Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals...

2. mai. 2021
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Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, there are CUSTOM PORTALS AND WORLDS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was absolutely insane.
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    Mr bushMr bush4 minutter siden
  • “Oh so much iron” is funny

    Jacob DickersonJacob Dickerson37 minutter siden
  • 1m

    Ernesto MartinezErnesto Martinez49 minutter siden
  • 1k

    Ernesto MartinezErnesto Martinez50 minutter siden
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    Ernesto MartinezErnesto Martinez51 minutt siden
  • I just love be his cut scream🤣

    lolmeme_390lolmeme_390Time siden
  • the moment after he burned the skeleton i was thinking:"welcome to strip mining with wisp episode 1294023950182093581058603914801398450948305198609

    Youri AdrienYouri AdrienTime siden
  • isn't quarts an ore

    Avenge-JusticeAvenge-JusticeTime siden
  • The broad wrist characteristically advise because quarter extragingivally like an a disagreeable periodical. dizzy, super work

    John LavvasJohn LavvasTime siden
  • The intro is skeppy land

    Bjorn de GamerBjorn de GamerTime siden
  • I:0 u pro

    Daniela DoyleDaniela Doyle2 timer siden
  • I can feel the 8 year olds rushing to their computer's to try these.

    Silent Shadow OperativeSilent Shadow Operative2 timer siden
  • Who else just wants him to play minecraft with no mods 😥

    Aaliyah RamirezAaliyah Ramirez2 timer siden
  • you forgot about for the quartz

    Християн СимеоновХристиян Симеонов4 timer siden
  • how to do i get dis mod

    skiiez_Josh YTskiiez_Josh YT4 timer siden
  • I like the Zelda Twilight Princess music in the intro ❤️❤️

    catdap1catdap14 timer siden
  • i wanna know how is this mod called

    Relja AndjicRelja Andjic4 timer siden
    • plsss :(

      Relja AndjicRelja Andjic4 timer siden
  • Wow

    Adam ChaudhryAdam Chaudhry4 timer siden
  • Dude type diamond portal is skeppys

    •Plus••Plus•5 timer siden
  • Is nobody going to talk about the fact that did not make a portal out of quartz?

    AbdulZeroAbdulZero5 timer siden
  • Mod name?

    Pog BenjiPog Benji5 timer siden
  • Imagine he made a portal out of bedrock?

    Ahmed AlyahyaeeAhmed Alyahyaee5 timer siden
  • *this is gonna get weird*

    Flippy and fliqpy do stuffFlippy and fliqpy do stuff5 timer siden
  • You had the chanche to make 6 Notch Apples with all these golden blocks

    Sylvia VogesSylvia Voges5 timer siden
  • You are my best YT #big fan

    Yung benni-shortsYung benni-shorts6 timer siden
  • This video was the best you haf upload

    Yung benni-shortsYung benni-shorts6 timer siden
  • POV you came from tik tok

    Spencer BrowningSpencer Browning6 timer siden
  • whats the mod called

    AlisaAlisa6 timer siden
  • How can I get that world please tell me

    ah suhaibah suhaib6 timer siden
  • What about the emerald dimension

    FCI TeamFCI Team6 timer siden
  • Sad no emerald world

    Filip PakułaFilip Pakuła7 timer siden
  • hun 2 NOworldrs

    Ganbold ChinzorigGanbold Chinzorig7 timer siden
  • GGGG

    Nick TungNick Tung7 timer siden
  • 2:00 yeah bro fortune 3 and its infinite😂😂😂

    श्रीकान्त सिद्धान्तश्रीकान्त सिद्धान्त8 timer siden
  • Congratulations on 3 million subs!!!!🎊🥳

    Bron KippBron Kipp8 timer siden
  • you forgot Emerald portal

    bbid123 gamingbbid123 gaming9 timer siden
  • your iron pickaxe never broke the entire vodeo

    Moshinabanu ShaikhMoshinabanu Shaikh9 timer siden
  • pls put these mods in the marketplace

    KarenStalksMyFacebookKarenStalksMyFacebook10 timer siden
  • What abaut emerold portal??

    julenissen 08julenissen 0810 timer siden
  • How can i get this ?!

    NephesNephes10 timer siden
  • so this is mod or Something

    Son GokuSon Goku10 timer siden
  • How do i play this Mod

    AlexSkarboAlexSkarbo11 timer siden
  • Nice

    Erdenetsetseg BaasanjavErdenetsetseg Baasanjav11 timer siden
  • What about emerald portal?

    Mohammad BerqdarMohammad Berqdar11 timer siden
  • He he is creative

    Rupesh TripathiRupesh Tripathi11 timer siden
  • Aether dimension, NOW!

