Making transparent wood

30. april. 2021
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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    NileRedNileRed6 dager siden
    • dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid

      elijahjajahelijahjajah15 timer siden
    • Cool mate

      Sarah ChenSarah Chen3 dager siden
    • Ok

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    • Ok

      Andrea FioreAndrea Fiore4 dager siden
    • Ok

      Andrea FioreAndrea Fiore4 dager siden
  • That bobby duke tee :D

    SsaakickSsaakick10 minutter siden
  • It looked like solid air

    Javier ShumJavier Shum10 minutter siden
  • Please make a see-through 🎸

    Qice MQice M22 minutter siden
  • the name sodium chlorite confuses me... sodium chloride is salt and my phone literally autocorrected chlorite to chloride

    BlueyBluey27 minutter siden
  • Can you make napalm

    Fortunate BumFortunate Bum29 minutter siden
  • Correct title should be, "making wood transparent".

    N I A VN I A V30 minutter siden
  • This is a really cool end result that I could see having many creative applications, but i have no idea why this would be a good alternative to window glass?

    nadiye koçaknadiye koçak31 minutt siden
  • 25:35 NyleRed from over a year ago: "It's a surprise tool that will help us later"

    FunGi ChannelFunGi Channel31 minutt siden
  • Always enjoy your videos! But.... Whenever using a knife, please use the blade away and outwards from you. Not towards you, it saves alot of potential accidents :)

    urnutsouturnutsout38 minutter siden
  • That video was my first ever video I watched of you and I'm so glad I did.

    Aaya RabieaAaya Rabiea39 minutter siden
  • i will make window from this,o ma gad

    Mono Siregar YurikawaMono Siregar Yurikawa40 minutter siden
  • This is probably a dumb comment but why not flip the glass midway through to try to get 2 balanced sides?

    DatGuy EatPieDatGuy EatPie48 minutter siden
  • Wood is held together by Ligma

    aychristianxaychristianx49 minutter siden
  • Next time try Microchem SU-8 as a filler. It polymerizes upon UV-exposure and is available in a bunch of different viscosities. I've used in extensively in MEMS research and it creates a super hard and very transparent polymer that is extremely resistant to chemicals.

    wtfdingeswtfdinges49 minutter siden
  • Did someone say LIGMA???

  • 2:27 NileRed:places wood on glass bowl thingy Me:* *Crab Rave Flashbacks* *

    MarcoTheProxDMarcoTheProxDTime siden
  • It's funny how i watch these videos even though i don't understand anything

    niwdixniwdixTime siden
  • I really dont see how this is an alternative to glass? surely plastic is worse for the environment than hot sand?

    Mishak HeymanMishak HeymanTime siden
  • You should try to flame polish it. It works wonder for acrylic.

    DrLimpDrLimpTime siden
  • I'm a glass guy your scored lines did absolutely nothing but at least you tried 😊

    REzado63REzado63Time siden
  • At what point does this transparent wood become more of a "Ship of Theseus", where basically only a tiny percentile is still wood and the rest is resin and stuff? Like, wouldn't it then be less complicated to just outright use resin and skip the wood?

    FierceDeity33FierceDeity33Time siden
  • Hello why don't you extract tungsten- world's strongest metal

  • Did you use to work for nasa or something??

    Amani SimwenyiAmani SimwenyiTime siden
  • Mad scientist level stuff going on here. Very cool.

    Niche GamesNiche GamesTime siden
  • While I can in fact appreciate the science behind it all, I have to ask... If, what you are trying to accomplish is create a transparent pane that is stronger than glass... Why not just use Plexiglass, or I am pretty sure that if you use the 'Methyl methacrolate' (my apologies if the spelling is wrong) just by itself (without the wood), the result should be just that.

    Riaan KrugerRiaan KrugerTime siden
  • You’re right, that is unfortunate. Why would anyone want to “cure” autism? Maybe associated conditions, but we autistic people are awesome!

    Chesterson JackChesterson JackTime siden
  • @NileRed, there's quite a difference between epoxy and epoxy. I'm using UV Activated Epoxy, which gives me practically infinite work time unlike the 2 part epoxy, since it only hardens under UV light. You might want to try that. If you are, buy 2-3 different brands as quality varies, some are thicker than others and have weird issues. Also use rubber mats as it allows for cured epoxy to just straight peel off without sticking.

    aliensarefromspacealiensarefromspaceTime siden
  • MMA

    Mr MothMr MothTime siden
  • This is awesome work, and an absolutely awesome documentary. All the attention is very deserved.

