[LIVESTREAM] The Kia EV6|World Premiere

30. mars. 2021
565 084 Ganger

The Kia EV6. Inspiring every journey.
To change the world to a better place, join the movement today.
▼ Online reservation opens from 30th Mar 10AM CET.
*For Korea market, reservation opens from 31st Mar 9AM KST.
1. Pre-production model is shown, actual production model may vary.
2. Some of the images are artistic impressions and for illustrative purpose only.
3. All product data herein are pre-homologation development targets.
4. Product features/specifications seen here may vary by country and/or trim.
5. Charging times will vary depending on a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, charger type, battery condition, initial state of charge, vehicle condition and others.
6. Electricity supply of V2L function may vary by country due to the difference in home voltages and the condition of electronic devices.
7. Towing capacity may vary by the condition of trailer.
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#EV6 #WorldPremiere #Movement #Inspiration

  • Electric vehicles are the future of sustainable transportation.

    Kapiti Electric Vehicle SocietyKapiti Electric Vehicle SocietyTime siden
  • As an 'N' driver....I'm impressed! An electric car I'd happily own.

  • like new logo "Kia"

    ka kaka ka12 timer siden
  • Now these electric vehicles should still be affordable. In Switzerland, all vehicles are much more expensive than in neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Italy and France). There is also no state subsidy for electric cars in Switzerland. It would be good if KIA could solve the problem for Switzerland with the Swiss importers and politicians. I don't see any reason why cars without VAT are more expensive in Switzerland than, for example, in Germany. It would be nice if the sales prices were lowered to the European level. And it would be very nice to see such beautiful cars like the KIA EV6 increasingly on Swiss roads ... If I had the financial means, I would buy this vehicle right away. Great technology, great design ... wonderful ... Bravo KIA !!!

    Marco BetteliniMarco BetteliniDag siden
  • 기아 영상 유치하게 뽑는데는 일가견이 있는듯...하..러시아 홈쇼핑 스타일 느낌의 성우도 답안나오고

    김수로김수로Dag siden
  • You couldn't finish painting the car ? Primer looks horrible

    Sacha De AlvaradoSacha De Alvarado2 dager siden
  • KIA is just KIA. I think they have almost every type of car I need. This EV6 is new option other than Tesla. Tesla is full of gimmicks, but for me personally it doesn't feel like car. So plain in the interior

    De KDe K2 dager siden
  • 아무리 개발 잘하면 뭐해 공장직원 서비스직원들이 다 말아먹는데

    인성인성4 dager siden
  • I never considered a Kia until now!

    Ronald BoykinRonald Boykin4 dager siden
  • They must've been tempted to do a second take without the McLaren

    Jay ThomJay Thom4 dager siden
  • Give me a boring color. Then I'll go troll Mustangs and other obnoxious crap around here. 😂🤣

    WatchandjewelryloftWatchandjewelryloft5 dager siden
  • Is this Kia available in matte colours like their Ionic 5? Love those colour choices.

    savedfavessavedfaves5 dager siden
    • Hi Savedfaves, Thank you for your feedback, and we're glad you love those colour choices! For the details of overall design of The KIA EV6 you can also check out our Kia website. If you are interested, we'll leave a link below. www.kia.com/worldwide/ Also note that there are chances of variation from region to region. Thank you!

      Kia WorldwideKia Worldwide4 dager siden
  • Is it coming to Indonesia?

    Kimmaru AfiKimmaru Afi5 dager siden
    • Hi Kimmaru Afi Thanks for showing your interest in The Kia EV6. The detailed sales information on the Kia EV6 differs from region to region, so we recommend you to look up on your local Kia Motors website or Facebook page. We'll leave a link below for you. www.kia.com/worldwide/ Click "Kia in Your Country" at the top to find out your local Kia Motors. Hope this helps!

