moments more shocking than when i found out it's not butter | Kitchen Nightmares

21. april. 2021
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  • When Gordon called her a “stuck up precious little bitch” I audibly cackled

    Just some manatee with internet accessJust some manatee with internet access16 minutter siden
  • The Five Seasons? The fuck this dude been smoking?

    Bob BartBob Bart44 minutter siden
  • Dude with the carrots was an ego maniac. Like being the owner makes him too good to touch his own product.

    brosif29brosif2950 minutter siden
  • ‘ Only edible thing here’

    Charlotte MarieCharlotte MarieTime siden
  • And ya know what? He gives a SOLID shit about people in the restaurant. Their preferences, their dietary requests and requirements, everything. The staff, the customers, even the owners even when he gets REALLY lit up.

    Vannarsdall ScaleVannarsdall ScaleTime siden
  • 8:23 "they put pork bones in it..." I'm Allergic to Pork had I been served that sauce I'd be sick instantly with hives. Respect

    APoet SmileAPoet Smile2 timer siden
  • The awkward laughing from the waitress was cringeeee

    Dmoe_theslumpgod -YTDmoe_theslumpgod -YT2 timer siden
  • 14:39 I’ve never seen someone be so talented at something that doesn’t matter.

    Tyler LopesTyler Lopes2 timer siden
  • These titles are gettin wild lol

    shoggedshogged2 timer siden
  • I should not have laughed as hard as I did at that sound effect 14:40

    hangry26hangry263 timer siden
  • 14:57 best part

    Milan WisseMilan Wisse3 timer siden
  • the guy dancing makes me cringe so hard I couldn't watched, the cringe is unstoppable.

    TamaleroTamalero3 timer siden
  • 13:00 Jesus Christ. That shit hurt ME good lord.

    Ezra GarciaEzra Garcia4 timer siden
  • I can't believe they put bones inside of a sauce, yes it makes sense if you are to strain the sauce and take the bones out before consumption, but this is a choking hazard and someone could break a tooth.

    Susie BallardSusie Ballard4 timer siden
  • "That refrigerator didn't look like that before you got here" what did he pull the lamb bones and cheese out of his asshole like these people on here are crazy

    Unknown 0001Unknown 00014 timer siden
  • Waitress: Gordon: absolutely wonderful Chef: Gordon: hideous

    DoritiosDoritios4 timer siden
  • Bill looks like he’s a bout to murk Gordon.

    Jake BakerJake Baker5 timer siden
  • I like some petite carrots 🥕

    Lincoln ContinentalLincoln Continental6 timer siden
  • Dancer: proceeds to eat a table. Gordon: Finally something edible

    Not Your Average SkaterNot Your Average Skater6 timer siden

    J EspinolaJ Espinola7 timer siden
  • Bro whose running the account 😭😂👌🏽

    chicken greasechicken grease7 timer siden
  • Those tables were definitely styrofoam

    TAY BRIXTAY BRIX7 timer siden
  • 12:51 DAAAAYUMMMMM GORDON tell us how you really feel 🤣🤣

    a 6a 67 timer siden
  • Lock the fuckin door and close it down 🤣

    a 6a 68 timer siden
  • Fucking smell it🤣🤣

    cornflake toothcornflake tooth8 timer siden
  • He says it’s greasy but when will food be dry that will be disgustsang

    Ethan Du PlessisEthan Du Plessis8 timer siden
  • The Five Seasons?

    Andrew_OwensAndrew_Owens9 timer siden
  • No i didn't mix shit

    Joe MamaJoe Mama9 timer siden
  • Did he say “The Five Seasons”??? Did he mean The Four Seasons, as in the high-end hotel and resort chain? Oops. 😆

    Sarah RomeroSarah Romero9 timer siden
  • What's the episode the with lobster tail?

    TheInfamous CharacterTheInfamous Character9 timer siden
  • -You're in denial! -No I'm not! 🤡

    Vladimir PopaVladimir Popa9 timer siden
  • "you dont hand me raw food, in my dining room" ok then dont give them raw food to give to you in the first place?

