Mini Crazy Engines Starting Up and Sound That Must Be Reviewed

10. aug.. 2019
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This video features Mini Crazy Engines Starting Up and Sound That Must Be Reviewed. If you wanna see some crazy cold start mini engines watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE.
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  • These are so cute & cool! I would have been obsessed with these as a little girl!

    Zazz82Zazz8220 timer siden
  • why you do me like that at the end

    Peeper The PenguinPeeper The PenguinDag siden
  • That rat rod one in the beginning was definitely what makes me want to get into hobbies like this!

    D Rhodes420D Rhodes4204 dager siden
  • You should get a biologist to start a heart to be used as a natural blood transfusion device.

    Wildlife / supernanny fan 1355848Wildlife / supernanny fan 13558486 dager siden
  • Minny drag race!

    Richard MortellaroRichard Mortellaro6 dager siden

    Larry NaultLarry Nault8 dager siden
  • I don't understand how they make these, and where can you (I) obtain one or several?

    Larry NaultLarry Nault8 dager siden
  • An expansion chamber on a 4 stroke buggy engine? Why? Straight pipe simpler and probably more effective ..

    Xen UnoXen Uno11 dager siden
  • Why is it all these little engines sound like sputtering misfiring messes?

    Daniel RushDaniel Rush12 dager siden

    belly tripperbelly tripper12 dager siden
  • Amazing engineering, it really is.

    channeleightythree083channeleightythree08317 dager siden
  • I love how a mini v8 still sounds like a v8 just with a bit less thump

    Jo KeJo Ke18 dager siden
  • What companies take their time to make those miniature parts? 😂

    ZR1TerrorZR1Terror22 dager siden
  • 4:31 Why is there an expansion chamber or that poor little 4 stroke? Also why is everything on it completely unbalanced and it vibrates like there's no tomorrow?

    Gaz VlogsGaz Vlogs23 dager siden
  • Man petrol is crap now lol

    ARCARC23 dager siden
  • that was so fucking cool.

    johnnytheprickjohnnytheprick29 dager siden
  • Seriously ....that text spoils the video. Shame as many people will stop watching within a few minutes rather than enjoy the sounds and awesome engineering.

    pyrotenaxpyrotenaxMåned siden
  • Amazing works of art!

    Claus BohmClaus BohmMåned siden
  • 4:46 buddy forgot to secure the tires to the wheels

    Ryan MacRyan MacMåned siden
  • Even tiny V8s sound awesome :D

    mito 0815mito 0815Måned siden
  • Should have heard the sounds my hemroids made after by a colonoscopy!

    Robert WickhamRobert Wickham2 måneder siden
  • The big stickers with infos is so weird ...hiding 30% of video weird

    ProdoxProdox2 måneder siden
  • This first hot rod is the best

    Marzena WodyńskaMarzena Wodyńska2 måneder siden
  • The BANNER ruins the video. Use audio narration.

    Jim FurrJim Furr2 måneder siden
  • my kids powerwheels is getting a mini v8 change my mind

    Gamin RedneckGamin Redneck2 måneder siden
  • .. I was unable to read the big block of text because some engine noise and bits of aeroplane getting in the way????

  • 1:19 WW II flash back 🇺🇸

    Oliver AlibiOliver Alibi3 måneder siden
  • I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with some of these engines!

    Garrett for ChristGarrett for Christ3 måneder siden
  • Get rid of the captions and video plugs at the end! Can't see the engines...

    ry tvdinnersry tvdinners3 måneder siden
  • 5 cylinder Radial engine 👌

    Kurt Vangberg-HjelleKurt Vangberg-Hjelle3 måneder siden
  • Who makes these things ....They look original kits involved but lots of custom machining involved ...

    John PrendergastJohn Prendergast3 måneder siden
  • Nice topic but bad camera work

    James CrossanJames Crossan3 måneder siden
  • First motor sounds like classic "post bong rip cough suppression"

    antisobriety4201antisobriety42013 måneder siden
  • So was the first one an Extra small block?