      Kia WorldwideKia Worldwide4 dager siden
  • Congrats! To be fair to the competitors, show actual numbers and more technical info on the race

    Iwan RahabokIwan Rahabok6 dager siden
  • Why is a Tesla not on the line- an actual competitor

    William HerwigWilliam Herwig6 dager siden
  • This and the Ioniq 5 will be gamechangers for Hyundai/Kia and probably the EV-market. Absolutely great designs. Can't decide which one is more awesome and which I'd rather have. Consider my BMW sold, I need to get my hands on one of those.

    SeriouspattSeriouspatt7 dager siden
  • 007 # - | PARCERIA | - - | A T | - - | 0 0 7 | - - | WHITE BOLLTTYTTYKK | - - | FRANCISCO ALVES | - - | A C T O R | - | F I L C O M | - | C E O | - - | SÃO PAULO | - | SP | - - | BRASIL | - * 007

  • I don’t now... when I first so it, o love it. But now, the car front looks outdated. It’s too basic, regular old headlights, and generic divided led bars.

    EnNombreDeLaCiencia !EnNombreDeLaCiencia !8 dager siden
  • This EV6 GT is beautifully designed. Great job KIA!

    Dwayne Wal-eDwayne Wal-e8 dager siden
  • I'm surprised it's just 1080p in 2021

    Dmytro BudnykDmytro Budnyk8 dager siden
  • Ready to Buy First EV from KIA ❤️

    Dr Vicky RautDr Vicky Raut8 dager siden
  • I'm super korean! Super korean drives kia carnival!

    성주형tv성주형tv9 dager siden
  • Waittttt a minute...... The back looks exactly a copy of Jaguar I-Pace...... Kiaaaaaa what did u do..???

    seetharam garnepudyseetharam garnepudy9 dager siden
  • 영상 퀄리티가 왜이래;

    ucjaesamucjaesam9 dager siden
  • Simply beautiful

    caliosmancaliosman9 dager siden
  • I like how the KIA looks 😎

    JosefJosef10 dager siden
  • How much?

    Matt BMatt B10 dager siden
  • The guy is reading from a screen which felt like an essay written for an essay competition.

    Atorb TechAtorb Tech10 dager siden
  • Just buy a real sedan. SUVs are a useless trend for sheep.

    no taboosno taboos10 dager siden
  • looks like mini urus to me

    Hazwan AidilHazwan Aidil10 dager siden
  • Amazing I love it good job KIA

    Edgar EstradaEdgar Estrada10 dager siden
  • Amazing EV power

    MaTraHDFILMMaTraHDFILM10 dager siden
  • the presenters could benefit from some kind of enthusiasm training.......

    L EL E10 dager siden
  • 5:33 haha tezla burn

    Indygoflow1Indygoflow110 dager siden
  • why no sunroof??

    Dhruvraj SinghDhruvraj Singh10 dager siden
  • 😂 Images de synthèse !

    Fabrice FagnyFabrice Fagny10 dager siden
  • Kia carnival EV = Sustainable SUV Car. Mass produce EV SUV cars.

    SurvivorSurvivor10 dager siden
  • too much drama. make a car announcement not movie!!! car is nice though

    jef kumalajef kumala10 dager siden
  • Arkansan from America, I want one please!

    WirableCrownWirableCrown11 dager siden
    • @Stinky Sundae Asian American, or native Asian it doesn't matter, the answer is the same. No, no, no. We have plenty of ethnic groups where I live and no one is racist. Even in the more conservative and southern parts of Arkansas, people are really nice. Some people are mean of course, you can always find at least one mean person anywhere you go in America. And it's the stupid people who get the most attention unfortunately.

      WirableCrownWirableCrown10 dager siden
    • I'm Asian American but if I walked into a restaurant in Arkansas, will people be racist towards me? Like saying racial slangs. Just out of curiosity

      Stinky SundaeStinky Sundae11 dager siden
  • This looks awesome. I like the look of this vehicle both interior and exterior when compared to a Tesla. The only concern is safety rating and type of material used. The Tesla after all is one of the safest vehicle on the road.

    trueendifytrueendify11 dager siden
  • Those designers won my respect.

