moments that make me question my comprehension of reality | Kitchen Nightmares

7. april. 2021
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if 2 + 2 is 4
and 5 + 5 is 10
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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    Not KonsaNot Konsa18 minutter siden
  • My pandemic NOworld viewing has come full circle, started out binge watching Kitchen Nightmares in April 2020 and I've found my way back here in April 2021.

    R AdebowaleR Adebowale19 minutter siden
  • the servers talking shit about the dishes would not have a job after the cameras are gone

    jbo5ojbo5o24 minutter siden
  • The fucking pigeon flying between shots of Ramsey pulling out rotting food cracked me up

    shufflythedogshufflythedogTime siden
  • Fucking pigeon

    El BichoEl BichoTime siden
  • Gordon's immune system must be out of this world.

    Krys BellKrys BellTime siden
  • "I need to wash my F-ing hands before I get diagnosed with Stapholo-COCCI" LOLOLOL

    Nari MomoNari Momo2 timer siden
  • Gordon sounded fucking terrified when that guy didn't answer his question. Why the fuck would you keep serving rotten food

    HaroldeldaHaroldelda2 timer siden
  • Week old ribs.. send it out

    B LijerentB Lijerent2 timer siden
  • Whoever runs this account is my new favorite person

    ClumsyCartoonistClumsyCartoonist3 timer siden
  • Account manager should get a raise for knowing their audience

    red red kroovyred red kroovy3 timer siden
  • Whoever is running this channel needs a fuckingg raise, that person it’s doing a great job it’s mind blowing

    Alan SDAlan SD4 timer siden
  • I hope to see a Wow-off between Gordon Ramsey and Owen Wilson

    Du RozaDu Roza4 timer siden
  • the thumbnail

    yes yesyes yes4 timer siden
  • What episode is the last one in?

    Disciple DenisseDisciple Denisse5 timer siden
  • That speech at the end was so dramatic, only for Gordon to smack into a "pull" door.

    DistiltDistilt5 timer siden
  • The thumbnail for this is top tier

    Megan GMegan G5 timer siden
  • Is the manager naked infront of all of his employees and naked in the KITCHEN?

    Catia BecerraCatia Becerra6 timer siden
  • 10:49 "I'm outta here right now." Hmm.... well maybe that's why your restaurant is crap and you should be supervising this more often? Not just the chef's fault, ya donkey.

    a aa a7 timer siden
  • the title is such a gen-z vibe

    ღ maidolly ღღ maidolly ღ7 timer siden
  • I love it the very end of the video where Gordon storms off and tries to kick the door open but it opens inward and gets pissed off

    matt parishmatt parish7 timer siden
  • "I didn't expect to see all of this." It's in your fridge.....

    BrandibbBrandibb8 timer siden
  • The thumbnail is wonderful

    BenreyBenrey8 timer siden
  • I like how all the owners in this were like, "they didn't do their jobs! Its their fault shit hit the fan" like, YOU'RE THE OWNER! Is it really THAT hard for you to go check and make sure YOUR employees, the people YOU hired are doing their job right??

    Donkey KongDonkey Kong8 timer siden
  • The description box LMFAOOOOO

    TF ?TF ?8 timer siden
  • 2:10 "Shiti Platah... SHITTi Platah"

    Jose CastilloJose Castillo8 timer siden
  • The last second of the video, Gordon dumps into the kitchen door. Like this place is so backwards their doors don’t even swing the right way 😂

    Chandler WhitchurchChandler Whitchurch8 timer siden
  • WHO MADE THE THUMBNAIL AND TITLE LMFAOOO give the person a raise

    lizzeee elizzeee e9 timer siden
  • 10+4

    tristan like mantristan like man9 timer siden
  • Kevin??

    Emmi DirectionerEmmi Directioner9 timer siden
  • The description is amazing😂 If 2+2 is 4 And 5+5 is 10 What the fxck is this😂

    Nyjah LoveNyjah Love9 timer siden
  • Restaurant: going out of business Also restaurant: spending God knows how much money overstocking the fridge

    Chandler WhitchurchChandler Whitchurch9 timer siden
  • I need to know who tf is the master mind behind this channel writing the titles and descriptions lmaaooo

    Akio AslanAkio Aslan9 timer siden
  • yaare sleeping on the description 😭

    ko !ko !9 timer siden
  • I dont like how that Pigeon and Gordon are looking at eachother in the thumbnail lmao 😬😬😬

    Diamond Arts ÒwÓDiamond Arts ÒwÓ10 timer siden
  • someone secretly changes the titles to memes and im here for it

    Elif OkElif Ok10 timer siden
  • That ending had me cracking up. Who has a 1 way kitchen door in a business?