    No LightsNo Lights11 timer siden
  • WOW I love his videos I kinda a noob in Minecraft :(

    salah abubakrsalah abubakr12 timer siden
  • gappel

    bocessbocess12 timer siden
  • Finally i found where youtubers go for mining off camera

    Pragyansh SinghPragyansh Singh12 timer siden
  • Wisp is cool

    J. HahJ. Hah13 timer siden
  • Poor dragon someone is taking hes teratory now as a dragon

    GachaTuber_ BoyZGachaTuber_ BoyZ13 timer siden
  • Noob use tnt pro use hand 😂😂

    Scammer GamingScammer Gaming13 timer siden
  • Mr wisp pls use /give @a acient_debris 14 for that portal

    Boyfriend GamingBoyfriend Gaming13 timer siden
  • He forget to go to the emerald Portal

    Rica LayosaRica Layosa14 timer siden
  • 20w14infinity in a nutshell

    floodyboiifloodyboii15 timer siden
  • I want this mod!!! can someone comment the link?

    PanchosinPanchosin15 timer siden
  • I like it very much

    4B 26achiraya karnkorn4B 26achiraya karnkorn16 timer siden
  • Flight duration on the fireworks is how fast it makes u go 1 is slowest 3 is fastest

    Benton FrankieBenton Frankie16 timer siden
    • But with you’re mods it’s crazy

      Benton FrankieBenton Frankie16 timer siden
  • I love you're vibeo's wisp

    iyad ebiediyad ebied16 timer siden
  • I am your greatest fan

    Belle LinBelle Lin17 timer siden
  • Remember when we all tried to make those kind of Porto’s

    elitezyptieelitezyptie17 timer siden
  • Dream Speed runs be like

    Jacob ButlerJacob Butler18 timer siden
  • reads about op swords. wisp: i n t r o r e s t i n g

    Cody SprengerCody Sprenger18 timer siden
  • If it’s custom then can’t you make a soul sand portal?

    Hinston YeHinston Ye18 timer siden
  • can someone give me the link to this mod?

    V2R ShadowsV2R Shadows18 timer siden
  • And there was no quartz portal?

    Andrew BoyceAndrew Boyce18 timer siden
  • 3.33 m subscribers

    grugru19 timer siden
  • anyway Wisp and tapl, Are the best!!!

    Hardcore Leveling WarriorHardcore Leveling Warrior20 timer siden
  • What about quarts???

    kidteen isanogkidteen isanog20 timer siden
  • This is the best video

    Banana boiz !Banana boiz !21 time siden
  • Oh i ate a notch apple to be safe yeah right you was ded that y

    May LoMay Lo21 time siden
  • Hey wisp what about emerald

    Idontlikeyou_vince _Idontlikeyou_vince _22 timer siden
  • 15:37 I won’t forget those words.

    JimmyNGXJimmyNGX22 timer siden
  • What ever happened to the emerald world

    WildWild22 timer siden
  • Can you link the mod?

    Jamie TalevskiJamie Talevski22 timer siden
  • what mod is this?

    Ebony AiyanyoEbony Aiyanyo23 timer siden
  • next video : who ever plays minecraft with no mouse gets 10k dollars

    now we're talkinnow we're talkin23 timer siden
    • i made this comment bec i play with mouse pads

      now we're talkinnow we're talkin23 timer siden
  • Where's the enrald and ancient debri portal

    McKenzie FontanaMcKenzie FontanaDag siden
  • i need link for this mod

    Gal KličekGal KličekDag siden
  • He missed emeralds

    Evilla 170Evilla 170Dag siden
  • that’s the nether portal a obsidian portal

    Epic gamer boy RobloxscaryfoxyEpic gamer boy RobloxscaryfoxyDag siden
  • Manz didn’t invest in like 5 chests... bruh

    Jason CroweJason CroweDag siden
  • That so op wisp so custom portals I used this mod so cool awesome and beautiful 🤩

    Kendra MosiñoKendra MosiñoDag siden

    ArnettaArnettaDag siden
  • When he said whaaaaatttttttttttt in starting that was satisfying


    Coconut_birbCoconut_birbDag siden
  • I want diamond portal

    Ariobaldiminecraftfnfradman GamesAriobaldiminecraftfnfradman GamesDag siden
  • what mod is this ?

    dark. fragsdark. fragsDag siden
  • No tell anybody or unsub

    Mujtaba SaadMujtaba SaadDag siden
  • Its wosp not wisp

    Matías Sánchez GonzálezMatías Sánchez GonzálezDag siden
  • Make a vid of you vs 100 girls

    Mujtaba SaadMujtaba SaadDag siden
  • Wow

    Amita GhimirayAmita GhimirayDag siden
  • What about emerald

    Idania ValenciaIdania ValenciaDag siden
  • *wisp* I’m gonna land on this mountain just bc I can

    Fady KhalilFady KhalilDag siden

      Fady KhalilFady KhalilDag siden
  • This is cool

    Adam The greatAdam The greatDag siden
  • I just love ur intros when u scream lol XD

    troy brandttroy brandtDag siden
  • The video and this challenge it's nice but we're it's the emerald world??

    AGGELOP2613WAGGELOP2613WDag siden
  • 0:09 remembering MrBeast 100k gift card in Dream smp

    ranadheer kishore chadaranadheer kishore chadaDag siden
  • Why in every video at the beginning of the vid when he is talking why is he always cutting down trees. Also why do i feel like he spawns in thee exact same seed; maybe its just me...

    Enfield PlaysEnfield PlaysDag siden

    Arun KumarArun KumarDag siden