Meet My 1-Day-Old Foster Puppies!

19. feb.. 2021
397 269 Ganger

Meet my 1-day-old foster puppies!
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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog NOworld channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!

  • What should we name these little guys?!

    Joey Graceffa VlogsJoey Graceffa Vlogs5 dager siden
    • Pokemon

      Sidonie FranklinSidonie FranklinDag siden
    • @Boipelo Pela 45 BIRTH STONES YES

      LazuliteLazulite5 dager siden
    • @Lacey Gerten YASSSS

      [Joey-Graceffa-shorts ][Joey-Graceffa-shorts ]5 dager siden
    • What about candy/candy bar themed names?

      ZanahZanah5 dager siden
    • coffee drinks! macchiato Brulé cappuccino espresso etc.

      IdkIdk5 dager siden
  • This is amazingly beautiful and special. I love all of it. Thank you for saving her and her pups, thank you for the content. I am here from Colleens page and a new fan!

    Emelia O'BrienEmelia O'Brien2 timer siden
  • The chunky guy on top gave me major Rolly from 101 Dalmatians vibes!

    Crystal ChavezCrystal Chavez4 timer siden
  • each color matched their personality so well lol

    cyberkiloscyberkilos5 timer siden
  • It's kinda of bittersweet how much she has taken a liking to you. Sweet because she feels safe and found a good human, bitter because human is not temporary

    Emster234Emster2346 timer siden
  • You should name them after planets🥺

    Mia BordersMia Borders8 timer siden
  • she is so trusting of joey with her puppies even though he’s only had her for a couple of days. it’s so wholesome.

    le davisle davis8 timer siden
  • These types of videos help my mental health.

    Beautybri14Beautybri148 timer siden
    • 👍😍😊

      Çocuk KanalıÇocuk Kanalı8 timer siden
  • for a girl- Nika , Daisy, Cloe or belle for a boy- Benji, Finn, Pepper, Dexter, Bentley

    GwenGwen9 timer siden
    • 👍😍😊

      Çocuk KanalıÇocuk Kanalı8 timer siden
  • I have a Jack Russell.terrorist named POPEYE

    Buttercup1958Buttercup19589 timer siden
    • 👍😍😊

      Çocuk KanalıÇocuk Kanalı8 timer siden
  • So beautiful 😍

    Alicia cruzAlicia cruz10 timer siden
    • 👍😍😊

      Çocuk KanalıÇocuk Kanalı8 timer siden
  • Ohhh babys❤🐶❤🐶

    Mrv CondMrv Cond11 timer siden
    • 👍😍😊

      Çocuk KanalıÇocuk Kanalı8 timer siden
  • when she sat on them omg

    Geneese Avalos-laraGeneese Avalos-lara11 timer siden
  • I got it right I guessed that she was going to have six puppies

    Oliviah GlidewellOliviah Glidewell11 timer siden
  • I just wanna give them cubbles and kisses

    SaRi SoLuSaRi SoLu12 timer siden
  • THEY SO CUTE !!!

    SaRi SoLuSaRi SoLu12 timer siden
  • sorry but i'm claiming the one i want so i'm adopting; pink,lime,yellow,blue,orange &purple that's the one i want lol

    Chelle NalehpChelle Nalehp12 timer siden
    • oh and Momma! duh

      Chelle NalehpChelle Nalehp12 timer siden
  • gangnamstyle

    harry stevensharry stevens13 timer siden
  • Or name them after memes like doge and crasont

    hannah botteshannah bottes14 timer siden
  • Name them after greek deities Mars Aries Hercules Diana Aphrodite Hera Zeus Atlas Persephone Ajax

    Alacia DavisAlacia Davis14 timer siden
  • Name them after like food or something, like little nugget and donught

    hannah botteshannah bottes14 timer siden
  • They are soooooo cut3

    Kelsie GoochKelsie Gooch14 timer siden
  • Wolfie has the same coloured eyes as me xxxx

    Sarah-Louise HeritageSarah-Louise Heritage14 timer siden
  • When she sat on them and the little guys were squealing my heart cried a little.

    Jasmine's JamJasmine's Jam14 timer siden
  • Okay hear me out: Harry Potter character names

    Carlee ElyseCarlee Elyse14 timer siden
  • When cats drool is generally a sign of dental issues or tooth pain

    Heather BonelliHeather Bonelli15 timer siden
  • You are so gorgeous Joey... Inside and out. Love your vibe, great energy ❤️

    Heather BonelliHeather Bonelli15 timer siden
  • You should name one peanut butter

    pentaholic obsessed with ptx and bts and morepentaholic obsessed with ptx and bts and more16 timer siden
  • ok like no cap my cat looks like your the color and they eys and everything

    Mikayla SanchezMikayla Sanchez16 timer siden
  • the way the mama sitted on its on chlindren

    1•Cloudy•tears•1 •cherry•11•Cloudy•tears•1 •cherry•117 timer siden
  • To me she looks like a Pitbull and German Shepherd

    Lexus HeckLexus Heck17 timer siden
  • I know other people have said this,but you should name them whinny the Pooh characters and make momma Kangaroo and 1 baby Roo and the rest Piglet exc..

