Manchester United DOMINATE Roma, or did they? Breaking down United’s 6-2 Europa League win | ESPN FC

29. april. 2021
190 933 Ganger

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison, Alejandro Moreno, Shaka Hislop and Stewart Robson recap Manchester United’s 6-2 win vs. AS Roma.
00:00 Don says the score line flattered Manchester United in the end.
01:10 Ale calls out both teams for horrendous defending.
02:45 Shaka and Don talk the dubious penalty decisions that fell in Man United’s favour.

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  • Smalling had a horrendous game against his former team. Roma's 2nd keeper was just as bad. United have a mastermind in attacking midfield in Fernandes and Pogba has been playing real well in 2021. Cavani the finisher has still got it. I think Man U are going to win this edition of Europa League and good for Ole and his squad, they deserve it.

    Tymko CTymko C5 dager siden
  • My word don

    Mark BruceMark Bruce5 dager siden
  • seriously pundit?? well roma were unlucky... bla bla ... mistakes..3 players.... gk ... never penalty. bla bla... keeper mistakes..united were not that great well united turned up in second half they scored goals..... muahahahahaaaa🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Autai UtsavAutai Utsav5 dager siden
  • ESPN sucks

    Youwin LouwYouwin Louw6 dager siden
  • I thought Don was playing trying to give a reasonable assessment of the game but then he claims Chris Smalling didn’t slide Tackle Cavani? Now that’s just freaking bad lying, every replay in every angle shows that he made contact. The only debate there was whether or not Cavani would have got the ball without Smalling’s tackle.

    Logen MLogen M6 dager siden
  • Man Utd were only good in the 2ND HALF! 1st Half they were pathetic. I don't know what happened at half time though... something Ole said obviously worked but Man Utd were lame for 45 mins!

    Rory BlessingtonRory Blessington6 dager siden
  • i always come here to dislike video..

    jack johnyjack johny7 dager siden
  • Pundit really don’t like Ole succeeding

    Carlos Dos SantosCarlos Dos Santos8 dager siden
  • Ole united fan before player and coach He knw wat is united

    Martandaar ChandranMartandaar Chandran8 dager siden
  • American punditry is somehow even worse than UK punditry, good lord.

    Young_RaymondYoung_Raymond8 dager siden
  • Dislike for that one last comment “or did they”

    hasif danyhasif dany8 dager siden
  • Don: “champions league refereeing is outstanding”. Jude Bellingham and Dortmund may disagree with you.

    Daniel BellDaniel Bell8 dager siden
  • Didnt he played for everton not liverpool?

    Elmo EllisElmo Ellis8 dager siden
  • Honest, that wasnt a penalty on Cavani

    Tj STj S8 dager siden
  • This espn so called pundits simply got Man Utd in their brain rent free

    AFNAN StudioAFNAN Studio8 dager siden
  • Yeah Don should have been 7

    Jonathan reidJonathan reid8 dager siden
  • ESPN hates Manchester united

    nikku red devilnikku red devil8 dager siden
  • This guy is so biased. How’s that not a penalty on Cavani? Smalling’s challenge was a late one and he ended up taking his left leg off.

    abdoulaye baabdoulaye ba8 dager siden
  • " when did Don become a kindergarten teacher " 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

    MthoMtho8 dager siden
  • It did and again it will its just about a man who can carry the ball to the amfs then its always gonna be bigscores

    Jibin JosephJibin Joseph8 dager siden
  • 3:25 best part starts...

    OkOk8 dager siden
  • ESPN is full with idiots.

    Lake of AvalonLake of Avalon8 dager siden
  • ESPN really be baiting the largest fan base in the world for views 🤣

    McKeon ThulaniMcKeon Thulani8 dager siden
  • Don the worse player the PL has ever seen and it seems one of the worst and the lost biased pundit one will ever see

    IamKingIamKing8 dager siden
  • Ofcourse they dominated Roma

    IamKingIamKing8 dager siden
  • These are the worse pundits in’s like watching noddys house of clowns.

    rufdymondrufdymond8 dager siden
  • In the begining of the season Ole was ranked last by these pundits fast forward Lampard : fired Arteta:Loosing left and right OLE IS ON TOP OF ALL OF THEM

    Mose OmitiMose Omiti8 dager siden
  • The glazers clearly have money in espn

    Andrew ThompsonAndrew Thompson8 dager siden
  • "or did they?" Silly words.

    Erling HomeValleyErling HomeValley8 dager siden
  • Bs!!!

    Ahmed AdamAhmed Adam8 dager siden
  • Their salary better be in the single digits!!

    Marko FrostMarko Frost8 dager siden
  • Why do I feel like these guys are trying to emulate AFTV?

    Nerses ArslanianNerses Arslanian8 dager siden
  • There is no pleasing Don Hutchinson as a manchester united team

    Rostan MahabirRostan Mahabir8 dager siden
  • Why are goalkeeping mistakes an excuse? The goalkeeper is a part of the team. Why is the team not accountable for mistakes that could've been avoided had the overall team played better?

