Monster Lab - Bones in the Basement (Episode 3)

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  • The body from 5:32 is gone at 5:45😳

    Back the blueBack the blue58 minutter siden
  • 4:37 IS THAT GLUE MAN!?!?!?!?!?!

    Goji LowellGoji LowellTime siden
  • Chris Kyle, American Sniper, War Hero, S T R O N G M A N

    Josel DzulNohJosel DzulNohTime siden
  • When is the next episode coming out?

    Josel DzulNohJosel DzulNohTime siden
  • rotating like a chicken

    AshygroundsAshygrounds2 timer siden
  • Ryan McGee is my favorite Game Grump.

    MD overMD over3 timer siden

    Animation DrugudAnimation Drugud3 timer siden
  • now i dont want a another creepy video but this show is a bit boring

    Wiid hedWiid hed4 timer siden
  • "Here to wrangle up some smiles... lasso up those bad feelings... AND TO GIVE YA' MAMA'S MILK!"

    Plagued_InfernoPlagued_Inferno6 timer siden
  • 2:08 I see Rodney

    TGI3DTGI3D6 timer siden
  • i love the bar from the shining

    Nunya BisnusNunya Bisnus8 timer siden

    Shayla DavisShayla Davis9 timer siden
  • To think this thumb tag was Chris Kyle American sniper war hero strong man. And I didn't even know it.

    Thomas BlantonThomas Blanton11 timer siden
  • 0:38 he looks like the normalist monster

    Gacha MasonGacha Mason12 timer siden
  • Holy shit XD..

    Fluffy LuffyFluffy Luffy13 timer siden
  • Beepo sounds so innocent

    Your Average LadYour Average Lad13 timer siden
  • I even want to know what _dog eggs_ are?

    AsSeenOnTV0893AsSeenOnTV089314 timer siden
  • Thanks for NOT telling me about this NOworld.

    Real SadReal Sad15 timer siden
  • List looks like if it was actually the show I don't know

    Tonya DurhamTonya Durham17 timer siden
  • 160 confirmed kills....nice

    DannychaosDannychaos19 timer siden
  • Bro why is this nomal

    madbillz gamingmadbillz gaming21 time siden
  • the moonman figure among other "superheros" is really funny.

    Night FallNight Fall21 time siden
  • This taught me a good lesson, Dont trust people that come from your TV

    Cheese ItzCheese Itz21 time siden
  • Funko pops

    Kathya AvilaKathya Avila22 timer siden
  • Ugh, Howdy Kitten, you poor poor bastard. At least one of you lives on.

    Maia NashMaia Nash22 timer siden
  • The Funkos were the most disturbing part of this episode.

    Fluttershy Is A GoddessFluttershy Is A Goddess22 timer siden
  • cup cake and Dinoe

    Justice GodfreyJustice Godfrey23 timer siden
  • Keep up the food work hombre

    NitroOxyNitroOxyDag siden
  • .

    Tanganseize_34inchTanganseize_34inchDag siden
  • Howdy kitten neeeds to work for C#M 4K

    Raekwon williamsRaekwon williamsDag siden
  • 3:54

    Raekwon williamsRaekwon williamsDag siden
  • Lmao King be doing the schizophrenia dance at the end there

    happy guyhappy guyDag siden
  • Howdy Kitten !!!!

    Jonathan MuroJonathan MuroDag siden
  • obiviously a blood demon

    DepressedGamerDepressedGamerDag siden
  • 2:24 thank you Chris Kyle, American sniper, war hero *sTrOnG mAn*

    sans the skeletonsans the skeletonDag siden
  • Uno’s kinda broken

    Me ?Me ?Dag siden
  • This channel is fucking cancer but I love it

    SΛVΛGΣ PlaysSΛVΛGΣ PlaysDag siden
  • Extremely unfunny and cringe

    911 help pls911 help plsDag siden
  • 1:37 is that Nathan from South Park lmao

    radexyzradexyzDag siden
  • Ryan mcgeee hmmm how did I not see it

    DiVante faauaaDiVante faauaaDag siden
  • You deserve to OWN Adultswim XD Won’t be surprised if you do..

    • V I B Ė S •• V I B Ė S •Dag siden
  • I have unfinished business in the middle East The god dam middle east

    Jai SeckerJai SeckerDag siden
    • The GODDAMN middle east

      Timessy 41Timessy 41Dag siden
  • At 4:36 I noticed a figure.... I saw Moonman and I guess I get the joke? Bcz Moonman was used by far right groups as propaganda and boy his music is cool.

    Some Neo Nazi DudeSome Neo Nazi DudeDag siden
  • Awww when’s the next one I’ve been enjoying catching up on these 🥺

    Marre GreenMarre GreenDag siden
  • Awesome performance by that Ryan McGee guy

    enly Renly RDag siden
  • 0:52 whenever you get killed in Among Us

    booyah!booyah!Dag siden
  • I'm just gonna say it uno = amougus Please don't crucify me

    DatBoi Playing GamesDatBoi Playing GamesDag siden
  • wanna take a bath later O_O

    Larry LittleLarry LittleDag siden
  • Gotta get this Ryan Mcgee fella a youtube, hopefully he has a budding career, anyways when will Ryan Magee be getting another voice on the show?