    Explosive_ShartExplosive_Shart11 timer siden
  • I don't get the "frozen salmon" bit. It's sashimi, so it has to be frozen for a week to make sure any parasite eggs are dead. Salmon, tuna, etc all get parasites from the ocean. edit: one word

    Andy ChowAndy Chow11 timer siden
  • I've seen this question asked before.. but now I'm wondering again; Is there no Health Inspectors in the US?

    Donnie SaysDonnie Says11 timer siden
  • waitress: it's for looks editor: *now cut to that bartender with the big ass*

    namelesswalabynamelesswalaby12 timer siden
  • Bruh.. that thumbnail! lmao

    Grise BlacolarGrise Blacolar13 timer siden
  • Whoever's managing this account now, this channel is 100% yours now.

    •null_rose••null_rose•15 timer siden
  • These ladies are thicc...

    Desmond WilsonDesmond Wilson15 timer siden
  • "Today's special, chicken marinated in mystery-goo."

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname16 timer siden
  • I need Gordon with me in my pocket everywhere I go... I’m scared WTF restaurant owners try to pass off on us... Seen enough episodes where he’s been to what claims and seems to be high scale restaurants to the average joe eateries and all these pukes are guilty as sin trying to save a buck and pawn off complete pooh to its customers....thank God I’ve learned basics and continue learning how to cook properly at home but still it would be nice to not have to cook every so often and be waited on and not fret what goes on behind closed doors at establishments... and health dept is supposed to be the captain save a’ho of the food industry but they inspected and okayed all these places

    Blueeyedjenn14Blueeyedjenn1418 timer siden
  • How do these places pass any inspection?

    Sam SmithSam Smith18 timer siden
  • 7:18 is where the vegans loose it

    Karyn HatleyKaryn Hatley18 timer siden
    • Can't blame them either

      Karyn HatleyKaryn Hatley18 timer siden
  • _'White fluffy patches around the marinara can'_ *BASIL*

    Edry FarkhanEdry Farkhan18 timer siden
  • omg i died when he walked into the doors at the end omfgggggggg

    your_average_aesthetic_potatoyour_average_aesthetic_potato18 timer siden
  • is the person running this channel doing okay??

    jay !!jay !!19 timer siden
  • I choked on the thumbnail-

    D x r k u kuunD x r k u kuun19 timer siden
  • That fillet minion Gordon had was that pigeons friend... that's why the pigeon is in the back :(

    Say SaySay Say19 timer siden
  • 9:13 did someone dubbed gordon ramsay bcause that is not gordon ramsay-- or is it just me???

    dontmindmedontmindme20 timer siden
  • Okay first the meme style thumbnail and then the description, they rlly know their audience

    Nancy SabraNancy Sabra21 time siden
  • the person posting these videos i love you i love the thumbnail omg

    Farah_ AfiaFarah_ Afia21 time siden
  • want to see confused Gordan 3:38 lmao so funny

    shankar bhuvaneshwershankar bhuvaneshwer21 time siden
  • *The person who makes the titles is* "The hero we needed" "Not the hero we deserved"

    PumpkinPumpkin21 time siden
  • That thumbnail though

    #IcecreamGacha##IcecreamGacha#22 timer siden
  • Tiki platter? shitty platter God Gordon never fails

    Carl EngerCarl Enger22 timer siden
  • bruh, the goddam official channel made more funny memes than the entirety of Morgz

    K Munda CruzK Munda Cruz22 timer siden
  • Are there no food inspectors in that town? If it were in my city, they would have been shut down a long time ago.

    Epicurean BardEpicurean Bard22 timer siden
  • Best description I've ever seen LMAO

    YummyYummy22 timer siden
  • When he goes to kick the doors like a badass and nothing happens (record scratch noise)

    Lauren WLauren W23 timer siden
  • the description

    yuki_ sandrayuki_ sandraDag siden
  • Why is no one talking about the description 😂😂

    allergic2riceallergic2riceDag siden
  • Dream smile :) is on the walls

    MariaMariaDag siden
  • LOL the description

    poopity scooppoopity scoopDag siden
  • I’m convinced Gordon runs this channel

    Dee ChambersDee ChambersDag siden
  • “What happened Michael”

    Sloth PersonSloth PersonDag siden
  • because of the thumbnail i thought this was uploaded by a smaller yt channel who does edits but i just found out its uploaded by the official yt-

    Jake_The FoxJake_The FoxDag siden
  • i had to reread the title and i realized that the official kitchen nightmares channel uploaded this LMAO.

    momo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔmomo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDag siden
  • What I don't understand is why he would just get undressed in the kitchen. Pretty sure that's unsanitary and unprofessional.

