Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

4. april. 2021
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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    • I was wondering, would make something similar to Rodney Dangerfield's golf club bag from the movie Caddy Shack?

      Derek J. Teague QuèsoDerek J. Teague Quèso3 dager siden
    • I am happy with the safety precautions taken myself, however, might I recommend locking out your killer robot chainsaw death arm. Despite the mild inconvenience in future endeavors.

      Cam EronCam Eron6 dager siden
    • You should try treating the wood like it's metal

      Abraham HannafanAbraham Hannafan8 dager siden
    • Where is the lock for lock picking lawer?

      Timothy van den bergTimothy van den berg9 dager siden
  • To solve your false summit you should repeat with multiple guesses and compare them. So do two or three random guesses and compare. This avoids the false summit.

    Dr. PWNSDr. PWNSTime siden
  • That sir is a work of art! You could be the next banskyneer!

    Paul MartinezPaul MartinezTime siden
  • Another great video - thank you. Why don’t you build a Robot War, robot.... I’m sure you could make a good one and the build process would be fascinating. My son and I really enjoy the videos, thank you from the UK.

    brett mallonbrett mallon2 timer siden
  • I can't even imagine being this intelligent. This guy, and his channel, are awesome!

    SmokeDawggSmokeDawgg3 timer siden
  • Anyone know what tablet program he uses?

    Cole DavidCole David3 timer siden
  • Hey can u make a video that what is necessary to do robotics like you what knowledge do we want and the coding language Important for things that you do PLZZ make video about it

  • This dude is crazy good! Creating so much high quality projects and solving them! Just awesome man!

    crisislord00crisislord004 timer siden
  • Can you make a self correcting balance Bicycle?

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  • Why don't you attach a spindle to the robot and carve with endmill in the first place ?

    erdem duruerdem duru6 timer siden
  • Hello, Sir, How about making a smart glasses that makes you beat all the chess games?!!!

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  • when you doesnt have any more projects in your minecraft world

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  • The only problem is that you used a saw instead of a cnc drill

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  • Man I wish to someday have a relationship like you guys

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  • Self playing guitar.

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  • this is an incredible project. Great Job

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  • 5:25 coolest things in engineering that I've ever seen

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  • Nice Contra reference!

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  • Has anyone else thought about what his electrical must be like?

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  • Pole saw just isn’t going to cut it

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  • I love your videos, though they fill me with white-hot tool envy.

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  • Wow that looks great

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  • Maybe when you reach apex have the object sweep the entire x + y plane. If a collision occurs then continue charting otherwise end.

    Sam KostosSam KostosDag siden
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  • 16:45 I died

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  • Why don’t you use a quantum computer 😉? Would make it lot easier

    Michael MarxMichael MarxDag siden
  • try using AI to do thing like this in the futur it would seem easier since u said there was a lot of those logs becoming bears u could have designed a way to use this info for each scenario and than extrapolateed urs with this method

    Blind man In the WiredBlind man In the WiredDag siden
  • Did you try sharpening the blades?

    Colt AlabamaColt AlabamaDag siden
  • "There is a finite way to screw things up." Oh you silly engineer. Ask a mechanic about the solution to that problem.

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  • this video has some of the best music in his videos, I love it!

    Days GamesDays GamesDag siden
  • Help me understand why a “new” video notification is present, when there is no new video posted.

    Jeremy ToomanJeremy ToomanDag siden
  • what if you just did a hotwire-style foam cutter? a lot less headache for practice before the saw/wood factors complicate it. Master the Foam, that ye might Tackle the Timber

    Liam PattonLiam PattonDag siden
  • Впечатляет!

    Никита ПересыпкинНикита Пересыпкин2 dager siden
  • He is a cool nerd

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  • I used to think I was smart ... then I discovered this channel

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  • I feel like I watch his videos and always wonder “where did he learn these things”

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  • what app is that on the ipad?

