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  • 1:38:06 it was good before he did that Joel Matip dance and said we are loving this

    Rebecca FlemingRebecca FlemingMåned siden
  • How man ads!!! Unwatch

    Arran DolanArran DolanMåned siden
  • Good morning Mark in FIFA play your reserves please.

    Qhama LiyanaQhama LiyanaMåned siden
  • Does anybody know why Burnley's logo on this looks like a man sitting on the toilet?

    Alex DanielsAlex DanielsMåned siden
  • Welcome to the united stand 😂😂

    TheGoatHazTheGoatHazMåned siden
  • This is not the United stand do you just say that all the time don't make sense

    tuhhh gandutuhhh ganduMåned siden
  • The Burnley Channel

    Broekiso die laaste katBroekiso die laaste katMåned siden
  • If Goldbridge does end up leaving United Stand, what a fitting way it would be to leave with United winning the Premier League this season

    Ryan DenovenRyan DenovenMåned siden
  • 1:24:28

    Maciek GlogMaciek GlogMåned siden
  • Mark moaning about bookings when mctominay has the most fouls in the past 13 months and hasn’t got booked once

    Ellis AllenEllis AllenMåned siden
  • Burnley would beat any team in the prem in a fight

    Tim ChrisTim ChrisMåned siden
  • Look at Burnley’s image 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    T4_H3RT4_H3RMåned siden
  • get in utc

    DarxZyDarxZyMåned siden
  • How coincidental ... that Klopp was to complain about penalties... and it is a penalty that ends the Anfield unbeaten run ...

    Haresh Kumar KaliaperumalHaresh Kumar KaliaperumalMåned siden
  • Possibly the biggest moment of my life. An interraction with a God 1:04:26

    Jhared CarjonJhared CarjonMåned siden
    • Get a grip mate.

      VvVFiR3VvVVvVFiR3VvVMåned siden
  • “It’s always bloody Burnley” Mlk

    The happy ScotsmanThe happy ScotsmanMåned siden
  • I forgive burnley for beating us last year! They opened our eyes and if not for that loss we may have never got Bruno. Now they have beaten our rivals i'm giving them a follow on twitter lol , Get in Burnley!

    SinGamesSinGamesMåned siden
  • If you leave the united stand will you do whatch alongs on that's football for man united games

    Look NotLook NotMåned siden
  • The wheels on the bus goes round and round Burnley wins 1-0🤣😂🔥

    Look NotLook NotMåned siden
  • Kai Havertz is overrated

    Look NotLook NotMåned siden
  • Klopp said the wrong magic words. It should be more penalties for his team not against his team.😂😂

    Team Power Youtube ChannelTeam Power Youtube ChannelMåned siden
  • ‘Klopp is shitting himself’ 😂😂👍

    Team Power Youtube ChannelTeam Power Youtube ChannelMåned siden
  • 1:26:20 what you came for

    night dudenight dudeMåned siden
  • 1:25:39 Harvey Barnes

    Amaan 7861Amaan 7861Måned siden
  • What is this logo for burnley ??

    Emamboccus umar riazEmamboccus umar riazMåned siden
  • Bloody burnley break record 😂😂😂 Dreams 😂😂😂

    Kapil PandeyKapil PandeyMåned siden
  • We had a good chance to bit Liverpool this time! I wish Ole wouldnt go conservative

    foad ghavamifoad ghavamiMåned siden
  • 1:25:20 is what you're here for

    Devansh KhandelwalDevansh KhandelwalMåned siden
  • 1:24:28 😂

    Avinash NairAvinash NairMåned siden
  • Klopp has sent for some pampers, hes shitting himself actually made me spit my drink everywhere you legend goldbridge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Daniel MunroeDaniel MunroeMåned siden
  • Bloody Burnley! They always looked good against you Mark!

    monso monsonmonso monsonMåned siden
  • If you are complaining about internet. You should come to africa and get humbled. 😂😂😂

    Mohamed HassanMohamed HassanMåned siden
  • Nobody realized Goldbridge say" Welcome to the united stand" in place of "Welcome to Thats Football" ?

    Manish DhakalManish DhakalMåned siden
  • Blooody burnley!!!

    Shuma AtiqunnassaShuma AtiqunnassaMåned siden
  • What's the story with the Burnley crest in the corner. Is it Mark when he loses to Burnley on FIFA 😅

    Gary CaseyGary CaseyMåned siden
  • 1:38:33 best part

    AntyyyAntyyyMåned siden
  • I said all week this will be a hard game for Liverpool. Burnley were hard for united to break down and liverpool aren't scoring goals. Didn't expect a defeat mind haha! Serious though Burnley are my second favourite team because of mark!