    DogoDogo17 timer siden
  • That precious dog mama is so beautiful, and she resembles my own dog too much for me to not be emotionally implicated in this video 😭😭 thanks for sharing her story Joey ❤️❤️❤️

    Mar OMar O18 timer siden
  • The baby dog in blue color you name is blueberry

    Alejandra LandaverdeAlejandra Landaverde18 timer siden
  • The mom dog name can be buttercup

    Alejandra LandaverdeAlejandra Landaverde18 timer siden
  • Can I help I saved a cat and baby dog and a 🐭

    Alejandra LandaverdeAlejandra Landaverde18 timer siden
  • Can you name one of the girls Kali?

    Elionora LatvianElionora Latvian19 timer siden
  • You should definitely name them Winnie the Pooh themed because in Winnie the Pooh there is a baby kangaroo called Roo 😂

    Lazy WolfLazy Wolf19 timer siden
  • This channel has turned into rescuing animals and that’s good :)

    felice dirienzofelice dirienzo19 timer siden
  • I swear that purple puppy said no after Joey put on the collar

    Tay's TingsTay's Tings20 timer siden
  • I think you should name them after desert so.... - Cookie - Donut - Cupcake - Sweety - Candy - Marshmallow etc..... 👍 if you agree

    Maya AngelMaya Angel21 time siden
    • Or flower names so - Sunflower - Rose - Tulip - Daisy - Bluebell - Foxglove

      Maya AngelMaya Angel20 timer siden
  • You can just see how much Mumma appreciates you 🥺

    Tiana WalkerTiana Walker21 time siden
  • You should name them after crystals

    Jewls DDJewls DD21 time siden
  • Name them after like Winnie the Pooh, piglet, tigger, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, kanga etc!!!

    Paige CrellinPaige Crellin21 time siden
  • Thank you identify them by putting baby dog collars and the different colours

    anthony allananthony allan22 timer siden
    • 🐕‍🦺

      anthony allananthony allan22 timer siden
  • So so cute 🥰🐕

    anthony allananthony allan22 timer siden
  • My dog is a pomeranian Chihuahua Yorkie I Named her smoky because I've had bonfires that was the colour of a white for

    kyuranger Riderkyuranger Rider23 timer siden
  • One question how to prepare for stuff like that

    kyuranger Riderkyuranger Rider23 timer siden
  • i liked roo for the mama and if you wanna stick with the theme, winnie the pooh characters could be very cute

    Sarah GotfredsonSarah GotfredsonDag siden
  • Red, Varsity orange, Camden yellow, starlight green, Kiko blue Rae, purple Buttercup

    Foxxi’s girl3678Foxxi’s girl3678Dag siden
  • I wanna just come hang out to enjoy the animal snuggles! I am somewhat new to watching NOworld (thanks pandemic)...and heard a few other seemingly good-hearted YTs mention what a great person Joey is...then I see all his animal outreach and it solidifies it! Thank you for using your fame towards something so positive and uplifting!!

    Renee FerrantinoRenee FerrantinoDag siden
  • 8:50 the way she got soo excited to see her babies is too precious 🥰

    Recetas 4 MayanellieRecetas 4 MayanellieDag siden
  • Sakura is enjoying your pets and love so much she forgets to swallow. My kitty does the same thing anytime i pet or love on her, always drooling on me. The first time she did it was worried too. Didn't know that cats can enjoy our affection so much they forget to swallow. 🤣🤣

    Ashley RoseAshley RoseDag siden
  • Am I the only one who would find it cute to name them after studio Ghibli characters? (Like calcifer, mai, etc.)

    TylerRose HanleyTylerRose HanleyDag siden

    McKenzie LachapelleMcKenzie LachapelleDag siden
  • The sound effects are good 🤧😂

    María José VargasMaría José VargasDag siden
  • Named them as Winnie The Pooh characters 🥺

    Oriana MejiaOriana MejiaDag siden
  • Name them spice like pepper and chilli

    Natalie BerryNatalie BerryDag siden
  • Sweet little baby potatoes! And Mamma clearly trusts you, she just seems like such a sweetie pie!!

