Mercedes AMG V8 ENGINE - PRODUCTION (German Car Factory)

14. aug.. 2019
5 460 915 Ganger

#Mercedes Benz #AMG NEW 2019 - 2020 V8 Engine #Production. AMG V8 engine factory! Engine assembly according to the production philosophy of "one man, one engine".
Mercedes-Benz AMG 63 V8 #Engine Production. Subscribe.
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mercedes amg manufactory car factory simulator

  • I LOVE is jobs

    Anowar MiahAnowar Miah15 dager siden
  • Super

  • Very incredible 🤩🤩🤩

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  • I love car

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    Ram Mech TRam Mech T19 dager siden
  • Well done.

    Jorge r partida jrJorge r partida jr19 dager siden
  • This is history.

    janos kovacsjanos kovacs21 dag siden
  • Perfect assembly

    sjcongosjcongo24 dager siden
  • hi. very very very very very very good. thanks

    bahram mobinibahram mobini26 dager siden
  • I love true people

    Jaleel AhamedJaleel Ahamed26 dager siden
  • This, along with many other reasons, is why I purchased an S-Class Mercedes Benz. The BEST, or NOTHING!!

    Bob MiodovskiBob MiodovskiMåned siden
  • Great great work....Big like from Romania 🥇🤝💖

    Tractors & Machines ROTractors & Machines RO2 måneder siden
  • Must be the coolest job

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    Horse RaidingHorse Raiding3 måneder siden
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    KUKAR TercintaKUKAR Tercinta4 måneder siden
  • Good....tesla...

    Khurshed PirmatovKhurshed Pirmatov4 måneder siden
  • This is how an engineering masterpiece is made

    Gabriel JordanGabriel Jordan4 måneder siden
  • please Info how to get into work to that factory

    Antonius RggAntonius Rgg4 måneder siden
  • ASMR

    Дмитрий ЛысенкоДмитрий Лысенко4 måneder siden
  • There's just something satisfying about watching this.

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  • I m mecanicein electronic i love this jobe.

    Pape FallPape Fall7 måneder siden
  • top

    sekar hamidsekar hamid7 måneder siden
  • German Excellence !

    CherifCherif7 måneder siden
  • This engine M119 .My favorite engine

    Diamond RockchanelDiamond Rockchanel8 måneder siden
  • CLEAN!!!!

    MauriceMaurice8 måneder siden
  • All good except all those plastic parts that fail over time.

    Just an ordinary manJust an ordinary man9 måneder siden
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  • MTE ❤️ 10:08

    MR BoleusMR Boleus10 måneder siden
  • Germany's precision engineering technique is number one

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  • Can you make yamaha R1 engine assembly ?

    Najwan OGNajwan OG10 måneder siden
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    علي خماشعلي خماش10 måneder siden

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  • No radios rocking in the background?

    Zak6959Zak695911 måneder siden
  • Amazing👍...

    A.M.NA.M.N11 måneder siden
  • Exhaust in the midlle is the new black

    martin paulenmartin paulen11 måneder siden

    Ilham JulianIlham Julian11 måneder siden
  • Excelente motor a diesel de Mercedes Benz.

    Walter Alanes AlanesWalter Alanes AlanesÅr siden
  • OK very good

    mk mkkmk mkkÅr siden
  • 16:05 best part

    Manic MediaManic MediaÅr siden
  • Professional work

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  • Pure magic 😍

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  • Anyone else notice the plastic exhaust manifold

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  • Top Germany

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  • I wished it would be that easy to tork pistons when laying down under the car...

    Luc DesaulniersLuc DesaulniersÅr siden
  • Good job Congratulation!!

    iulian ilasiulian ilasÅr siden
    • YOU ARE WELCOME !!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!! 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Car & Car & PerformanceÅr siden
  • The gentleman that is building the engine he reminds me of Commander Data from Star Trek he moves like an Android

    Brunson III FilmsBrunson III FilmsÅr siden
  • Amazing, i just really want to do this job :)))

    Jambalsuren Altan-UulJambalsuren Altan-UulÅr siden
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  • I spent 18 minutes and 40 seconds watching this video....and i'm NOT regret it!

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  • Wonder what kind of money this guy makes?

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  • Plastic exhaust manifold?

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  • Nyimak 👍👍👍like

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  • Thats a beast of a motor!

    VILLEGAS76ableVILLEGAS76ableÅr siden
  • A questa velocita' verra' fuori un motore al mese. Neanche lamborghini sarebbe cosi lento. E sinceramente aspetterei ben volentieri un mese per un lambo.

    Alessandro BragagliaAlessandro BragagliaÅr siden
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  • The luckiest guy in the world!

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  • I just want one of those engine stands with that power rotate function.

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  • Thanks Mercedes for making my beautiful V8 twin turbo. It's nice to see one being made. Now I know what is under my hood. Dunke shun. Regards, Jim.

    Jim SmithJim SmithÅr siden
  • Is this the engine on current c63s?

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  • Made in Germany

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  • Does he pull those screwdrivers out of the sky?! Is mercedes that advanced?!!

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  • "Biturbo" right?

    NaveenNaveenÅr siden
  • I hope that they fixed all the problems with their V8's

    chris romerochris romeroÅr siden
  • The sound of seating pistons is so satisfying

    Ron SteurerRon SteurerÅr siden
  • Its better than all ASMR videos.

    ökkeş çelikökkeş çelikÅr siden
  • My AMG V8 was made by Massimiliano Spizzini. The best of two... German and Italian?

    GambanteinGambanteinÅr siden
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  • God created us to create V8

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  • Amazing how quiet the assembly plant is.

    Wayne SwicegoodWayne SwicegoodÅr siden
  • I'd like to hear now an oppinion from all those smart-ass americans who scream on here in their thousands of videos titled: "How to properly / correctly assemble an engine" - how come that either in BMW, Audi and Mercedes engine assembly plants are using engine oil to lube crank journals and bearings before assembly - not a super-duper-special-rare-grease like tamericans are advising, and all those motors here won't spin the shells and live for decades without any wear to crankshafts/bearings???

    krisbhamkrisbhamÅr siden
  • L'art et la manière....un vrai moteur qui dure plusieurs années. Belle finition technologique pour le v8 .

    Gimp TakahashiGimp TakahashiÅr siden
  • High presision

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  • In 13:39 what is that process called?

    Smugler HDSmugler HDÅr siden
  • Mercedes benz is the wonderful in the world!

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  • I would like to know who is a supplier of the castings. Somebody know it?

    iTu iTamiTu iTamÅr siden
    • I would imagine AMG

      ffhgu 07ffhgu 076 måneder siden
  • The real Masterpiece..... 🙏🏻

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