MARVEL'S SHANG-CHI Official Trailer (2021)

19. april. 2021
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First trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Marvel movie.

  • It's Sgt Kabukiman.

    Reality CheckReality Check25 minutter siden
  • Oh thank GOD Marvel movie. Im waiting for the movie where its stars one of the victims in the comic book. Maybe some blonde that almost got ran over by rhino

    Jimmy JAMESJimmy JAMESTime siden
  • this shit feels so real... so awesome 😍

    Faiza AfzalFaiza Afzal2 timer siden
  • Who Are You? Answer: I am Raya and I'm looking for the last dragon.

    El Cid SecundoEl Cid Secundo3 timer siden
  • Played everywhere where the CCP can not touch.

    El Cid SecundoEl Cid Secundo3 timer siden
  • Goosebumps

    RealTimeXRealTimeX7 timer siden
  • this fall : helicopter landing

    Misael HendirkusMisael Hendirkus8 timer siden
  • quello non assomiglia neanche nei tacchi a Shang Chi --- that doesn't look like Shang Chi in heels either -- ruined the image, missed an opportunity

    Scuola Italiana Skateboard . Francesco UgoliniScuola Italiana Skateboard . Francesco Ugolini8 timer siden
  • Awkwafina is the only thing that makes this look watchable.

    Kenneth LasyoneKenneth Lasyone9 timer siden
  • Jackie chan should be there!!!

    JanRoi GUITARJanRoi GUITAR9 timer siden

    The White BeatThe White Beat10 timer siden
  • Shang she go Kung flu fighting dat china virus was fast as lightnin

    S LS L13 timer siden
  • Mortal Combat ?? :)))

    tâm đàotâm đào13 timer siden
  • 1:00 Mandarin

    Vedant KulkarniVedant Kulkarni16 timer siden
  • wohooo on my birthday!

    SlimJimSlimJim17 timer siden
  • Yo Shang Chi, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Mulan has one of the best fighting of all time. One of the best fighting of all time!”

    LaLa LaLaLaLa LaLa17 timer siden
  • Shang Chi Who??

    sprakle ecsprakle ec18 timer siden
  • This is no longer convenient for Kim

    NaveenNaveen19 timer siden
  • Man that song in the trailer was cringe.

    JordieJordie20 timer siden

    marvelkidstvmarvelkidstv21 time siden
  • Is that LONDON?!?!?!

    JDM EngineuityJDM Engineuity22 timer siden
  • Damn they just had bimmers to wreck for days

    40oz4hunnidblunts40oz4hunnidbluntsDag siden
  • This trailer looks awesome..but In a way it does give me black panther vibes...the fathers over voice similar to black panther in the trailer...even the beat sounds a beat similar...but it still looks insane 👌

    Jack FrostJack FrostDag siden
  • Who are you? I'm Batman. (Michael Keaton)

    Vic D'AngeloVic D'AngeloDag siden
  • i just realized the person narrating is the actor in Wong Kar-Wai films 😩

    ourrohaourrohaDag siden
  • That girl who asked who is he was the actress in Ocean's 8, right?

    Random PersonRandom PersonDag siden

    AshleyAshleyDag siden

    Pajeet SinghPajeet SinghDag siden
  • I miss these type of movies, been a long time now to see a good one.

    Ondin DinescuOndin DinescuDag siden

    Viraj ParabViraj ParabDag siden
  • Oh look, he's got a face mask.. Well why not..?? It's needed the most where he came from..

    Canara Bank AaspurCanara Bank AaspurDag siden
  • breakdowns of the trailer

    Arnav BectorArnav BectorDag siden
  • So this is Continued version of Mortal Kombat???

    tatt____ TVtatt____ TVDag siden
  • Can't believe they got Xi Jinping filming for them

    ISIS GamingISIS GamingDag siden
  • Awsome 👌

    Rj frizzlefro MaqiRj frizzlefro MaqiDag siden
  • Vaya mierda, esto no se parece en nada al cómic de Shang Chi. Otra más de chinos voladores.