    Toxic UnknownToxic Unknown9 timer siden
  • Bill the waiter kind of low key looks like Tom Hanks tho lol

    Sue MeriahSue Meriah9 timer siden
  • I work in substanve abuse treatment. The behavior of some of these owners when someone is trying to help reminds me of many of my clients.

    Derek StoneDerek Stone10 timer siden
  • gordon: dives nose first into a bucket of spoilt chicken me, through a screen: *GAGS*

    athena_bilahathena_bilah12 timer siden
  • And those bones? The moldy lamb bones! 🤣🤣🤣

    TheRealKingLeo -TheRealKingLeo -13 timer siden
  • Lmfaoooooo, sum ppl on denial lmfao

    Xochipilli VeraXochipilli Vera13 timer siden
  • White people are so weird when they get mad.. Gordon: gives him left over carrots Him: ohh that made me mad you don’t hand me raw food in my kitchen😭😭

    Kenyon KingKenyon King14 timer siden
    • That dude likely heard the tiny carrots used as an insult towards his “carrot” before if you catch my drift, so now he serves actual tiny carrots.

      Socatoan SoldierSocatoan Soldier19 minutter siden
  • 11:13 broooooooo you made the godamn food what do you mean if they puking you did something wrong get a clue or even better get some lessons to improve your logic and your cooking idiot

    The Gamer BeastThe Gamer Beast15 timer siden
  • 5:45 did he say FIVE Seasons?

    Timothy SamuelTimothy Samuel15 timer siden
  • At this point. I feel bad for everyone that fucked in the series. But I think I'll fare better

    Strykin StormStrykin Storm15 timer siden
  • 5:43 “those same carrots go to the *five* seasons” *Five* seasons you say? Never heard of that. That guy is the face for toxic masculinity

    Tricky BliickyTricky Bliicky16 timer siden
  • I’m confused about the title- *You found out what’s not butter??*

    AheAhe16 timer siden

    SilverrulezGamingSilverrulezGaming18 timer siden
  • 9:00 wHat ArE yOu DoiNG SiR?

    PawProductions12PawProductions1218 timer siden
  • Kitchen nightmares video titles lately 😂😂

    King JayKing Jay18 timer siden
  • Joe is a psychopath

    AkixAkix19 timer siden
  • how can some praise a carrot and insult it at the same time?

    Ali XVAli XV19 timer siden
  • He be getting off 🤣😂😂🤣

    WEED WARSWEED WARS19 timer siden
  • Those carrots are GLOBAL

    T HT H19 timer siden
  • whoever runs this channel needs to be protected at all costs

    Brishanna SmithBrishanna Smith20 timer siden
  • Ah yes the famous five seasons hotel😂

    Mason LausierMason Lausier20 timer siden
  • These title names are getting chaotic loll

    Wyatt HolidayWyatt Holiday20 timer siden
  • 13:00 my favorite part lmao

    XT VenomXT Venom21 time siden
  • That micro carrot @#!$#%#@$ if it's ok for your staff to take it back it should be ok for u 2, afterall you are the boss.

    Sachorna BrissettSachorna Brissett21 time siden
  • Micro global carrots 😂

    Giovanni BullardGiovanni Bullard21 time siden
  • Gotta love the titles even if they are a ploy to appeal to younger people!

    Cool Bro ACool Bro A22 timer siden
  • Ayo can I get a like social media manager 😳

    LandSharkLandShark22 timer siden
  • *guy dancing with a table in his mouth* Gordon: “Finally, something edible!”

    FireJewelFireJewel22 timer siden
  • These damn titles are sending me 💀💀

    BalmyBalmy22 timer siden
  • 9:18 this always gets me lmao

    Phantom RainPhantom Rain23 timer siden
  • I wanna know who makes these titles

    Carson PrescottCarson Prescott23 timer siden
  • that table mouth guy...he was uh something

    sophiasophia23 timer siden

    the backmaskerthe backmasker23 timer siden
  • 12:57 GR nailed this lady

    A Random TardigradeA Random Tardigrade23 timer siden
  • No one would get sick from my cooking because I would never serve raw or spoiled food. The head chef needed to step up and refuse to make or serve food that is spoiled. They are very lucky that the gentleman did not die from the lobster.