    Eber SalcidoEber Salcido3 måneder siden
  • Why did the 4 stroke RC buggy at 4:30 have a 2 stroke expansion chamber?

    phil955iphil955i3 måneder siden
  • 4:50 4 stroke with a 2 stroke exhaust?

    bicylindricobicylindrico3 måneder siden
  • Crazy that they sound like the big v8!!! Lol

    Big Bear Love LynchBig Bear Love Lynch3 måneder siden
  • would have been nice to see the last big rig engine without all the extra bullshit on the screen covering it up

    Belial61Belial613 måneder siden
  • We’ll circle back on that.

    rediculous peoplerediculous people3 måneder siden
  • 8.10 that's a whipper snipper motor, put one on a skateboard years ago with a bar stool and handles bars off a dirt bike 😁

    BlazingDipper YoBlazingDipper Yo3 måneder siden
  • Those are all pretty cool but my '68 Corolla is a scale model of a real car that you can actually drive.

    IcantSignInIcantSignIn3 måneder siden
  • I have reviewed the sound and deem it acceptable

    AF BennettAF Bennett3 måneder siden
  • Remove the text. Put it in the comments as its seriously annoying

    filmdesignerfilmdesigner3 måneder siden
  • 2:18 bone shaker

    Ildefonso MaranonIldefonso Maranon4 måneder siden
  • too many clips of the Conley 609, esp that for the $$ nobody installs them in cars making it just a hella 'spensive bench model engine

    Paul SPaul S4 måneder siden
  • nice little engines, radials sound great and just like big engines.

    Paul SPaul S4 måneder siden
  • What a nice engine!!! Love also the jerry!!!

    Alvgeir Stegane HaugeAlvgeir Stegane Hauge4 måneder siden
  • Dat first one sounded like a wet fart

    TDNG JAYTDNG JAY4 måneder siden
  • At what scale can industry reproduce a 100% working model spec for spec?

    Ethan BonardelEthan Bonardel4 måneder siden
  • This proves it Elon Musk could make 20 foot tall miniature models of his Rockets test them perfect them then make them big after they're perfected and save a lot of money of course I know he has plenty

    Jeffery PerkinsJeffery Perkins4 måneder siden
  • Esse motor dá no ventilador e liquidificador?

    Renatinho da hero puchRenatinho da hero puch4 måneder siden
  • Throttle response in that flat 4 with props is amazing

    Rob FrancisRob Francis4 måneder siden
  • do you have paper work or a design.i want to make the smaller size.

    Alpha OmegiaAlpha Omegia4 måneder siden
  • sounds better than a honda civic

    BruhShrek5BruhShrek54 måneder siden
  • Pretty cool

    Norman Bosco IINorman Bosco II4 måneder siden
  • That toy rat rod was so awesome

    Sergeant ScumbagSergeant Scumbag4 måneder siden
  • .

    Garry PeacockGarry Peacock4 måneder siden
  • somebody send me the link for the gy with that mini rc hot rod

    SkydiveSkydive4 måneder siden
    • the brown one*

      SkydiveSkydive4 måneder siden
  • that flat 6 looked like a work of art.

    Rodney HoneymanRodney Honeyman4 måneder siden
  • 1:57 Sounds like the beginning of VH Hot for Teacher

    John KnightJohn Knight4 måneder siden
  • The radials sound like the real deal, amazing

    Deborah chesserDeborah chesser4 måneder siden
  • Text blocks the video...

    Cosme FulanitoCosme Fulanito4 måneder siden
  • When people build these display stands for these small V8s, they build in some way of demonstrating the torque or rpm or something. I have a feeling they dont really produce a whole lot of power

    Dude, Smell my HelmetDude, Smell my Helmet4 måneder siden
  • I spend All that time and money in to something you can't get into? The cool things these guys could build!

    Jennifer KunchJennifer Kunch4 måneder siden
  • That text shouldn't be there in the first place

  • They know how to build engines but not how to film them.

    drdavisreindrdavisrein5 måneder siden
  • 8:24 thats chainsaw engine

    JonathanJonathan5 måneder siden
  • hey dumb shit if people wanted something to read they'd grab a book.....