    Juan Carlos Cabrera MenendezJuan Carlos Cabrera MenendezDag siden
  • Awkwafina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    orsikocsorsikocsDag siden
  • This is MMA- Marvel with Martial arts 😆😆😆

    40_115_Shivam Tiwari40_115_Shivam TiwariDag siden
  • Mehh.. 🙄

    Arijit GangulyArijit GangulyDag siden
  • To be honest, I never heard about this character before. Didn't know the late Stan Lee invented an Asian hero

    RayShow TVRayShow TVDag siden
    • @Mie R thanks for the heads up! 👍

      RayShow TVRayShow TVDag siden
    • This was in the kung fu craze of the 70's when Bruce Lee was wildly popular in the USA. It spawned a whole section of specifically martial arts themed heroes in Marvel comics, the most well-known being Shang-Chi and Iron Fist. In a similar way the blaxploitation era of films in the 70's also spawned its own number of Marvel heroes, Luke Cage and Misty Knight perhaps being the most well-known examples.

      Mie RMie RDag siden
  • 1:34 Imagine if he said ' I am vengeance' instead of that pose xD

  • 1:00 shang tsung

    SinisterÆnigmASinisterÆnigmADag siden
  • Kim's convenience actor

    Peter MemezPeter MemezDag siden
  • She : Who are you? Shang Chi : I’m that guy from “Kim’s Convenience”

    Unanimous IgnoramusUnanimous IgnoramusDag siden
    • Oh yeah .. Now I know where i saw him.

      Daydreamer WorldDaydreamer World19 timer siden
  • Shang-Chi, nah dude this Mortal Kombat 2 (2021)

    Lavernius TuckerLavernius TuckerDag siden
  • Better than mortal shit

    Mix channelMix channelDag siden
  • I feel like they should have been make a movie like this smh

    真空真空Dag siden
  • I read Shang Chi comics! And kept what brought! I have about 20 of them. The artwork was magnificent! And now a movie! Wow!

    Gregory WinchesterGregory WinchesterDag siden
  • Qpark? 😮

    Wonder boyWonder boyDag siden
  • Shang-chi doesn't have powers but he's so skilled that the avengers consider it a superpower

    Arcade ghostArcade ghostDag siden
  • so it's rush hour 6

    hihi2 dager siden
  • This is 2021 marvel version of king fu hustle

    DoubleuDoubleu2 dager siden
  • 8Well, it's more like a Disney movie than a Marvel movie ! yet it looks gr8

    MaXRisKMaXRisK2 dager siden
  • 👎

    David SalmanDavid Salman2 dager siden
  • This looks good!

    dion marshalldion marshall2 dager siden
  • Oh this shit look good

    KingDiorKingDior2 dager siden
  • This great but we need an Ad Asatra 2. That is the best film ever. Help us protest and force it to be made! 20 of us watch Ad Astra every Saturday. If you want to join the club let me know. Someone on their zoom puts it on and we pretend we are in a movie theatre. We used to all go to the theatre every Saturday to watch it before the lockdown. The Ad Astra family is dying, please help save it! It is the best movie every written.

    Passive Income & Finance EducationPassive Income & Finance Education2 dager siden

    jared osonajared osona2 dager siden
  • Meh. Wait till free.

    Echobase303Echobase3032 dager siden
  • I found Shang chi from mcoc

    XD_ KenosXD_ Kenos2 dager siden
  • wait another marvel character I dont know about?

    Clap ForboobiesClap Forboobies2 dager siden
  • It will be the best Marvel movie ever.

    Radar DonRadar Don2 dager siden
  • This movie should have been directed by Zhang Yimou or War Kai Wong. The colours looks so basic.

    Rajnish SharmaRajnish Sharma2 dager siden
  • Nora (Awkwafina) is a trip! She is a multi-layered actress and we are only seeing the beginning. She can do it all.

    D MoD Mo2 dager siden
  • Shang Chi... I wait you

    Rizton StudioRizton Studio2 dager siden
  • Okay 👍

    King DelamuelaKing Delamuela2 dager siden
  • There's always a part where a person asks the hero "Who are you?"