    Ryan H. GreenRyan H. Green8 dager siden
    • Only ole and united get slaughtered for mistakes.

      JGM EditingJGM Editing8 dager siden
  • This level of hatred is god tier. “Or did they?” Top tier trolling😂😂

    EmmanuelEmmanuel9 dager siden
    • @Emmanuel Roma could have scored the third goal in the first half and the match would have been different, and some say the penalty given to United was not legit at all, so it's not very clear if they have dominated Roma or not after all, we will see in the second leg

      VadosVados9 dager siden
  • Man united dominate roma, or did they? What kind of stupid question is that is it not clear that we did

    Cristar 7Cristar 79 dager siden
    • @Vados uniteds penalty was dodgy? What about romas own

      Cristar 7Cristar 78 dager siden
    • @Cristar 7 Roma could have scored the third goal in the first half and the match would have been different, and some say the penalty given to United was not legit at all, so it's not very clear if they have dominated Roma or not after all, we will see in the next leg

      VadosVados9 dager siden
  • Difficult to give Utd credit?????????????

    Paul DarkPaul Dark9 dager siden
  • This channel is so anti united

    Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort9 dager siden
  • Roma defended like schoolchildren at times.

    3chords3chords9 dager siden
  • Fact: people just hate Manchester United

    Raka MaulanaRaka Maulana9 dager siden
  • Lol yal make me happy to be united fan

    lloyd mavuwalloyd mavuwa9 dager siden
  • Shaka sarcastically noding his head was the best part of the video for me.....🤣🤣 hilarious

    Oddy PeleOddy Pele9 dager siden
  • My word these ESPN speakers are tools

    cdbriggscdbriggs9 dager siden
  • Man utd have bad 45 mins, then good 45 mins. Most the season. I could tell was going to happen

    EsterhausEsterhaus9 dager siden
  • 0:37 - 0:40 the scottish accent came out

    MichaelMichael9 dager siden
  • Alé is my least favorite out of all of them

    Lincoln RasmussenLincoln Rasmussen9 dager siden
  • The keeper excuse... It is not even sure if their best keeper would have done any better. Their defense was very poor in the second half.

    Kristoffer B-EKristoffer B-E9 dager siden
  • Ok Don, take away the penalties and it's 5-1 ... still a thrashing

    KayDeeKayDee9 dager siden
  • Yes they did. United dominated Roma and are as good as through. See you in the final. P.s. Let's hope that Ole wins it and finally gets some credit from this channel.

    KayDeeKayDee9 dager siden
  • Is this a joke??

    ArcarvezArcarvez9 dager siden
  • None of them were pens.

    Abraham ChinyeAbraham Chinye9 dager siden
  • The way Pogba is playing now is going to difficult to keep him if we don't win this cup

    Bradly bBelleBradly bBelle9 dager siden
  • I disagree with Moreno most of times but i agree with him about the defence in this game. But we won, cant complain.

    Bradly bBelleBradly bBelle9 dager siden
  • If messi performed like Bruno every one would have been praising him.

    AMS shahAMS shah9 dager siden
  • City scored a Cross and a freekick than went through the wall, Brilliant🎉

    keivesh bhimkeivesh bhim9 dager siden
  • I love the hate, this is what it means to be Manchester United People are always going to hate😂😂

    keivesh bhimkeivesh bhim9 dager siden
  • I liked Don. I don’t now

    Sensai J _Sensai J _9 dager siden
  • That Roma side was dreadful and they deserved to get panned. 3 early substitutes don't make you play like that. They'd get relegated in the prem

    Phi avirPhi avir9 dager siden
  • Yes Don use the fans in arguments. Look at the other the fan's don't matter for them but when it comes to Super League yes they do matter, Just because they saved them a lot of money

    Lukene MaboteLukene Mabote9 dager siden
  • None of the penalties should have been given & the loss of key players definitely affected Roma, but in saying that Manchester United had a great second half ✌️

    John McintoshJohn Mcintosh9 dager siden
  • Dom is stupidly bitter

    Jude RajJude Raj9 dager siden
  • Wheres Craig??

    gerald everinghamgerald everingham9 dager siden
  • united were unreal second half they could of still won 6-2 but its the way they won it

    Paul KPaul K9 dager siden
  • Both the penalties were not penalty.

    stick0stick09 dager siden
  • Yes we did, their injuries aside the only chances they had were a soft Penalty and a defensive calamity on our part. Apart from those two instances they weren't a threat on goal whatsoever... I've even heard Roma fans complaining that their players were getting tired because they couldn't sub anybody else on, which is also bullshit considering we didn't make our first change until we were up 5-2. Roma got smashed end of.

    Mark HuntMark Hunt9 dager siden
  • Burley before game (With Utd solid favorites): Boss, My tummy is acting up, I’m not coming in... Burley at halftime (Roma come from behind to lead): Boss, I feel a lot better, I’m on my way in for the post match show.... Burley arriving in the parking lot to news Utd are now leading 4-2: Sorry Boss, the tummy is acting up again....