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    Ho Thien KhanhHo Thien Khanh2 dager siden
  • its all about chain speed and lubrication

    Kommentare KommentiererKommentare Kommentierer2 dager siden
  • The guy from the county fair was sweating bullets there for a second. About put him out of a job 😂

    Braxton SmallsBraxton Smalls3 dager siden
  • Was the chainsaw blade going in the right direction?

    Adam CreedonAdam Creedon3 dager siden
  • So cool

    Lasse LundLasse Lund3 dager siden
  • Great video! I have often felt like you did when generating toolpaths and have come to love black-box function optimizers for cases where I know the problem is "kinda convex" and just don't feel like debugging the math!

    suckerpinchsuckerpinch3 dager siden
  • make a robot that plays piano so it can play rush e on a real piano that would be fabulous

    flare21flare213 dager siden
  • Software only, yessir, I see NO hardware work being done here.

    Joseph BallJoseph Ball3 dager siden
  • The sponsor segment was so cute and wholesome and I loved it

    Darkmoon SlayerDarkmoon Slayer3 dager siden
  • Thought that was 2x4 was thinking you spent 200$ on work XD

    Outlawed ModderOutlawed Modder3 dager siden
  • Oh how many times I have had a CNC machine cut into itself accidentally. They really will do exactly what you tell them to do.

    NoStereoNoStereo3 dager siden
  • Lmaooo CNC machine will only do what we tell it too!!!

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  • Im a certified machinist! And I love your channel bro.

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  • I just died when I saw the brazillian dog meme on the upper screen.

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  • Killer robot and killer chainsaw switches killed me 😂

    Dz HDz H4 dager siden
  • Shows how powerful the mind is vs a computer lol an artist carves the wood in 15 min lol

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  • Already got the kiwi 😎 daughter loves it

    Michael SaveliffMichael Saveliff4 dager siden
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  • 3:05

    90Entergetical aka Bot314190Entergetical aka Bot31414 dager siden
  • Gagslosh.

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  • Why are weener dogs so long?

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  • 17:27 Anti kickback tooth ? That tooth has nothing to do with kickback at all. That is your depth guide tooth. When your cuttingtooth on your chain gets filed down, you also need to file down that tooth so the depth of the cut still is correct with the cuttingtooth. If you only file the cuttingtooth, your chain isnt going to cut at all because the guidetooth would be the only tooth that have contact with the wood. And ofcourse, if there wasnt any guidetooth the cuttingtooth would cut to deep and get stuck all the time. Great video tho!

    Tobbe BTobbe B4 dager siden
  • do have the chain back wards?

    Rex MuellerRex Mueller5 dager siden
  • you would need a custom made chainsaw for that arm

    DanielDaniel5 dager siden
  • "...i could buy one , but their really expensive...." ...has a robot arm for 20k in his shed ....xD

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  • How about we pay artists for their work

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  • How far away are you from being able to build an iron man suit

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  • Please fix the World!

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  • What ever happened to lockpicking lawyer trying to pick your "unpickable" lock?

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  • Okay I'm a little late on the comments to this one but a couple of suggestions for your chainsaw. I know you said you wanted to keep it shorter but a longer bar needs a longer chain with more links and more links doing the same cutting equals less work for each cutting link and it would wear out faster causing your bladed doll and not cut which leads to more friction and the fire. Or perhaps try a higher quality chain that stays sharper longer. Another thing I didn't notice as part of your mechanism was any type of lubrication system for the bar, typically with a traditional chainsaw you've got bar lubricant that also cuts down on the chain friction. And depending on the type of chainsaw bar you are using higher quality chainsaws have better rollers at the end of the bar with higher quality bearings.