    Sugawara KōshiSugawara KōshiDag siden
  • 7:40 it was my mistake to watch this while eating

    ziaジアziaジアDag siden
  • Dont you love having a very dramatic and climatic moment just to be completely dethroned by a door lol

    O.G. GokuO.G. GokuDag siden
  • This video makes me think that after going to these restaurants - "I'm gonna go home, sit on the toilet all night and make me some green apple splatters."

    apdarkness905apdarkness905Dag siden
  • That pigeon feels more sorry than the owners

    Hella Sweet Jeff BroHella Sweet Jeff BroDag siden
  • Eeeeeeeeekkk!!!

    Xenina In CaliforniaXenina In CaliforniaDag siden
  • After viewing this, I will only eat at the French Laundry twice a year, from hence on.

    Alf AndersonAlf AndersonDag siden
  • I L❤️ve vielee mienjong

    Reina FerReina FerDag siden
  • Lmao I was horrified when saw the state of those kitchens, like.. c'mon y'all.. y'know this shit you're doing is wrong.. ew.. 🤢🙄🤦‍♀️

    ChompyChompyDag siden
  • tiki platter *s h i t t y p l a t t e r*

    Prod. by RickyProd. by RickyDag siden
  • Hair in the food is bad, but lemme tell yall a story. This one time, my mom was cooking chicken pot pies. The pot pies were amazing (by my family's standards anyways). However... My mom wears those fake plastic fingernails. And the way we make the pot pies, well.... Let's just say I doubt many of you have experienced the horror of taking a bite from one of your favorite meals, only to bite down on something hard and pull a cooked human fingernail out of your mouth. Top that one, Gordo.

    Magnus DarkSlayerMagnus DarkSlayerDag siden
  • whoever runs this youtube channel, wow i love u r amazing

    th0tfulth0tfulDag siden
  • Gordon bumping into the door at the end just put a perfect little bow on that scene.

    OrbGoblinOrbGoblinDag siden
  • If food is spicy it means it shit new cause they are trying to hide the flavor by adding heat

    HorriblebadwolfHorriblebadwolfDag siden
  • when he dumped that chicken juice on the floor I'm not gonna lie that would have gotten me going if I worked there, so gross!

    walter gwalter gDag siden
  • That double door hit harder than a edm bass drop!

  • Thanks, I'm not hungry anymore. 🤢🤮

    Osmone EveronyOsmone EveronyDag siden
  • The description is hilarious! 😂🤣👏

    Robert SmithRobert SmithDag siden
  • Watching Gordan in the refrigerators makes a person rethink ever eating in a restaurant!

    NeilNeilDag siden
  • I'm more disappointed in these restaurants in how much they fucking waste

    ARichCapitalistARichCapitalistDag siden
  • “Ready for WHAT? Help me Michael!” 💀🤚🏽

    idk anymoreidk anymoreDag siden
  • Gordon: there’s a “hare” in my soup. Waiter: sorry Gordon, Rabbits are out of season..🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂

    Louis That guyLouis That guyDag siden
  • Please return back with new seasons. Just insure Gordon’s mouth, taste buds and overall health insurance for a lot more to allow him to continue 😃😝

    Ross MartinRoss MartinDag siden
  • these titles r now the reason why

    claudeclaudeDag siden
  • "My sincere apologies" 𝙍𝙪𝙣𝙨 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙤 𝙙𝙤𝙤𝙧

    bella buggsbella buggsDag siden
  • This dude took his shirt off in the kitchen... That can't be sanitary.

    SuperHuman37SuperHuman37Dag siden
  • the little dramatic noises with ramsey’s realness lmao i love this show

    Ms ObeyyMs ObeyyDag siden
  • they pronounce "salmon" like "semen" and don't even bother... well, that's the moment I would start worrying

    Leonard KriegerLeonard KriegerDag siden
  • man, one of the things about this show that I have a love/hate relationship is parts where the wait staff or a sous chef hovers nearby, ready to assist and alleviate his concerns, maybe its because I am from the industry and became horrifyingly disenfranchised and burnt out of it, but can anyone else like see the amount of times that sous chef, or that server just like tried to communicate something or just tried to like help with a work place environment they wanted to believe in every time you hear their awkward laughs or like see them break eye contact and look down, always down too.

    KazeHasCoffeeKazeHasCoffeeDag siden