    Thomas NingThomas NingTime siden
  • Why use sodium sulfite to remove the ligma when bismuth subsalicylate is more effecient with ligma?

    Ciara FoxxCiara FoxxTime siden
  • Excellent work

    cam ingliscam inglisTime siden
  • Can we appreciate that he’s wearing the Bobby duke arts *wewd* shirt

    rayaaa xrayaaa xTime siden
  • He: I put it into an oven for 24 h. Me: What happened? Kaboom? He: And they looked exactly the same.

    SamSamTime siden
  • Wondering if the the large metal block changes the thermal curing under the block, so the edges cure differently than the centre.

    Brill PappinBrill Pappin2 timer siden
  • I don't know what's wrong with me but I just realized that he removes the stir bar with a magnet. I guess I imagined him awkwardly submerging his hands in glass containers full of chemicals?

    crimegangcrimegang2 timer siden
  • This is Bobby Duke arts at level 100100. He sees this and goes a wont thaat

    Anonymous Lego BuilderAnonymous Lego Builder2 timer siden
  • The Bobby Duke’s wewd shirt is amazing

    Adam HaubertAdam Haubert2 timer siden
  • Hi Nigel! I am a 13-year-old and your videos have gotten me really interested in chemistry! is there anything you suggest I buy to get started with chemistry?

    Ryin DoRyin Do2 timer siden
  • could have tried some Teflon sheets to help release it

    Jacob JohansenJacob Johansen2 timer siden
  • Bro I am Bangladeshi

    SM SadiSM Sadi2 timer siden
  • But... It's not wood, it's plastic. And why would this have any benefits? You want to replace glass, which is essentially molten sand, with chemically cleaned and plastic infused wood? Please forgive my ignorance but don't we have plenty of sand?

    TimmyTimmy2 timer siden
  • 4:00 well sure, death cures all ailments

    bull smoothbull smooth2 timer siden
  • dude wtf

    AA2 timer siden
  • 2015: the coolest thing is fidget spinners 2021: lets make illegal transparent wood that shouldn’t exist but does

    HappyBunnyNightmaresHappyBunnyNightmares2 timer siden
  • I love how each one of your projects ends up with "but for now, I'm fed up with X"

    Mathieu DuponchelleMathieu Duponchelle2 timer siden
  • Me watching your videos: the... what ?

    PhesaoofPhesaoof2 timer siden
  • can't wait until the "I made crystal meth from scratch" video drops

    the monster under your bedthe monster under your bed2 timer siden
  • This is the Shrek 2 of NileRed sequels

    1987 Buick Grand National GNX1987 Buick Grand National GNX2 timer siden
  • Who else watched to the end

    Friendly GamerFriendly Gamer2 timer siden
  • Dr. Disrespect Approves.

  • Hnnnnngh that cracking noise that the acrylic made made me die a little inside.

    LuminDoesVideos 0LuminDoesVideos 02 timer siden
  • i wonder if the bottom side good / top side not so good could be resolved by baking the piece vertically rather than horizontally, using 2x4s and c-clamps to apply pressure.

    dhtsoaeds dhtnadidhtsoaeds dhtnadi2 timer siden
  • I had been hoping for a revisit on this since you last had a pop at it 👍 Thank you 👍

    scrappy dooscrappy doo3 timer siden
  • Huh. I never realized peroxide was regulated like that here in Canada. We bought 30% food-grade peroxide from the health-food store back in the 90s as an intended-to-be-diluted algae inhibitor for sprouting equipment but I've never heard of sodium chlorite.

    ssokolowssokolow3 timer siden
  • Anybody else have a heart attack when he cut towards his hand at 23:22 ?

    George KingGeorge King3 timer siden

    Scott L.Scott L.3 timer siden
  • Did you notice how it’s posted by Bob McDonald

    Henny CHenny C3 timer siden
  • HEY NILE Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and California Institute of Technology have created a metallic glass . ... The new metallic glass is stronger and tougher than steel (and any other material known to man). Its up to you smart man!!! Would u try ??

    PandaCat :0PandaCat :03 timer siden
  • Can I have this, please? or, could you make me one, exactly like it? I'm being serious....

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  • When I saw this vid I said "wewd" and clicked the vid and saw bobby duke arts comment 🤣

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  • Lol! I just seen the oven door slam. I'm the same way with slamming stuff, I don't mean to lol.

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  • I expected to see Action Lab dude come in with his vaccum machine lol.

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  • Making meth

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  • Fun channel 🙌😁

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  • Dang, I wish this vid was in English

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  • I’m new here; what’s the difference between Nile Red and Nile Blue?