    ErikaErika23 timer siden
  • Are we just ignoring the fact that a guy is eating a table and dancing at the same time

    Megane DunskiMegane DunskiDag siden
  • I wanna know who’s running the Kitchen Nightmares yt they seem to know what they’re doing

    Dominic DDominic DDag siden
  • Imagine if Gordon’s kids are just shitposting on this account

    DM DiariesDM DiariesDag siden
  • And then the dancer. Finally something good to eat.

    Steve JohnsonSteve JohnsonDag siden
  • 14:40 pls the sound effect 😭 I love whoever is running this channel

    anastasiaanastasiaDag siden
  • the freaking title of the video

    Ethan KerseyEthan KerseyDag siden
  • Whos joe

    mxn vrchmxn vrchDag siden
  • The whole scene at 12:40 is GOLDEN. GORDON WAS BOUT TA POP OFF

    mobbsmobbsDag siden
  • Joe is the kind of dude who always gets bullied And whenever the bully says ‘shut up joe’ Joe well just say the same words Copying the bully’s words And thinks joe can win anytime

    KBLove HeidiKBLove HeidiDag siden
  • "Joe, it takes about 4 hours to carnalize the onions..." ROFL. Love it.

    Kevin WorleyKevin WorleyDag siden
  • anyone gonna talk about how at 2:15 the subtitles said “thanks daddy” 💀

    Phi xoPhi xoDag siden
  • Bitching about carrots. How’s he fit in that restaurant with a head that big

    J TJ TDag siden
  • That look at 3:04 😂

    LockyLockyDag siden
  • "The food here is the freshest, hands down." **Cuts to microwave beeping**

    Catie PCatie PDag siden
  • Okay but like these titles know exactly who's watching these videos

    Catie PCatie PDag siden
  • My dad is better at cooking than these people and he’s not even a chef, I’m better at cooking than these people.

    KurtKurtDag siden
  • Imma get me some of them five seasons carrots. 😂🤣

    B BessB BessDag siden
  • the micro carrots go global... mmm ive never seen them here locally.

    Dennis YannDennis YannDag siden
  • 4:30 I love how Joe KNOWS that he's not going to like the carrots, (which probably means you shouldn't put them there) but he does it anyway. THEN STILL gets mad when Gordon says the exact thing he knew he would say when he did it.

    James WillieJames WillieDag siden
  • No one gonna talk about the people who run the channel put “IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES” in the description? That’s funny af

    CrykorZCrykorZDag siden
  • “You’re a disgrace to the industry!”

    SuperJLK _SuperJLK _Dag siden
  • This table chomp sound effect always gets me

    JanPanJanPanDag siden
  • Wait are you telling me that's fucking margarine? Seriously??

    Kev JamesKev JamesDag siden
  • Lol what is the five seasons, Joe? Do you mean the 4 seasons, ya bag of milk?

  • Hey channel manager I LOVE YOU

    Crispy VRCrispy VRDag siden
  • This is literally my fav episode..

    your daddyyour daddyDag siden
  • 0:07 "The food here at the bistro, is the freshest...hands down" *Microwave beep*

    Ix- BABA -xIIx- BABA -xIDag siden

    Michael GutierrezMichael GutierrezDag siden
  • Literally a genius whoever manages the channel

    Kaitlyn FallsKaitlyn FallsDag siden
  • wtf is this title i love it😂😂

    Alexander K.BAlexander K.BDag siden
  • **Joe**

    Frank CoughFrank CoughDag siden
  • Global carrots 👁👄👁

    B BB BDag siden
  • I love that i don't get hungry when I'm looking at this "food" 😂

    KarenbutcherP97KarenbutcherP97Dag siden
  • Joe seems like W good chef just in a shit restaurant with a shit boss

    JuiceJuiceDag siden