Minecraft’s Surgery Mod is actually funny…

2. april. 2021
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Today TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Philza & Slimecicle have lots of fun with the Surgery Mod in Minecraft. It was properly mental.
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Today Me, Wilbur Soot, Slimecicle, & Philza Minecraft install the Surgery Mod in Minecraft 1.16.4! Even though I had a Minecraft War with Dream on the Dream Team SMP Minecraft Server today Wilbur Soot went crazy and he is just hilarious and we had lots of laughs.
The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever with New Funny Mods makes Minecraft 1.16.4 even funnier & hilarious! It is lots of fun and laughs :)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friends playing the NEW FUNNIEST MINECRAFT MOD EVER!!! POG CHAMP!!!

  • This was actuly hilarious

    Everett IgartaEverett Igarta2 timer siden
  • Clutch Idea: When Wilbur was levitating, Charlie could've slapped him into the water.

    Logan HerbertLogan Herbert2 timer siden
  • 3:24 is that the instrumentals for the Georgenotfound only fans song?

    MorroMeisterMorroMeister2 timer siden
  • Anyway, that's how I lost my medical licence

    FORTY7OUTFORTY7OUT2 timer siden
  • Foo said chilli dawgs

    im bored.im bored.3 timer siden
  • 11:00 he didn’t finish! I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!

    YourLocalArtistYourLocalArtist3 timer siden
  • Thee iron innit

    Da BabyDa Baby3 timer siden
  • Will made tommy toxic lol

    Fazbear DrawsFazbear Draws3 timer siden
  • i love slime because he always seems high on drugs

    Woofles1Woofles13 timer siden
  • I was crying of Laughter when Tommy put down the chair and thenCharlie sat down and Tommy said what the fu**

    Isabella SofiaIsabella Sofia4 timer siden
  • Tommy is singing the song from the book of life when he can’t kill the bull-😳

    10sugarcube0110sugarcube014 timer siden
  • this entire video is just an acid trip

    KyumoKyumo4 timer siden
  • *two baby zombies.. twice the nightmare for philza.*

    RamuneRamune4 timer siden
  • Wilbur: Please... call me *Keith.* Everyone: *Visibly concerned*

    Emperor XEmperor X4 timer siden
  • do the howling moon mod. it may be 1.12.2 but it is worth it.

    MatRdMatRd4 timer siden
  • Where did you get this mod I will get on my moms account and sub to you

    Gabe QuenzerGabe Quenzer4 timer siden
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Tommy after Charlie blows up: *yells like a baby*

    DoodleMasterDoodleMaster5 timer siden
  • 9:41

    Scott KendallScott Kendall5 timer siden
  • 7:11

    Scott KendallScott Kendall5 timer siden
  • Hey Mr. Tommy...you passed 8 million in 2 weeks...wow

    Marina HillyerMarina Hillyer6 timer siden

    Milky MidgetMilky Midget6 timer siden
  • Wilbur: I lost my chest cutters Slimecicle: I lost my lungs

    Obi wan kanobiObi wan kanobi6 timer siden
  • The origins of Keith the Dragon :

    DemonicDemonic6 timer siden
  • ᵢᵥₑ ₗₒₛₜ ₘᵧ ₗᵤₙ𝓰ₛ

    akayla almeidaakayla almeida6 timer siden
  • Lol

    GiraffeGiraffe6 timer siden
  • 20:18 My favorite moment, yes.

    Josefina ChauderlotJosefina Chauderlot7 timer siden
  • no one: wilbur: ᵐʸ ˢᶦᵍⁿ

    akayla almeidaakayla almeida7 timer siden
  • Bien

    Morella TovárMorella Továr7 timer siden
  • 7:04 fun part

    Eloan BrunetEloan Brunet7 timer siden
  • 12:12 does anyone else notice how his audio isn't in sink?

    Prince JugaliPrince Jugali7 timer siden
  • hey... what's up.... have you ever gone fishing! I mean in real life... Try it its fun!

    Watermelon Bass Fishing Mr CarpWatermelon Bass Fishing Mr Carp8 timer siden
  • i hear ace attorney music yes i do (8:25)

    adrienadrien8 timer siden
  • This was the weirdest video I’ve ever watched

    Kaytlyn DayKaytlyn Day8 timer siden
  • To be honest I wouldn’t trust Tommy with a knife either we already saw what he will do with the forks

    Stephen BennettStephen Bennett8 timer siden
  • Makes me laugh every time 6:49

    Arctic foxArctic fox9 timer siden
  • What voice changer is that and where can we download this mod because it’s very pog

    Žiga VirtičŽiga Virtič9 timer siden
  • Why is his screen so dark

    Darth PlagueisDarth Plagueis9 timer siden
  • Phil is lucky he got front row tickets to the Alvin and the chuckmunks xd

    Ahmad NadiriAhmad Nadiri9 timer siden
  • Cool

    GiraffeGiraffe9 timer siden
  • Cook

    GiraffeGiraffe9 timer siden
  • Is it just me or did anyone lose thing there was gonna be Ranboo and there were gonna put and enderman part in him when tommy first explained the mod

    • Cyb3r •• Cyb3r •9 timer siden
  • allahu akbar

    Future SteveFuture Steve10 timer siden
  • Tommy: we are almost at 8 mil Me watching two weeks later: TommyInnit-8.7 mil subscribers

    Happy Little DucklingHappy Little Duckling10 timer siden
  • What the hack. MOSHI - MOSH SHI ~~~~(UwU) mask

    parisya of UwUparisya of UwU11 timer siden
  • Not gonna lie, we are getting close to 10 Million subscribers!

    Your_Endeavor YTYour_Endeavor YT11 timer siden
  • 8:05😂

    Godslayer AttackGodslayer Attack11 timer siden
  • Wilbur: Call me keith! Me:Aw sh*t! Here we go again...