    KaylaMarieKaylaMarieDag siden
  • You should name the dogs after the seven dwarfs

    Grace CampbellGrace CampbellDag siden
  • my family reserved a puppy and a day later she died because the mom sat on her. we have her brother now and we love him 🥰 btw she was the runt. beautiful babies :D

    Faith BloomquistFaith BloomquistDag siden
  • :)

    Leslie JohnsonLeslie JohnsonDag siden
  • You should shout out the rescue that you got them

    ChristieChristieDag siden
  • One of the girl puppies with the pinkest nose should be named pinkie :D

    Doggie :DDoggie :DDag siden
  • The mother: bruh shut up kids *sits on them* Joey: whoah how about we don't sit on them Me: XD

    Audrey CenaAudrey CenaDag siden
  • Joey “ She’s a great mamma” Momma continues to sit on her babys

    Jacks SJacks SDag siden
  • Joey name on Moon

    Molly CravenMolly CravenDag siden
  • My dog die can you name one pepe

    Natali MierNatali MierDag siden
  • She had 6 babys

    Natali MierNatali MierDag siden
  • Name them after the Characters on Grey’s Anatomy

    Simone LorrainSimone LorrainDag siden
  • The first thing you said about them was that they looked like bears so I think you should call them different types of bears! Like grizzly, kodiak

    Stacey AndrewsStacey AndrewsDag siden

    Sarah GordonSarah GordonDag siden
  • Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Peach, and Koopa Troopa

    theKILLAwordtheKILLAwordDag siden
  • (for a bit of context...) my dog gave birth over the weekend omg, i just watched the intro where she sits on the puppies and i felt that... the struggle is real... lol

    Snake VodsSnake VodsDag siden
  • You should name the mama show white and the little pups after the dwarfs of snow white

    ClancyClancyDag siden
  • Lol your relationship with Sakura is hilarious and cute!

    Kawai KuailaniKawai KuailaniDag siden
  • sakura: I hid from you joey: where are those stupid collars joey fids them sakura : *shakes tail* joey LOOK WHAT I FOUND LOOK WHAT A FOUND sakura: AHHHHHHHHHH RUNNN

    Christine MaChristine MaDag siden
  • Joey I think u should name won of them Coco, ginger, or Bruno

    야 거기 멈춰 hEy sTOB it야 거기 멈춰 hEy sTOB itDag siden
  • You should name them after disney characters!

    Anonymous FirecrackerAnonymous FirecrackerDag siden
  • Names : Theme : Spices , flowers , planets , anime names

    Aurora_ChanAurora_ChanDag siden
  • pinky

    HelenHelenDag siden
  • The sound they made when she sat on them- 😂

    BubaielBubaielDag siden
  • Mom is so incredibly precious I can’t believe she was in a kill shelter :(( just like Joey, I wouldn’t be able to say no to those eyes. 😭

    Marina MartinezMarina MartinezDag siden
  • I'm just curious but are you trans if yes then you're awesome!

    LoriAnn BoyleLoriAnn BoyleDag siden
  • I love how much trust she has in you 🥺❤️❤️

    Melanie RamirezMelanie RamirezDag siden
  • You should name them coffee names

    niabratz.niabratz.Dag siden
  • You should name them after gems 💎

    Tracy WalkerTracy WalkerDag siden
  • Late but if you havent named them name on Coffee, another Pepper, another Cookie, another Ginger, and idk the rest

    Abigail ChariyasatitAbigail ChariyasatitDag siden
  • please name the white paw one cheek cheek

    Ellie and Mangos AdventrueEllie and Mangos AdventrueDag siden
  • U should name them after Greek gods/goddesses

    Alana BoveAlana BoveDag siden
  • The same day that u had those puppies my pup had 15 golden retriever puppies we have to bottle feed some there are so many

    Avery SahlinAvery SahlinDag siden
  • Name one Rumor :D

    Robbie ThaoRobbie ThaoDag siden
  • you are such an insparation and a role model i want to be just like you. i can't wait till im older so my mom will let me get new dogs beacause our dog is 21 and is a boy. Thank you again

    Aurora GarciaAurora GarciaDag siden
  • “Okay maybe don’t sit on them”

    Potter PlayzPotter PlayzDag siden
  • “She’s like - the best mama!” *Mama dog proceeds to sit on half of her puppies*

    Smol BeanSmol BeanDag siden
  • Omg i think it would be so cute if the puppies were named after the 7 heavenly virtues (ofc one of the virtues would be left out- but i think it’s a nice idea) :3

    Smol BeanSmol BeanDag siden
  • My cat drools when I pet her lmao

    Natalie BluntsluntNatalie BluntsluntDag siden
  • my dog went wild hearing the puppies

    Charrise EveCharrise EveDag siden
  • For names you could always go with Winnie the Pooh theme so momma can stay as Roo! Piglet, Eeyore, Pooh, Robin (like Christopher Robin)... Just a few ideas hehe

    Anne MarieAnne MarieDag siden
  • I can't wait to see them go outside for the first time there just the sweetest thing ☺️💞♥️💓

    Fuzzy toca PandaFuzzy toca PandaDag siden