    Escanor SamaEscanor Sama2 dager siden
  • China tells Marvel Studio & Hollywood: You can have Chinese Protagonist (Mandarin) - Shang Chi You can not have Tibetan Teacher (Ancient One) - Dr Strange You can have Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong - all other movies You can not have Taiwanese & Japanese flag on American Fighter pilot - Top Gun 2

    GG2 dager siden
  • "Who Are Youuu?" I'm Batman

    K BK B2 dager siden
  • So it does nothing absolutely nothing for me, the movie corny. Rinse Repeat MA flick....Thanks Disney for nothing.....seen a hundred of movies like this

    Vesper DesignVesper Design2 dager siden
  • Black Panda..

    lallopatello The Greatlallopatello The Great2 dager siden
  • what iron fist should've been (shakes head), but shit this looks amazing i wish bruce lee could play shang chi or iron fist if he were still young and alive RIP

    it’s Danit’s Dan2 dager siden
  • The biggest problem with marvel is they think everything will work fr them and that will lead to their decline.

    Kush SharmaKush Sharma2 dager siden
    • there is nothing wrong with adding new heroes

      gabb Naggabb Nag2 dager siden

    Martin NguyenMartin Nguyen3 dager siden
  • Was that the guy that played the russian's son in creed 2?

    ihopeutubediesihopeutubedies3 dager siden
  • She : who are you? Shang Chi : My name is Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop.

    Rey Joh NineRey Joh Nine3 dager siden

    Foodie MonsterFoodie Monster3 dager siden
  • looks stupid

    Zamer FirhanZamer Firhan3 dager siden
    • don't be too hard on yourself!😀

      Tootspogs ForeverTootspogs Forever2 dager siden
  • Ching cheng Shang chi (hanji)

    Haru NenjiHaru Nenji3 dager siden
  • Hero : Shang Chi Power : Corona Stone.

    SyafiqSyafiq3 dager siden
  • Girl: who are you? I am- *inserts invincible title card*

    Granny4thewiiin • 69 years ago •Granny4thewiiin • 69 years ago •3 dager siden
  • i literally can’t take this seriously when he’s the guy from kim’s convenience

    tonytony3 dager siden
  • Phase 4 is gonna struggle and will probably be as woke and as boring as falcon and winter soldier

    Yougottabe KiddingmeYougottabe Kiddingme3 dager siden
  • Hes like snacky chan

    Tim MarshallTim Marshall3 dager siden
  • Wow!wow! wow!

    Izundu NwokochaIzundu Nwokocha4 dager siden
  • This was what i expected from Mortal Kombat

    Digitemie IduateDigitemie Iduate4 dager siden
  • Gooood efects :)

    SpideyTokeXD_C4D 45SpideyTokeXD_C4D 454 dager siden
  • "I gave you 10 years to live your life" So where they both snapped, did they both live, or did one get away with the other being dead?

    Joel GuerraJoel Guerra4 dager siden
  • Looks cheap

    macdaddyalexismacdaddyalexis4 dager siden
  • what if shang chi was sent to maths coaching class instead of kung fu training when he was a kid

    Ryan YoungRyan Young4 dager siden
  • I hope they release the song’s name soon.

    Eduardo PerezEduardo Perez4 dager siden
  • We make a good team Him: in your dreams

    Emmanuel AgbontaenEmmanuel Agbontaen4 dager siden
  • This movie is everything I wanted Mortal Kombat to be

    Brunel MaverickBrunel Maverick4 dager siden
  • Every day we get closer to seeing my green dragon boi

    Camyboy 10833 IdeCamyboy 10833 Ide4 dager siden
  • Mortal kombat with shang chi

    Dawn SoberanisDawn Soberanis5 dager siden
  • How about shang chi vs xu xiaodong ?

    Rudhi WijanarkoRudhi Wijanarko5 dager siden
  • Shang chi acts like a plank of wood

    Cam BamCam Bam5 dager siden

    Deonte JohnsonDeonte Johnson5 dager siden
  • Yes yes!!

    gaming is Gucci !gaming is Gucci !5 dager siden
  • The Hand, the Chaste, the sorcerors, who knew the MCU world has so many East Asian secret societies

    thecomraderedthecomradered5 dager siden
    • That's true. I can't wait to see more of it in the actual movie.

      DCNATION 15DCNATION 152 dager siden