    Quadflopper101Quadflopper1015 måneder siden
  • Awesome video

    Buddy HarshawBuddy Harshaw5 måneder siden
  • Those 5 cylinder radials sound awesome!

    David AustinDavid Austin5 måneder siden
  • 3:40 he put alot of money in the motor

    charm vxcharm vx5 måneder siden
  • Da boat gose Brrrrrr

    gamekid bunny7gamekid bunny75 måneder siden
  • that text box.....

    Alex CarrollAlex Carroll5 måneder siden
  • Squirrels and small animals should start learning how to drive they could sure have some fun

  • Man I did not expect the 5 cylinder radial engine to sound like that. That was bad to the bone.

    Ron MillerRon Miller5 måneder siden
  • Why is there an expansion pipe on a 4 stroke

    nick ruffiernick ruffier5 måneder siden
  • Sounds just as good as a Harley Davidson!!! (lol)

    The ObserverThe Observer5 måneder siden
  • Just 1 card hell 2 on front 2 on bk

    southern okiesouthern okie5 måneder siden
  • video would be better without the description at the top

    chris deanchris dean5 måneder siden
  • At 4:50, spinner wheels on an RC dune buggy? Really? And what the heck is the sense in a dune buggy you can't get in and drive? Nice job though. Really nice.

    Donald ShimkusDonald Shimkus5 måneder siden
  • I was watching electric VW conversions and now spent time watching this.... Dam you NOworld! How did I get here....

    Jeff HartwigJeff Hartwig5 måneder siden
  • Every one of those engines are badass!!!!!!

    KravMike08KravMike085 måneder siden
  • Where was this tiny little Micro Engine from the Tumbnail .. ??? the Engines in the Video where all nice .. but this out of the Tumbnale was much smaller in relation to the fingers on it ..

    KalatSaarKalatSaar5 måneder siden
  • The boxster at 6:00 is impressive.

    Greg NixonGreg Nixon5 måneder siden
  • A hot rod Is fantastic 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

    Petr stuntbikerPetr stuntbiker5 måneder siden
  • 2:19 what enigne is this

    Muffin ManMuffin Man5 måneder siden
  • .... ukinell... haven't these camera guys heard of image stabilizers??

    Michael MouseMichael Mouse6 måneder siden
  • 7:37 Sounds like a 4-Rotor, dose'nt it?

    BoliathYTBoliathYT6 måneder siden
  • Did you really need a quarter of the screen blocked with bullshit no one gives a fuck about reading?

    mrjamesgrimesmrjamesgrimes6 måneder siden
  • 0:12 I want know how blade kept going through his arm without slicing it!

    Mzima SpringsMzima Springs6 måneder siden
  • Those are some pretty cool engines. I'm amazed at the push rod four stroke engine because of how tiny they are. I used to build motorcycle drag bikes so I'm familiar with how they are made and to see engine's this small in amazing me.

    Clifford S.Clifford S.6 måneder siden
  • 4:40 rocket league

    milkmilk6 måneder siden
  • That coupe is awesome!

    Admuralcain PegasusAdmuralcain Pegasus6 måneder siden
  • RIP Headphone Users

    FÜHRERFÜHRER6 måneder siden
  • Get the read off the top gone i cant see shit thumbs down

    Ed LoganEd Logan6 måneder siden
  • Why would you put the commentary over the horrible shaky filming?

    Brian HenryBrian Henry6 måneder siden
  • What horrible filming.

    Brian HenryBrian Henry6 måneder siden
  • I want to buy it are where ? You can hlep me

    Lâm Tấn TàiLâm Tấn Tài6 måneder siden
  • Nice... some very detailed builds for sure.:. Seriously tiny parts... crazy.

    premiercconstructionpremiercconstruction6 måneder siden
  • The first engine I see. The mini V8. I love it. I shall call it.. Mini Muscle

    jeremy hearnejeremy hearne7 måneder siden