    JAG 1502JAG 1502Måned siden
  • Penalty awarded to Burnley 1:25:30 :)

    Liam HerseyLiam HerseyMåned siden
  • Its always bloody Burnley

    DomjayceonDomjayceonMåned siden
  • Mark: I passed the Burnley jinx to Klopp Later: Burnley 8-0 Manchester United

    Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMåned siden
    • Bruno Fernandes Mark is playing Burnley tomorrow. It wasn’t United that had “the jinx” it was him

      Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMåned siden
    • We beat them

      Bruno FernandesBruno FernandesMåned siden
  • It has ended in penalty against Liverpool 😀

    Daniel Men’sDaniel Men’sMåned siden
  • You know, when you think about it, this result actually makes sense. Burnley were the only team to avoid defeat at Anfield last season

    Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMåned siden
  • Bloody Burnley

    MaddersMaddersMåned siden
  • same with Everton if we win on wednesday we go above liverpool and we also have a game in hand

    Kyle BrimageKyle BrimageMåned siden
  • Man said Harvey Barnes 34:28 his football knowledge outside of United fuckin stinks

    Seb HodsonSeb HodsonMåned siden
  • 1:25:23 - You're welcome

    Deresh DeepnarainDeresh DeepnarainMåned siden
  • 1:25:23 You're welcome

    AdzzAdzzMåned siden
    • @Bruno Fernandes Fan club lol 2-1

      Rashford SznRashford SznMåned siden
    • 🐐

      Bruno Fernandes Fan clubBruno Fernandes Fan clubMåned siden
    • Thank u

      mamofdeath999mamofdeath999Måned siden
  • anybody notice the intro united stand

    Shay HibbittsShay HibbittsMåned siden
  • 14:46 “Do Platypuses exist? I thought they were a made up thing. I thought they were like a Duck crossed with a Beaver anyway” - *Mark Goldbridge, 2021.*

    SWJ 8991SWJ 8991Måned siden
    • You're lucky to see one, and you'd have to be in Tasmania. And we Aussies always forget to draw Tasmania so he's almost right 😂

      VvVFiR3VvVVvVFiR3VvVMåned siden
    • they definitely do haha

      Luke ParisotLuke ParisotMåned siden
    • 🤣 I've seen them in real life...was probaly imagining

      United Fan in AusUnited Fan in AusMåned siden
  • 1:25:20 Goldbridge turns into Partridge. 😂

    TomBurtFilmsTomBurtFilmsMåned siden
  • " To be, or not to be: that is the question, oh bloody burn thee, oh bloody burnley" Quote from Macbeth

    amzamzMåned siden
  • 29:15 Origi miss 33:57 Matip 🤣 1:25:18 PENALTY GIVEEEEEEN! 1:26:24 BLOODY BURNLEY SCORE FROM THE SPOT 1:38:15 Goldbridge drumroll/Matip Dance/ Dyce impression ITS ALWAYS BLOODY BURNLEY!!! TITLE COMING TO MANCHESTER BOISSSSSSS

    Abu KhanAbu KhanMåned siden
    • @gunner Richthofen nice joke🤣🤣🤣still in 2004🤣🤣

      Anand TripathyAnand TripathyMåned siden
    • @gunner Richthofen 😂😂😂

      Abu KhanAbu KhanMåned siden
    • You aint ready for Arsenal's title charge

      gunner Richthofengunner RichthofenMåned siden
    • Legendd tyy

      Saad IqbalSaad IqbalMåned siden
    • Coming to Manchester city

      BBVĀ PüškåśBBVĀ PüškåśMåned siden
  • The shithousery from Burnley is admirable at this point

    YayaYayaMåned siden
  • What a block by mee not me Ben mee- mark goldbridge

    Didin_clach_fell_goodDidin_clach_fell_goodMåned siden
  • 25 minutes penalty 26 minutes penalty scored

    Ciaran DowlingCiaran DowlingMåned siden
  • America have had two presidents since the dippers last scored

    jim weirjim weirMåned siden
    • Hahaha that's embarrassing

      SSMåned siden
  • What will Klopp blame tonight, I wonder?

    Fire DrakeFire DrakeMåned siden
  • 1:38:16 lol

    If it ain't XO then it gotta goIf it ain't XO then it gotta goMåned siden
  • Result ! LOL

    Will BeamesWill BeamesMåned siden

    Trust AkwaowoTrust AkwaowoMåned siden
  • 1:25:20 pen

    Mr HMr HMåned siden
  • That was beautiful. Typical Burnley shithousing 😂😂😂😂

    TheStrongmansteveTheStrongmansteveMåned siden

    Tom GibsonTom GibsonMåned siden
  • 1:26:14 Why you’re here.....

