Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years + FULL TOUR

18. april. 2020
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Brian and Karin Trautman have been living on a sailboat for 10 years, and their boat is set up so they can be off the grid in remote places for months at a time with solar and wind power providing electricity, a water maker that turns salt water into fresh water, multiple freezers and loads of storage space for food, and even a small washing machine on board!
They've sailed SV Delos - a 53' sloop rig ketch - 83,000 nautical miles which is the equivalent of circling the earth at the equator more than 3 times. Their latest adventures include sailing as a family with their 6-month baby, Sierra, and outfitting the boat with a heater so they can explore the Arctic this summer after several years in the Tropics.
If you want to follow SV Delos, and support their amazing vlog-style documentary project about the liveaboard lifestyle, we've included links to all their pages here:
Thanks so much for watching and please stay safe!
Mat & Danielle
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Brian and Karin from SV Delos

  • Thank you for watching! We are so excited to have collaborated with SV Delos on this video and you can follow their journey on all the platforms here:

    Exploring AlternativesExploring AlternativesÅr siden
    • I got my rowboat's paddle's on sale. It was quite an oar deal!

      MaplecookMaplecook16 dager siden
    • Great video. Scored the babe. Seems like a great wife. The baby too adorable. The dream, the inspiration and execution is off the charts mind blowing.

      T HyslopT HyslopMåned siden
    • А

      Anton WolfAnton WolfMåned siden
    • I used to live in Flagstaff Arizona for 7 years

      Master of PuppetsMaster of PuppetsMåned siden
    • @Ray Gun he didn't say how many therm he made a day as I had mentioned before - when I looked at the entire video he showed the engine room and battery banks - he has a 8 kw inverter gen I'm guessing it's an inverter gen - but he did mention that he burns 600 liters of fuel every 3 month it takes about 1 liter of diesel fuel to generate 1 kw or 1000 watts - if he is burning 200 liters a month say at anchor that's 6.66 liters of fuel a day - along with the solar panels he's having to generate an additional 6-7 kw a day to maintain there life style in gallons that's 1.5 gal of fuel a day - he might be using the boats propulsion engine at times so u could discount some of the kWs I mentioned if that's the case - eather way he doesn't have enough panels or wind turbins to sustain that much equipment so he gets the additional power from his diesel generator - if u don't have water makers, washing machines, refrigorators & freezers, electric stoves, electric hot water heaters, electric wenches & all kinds of electronics on a boat - u can get by with just solar panels and or wind turbines - once u add all the said devices theres not enough space on a boat that size for the amount of solar panels and wind turbines nessary - the battery AH capacity would have to be substantially increased to support all the equipment - were they anchor at in the tropics there is generally a brieze coming off the water - note they mentioned they only use the Air-condition when there in a port or harbor - it takes 12 liters of fuel a day to run a small 5000 BTU air-conditioned so they don't use there's at anchor lol

      Sidney BaudierSidney BaudierMåned siden
  • U two are brave

    doreen Bibbydoreen Bibby14 timer siden
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    Anthony LAnthony LDag siden
    • Interesting. Didn't know that. I haven't seen cockroaches in years. Thanks.

      Anthony LAnthony L13 timer siden
    • Cockroaches will feed on the glue used on the labels, and can lay eggs in the space between the can and label. Additionally, if the cans get wet, the labels turn to mush..

      Scott CowenScott CowenDag siden
  • They didnt have much friends so they don't want their daughter to have friends either

    pyro eyespyro eyesDag siden
  • Awesome video! Ive seen many people say they can never get their camera equipment to show the true up and down roll of the sea. They are correct when you watch their videos. Your camera catches it nicely so whatever you’re doing differently it’s working a treat. 👍

    Terry 01Terry 01Dag siden
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  • Ever been to the Cook island and visited Suwarrow ( An Island to Oneself ( or Suvarov is another name. Next you will have home schooling on the boat. Several references to other people on the boat. How can a person have a trip on the boat?

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    A1 Auto SportA1 Auto Sport2 dager siden
  • Real freedom

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  • I’ve lived on a sailboat for almost 2 years now and will never go back to living on land

    Robert ThompsonRobert Thompson2 dager siden
  • The baby needs a seat that works like the stovetop moves with the waves ,

    Cynthia PowersCynthia Powers3 dager siden
  • She looks like Uma Thurman

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    maxcp5maxcp53 dager siden
  • *Just a tip... Make sure you have a automatic machine gun/guns and marine radar to alarm your self for any incoming objects. There is always a pirate in the sea, so be careful.*

    ZimZim3 dager siden
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  • That baby will have the best sea legs in the world lol. Get those sea shanties on boys! Time to explore the open ocean!