    Bernd RaschkeBernd Raschke11 timer siden
  • I just like how Wilbur in the end is just like: I have obtained power.

    Bad gurl ÙwÚBad gurl ÙwÚ11 timer siden
  • ok as soon as tommy started making music with his mouth heavy metal stats playin on my speaker

    GUSGUS12 timer siden
  • U good nigh=ga

    Lulu WrldLulu Wrld12 timer siden
  • So funny 🤣😁

    Thar NgeThar Nge13 timer siden
  • "Anyway, that's how I lost my medical license"

    Ash KetchumAsh Ketchum13 timer siden
  • Bruh im dying HELP! XDDDDD

    Amayi LaumAmayi Laum13 timer siden
  • 7:12 ok wow, has his voice gone this high before?

    Nature_Ramune QwQNature_Ramune QwQ13 timer siden
  • Did he stream this?

    Dominic McElroyDominic McElroy14 timer siden
  • Wilbur should be an actor

    FreezingFunkrFreezingFunkr14 timer siden
  • 17:06 so funny LMAO

    -ϟκιͷgϟ-ϟκιͷgϟ14 timer siden
  • Why are some of the organs glowing like they where enchanted?

    Luna LoveLuna Love14 timer siden
  • The intro: Gen 4 Pokémon League Me: gets terrified O_O

    Kirito_YTKirito_YT14 timer siden
  • 16:25 Slimecicle : time to die tommy

    Dream BrotherDream Brother15 timer siden
  • is it just me or is tommy always wearing that shirt?

    if we die in minecraft we be likeif we die in minecraft we be like15 timer siden
  • I wish it can download the mod

    Edrick LawaiEdrick Lawai15 timer siden
  • what was the mod you used?

    jo bojo bo15 timer siden
  • Llamainnit

    Garry FelixGarry Felix15 timer siden
  • I wish you tried iron golem muscles. It would be great.

    Cansu BozerCansu Bozer15 timer siden
  • what does wrongun means

    Lickow3Lickow315 timer siden
  • Tommy and Charlie: *losing sanity* Phil: *wondering off* Wilbur: *WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER-*

    { • Lazy Studios Inc. • }{ • Lazy Studios Inc. • }15 timer siden
  • why is more people following and wating carefully one kid from england then there is people in my country

    Lickow3Lickow315 timer siden
  • is this just a knockoff of the origins smp

    paranormal_arsonistparanormal_arsonist16 timer siden
  • Dr. Keith Malpractice is one of the greatest reoccurring characters

    KookaburraKookaburra16 timer siden
  • Tommy: I don’t die Me: I think that is TECHNOBLADE

    Jesse AgrissJesse Agriss16 timer siden
  • My stomach was hurting from this video not because it's funny, it's cuz the fact they're throwing organs every where make my stomach turn

    XxXPhantom_DragonXxXXxXPhantom_DragonXxX16 timer siden
  • what is the mod?

    FastAzeFastAze16 timer siden

    William KingWilliam King17 timer siden
  • We are almost at 8 million subs next week we are almost at 9 million subs next week we are almost at 10 million subs and so on and so on

    LuigizzLuigizz17 timer siden
  • He made it to 8 mil in less that 2 weeks!!! Congrats 🥳

    RMundead MinecraftRMundead Minecraft18 timer siden
  • how can we find this mod ?

    Sach _Sach _18 timer siden
    • @MilfLover666 oh thanks

      Sach _Sach _16 timer siden
    • The mod is called Chest Cavity.

      MilfLover666MilfLover66617 timer siden
  • philza the man who can kill without a spine

    scimitarscimitar18 timer siden
  • Hello zeke im here

    Josef LicardoJosef Licardo18 timer siden
  • “Tommy put that in me”

    Archie CarmichaelArchie Carmichael18 timer siden
  • 14:40 FORTNITE

    Rey LibrellaRey Librella19 timer siden
  • Appendix

    GreenbladeplayzGreenbladeplayz19 timer siden
  • Tommy: What’s your favourite drink? Charlie: *speed* Me: So does he drink sonic?

    Musty butterMusty butter19 timer siden
  • When Charlie sat down and went to the toilet

    Stone BlockStone Block19 timer siden
  • Funniest yter ever

    DoritoDorito19 timer siden
  • 18:06 he is singing creep by radiohead. Love them so much bro

    FetusionFetusion19 timer siden
  • Trama 7:09

    Kyle CarltonKyle Carlton19 timer siden
  • Ph1LzA is getting sick

    X_xAustin2913x_XX_xAustin2913x_X19 timer siden
  • ReEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe

    E ME M20 timer siden

    Keith MCKeith MC20 timer siden
  • 16:28 lol I like how slimesicle doesn’t bother to hide the fact that’s he’s in creative

    Daniel FenwickDaniel Fenwick20 timer siden
  • Where is the link to the mod?

    SilentNinja8SilentNinja820 timer siden
  • 👍

  • You should of invited ninja

    Idris AIdris A20 timer siden
  • Just boned the dragon felling good

    Mãx ĂFŢØŇMãx ĂFŢØŇ20 timer siden
  • Lol when he said what the fuck to the fire

    Savannah Van ValkenburgSavannah Van Valkenburg20 timer siden
  • Phil: But..thats cannabalism Will... Wilbur: Don't ask questions Phil ;) Tommy a few minutes later: I'm gonna eat myself :D

    AngelicDemonAngelicDemon20 timer siden
  • how to make a modded server

    lil tsulil tsu20 timer siden
  • Lol

    johaan kevinjohaan kevin21 time siden
  • 16:26 bro slimecicle is in creative xd

    SushiSushi21 time siden