    Ivan GzIvan Gz11 dager siden
  • I-pace is that you?

    Gola MotswaneGola Motswane11 dager siden
  • This is a copycat of Jaguar I Pace

    João RodriguesJoão Rodrigues11 dager siden
  • Price ?

    Alucard _1880Alucard _188011 dager siden
  • 말개느리네 한국인은 못본다이거

    김호호김호호11 dager siden
  • Beyond thrilled this is getting an Australian release, can't stop pining over this car!!

    Elijah BartholomewElijah Bartholomew11 dager siden
  • that was karim habib bmw former chief designer

    Quys OpnwtrQuys Opnwtr11 dager siden
  • 10:50 basically power bank on tyres

    Sahil JaryalSahil Jaryal11 dager siden
  • GonnA be freaking expensive

    Sachin ChaudharySachin Chaudhary11 dager siden
  • bugatti la voiture noire SUV version?? ha ha

    Suresh StevenSuresh Steven11 dager siden
  • Great job by the design team -it shares alot of design cues with the Jaguar iPace (which is a good thing ) but they are going way further than the iPACE with the futurist-sport feel - cant wait to test drive it!!

    Idrissa MorehouseIdrissa Morehouse11 dager siden
  • amazing car , i like it

    21yiMUxg21yiMUxg11 dager siden
  • No wonder this is gonna set newer benchmarks for EVs if priced well. Absolutely stunning product. Kudos team Kia!!

    Parth VasoyaParth Vasoya11 dager siden
  • Subtle yet sporty, efficient yet supremely powerful, and a true portrait of technological advancements in automobiles, Kia, you've nailed it.

    Parth VasoyaParth Vasoya11 dager siden
  • It looks like urus listtle brother

    Roll No. 471Roll No. 47111 dager siden
  • 기아가 지금 낚시 하는거 맞지?? 얘들아~~^^ 내가 보고 미비점 지적 아이디어 내놓길 바라는~~^^ 이것들이!! 니 들이 나 한테 해 준거 뭐 있어~~??^^ 있슴 말 해봐~~??^^ 애들 시켜 사기나 친 주제들이~~!!^^ 안 그래도 영상 보면서 몇 가지 지적 하려다 급 참고 있었는데~~참길 잘 했다~~^^ 흥!! 나도 이제 공짜로는 안 줘!!^^ 그레이스 애르 채원이!!

    박채원박채원11 dager siden
  • 홍정욱대표가 급 보고 싶어졌다~~^^

    박채원박채원11 dager siden
  • Watching another prototype while heading to Tesla dealer to have a real one.

    Ore AlonsoOre Alonso12 dager siden
  • Amazing product!! Can't wait until we get the GT down under

    Joel MullinsJoel Mullins12 dager siden
  • Dear Kia. Will you loan me 1 for a couple years please because I'm broke. Thank you in advance ☺😘

    لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱللهلَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله12 dager siden
  • Maybe Kia finally not copying toyota, Volvo, ipace designs anymore?

    pnweezypnweezy12 dager siden
  • Reminds me a lot to the Jaguar I-Pace. By purpose?

    YouFoundSoundYouFoundSound12 dager siden
  • so small

    ron bakerron baker12 dager siden
  • What an utterly stunning car inside and out. Good factual and informative video rather than stupid car adverts that barely show a car off.

    Francis MulleadyFrancis Mulleady12 dager siden
  • The hosts all looked like zombies... emotionless... not at all exciting about the product... 🙃

    Jason LeeJason Lee12 dager siden
  • Ok....impressive, now......how much?

    It's DawsonIt's Dawson12 dager siden
  • When r they launching?

    Nitin SuriNitin Suri12 dager siden
  • Kudos to the entire team that worked on the wordings, structuring and presentation of this showcase. What a smooth, informative and convincing piece of art. Elegant and concise. Well done!

    Moonlit ImaginationMoonlit Imagination12 dager siden
  • Bellissimo !!! Bravo Kia !!!