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  • i was always concerned with expenses/complications - small simple well built pedigree (67 Bristol Yacht modified full keel ( cutaway forefoot) Masthead Sloop ( added detachable baby sta - builtt in the Hereshoff Yard - non reliance on electronics, salt + water + electronics = cluster f_ck - most sailers sail on a budget and a prayer.- God save me, i miss it ....... ( fade to black)

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  • top loading fridge doesn't dump the chill out on the sole - thereby saving energy needed to rechill - there ya go, just heard 1 good thing about top loaders

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  • How much was the boat

    DaveDave10 dager siden
    • These boats run for about $250,000 on the used market. This a considered quite a large and luxurious cruising sail boat. If you go smaller and simpler, you can spend way under $100,000 for a good, blue water cruising boat.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
  • You should buy gas struts for the under bed storage it will change into a normal cabinet door.

    royal decree for the church of muskologyroyal decree for the church of muskology11 dager siden
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    • Can be a lot cheaper. This is quite a large and luxurious cruising sail boat. If you go simpler, you can cut the maintenance costs and purchase price of the boat considerably. There's a guy sailing on youtube on a much smaller boat with no motor, and he spends less than $15K a year.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
  • You guys are the best. I've watched you for quite some time. I don't understand how you used a sander under water. Please explain .......maybe I'm just seeing things ! All the best to you. Karin, You are an awesome person...Those eyes !! Cheers, Jerry

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  • Thank you for sharing this awesome experience. I couldn’t help but wonder how you guys manage when you have a medical emergency, specially with a small baby onboard, and you are in the middle of the ocean. As you said, babies are already a full time job even in the comfort of a city where you (think you) have all you need at hand. Good luck and keep enjoying life at sea!

    Javier G. VisiedoJavier G. Visiedo15 dager siden
  • What's a boat like that cost, anyone please 👍✌️💪

    Friends of The Amazon JungleFriends of The Amazon Jungle16 dager siden
    • This is an Amel, Super Maramu. These boats run for about $250,000+ on the used market. This a considered quite a large and luxurious cruising sail boat. If you go smaller and simpler, you can spend way under $100,000 for a good, blue water cruising boat.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
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    Paul HesterPaul Hester16 dager siden
  • Question: When Sarah gets older (around 6 yrs old) how are you going to educate her? There’s no schools in the middle of the ocean so r u just going to homeschool her?

    Gwaggle 204Gwaggle 20416 dager siden
    • @jj kfl yeah but I don’t think they will just leave Dullos behind like that

      Gwaggle 204Gwaggle 20410 dager siden
    • @Gwaggle 204 They said they're anchored 905 of the time in the video. I also assume they'll move somewhere bigger once she gets older, that boat looks claustrophobic af for 2 adults and an older child.

      jj kfljj kfl10 dager siden
    • @jj kfl I know but how are they gonna get her to go to school when most of the time they are sailing in the ocean hundreds of miles away from any school?

      Gwaggle 204Gwaggle 20410 dager siden
    • She needs to be surrounded by children her own age, only knowing your parents during your early development is a recipe for social awkwardness

      jj kfljj kfl11 dager siden
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    lott niolott nio18 dager siden
    • They explain it half way through the video. They make their money off NOworld, Patreon, merchandise, and sponsorships. By my calculations, they make about $600K a year just off Patreon.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
  • Ultimate social distancing

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      operator0operator010 dager siden
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  • You are doing something that many people can only dream of I'm one of those people. I just found your channel and I'm going to watch it and listen to everything that you say and video. You are living the dream and doing it in an amazing way. I live off the grid but nothing like you. I sold all my assets my property my bank accounts I own nothing of value and have everything outside the continental United States. I'm getting the rest of my things together before I leave for good. And I hope it's before the war starts but every day that goes by the tension the insanity and the violence it gets worse and worse. It feels like I'm sitting on a keg of dynamite and the fuse is lit. Everybody is in fear of each other they're in fear of everything it's insane. And the news media we have no longer reports on the news. But total propaganda and lies. But I can only dream of doing it the way you're doing it and maybe I will.

    Patrick HackettPatrick Hackett22 dager siden
  • A good way to store potatoes and onions for longer time at sea is to put them in a dark box away from any source of light

    Odel TarkhanOdel Tarkhan23 dager siden
  • Посмотрел ролик. Смелые люди ! Умные и работящие люди ! Этот вид свободы требует особого склада характера и увлечений !!!

  • Hey guys, you are very interesting and brave family :D what is a model of your bout? What is approximately price of it?

    Matas RadvilaviciusMatas Radvilavicius23 dager siden
    • @operator0 Thank you very much for your answer ;)

      Matas RadvilavičiusMatas Radvilavičius10 dager siden
    • @Matas Radvilavicius It would be really hard to find a live-aboard boat for 20k. If you do find one, it's probably going to need a bunch of work. I'm not saying they aren't out there, and I'm not saying they all need a bunch of work, but a live-aboard boat at 20k that's in good condition is going to be small and it's probably not going to be a good boat for open ocean traveling. A much more realistic price range is $40k to $60k. For that kind of money you can find a good, blue water boat that's in relatively good shape that you can sail to the Bahamas or Mexico and live on for a few years. It won't be huge, and it will almost assuredly need a little work, but boats like that can be found relatively easily. Go look on yachtworld to see what the market is offering right now.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
    • @operator0 Thanks. What is your opinion about budget livable boat (up to 20k)? Is it possible to find something for that price? Hard to find information about such a budget options

      Matas RadvilaviciusMatas Radvilavicius10 dager siden
    • This is an Amel, Super Maramu. These boats run for about $250,000+ on the used market. This is considered quite a large and luxurious cruising sail boat. If you go smaller and simpler, you can spend way under $100,000 for a good, blue water cruising boat.

      operator0operator010 dager siden
  • What adventures! God bless them in their travels

    Christopher McLeanChristopher McLean23 dager siden
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    • Nej men de fick barnet i Sverige.

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