Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters

23. april. 2021
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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters. You asked for it. This was absolutely insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are not FOUR hunters but FIVE instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost AND my friend awesamdude tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • To wszystko to przerobiony film

    JanixJanix5 timer siden
  • Alright tbh the fact that they had to respawn the dragon before it died was just unfair

    the aimer gamerthe aimer gamer5 timer siden
  • you were mean

    Ryan Jade SeninRyan Jade Senin5 timer siden
  • bro i wanted tommyinint to be the 5th hunter

    Roshaan AbdullahRoshaan Abdullah5 timer siden
  • Do manhunt, but with dragon pets .

    ӐлԑҟҫӐлԑҟҫ5 timer siden
  • 7:28 pog moment ends

    ProGamingMMHProGamingMMH5 timer siden
  • 7:00 pog moment starts

    ProGamingMMHProGamingMMH5 timer siden
  • Hey dream, what version of Minecraft do you play on? Cause whenever I craft a boat it takes a wooden shovel and I play on Xbox. It might be a computer thing to not use a shovel to make one, but it’s a thing for me.

    Gavin WaltersGavin Walters5 timer siden
  • Dream im want to say you age 21 right you born 1999

    luuvan truongluuvan truong5 timer siden
  • funny

    PatePate5 timer siden
  • But drema best

    Immortal PrinceImmortal Prince5 timer siden

    cold :Dcold :D5 timer siden
  • 1:05 the wood craft it self to plenks

    luflufinio :vluflufinio :v5 timer siden
  • 7:26 the moment you all came to see second time

    Real・DarshØPReal・DarshØP5 timer siden
  • Hi, I'm a big fan, even though I speak Spanish, I watch your videos, what I was doing was writing everything in the translator, and even though I don't understand Danda, I'll see your videos.😁😁

    Harol andres Mosquera lozanoHarol andres Mosquera lozano5 timer siden
  • Hunters were noob Smarty pie is pro

    Minal VisheMinal Vishe5 timer siden
  • 7:27 move was mind blowing

    abdul rehman nazirabdul rehman nazir5 timer siden
  • 7:27 he has the boat in the hot bar before he crafted it

    brunitos 7brunitos 75 timer siden
  • how many times did he say "oh my gosh"????

    phyboo_phyboo_5 timer siden
  • I dare you reveal your face dream if your not a loser

    SpeedGhostSpeedGhost5 timer siden
  • in like is video

    Gustavo DuarteGustavo Duarte5 timer siden
  • dream please more video

    Gustavo DuarteGustavo Duarte5 timer siden
  • How can the ender dragon respawn so quick

    Jessica PereaJessica Perea5 timer siden
  • Nice

    LPOgamerLPOgamer5 timer siden
  • Free fire. :ruok ff and lorem ff Minecraft: dream.

  • O_O

    DÓŁDÓŁ5 timer siden
  • But idont now how to show you.

    Narmandakh TungalagNarmandakh Tungalag5 timer siden
  • Dream i made a fanart of you.

    Narmandakh TungalagNarmandakh Tungalag5 timer siden

  • where is mexican dream

    Juan Ignacio Decremer NavarroJuan Ignacio Decremer Navarro5 timer siden
  • Я не знаю что делать дальше 6 я думаю что я не знаю что делать дальше 6 я думаю что я не знаю что делать дальше 6 я думаю что я не знаю что делать дальше 6 я думаю что я не знаю что делать и если бы не было меня бы и не 8 так как я не знаю что я хочу быть в этом мире и как 8,v

    Али МАНСУРАли МАНСУР6 timer siden
  • How fast dream finds diamonds at 1:26

    Elite PythonElite Python6 timer siden
  • Nice goooooddddd

    Muhammad Najib mufidMuhammad Najib mufid6 timer siden
  • 0:25 Me thinking my audio was buggy 🤡

    — ` Meggie Sensei 老师— ` Meggie Sensei 老师6 timer siden
  • 😔oh dream

    Ramin HaghiriRamin Haghiri6 timer siden
  • I have a manhunt idea minecraft manhunt but one of the hunters is an imposter and trying to secretly help dream ( idk if this has bin done before tho 😅)

    Loïs NeggersLoïs Neggers6 timer siden
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    dream is gaydream is gay6 timer siden
  • YOU ARE A JERK!!!! -sapnap

    Charlotte PCharlotte P6 timer siden
  • OPD

    Kedar prasad meenaKedar prasad meena6 timer siden
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    Kedar prasad meenaKedar prasad meena6 timer siden
  • D

    Kedar prasad meenaKedar prasad meena6 timer siden
  • D

    Kedar prasad meenaKedar prasad meena6 timer siden

    • stan

      cryingcarcryingcar5 timer siden
  • DREAM theres no was you cant shoot end Crystal im sick im tired you fuckin kidding me do you understand that yes ore NO!!!

    Celestina MirandaCelestina Miranda6 timer siden
  • YOU JUST CRAFT BOAT IN 0.1 SECONDS 😶😶😱😲😯🤯!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Megha KokaneMegha Kokane6 timer siden
    • i can do better

      cryingcarcryingcar5 timer siden
  • I can't count how many time I rewind the boat crafting

    SsyzamQHSsyzamQH6 timer siden
  • 7:27 how.

