Making a 4 Stroke Engine. Episode 4 - Engine Block and Cylinder Head

1. aug.. 2020
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In this fourth episode of the 4 Stroke Engine project, I’m making a engine block and cylinder head.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!
Thank you for watching :)

Episode 1 : Piston and Connecting Rod -
Episode 2 : Gear & Valve -
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  • Big thank you for your wonderful and supportive comments!! ------- Tools & Machines I used in the project ------- Sherline Lathe: Sherline Milling: SKIL 9-Inch Band Saw: Dykem blue: Lathe Mill CENTER DRILL : PBD40 drill press : WEN Bench Grinder : Starrett 174 Tap Wrench: Starrett 827A Edge Finders: Starrett 93C T-Handle Tap Wrench: Brown & Sharpe Spring Tensioned Tap Guide: 1-2-3 Blocks: Again, thank you for watching this video :)

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    • Did you buy the CNC setup with your mill? Or did you find a cheaper alternative?

      Groovey GrubwormGroovey GrubwormMåned siden
    • Dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Just google for it xD

      Zander RaydenZander RaydenMåned siden
    • As 'rapidinhas' que duram pelo menos 20 minutos, semanalmente vão significar 7.500 calorias, o que significa o mesmo que correr 120 km.

    • Ur content is awesome!

      Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi7 måneder siden
    • Wow, well done! Would be nice to see a workshop tour - to know which tools are cnc controlled and how your process from blueprint to part looks :) Really enjoy your videos, nice work!

      Pontus RenmarkerPontus Renmarker7 måneder siden
  • muy casero jajajajajajajajajajajaj

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  • Y acá estamos...

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  • Nice! What cam software do you use?

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  • 真厉害

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  • Dude could you make a 4 cylinder engine in a motorcycle line

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  • I watched all the series without any sightseeing 😃. You are supposed to open an engine industry. You deserve this.

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  • I'm curious, how come you decided to bore the cylinder head so deep and mount the spark plugs sideways? Wouldn't you have a far better compression and burn putting the spark plug vertically overtop the piston?

  • 1:33 - what is the model of the machine?

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  • fantastic!!!

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  • Now build one on a manual lathe and mill.

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  • Thank you. Fantastico trabajo

  • Are plans available for this build?

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  • *wOw CiRcLeZ*

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  • As someone who is just learning Machining this is a far dream i can't imagine how one becomes this skilled

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  • Wow, really makes you appreciate everything what goes into a taken for granted lawnmower engine

  • 👍👍☘️👍👍

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  • i wanna make something like this so bad but that's so much machinery! expensive too

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  • Just amazing, make me smiling, love.

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  • what milling machine is this

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  • 이글을번역해주신다면 감사합니다 운동화뒤에 엔진을달고 직렬바퀴두개에 손에는유압식브레이크른단 롤러블레이드를만들수있을까요?

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  • This is what you get with a lockdown.......time well spent! :D

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  • Ye kaun sa metal app use karte ho

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  • Whippet for water!!!

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  • Which cnc machine do you work with?

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  • Id like to believe he was given the ultimate gift of perfect hands and can get any measurement right by eyeballing it

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  • Is the block made in steel?

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  • With videos like these, humanity is reaching a whole other level.

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  • You should list your machines.

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  • Excellant work!!! Is it disigned in metric or imperial? BR from Hamburg, GER

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  • What happens to all the shaving waste? Do you save and melt down again? How much does the aluminum block cost?

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  • Why making fins???

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  • Great but you could make mine too!

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  • V4 16valvolas

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  • V4

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  • Having such equipment, you only need imagination!))

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  • What machine are you using?

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  • Dos he work?!!!

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  • Muito legal mesmo só que tem que ter um C N C valeu

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  • Simply seeing your process to take on a complex shape, and your outstandingly clean execution is one of the most satisfying things ever

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  • Would you be willing to release the CAD model for this?

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  • This isn’t a criticism but why didn’t you use cutting fluid

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  • Hello, which CAD software do you use ??

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  • Mini V8!!!!!!

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  • your amazing hehe

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  • You must brush off shavings after every step before removing from the vice

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  • amazing skills. very nice to watch !

