Making air vane motor

15. jan.. 2018
897 326 Ganger

In our new project, which is a motor that moves with the energy of the air, the pleasure that we receive during this project is double as besides the joy we got during making it, there is also the joy of recycling a system which is non-functional anymore.
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  • How much cost for it? If I want to take it, where can I purchase it?

    Alexander SmithAlexander Smith11 dager siden
  • Music? LOVE IT!!! What was it you started with? A pump? Air conditioner maybe?

    HumblehombreHumblehombre20 dager siden
  • How much psi ?

    sangram prustysangram prusty25 dager siden
  • Please tell about the motor like model, brand etc.

    vijay panwarvijay panwarMåned siden
  • I want buy this please give me.

  • How much torque does it apply?

    Scott VincentScott Vincent4 måneder siden
  • Nice work.. Can you send me you contact email... Iwant to buy one of this motors. Can you reply to this request... Thans very much.

    hantoo Earnshantoo Earns6 måneder siden
  • hello can you making the video use solar steam run that vane motor

    mr.woody woodymr.woody woody6 måneder siden
  • Браво

    Dimi DimitriosDimi Dimitrios9 måneder siden
  • benim aklıma gelmişti.bunu araca bağlıyacan benzın deposu yerıne guzel hava depoları yapacan ara sıra benzin istasyonunda dolduracan,yada ararın elektrık uretecek sende kendıkompresorunle hava basacan :D

    murat celebimurat celebi9 måneder siden
  • do sell those air motors ? please provide link

    Joao Gabriel AmadoJoao Gabriel Amado10 måneder siden
  • ThaaAAtyuilop

    Im maestroIm maestro10 måneder siden
  • Do thise in practice need lots of lubrication? What about steam powered. Can you have thise spin for weeks constantly before maintainance is needed or the parts fail?

    IonIon10 måneder siden
  • Why you dont keep vans without cutting????

    The ManThe Man11 måneder siden
  • plese build vane combustion angine.

    mari melihatmari melihatÅr siden
  • why did you cut the vane? at 1:30

    daniel egandaniel eganÅr siden
  • LR13000 make

    Palm kingGODPalm kingGODÅr siden
  • I understand WHAT you did. I don’t think the question “why” is relevant (it looked like you had fun, and your work here is as clean and beautiful as your other YTs). But I am curious if there is something inherently wrong with the original AC compressor body that it wasn’t usable as a motor housing? I am happy to have watched this because I have an AC compressor that needs to be rebuilt and know I know what it looks like inside. Not too complicated. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

    oddjobbobboddjobbobbÅr siden
  • como comprar um motor desse no brasil?

    Andre BuenoAndre BuenoÅr siden
  • Million Likes you should deserve .

    wadi B3eedwadi B3eedÅr siden
  • I think it can be used as a pump ,,

    Biswajit nathBiswajit nathÅr siden
  • Make vane motor from alternator vacumm at the back of it

    smoke_ stackzsmoke_ stackzÅr siden
  • Excessive work to convert something you can much more easily buy. Interesting to see the design though. I do not understand why the vanes were split in the center.

    Accumulator1Accumulator1År siden
  • A make helicopter with air no motor jaldee please

    Devendra PrasadDevendra PrasadÅr siden
    • Air motor

      Devendra PrasadDevendra PrasadÅr siden

    Yassine indus YAYassine indus YAÅr siden
  • Nice job

    sangram prustysangram prustyÅr siden
  • somebody use your video here

    buat belakangbuat belakangÅr siden
  • How old are You man? You're looks like a thousand years man

    buat belakangbuat belakangÅr siden
  • Dude Can you please explain the reason to cut the Vein of the Pump ...

    Sultan SinghSultan SinghÅr siden
  • Can anyone explain why he need to cut the vane into 4 part to me pls?

    Đức Anh NguyễnĐức Anh NguyễnÅr siden
  • It's a pneumatic motor? air vane motor sounds weird XD

    Gu HongGu HongÅr siden
  • This video would be more realistic if there was an end application where the viewers could see the motor turning something meaningful. You don't see the end result because there is no use for this piece of shit. It's weak and worthless! The only thing that is good for is a paper weight on your desk!

    honda450rider87honda450rider87År siden
  • Practically useless piece of shit. A pneumatic motor like this is an air hog. 99.9% of the people watching this don't own a compressor big enough to run it. Also if you notice on the teardown of the old compressor there is oil inside. Yes oil. Now you built a pneumatic motor that isn't going to last long running dry unless you have an inline oiler. This will sieze up and stop running with the metal vanes rubbing the metal case in no time. Also you couldn't stir cake batter with this weak ass motor. Notice just fingers grabbing the shaft made the pitch change.I Bet you I could completely stop the shaft with a glove on my hand.

    honda450rider87honda450rider87År siden
  • Как на счёт собственного двигателя ? С таким то оборудованием !!!