    Alandres_xdAlandres_xd6 timer siden
  • he found diamond like 9 seconds

    Irwin OliverioIrwin Oliverio6 timer siden
  • DREAM THIER IS a very talented minecraft player name YESSMARTYPIE please play with him because he deseres it YOU SHOULD GIVE HIM A CHANCE

    syeeda amnasyeeda amna6 timer siden

    Root DominicRoot Dominic6 timer siden
    • he already did

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  • that boat mlg was insane mind if you make tutorials or another channel to make tutroials on how to do your mlg love you dream

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    • he wont never ever

      cryingcarcryingcar5 timer siden

    SsyzamQHSsyzamQH6 timer siden
  • Eu sou br poorra

    Vitor Henrique Sarti Trindade SilvaVitor Henrique Sarti Trindade Silva6 timer siden
  • You're boring now I'm unsubscribing to you because you don't do anything new and fun all of it is just very cool Minecraft skills I just want a face reveal I'm going to watch someone else😑

    Daniel VelasquezDaniel Velasquez6 timer siden
  • The hunters can’t handle the smoke 💨

    EggEgg6 timer siden
  • This is like the best free movie

    EggEgg6 timer siden
  • Helo

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  • Dream op

  • From brasil)))

  • 7:30

    Mette SøndergårdMette Søndergård6 timer siden
  • Criativo o video!

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  • And pls do manhunt6 Vs speedrunner

    Sima singhSima singh6 timer siden
  • This comment is 2 weeks ago

    sick_noob BGsick_noob BG6 timer siden
  • You can't beat me in mine craft bedrock adition I'd DantierRoom757

    goten animationgoten animation6 timer siden
  • dream vc venceu

    Guilherme gamerツGuilherme gamerツ6 timer siden
  • Face reveal pls pls Pls😭😭😭 if don't iwill unsubscribe your channel pls pls pls😭😭😭😭

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  • knemonds

    Simon Valentin Vega BrunaSimon Valentin Vega Bruna6 timer siden
  • 24:18 lol

    hazell janatryahazell janatrya6 timer siden
  • Me: HES SO F ING GOOD Dream: dose a 3 60 in the air Me again: 🤭 OMG WOW

    cjhenkscjhenks6 timer siden
  • The boat trip and how he mad the portal with out mining a single block was juts WOW

    Stephanos PanagakosStephanos Panagakos6 timer siden
  • Dream playing minecraft be like: Aaaaaaa Sapnap , George awesamdude ,BBH and Antfrost playing minecraft be like : why are u running ? Why are u running? Me : Noice

  • Can i have some subs tho 😂 Btw dude i always watch your vids it was awsome And i was joking about the subs cuz i saw alot bragging about it

    KeinimeKeinime6 timer siden
  • I know your active right nowwwwwwwwwwww

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  • Helllllllllllllooooooooooo

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  • Hi dream love from india ❤️ and you play awesome

    sanjeev Saxenasanjeev Saxena6 timer siden
  • Dream:always jumps on trees. Me:always falls down on everytime i climb a tree.

    Spilled PersoSpilled Perso6 timer siden
  • make a face reavel naw

    aries resurreccionaries resurreccion6 timer siden
    • I mean he has alot of stalkers so for his safety it's best he doesn't

      Bobby JacobBobby Jacob6 timer siden
  • 😁😁😁

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  • oh my god

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  • U dont do face reveal bc u have nank problema and u live in basment(i think)

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  • Honestly that was a dub achievement or not

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  • how

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  • Manhunt speed run

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  • Hello dream I m French il like do video

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    • Salut

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  • Dream can I see your face please 🥺🥺🥺

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    • I mean the chances of him seeing this comment is rare and he won't and I don't want him to cuz he has too many stalkers so it's best he doesn't

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  • You guys should to it with a shader pack

    Giovanny De los santosGiovanny De los santos7 timer siden
  • you know after 3 years of hacking and stuff i.................. i found you. you don't know what i know but i know what you know. so...... ill keep your face a secret ... for now

    Braydon RooteBraydon Roote7 timer siden
  • just sad how you find diamonds but cant mine it

    Harshithsai YerramsettiHarshithsai Yerramsetti7 timer siden
  • Dream you have ant skin That was to funny I am don’t sapnap ,I am TanSzeJean

    TAN SZE JEAN MoeTAN SZE JEAN Moe7 timer siden
  • I like how in the end the ender dragon just revived lol

    Jack JuarezJack Juarez7 timer siden
  • how???

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  • should do one with fans

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  • Pls do 6 hunters pls😀

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  • imagine putting lava on the nether portal in the nether

    Harshithsai YerramsettiHarshithsai Yerramsetti7 timer siden
  • 1:06 his logs turned into wood without him opening inventory?

    European MapperEuropean Mapper7 timer siden
    • He probably cut that scene

      Bobby JacobBobby Jacob6 timer siden