    Dick DingwizaDick Dingwiza9 dager siden
  • Well, Roma players sure made sure Ole and/or Utd fans never forget Roma🤣🤣

    Dick DingwizaDick Dingwiza9 dager siden
  • @Espn FC hire me instead of Don Hutchinson, I will charge half of what he charges and will do better analysis than this blind, completely senseless man.

    Shiamak DasShiamak Das9 dager siden
  • Just admit it, roma lost

    Gilang MuhammadGilang Muhammad9 dager siden
  • I don't understand this thing about it not being a foul if the attacker wasn't going to receive the ball. If someone plays a pass into the striker which is completely misplaced, the striker is never gunna get there, but the defender kicks the striker, it's still a foul!

    Robbie HouldeyRobbie Houldey9 dager siden
  • These people can only do the talking, and they act like they're a very good football player.. Who are they?

    Min etlaVMin etlaV9 dager siden
  • Thought ESPN was pro English bias haha - turns out everyone just cries about their team

    A MA M9 dager siden
  • so critical of solskjaer. sure whatever. he’s me being critical of the pundits. solskjaer is a man that acheived many things in his football career and now manages the biggest club in the world and never stops improving. what has the pundits achieved. *silence. i thought so

    Daniel MahathirDaniel Mahathir9 dager siden
  • The worst punditry in the game, humour of ten year olds and a combined IQ of a new born

    A SA S9 dager siden

    Red or DeadRed or Dead9 dager siden
  • Saying that this scoreline flattered United, rubbish. If you look at Roma's recent matches against Ajax and Shakhtar, they were outplayed in terms of possession and number passes. Ajax outplayed them in both legs. A proper beating was due for Roma, given the way they play a full 90.

    Jugs McBuldgeJugs McBuldge9 dager siden
  • There are better pundits out there than these baseless and biase individuals

    adan kallaadan kalla9 dager siden
  • Why espn crew criticize ole so much 😕

    Aniket balgotra vinesAniket balgotra vines9 dager siden
  • These clowns are a joke football is a game of mistakes and injuries and winning is taking advantage of them. Yes United we’re ordinary in the first half but we’re smart enough to go on and dominate the second half. No doubt these so called pundits will discredit United somehow if they go on and win the final Especially big mouth burley.

    Doug PatonDoug Paton9 dager siden
  • U can understand their pain they are Liverpool supporters and this channel work as an agenda for loserfools

    Lalduh KimaLalduh Kima9 dager siden
  • Manchester United proud winner of the Europa League final 2021! CONGRATS @MANUTD

    ASR 7ASR 79 dager siden
  • That was never a penalty for man u.

    Silas NelsonSilas Nelson9 dager siden
  • “Tell me you hate United, without telling me you hate United” tiktok would be proud

    SummersSummers9 dager siden
  • Espn’s pundits are clowns, they don’t have any other job to do

    Alk.t -Alk.t -9 dager siden
  • ESPN and their agenda against United. Ohh how am I not surprised

    Pramit ShahPramit Shah9 dager siden
  • I dislike Don Hutchison. He never seem to have anything good to say about United, always trying to bring them down no matter how well they play

    Bobby BobbyBobby Bobby9 dager siden
  • Both teams cannot defend..makes for exciting game. Don is an IDIOT

    Micah KiyimbaMicah Kiyimba9 dager siden
  • Both of them wouldn't be a penalty anytime 2 years ago

    Aniket DesaiAniket Desai9 dager siden
  • This guy name Don is embarassing

    Iam The truthIam The truth9 dager siden
  • I doubt the football acumen of these pundits and they run almost fake news because no one will watch there Channel unless they give a headline like that and get abuse from united fans

    Rishav ChauhanRishav Chauhan9 dager siden
  • this don hutchinson guy has to be the worst pundit out there. never gets anything right, absloutely shocking

    eyob mekonneneyob mekonnen9 dager siden
  • Don is like CNN. Getting his facts from tweets.

    Jean Claude KatteJean Claude Katte9 dager siden
  • why am i not surprised with the ESPN man utd bais. these clowns have been having a go at united for a while now.

    Kabir SardanaKabir Sardana9 dager siden
  • This pundit is moron united dominated the possession from the start. Roma goal all counter attacking

    Danny HustleDanny Hustle9 dager siden
  • Ummm...pretty sure the scoreline answers the question in your title

    Nene3difyNene3dify9 dager siden
  • This is what happens when Chris Smalling is your CB lol not surprised at all

    infamosinfamos9 dager siden
  • Pogba was a handball thats having me on, hlws he supposed to alide

    RL_ LJSRL_ LJS9 dager siden
  • I always rely on a Fellow Trinidadian to speak some sense into these United Haters

    TheChico868TheChico8689 dager siden
  • The punditry on this channel is an embarrassment , they actually get paid aswell.Unbelievable

    LBG 1999LBG 19999 dager siden
  • STFU espn

    Amino FXAmino FX9 dager siden