    Johnston JourneysJohnston Journeys6 dager siden
  • When will be the new video??? :/

    Dimitar PetkanskiDimitar Petkanski6 dager siden
  • Ice cutter

    Javi HabiJavi Habi6 dager siden
  • I have an idea for a project try making a hydraulic version of a human arm using hydraulic for the tricep and bicep but custom make your hydraulic so you can fit a blank cartridge in it and put a firing pin and when the cartridge goes off it will cause the lower arm to extend and destroy any thing in front of it

    Reality DiscoveryReality Discovery6 dager siden
  • pretty damn cool

    KeithKeith6 dager siden
  • You could file down the depth rakers on the chain which would allow the blade to make those cuts where it was getting stuck. Just be careful cuz if you take them down too far the saw will wanna pull itself into the log where its cutting straight like it would normally if you were cutting a tree branch.

    Liam FanningLiam Fanning6 dager siden
  • 4:24 what programme is that?

    ZiomalkapuchaZiomalkapucha7 dager siden
  • I think just a little bit more research on chainsaw blades and cutting angles, especially those used by those bear carvers would have made the wood version completely doable. Doesn’t exactly work the same as a CNC routing bit or a hot knife.

    mikemakesmusic7mikemakesmusic77 dager siden
  • 22:15 i thought that was a cat lol

    huh woahhuh woah7 dager siden
  • Why won't you simplify the the cutting to top down and side view for the initial cutting? The code would be a lot less and it would be easy to find which cuts cut the most material. Once the the General shape is defined, you can start using the tedious apple peeler method that turns the wood into sawdust.

  • What's the app he uses on his ipad for the blueprints and drawings

    El PadrinoEl Padrino7 dager siden
  • So, I'm watching a big domino setup and tip-over... Then I thought, "Has someone made a perpetual follow-the-tipover-and set up the dominos so the tip-over loops on itself and ever stops?" Hmmmmmmm.

    Russell StephanRussell Stephan7 dager siden
  • Is that a tablet or laptop you are using? Im a Mac user and have little knowledge on windows products. Also what drawling program are you using when you showing the problems you are tying to figure out around 11:28 in the video? Thanks!

    Tim WegrynowskiTim Wegrynowski7 dager siden
  • Can you make a backseat driver G code interpreter? It hollers out instructions with various insults, then something listens to it and executes it?

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  • You look like Dee from always sunny if she was a man

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  • I'm seven minutes in thinking "Why didn't he just... Buy a smaller chainsaw bar?" I guess I'll see if he thought about it soon... The way I'd try and figure out where to cut needs to be is Ray Marching, find the longest path that gets the closest to the intended shape, although I'm not experienced in coding, engineering, robotics, or anything else remotely useful in this situation so that might be an aweful idea. Oiling the chain might help with the overheating problem, won't help it cut though

    Jordan L.Jordan L.7 dager siden
  • Video idea: A crossbow/bow that never misses, perfect bullseye every time with robotics/code :)

    NyxNyx7 dager siden
  • I'm a PhD student. This guy could honestly write academic papers in several different fields if he wanted to. Just listening to him describe optimization algorithms and the trade-offs behind each really shows a level of intuition that inspires me to keep going whenever my code isn't working or my results aren't making sense. He doesn't stop trying until it works. That never giving up mindset is what inspires me more than anything else.

    Kiran KokilepersaudKiran Kokilepersaud7 dager siden
  • what is the app he uses on the iPad?

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  • Maybe next episode robot haircut?:D

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  • Stuff made here’s secret alter ego is Mert the Chatroulette musician. You heard it here first

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  • Brazilian flag + dog at 14:30

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  • a simple solution to your gradient ascent problem: the genetic algorithm. instead of just 1 starting point, start with several. some will get stuck in the false summits, but there will inevitably be some that make it to the real one. you can continue the algorithm by taking the most successful ones, averaging their starting points, and starting another generation. but, if there’s not that many summits, you’ll likely find the real one quick enough.

    klutzedufusklutzedufus8 dager siden
  • Make a robot arm that always does a strike or throws what you want! That would be really cool.

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  • Any update on the lock sent to Lock Picking Lawyer?

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  • Where is the lock for lock picking lawer?

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  • So.. the question that I guess many people here want to ask - when are you going to make an iron main suit?

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