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  • can u give me the plans of this engine plsssss.

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  • Todos esos chips que quedan deben juntarse, fundirse para reciclar. All those chips that are left should be put together, melted to recycle.

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  • what is machine you use? thats is mini machine? Please me i know?

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  • 집에 CNC가 있는겁니까?ㅋㅋㅋ

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  • Link engine

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  • That eccentric turning makes me nervous. Great job

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  • Mini v8 please!!!

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  • Give me some money

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  • It's an illusion guys. The engine is regular size, it is the sheer size of the machinery that is making the block look tiny. I'm on to you...

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  • 한글댓글이없노 ㅋㅋ

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  • Diggin all the brand new Chinese tools. Kinda surprised that shit worked.

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  • マシニングセンタも持ってるんですね。 学校でプログラムを組んで加工しましたけど、3軸あるから何でも出来る万能工作機械ですよね。 実務じゃMCがある工場は少ないですけど、あると便利な機械です。

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  • Please share cad drawing

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  • これは、何回も作ってるなプロの臭いがする!丁寧な仕事だ!

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  • うわすっげぇ神じゃん(小並感)

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  • Any surface treatment?

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  • 我只想知道,用四爪卡盘固定缸体毛坯的时候,定心怎么做的

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  • This content make me subcribe you right away.

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  • mr maker ,why no make a video about your machine tool (sherline)

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  • It's very satisfying to watch well-done machining jobs. Thanks for the enjoyable show.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it

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  • what is the name of the cnc mill ur using?

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  • Love it

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  • Ahh the good old 0.1L engine

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  • I have 2 sherlines and they are great except their tailstocks are a total piece of crap!

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  • Liked, Commented, Subscribed.

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  • as small as this is, there was a guy made working replica V8 engines on this scale or close to it. Last I heard he made 3, and made exact scale cars to put them in. 1/28th or 1/24th scale I believe it was. He actually didn't make any money off the little cars, but he had to invent a tiny spark plug that would work, and Bosch bought the rights to the design. They're the dual element design they sell... but frankly I don't think they're worth a damn, least they weren't in my car. NGK all the way....or Nippon.

    too talltoo tall7 måneder siden
  • コレを自動車メーカーとかバイクメーカーが量産してるってだけで、すごい話だなって思う

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  • Wow! Very nice work. I would like to see this made again with no CNC used, manual everything. Some of us don't have CNC, Thanks and again Great Work!

    Kenneth RobinsonKenneth Robinson7 måneder siden
  • 素晴らしい仕事ですね。ボール盤やNC、旋盤、コンターの使い分けが成る程そう来るか、と見ていて楽しいです。最も大切だけど観ても地味な芯出し作業工程はカットしている点にお気遣いを感じます。

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  • That looks awesome

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  • Sir this is aa diseal engine or not

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  • Klasse 👍

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  • Are you going to fit a turbocharger ? Just thought I would be the first one to say it before all the wankers say Why don’t you fit a turbocharger! Why do they say it ?

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  • How long did it take you to just cut out the shape and drill the holes?

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  • It was awesome

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  • What is this? An engine for ants?

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  • What's the point of the fins being cut into the block?

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  • Crazy! Look at him go, miniature engines are right up my alley. Absolutely "pro" work! Good for you dude. Wesley Alan Sept

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    • So do they make little spark plugs? If they do, what other components might they offer?

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  • such a luxury using tens-thousand dollars of machineries to make some tiny gadgets.

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  • Wow! (a bitty critter) could make a generator for a laptop. Or phone. Run on alcohol. Or lighter fluid. Ps have a gen that runs on 2cycle chain saw engine. Out put. about 50 watts. Useing. Salvaged half of a dyno motor. (Generator) problematic but works) to be small and hidden it's good) tks om

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  • Horrible

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  • So it never started...🤣🤣🤣

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  • Great little engine design. Any chance of getting the drawings for it?

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  • Well done my friend, great work, beautiful engine, your work well done, I paid attention to every detail. But my question is, is this engine only a model like a statue, or is it a working engine, and are you able to make a motor that works in the same beautiful small size with an autonomous engine and a gearbox? In order for it to have specific uses🙋‍♂️😊👍

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