    Xeed33Xeed33Dag siden
  • Dude this is actually better than any animated show I've watched in a while

    Moist_Moist_Dag siden
  • Don't think for a second I didnt see that moon man reference.

    Lane BroadwellLane BroadwellDag siden
  • Lol love the DVD in the back 😂

    O GomezO GomezDag siden
  • "do these weren't apache arrow heads I dug up huh?" lmao

    Rex HilverstoneRex HilverstoneDag siden
  • Lol didn’t Chris Kyle lie about his experiences

    hierohieroDag siden
  • 1. Cool Uno Plushie. 2. Ew Titty Kitty Cats!

    Phuck HughPhuck HughDag siden
  • Omg y did the last part felt so wholesome

    Yung DRAXYung DRAXDag siden
  • I love this show so much lmao

    GDieboldSoandsoGDieboldSoandsoDag siden
  • Katz and Uno remind me and my best friend of our own relationship so each episode feels like we are being hand fed fresh supple fruit.

    RoseNinja9RoseNinja9Dag siden
  • If you don't make a longer series from monster lab... I will ask you to do it!... And I don't ask, because it creates an option for you to say no.

    Michael McCallMichael McCallDag siden
  • Hello I am DVD

    naruto pangetnaruto pangetDag siden
  • Yo, @MeatCanyon, you should make a video with ALL of your characters in like a haunted building Saw type video where Peppa Pig is Jigsaw.

    Spencer HornackySpencer HornackyDag siden
  • Took a minute to realize the dentist was rusty cage

    UrTeaUrTeaDag siden
  • Who was Ryan Magee in this?

    Elliott G. C.Elliott G. C.Dag siden
  • Chris is a jojo fan

    Hacking GuestHacking GuestDag siden
  • We need More Monster Lab!

    Sad OpossumoSad OpossumoDag siden
  • It would be cool if they gave him cool godly sniping

    Golden State Warriors fan since 2015Golden State Warriors fan since 2015Dag siden
  • Poor cat :(

    Pancake ManPancake ManDag siden
  • Lol

  • 4:55 that gave me huge jojo vibes

    SOtakuArtSOtakuArtDag siden
  • howdy kitten should be in the Bible

    PenguinPenguinDag siden
  • Best ep so far, loved it

    Aaron DobbsAaron DobbsDag siden
  • What ever lasting....FUCK!!!???

  • 4:37 moon man funko

    klude 45klude 45Dag siden
  • .

    Zero HSZero HSDag siden
  • What in gods name are dog eggs??

    Ashay NaidooAshay NaidooDag siden
  • Every. Fucking. Frame.

    Johnny the You Know WhatJohnny the You Know WhatDag siden
  • If MeatCanyon made a parody of Attack on Titan it would be just like the actual show.

    Matt SodanoMatt SodanoDag siden
  • This is the good stuff

    J BJ BDag siden
  • Love how the dying character is the one to try and justify accepting collateral damage, because u shouldn't. Also the hellraiser bend with Chris was a great idea

  • Is this hell raiser?

    NickNick2 dager siden
  • I hope Beebo is protected and kept around at all costs

    Eddie OrtegaEddie Ortega2 dager siden
  • I love how the tv in 2:14 has DVD

    Luisanna marcelino venturaLuisanna marcelino ventura2 dager siden
  • Can we get a jesepi plush?i feel bad for him and i want em in my house lol

    gamerscottgamerscott2 dager siden
  • I know the character designer on this!

    Nicholas HNicholas H2 dager siden
  • This was normal lol

    EdgyGazelleEdgyGazelle2 dager siden
  • One moment... Chris Kyle.

    Steve LethalSteve Lethal2 dager siden
  • who the fuck is Ryan Mcgee?

    Taz ZTaz Z2 dager siden
  • Who voices these

    0fficial midari Midari s1mp0fficial midari Midari s1mp2 dager siden
  • Best one yet!!

    Isaac MeadIsaac Mead2 dager siden
  • I love the plot and character growth of these

    The RPGamerThe RPGamer2 dager siden
  • honestly i kinda thought the soldier was a schizophrenic hallucination in the beginning, god damn

    yeeyee2 dager siden
  • I love this series

    Mary Jane SchenkMary Jane Schenk2 dager siden
  • I'm starting to think that Chris Kyle's shot was more like four puppies, two babies and three pandas.

    Augustin DavoustAugustin Davoust2 dager siden
  • When are we gonna take baths together?

    Void MysticVoid Mystic2 dager siden
  • Is that bones refernce

    Yulian KrapivnerYulian Krapivner2 dager siden
  • This looks like the bar from the shining

    Maximo ScottMaximo Scott2 dager siden
  • Yoo the DVD logo 🤣🤣🤣

    William BarberWilliam Barber2 dager siden
  • What’s the music Omar the end

    Sam JonenSam Jonen2 dager siden
  • Loving this new “Ryan Mcgee” voice actor. Hopefully he goes far bc I haven’t seen him in anything else.

    Thomas BruinsmaThomas Bruinsma2 dager siden
  • can somebody send me tabs of the outro

    drake knoppdrake knopp2 dager siden