siden
    • I mean why would be root for some unknown frenchie when we got the very funny and charismatic ludwig

      Natural Born AffiliateNatural Born AffiliateMåned siden
    • @Ryan Daughtridge I agree😌

      PihuPihuMåned siden