    Виталий ПетрейкоВиталий ПетрейкоÅr siden
  • Excelente 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🌎

    marmold marmoldmarmold marmoldÅr siden
  • This is a air compressor not a motor

    Few things about Dc MotorFew things about Dc MotorÅr siden
  • I don't know why You cut the propeller

    Rinardi Andri HantyaRinardi Andri HantyaÅr siden
  • What does,it do, why no demonstration?

    Thomas CorbettThomas CorbettÅr siden
  • this oil pump or what !! he look like rotary engine !!

    NOObs MaxxNOObs MaxxÅr siden
  • excellent job,...

    shafi mdshafi mdÅr siden
  • Great work I love it thanks.... you are fantastic

    Daniel Ramirez Cruz.Daniel Ramirez Cruz.År siden
  • LMAO...It only takes 30cfm@150psi to make 1/32hp.....brilliant.....LOL....Takes 10hp to provide the air!!

    scotty362100scotty362100År siden
  • Can you make a jet engine?!

    sayed arafasayed arafaÅr siden
  • Você pode fabricar um Mine torno mecânico?

    dennes santos carvalhodennes santos carvalhoÅr siden
  • Incompleto?

    Ricardo NunesRicardo Nunes2 år siden
  • The pressure to drive this isn't exactly small... more efficient pumps used in tools have way smaller vanes and much more of them so it's way more efficient. But this made me understand how it works in principle so that's great

    S/\LT.S/\LT.2 år siden
  • Hello my are one of the best people in youtub and I like all of your vidio..I hope soon you provide a vidio for building a high pressure air compresor with all of details ...a reciporcating air compresor that you build all of details..cylinder and piston ...

    Aref AlizadehAref Alizadeh2 år siden
  • Dude!

    brianmck4brianmck42 år siden
  • With love from Ziim.

    David ChimusingoDavid Chimusingo2 år siden
  • Steel against aluminum! Humm, very ingenious. Kkkkkkkkkkk it's cheaper to buy one good and powerfull air motor.

    Andre PatacchiniAndre Patacchini2 år siden
  • why does the spinny bit need to be off centre? wouldnt using a normal turbine inside do the same shit??? (with less moving parts)

    Zac GanZac Gan2 år siden
  • Would the original housing have worked? How does a rotary vane AC compressor differ from an off-the-shelf pneumatic motor?

    Robert CiprianiRobert Cipriani2 år siden
    • Assuming the old compressor still sealed, you just reverse the inlet and outlet and it probably would have ran fine

      NerdByDesignNerdByDesignÅr siden
    • air compressor offer the compressed air to air motor,converts pressure energy into machanical energy.

      Lynn GuoLynn GuoÅr siden
  • Would this also work as an air compressor if you put power to the output shaft?

    RobertRobert2 år siden
    • And you might get some steel dust out of it

      nikolai502nikolai502År siden
    • Most likely, but maybe not so efficient

      nikolai502nikolai502År siden
  • Una idea formidable, gracias por compartir

    Jose Francisco GaliciaJose Francisco Galicia2 år siden
  • Would this also work as an air compressor if you put power to the output shaft?

    Cody HarlessCody Harless2 år siden
    • No

      Jeremy ThompsonJeremy Thompson2 år siden
  • Молодец👍👍👍

    Арман КамаровАрман Камаров2 år siden
  • Simplemente excelente trabajo de calidad , saludos cordiales desde Chaco Argentina

    Aldo David GonzalezAldo David Gonzalez2 år siden
  • Инкредебл!!

    Леха КиркачЛеха Киркач2 år siden
  • What are you doing with it? I want to build something like this. To generate power from steam, to power my house, I'm off grid. I'm thinking concentrated solar, or maybe wood occasionally. 500-1000watts 12 hrs a day would power everything I have. Charging my batteries.

    JAMES T. not kirkJAMES T. not kirk2 år siden
  • Easy ways you do not look for...exactly )))

    Маленький КитайМаленький Китай2 år siden
  • Like, will break without oil lubrication

    Абылай ЖаксылыковАбылай Жаксылыков2 år siden
    • well in pump action graphite vanes would be great. self lubricating

      joppe peelenjoppe peelen2 år siden
  • 2:47 That’s called a no babies measurement! Why? Because it’s DEAD NUTS!!!! lol

    Open EyeOpen Eye2 år siden
  • WOW! Good work! :-) Air Engine-free(…) drive:D)))

    Dominik GolczykDominik Golczyk2 år siden
  • Plz make another video about to make hydraulic pump with simple method. Thanks

    Daily Life infoDaily Life info2 år siden
  • so satisfying..and the joy of turning aluminium . great vid!

    zuzu2 år siden
  • Fhfrg

    Pablo de rojoPablo de rojo2 år siden
  • Now I can make energy from my fart

    ken catorceken catorce2 år siden
  • гений

    Wolfgang PetersonWolfgang Peterson2 år siden
  • Ensina fazer um torno mecânica

    Delbert PortugalDelbert Portugal2 år siden
  • Good please sir you can make a air wrenches

    Dinesh JangraDinesh Jangra2 år siden
  • good work, beutiful machine!!