    Rafael Alfredo Ynfantes RiosRafael Alfredo Ynfantes Rios12 dager siden
  • Make it for INDIA INDIA have large marcket and large demand.

    Parag AmbuleParag Ambule12 dager siden
  • Jst a concept not gonna practical i knw

    cool calmcool calm12 dager siden
  • I own a kia and my next car will be a kia.

    ZooksZooks12 dager siden
  • It’s looks like DBX tho

    Kaviarasan GanesanKaviarasan Ganesan12 dager siden
  • Best car

    郭祐丞郭祐丞12 dager siden
  • Someone get these guys a tailor.

    Steve WohlfordSteve Wohlford12 dager siden
  • I miss the tiger nose...

    Ding Ling HowDing Ling How12 dager siden
  • What about KIA India?

    Aurowill Rao NadipellyAurowill Rao Nadipelly12 dager siden
  • Please launch in india as soon as possible

    Akshat ChoudharyAkshat Choudhary12 dager siden
  • India is waiting ❤️🙏

    vysakh p viswanathvysakh p viswanath12 dager siden
  • When it will be available in India?

    shubham singhshubham singh12 dager siden
  • Looks good, you might survive the transition. Good buzzword bingo video

    David WildebeestDavid Wildebeest12 dager siden
  • Car of the Year 2021.

    Beryl GreenBeryl Green12 dager siden
  • that rear end looks like azera

    FACTWOWFACTWOW12 dager siden
  • The drag race is a bit sketchy

    Yashar MJYashar MJ12 dager siden
  • As long as owning a EV is an American market thing,...

    Tshepo RabotapiTshepo Rabotapi12 dager siden
  • Kia is scaring other car manufacturers these days.

    aperxmimaperxmim13 dager siden
  • Anyone who is committed to gas/diesel power vehicles will fill it in their wallet because gas stations will begin to lose revenue due to the massive change to electric vehicles. The question I have can drive up steep roads without affecting my charge in my electric vehicle.

    aperxmimaperxmim13 dager siden
  • Kia has stepped it up tremendously. Out of all car companies and how they make these new age electronics in cars, kia across the board is the best in 2021 in my opinion. I'll always love my ford trucks and suvs but kia is something else their cars even look really appealing to the eye.

    xxskitsxx15xxskitsxx1513 dager siden
  • Kia Soul reloaded..... but now it has no SOUL. It's Heartless 😈

    Mike LawrenceMike Lawrence13 dager siden
  • Is this coming to the US this year too?

    An. tesAn. tes13 dager siden
    • @An. tes me too but things change.

      Stinky SundaeStinky Sundae12 dager siden
    • @Stinky Sundae never thought I’d look forward to getting a Kia.

      An. tesAn. tes13 dager siden
    • Yes

      Stinky SundaeStinky Sundae13 dager siden
  • Love the part when the supercars are drag racing each other, KIA EV6 took them off the line.

    OK002OK00213 dager siden
  • I am not sure why but products with Korean batteries have a history of being problematic. First it was phones blowing up, then cars burning in garages.

    Oldphart GrumpyOldphart Grumpy13 dager siden
  • It’ll be cheap and nasty on the inside with shiny plastic everywhere. It will look nothing like this.

    rhemy1rhemy113 dager siden
  • Is nobody talking about how Kia shamelessly ripped off the look of their EV from the Aston Martin DBX?

    CodezillaCodezilla13 dager siden
  • Nice video ugly exterior though.

    Lee BruceLee Bruce13 dager siden
  • What position endings lambo Suv?

    Alonso QuirogaAlonso Quiroga13 dager siden
  • soo cooool bye bye gas powe

    Gurmukh SinghGurmukh Singh13 dager siden
  • Quero!

    Danilo DiasDanilo Dias13 dager siden
  • Now Kia has my attention

    80" Reach80" Reach13 dager siden
  • Too much talking. Climate change is caused by your stupid cars. You need redemption fast. Make the car quickly.

    Andrew AmeAndrew Ame13 dager siden