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  • you did good!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  • HEY RED stop buying glass on amazon lol you have a local hardware store..they have glass..ok too common for ya open a yellow pages and look up stained glass supply! amazon makes enough money and our local bisnesses are perishing

    Mike CartmanMike Cartman3 timer siden
  • cant wait for the window

    Δάφνη ΚαλαποδάΔάφνη Καλαποδά3 timer siden
  • enough is enough * unwoods your wood *

    Dr. Davenport LeeDr. Davenport Lee3 timer siden
    • what do we learn out of this? dont mess with nile.

      Dr. Davenport LeeDr. Davenport Lee3 timer siden
  • Imagine if you could somehow make it so a plant or tree accepted and infused with this so it could create brand new seeds of Transparent Flora. You could Harvest the seeds and make it so you could grow Windows and Greenhouses.

    Raun CarswellRaun Carswell3 timer siden
  • It looks amazing

    حيدر رحيم قاسمحيدر رحيم قاسم3 timer siden
  • $100?

    Kinderen van GeloofKinderen van Geloof3 timer siden
  • $100

    Kinderen van GeloofKinderen van Geloof3 timer siden
  • If Senku Ishigami was real, He'd Subscribe to this channel. I'm sure of it.

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  • Neil help me my science competition is next week helppp

  • I would think using a clear PVA glue would be alot easier than the MMA. Might solve a few of your issues anyway.

    SometouwSometouw4 timer siden
  • Please point out the safety measures you are using with these concentrated chemicals such as RUBBER gloves. And I recommend a HOOD or OUTDOORS for proper ventilation. You only get one pair of lungs.

    Suzanne HartmannSuzanne Hartmann4 timer siden
  • dsadsa

    Pranav DorairajPranav Dorairaj4 timer siden
  • great work man

    Dudam AsvithDudam Asvith4 timer siden
  • Ok, but.. is it really wood? Isn't it just plexiglass with some wood structure left over from the balsa? Sure it's got wood particles, but wouldn't it be way easier to get the same effect by making a mould of the original wood and then just casting the plexiglass? I know you did a lot of work, but I feel the title (and the title of the paper) is a bit click-batey.

    Snoep AnimatieSnoep Animatie4 timer siden
  • I don't know much about chemistry, but is there not a measuring apparatus designed specifically to measure the viscocity of liquids in realtime?

    tnerb tnerbtnerb tnerb4 timer siden
  • Do this with a beautiful piece of driftwood and you’ll have a unique art that will be worth a fortune!

    KierronKierron4 timer siden
  • lmao your new lab looks like a drug factory

    EhrenmannEhrenmann4 timer siden
  • Nile: I didn't want it to be yellow because it's supposed to be a replacement for glass windows Also Nile: Grab two pieces of glass to wedge it between

    Chris ShipleyChris Shipley4 timer siden
  • Taking out things that make wood wood and add plastic isn't really making transparent wood.

    Dale DDale D4 timer siden
  • For more pressure, move the wood sample to one side of the glasses and a stripe of wood on the opposite side of the glass, then put a weight on top. So you will have the maximum pressure ontop of the sample

    Stephan BergerStephan Berger4 timer siden
  • That’s way more plastic than wood now

    Adam MclardyAdam Mclardy4 timer siden
  • I was randomly unsubscribed from your channel. No wonder I didn't see this video when you uploaded it. WTF.

    PacketLoss GamingPacketLoss Gaming4 timer siden
  • school toilet papers be like.

    BaZzG SapphireBaZzG Sapphire4 timer siden
  • Probably not going to see this, but I think the solution to your issue with the top surface is to cure the piece vertically. It would require some fabrication, but a vertical container with spring-loaded glass to apply constant pressure to both sides of the wood could keep the faces relatively smooth, or at least concentrating the flaws at the top edge where they could be cut off.

    Daniel ChristiansenDaniel Christiansen4 timer siden
  • I also wish that my work would magically happen.

    BrokenBroken4 timer siden
  • If we mix NaOH and HCl will it be table salt?!!!

    DizzleMakerDizzleMaker4 timer siden
  • 2:45 "when i got it out from the next day" *_slams_* "it looked exactly the same" Never thought I'm gonna laugh over a video like this.

    Ernst GowErnst Gow5 timer siden
  • Translucent is more accurate. Transparent would mean that it is perfectly clear, like glass.

    LethalChickenLethalChicken5 timer siden
  • I really did just spend 45 minutes watching a man make wood clearer

    Robin T.Robin T.5 timer siden
  • Comment

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  • Ok make chocolate for dogs

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