    Doutor CharangaDoutor Charanga2 år siden
  • mui bueno, é fantástico!!!

    Doutor CharangaDoutor Charanga2 år siden
  • WTF

    เกรียน เกรียนเกรียน เกรียน2 år siden
  • could you make a bigger this cane motor and use steam :) would be a extreme powerfull steam motor :)?

    kim williamkim william2 år siden
    • kim william that is an excellent question. Because of the simplicity of this i would also be curious about the efficiency and other factors.

      Lawrence WalravenLawrence WalravenÅr siden
  • Nice build mate ,reading engineers wearing gloves in the comments , if you did then you'd be replacing them every 2 secs cause the fluids just disolve them , good barrier cream wouldn't you agree lol .can I ask ,you know you split the vanes when they where in 2 pieces and made 4 with increased spin the Giro force would slow the motor cause friction force on the cylinder would cause a bind after it burnt up lubrication ,it looked like they would lock out to prevent the Giro force pushing the vanes only so far ,is it's cause it's only for a low speed application ? ,it's built so well and would be capable of pushing some seriously fast rpm but at the the risk of one hell of a seizure ,the vanes looked well thick enough to put smaller thinner lighter vanes into the middle of other vanes like piston ring but flat , plus not cut the vane ,have you tried this way ? To see what it can do I mean ,after all one of the good things is to build one and push it's limits see its failure and learn to build better lol don't you just love engineering ha ha

    paul deanpaul dean2 år siden
  • Awsome... If you connect a boiler with this motor that will be an awsome steam turbine!

    Miadul IslamMiadul Islam2 år siden
  • Perfect work, but why didn't you polish inside surface of steel cylinder, isn't necessary? and aluminium caps are in contact with rotor? collision would destroy aluminium caps in long usage , all the process was at master level. congratulation bro.

    Vahid AlebooyeVahid Alebooye2 år siden
  • u gave me the fucking idea for my project...

    Prateek JadhavPrateek Jadhav2 år siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Александр БарсуковАлександр Барсуков2 år siden
  • I did not know what motor use was, but you kept the best Your little brother: Muhammad ☺️

    Catzs HotCatzs Hot2 år siden
  • Wow you can make anything cool bro

    SilvaTech _956SilvaTech _9562 år siden
  • lots of nasty comments here...... I have to say I enjoy all your videos well maybe not the music choices but your skills are pretty good. I do see see some design challenges with this air motor.Like the material choice for the barrel and inner finish , thrust bearing or Hardened washers? Who cares its not perfect but its cool and fun to watch the processes to make you ideas come to life . This is NOworld if you want to make one perfect then buy a book or plans ...or just buy one. At the end of the day you will learn what works and what doesn't but the whole point here is entertainment .BTW I'am a retired Millwright or 42 years.

    JohnJohn2 år siden
  • Pretty cool. You basically made a vane pump for an automatic transmission.

    Ms02racingMs02racing2 år siden
  • Бро красава епте.

    Роберт шахРоберт шах2 år siden
  • hello.nice work.can u give this idea

    ziaul haqziaul haq2 år siden
  • I love you

    Bangladesh Automobile schoolBangladesh Automobile school2 år siden
  • you are ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    G MtG Mt2 år siden
  • OUXU Air motor or Air mixer Made in China

    Jimmy JiJimmy Ji3 år siden
  • I can’t stop watching your videos, hristos kie panaya!

    Javier Garcia AlvarezJavier Garcia Alvarez3 år siden
  • Well at least it's spinning!

    Erwin AcobeErwin Acobe3 år siden
  • Damn kiddo you should start wearing some P.P.E or else soon there will be no more videos from you.

    Erwin AcobeErwin Acobe3 år siden
  • Please can you make an air float machine. Thanks

    Anekwe OlisaAnekwe Olisa3 år siden
  • big like

    Mohamed Al-dkmawyMohamed Al-dkmawy3 år siden
  • aye benn watching some 10 vids of urs and still dont know if they gonna make like or hate metal (music)

    6fi66adi66a6fi66adi66a3 år siden
  • Put motion in and get a lot of air out too, I still have a similar device I got from a machine from a perfume factory, I use it like a compressor to clean mills where I work. Nice build.

    Raul GajadharRaul Gajadhar3 år siden
  • Siempre unos genios.

    armando casas con cosasarmando casas con cosas3 år siden
  • ok how much torque how many rpm's how much air at what pressure i could use some air motors but am relegated to taking apart air tools for their motors.

    Clay MccormickClay Mccormick3 år siden
  • add sparkplug and a bigger compression and flywheel always wondered what will it happen and how good the engine wil be with this kind a design probalby would last long

    euro forceeuro force3 år siden
  • Для чего создавалось устройство?

    Кирилл ПочеваловКирилл Почевалов3 år siden
  • エアーだから羽の摩耗すごそう

    小日向はやみ小日向はやみ3 år siden