    The Batman ChannelThe Batman ChannelMåned siden
    • @Has N Had Plays 🔥💪

      The Batman ChannelThe Batman ChannelMåned siden
    • @The Batman Channel thanks so much man I appreciate it

      Has N Had PlaysHas N Had PlaysMåned siden
    • @Has N Had Plays Gotcha bro💪🔥

      The Batman ChannelThe Batman ChannelMåned siden
    • Cheers mukka

      since 88since 88Måned siden
    • Legend mate

      Has N Had PlaysHas N Had PlaysMåned siden
  • 2020 is a weird season....same time last year United was 24 points behind liverpool....and now 6 points ahead !!!

    Nikunj PasariNikunj PasariMåned siden
  • As a wise man once said......”it’s always bloody Burnley!!!” Don’t we all just love Burnley???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The Batman ChannelThe Batman ChannelMåned siden
  • This shows that Ole bottled it vs Liverpool last time

    adam84657adam84657Måned siden
    • @adam84657 City's record against this seasons top 6 Leicester at home beaten 5-2 Liverpool at home 1-1 Spurs away beaten 2-0 United away 0-0 Have yet to play Everton. Conclusion they have and will drop points against the better sides in league as will United. Its about matching them in the other games and not dropping 3 points at home like Liverpool have done against Burnley totally against the odds.

      John MillerJohn MillerMåned siden
    • @John Miller Our immediate rivals are just Liver and City. I expect United to beat the rest home and away if we need to be top. City will not drop points vs Chelsea, Spurs or Arsenal with their current resurgence. We have to match that.

      adam84657adam84657Måned siden
    • @adam84657 united have lost once against this seasons top 6. Keep that record going for the 2nd half of the season and pick up another 40 or more points from 19 games then they will be there or there abouts in this title race. The real bottle job was Klopp losing at home to Burnley tonight as he chose to rest 3 of his starters.

      John MillerJohn MillerMåned siden
    • @John Miller So now Burnely, a relegation team, is a big club in your eyes. I am anticipating that Ole will keep playing the cagey football when he faces City and Liverpool again in the league, and it will be the same old story. I hope I am wrong

      adam84657adam84657Måned siden
    • Ole is clueless.

      Toe CutterToe CutterMåned siden
  • Blodyyyyy Burnley

    HRH jrHRH jrMåned siden
  • Tbh the defeat against Burnley actually puts shame on United as well cuz they couldn't score against Liverpool

    Yule Never Wore CologneYule Never Wore CologneMåned siden
    • Actually the shame is Chelsea 230m spent and no where near anyone of note.

      Lee MizrahiLee MizrahiMåned siden
    • ah you cant think like that each game is different the most important thing is Liverpool have dropped 3 points against a relegation threatened team they should have beaten fun fact Liverpool are now 5 Premier league games without a win 2 Loses 3 draws this is a pretty big deal

      NormalSodaGuyNormalSodaGuyMåned siden
  • The Bible say: One day or someday, the mighty will fall. Thank you little Burnley.

    Emperor CeaserEmperor CeaserMåned siden
  • 300k !!!

    Jeffery UkennaJeffery UkennaMåned siden
  • ALWAYS BLOODY BURNLEY! Hope you’re having a laugh Mark

    Patrick CashPatrick CashMåned siden
  • Told them this Liverpool team wasnt gonna be on top of the English game for long . Their squads too average , even with Van Dijk there that squad is too damn average

    YunG STAXxYunG STAXxMåned siden
    • @YunG STAXx disagree

      JamesJamesMåned siden
    • @James Did u read my comment , i sed even with Van Dijk there . Even with Van Dijk nd Gomez thts an average squad . Ppl like Wijnaldum play every week regardless . Wijnaldum is Everton quality bro . Wijnaldum , Robertson nd Henderson r too average . Dnt deserve to be playing for Liverpool

      YunG STAXxYunG STAXxMåned siden
    • All their CB’s have been injured tbf

      JamesJamesMåned siden

    Owais IslamOwais IslamMåned siden
  • 1:25:21 for his full reaction 😂

    Daryl AwukuDaryl AwukuMåned siden
  • YNWA

    Des Kelly is a rat.Des Kelly is a rat.Måned siden
    • Manc rat

      JamesLFC86JamesLFC86Måned siden
    • You'll always walk alone

      SSMåned siden
  • Salford city career mode

    WolfBros UnitedWolfBros UnitedMåned siden
  • 41:30

    Roberto MackenzieRoberto MackenzieMåned siden
    • Hahaha I wanted to find this

      Harry DHarry DMåned siden
  • GGMU 🔴

    Mohammed IslamMohammed IslamMåned siden
  • Who is here after Mark lost 6:1 to burnley?

    United till I dieUnited till I dieMåned siden
    • @DS - 09FM 909545 Applewood Heights SS fifa career mode

      Pep GuardiolaPep GuardiolaMåned siden
    • ?

      DS - 09FM 909545 Applewood Heights SSDS - 09FM 909545 Applewood Heights SSMåned siden
    • Everyone 🤦‍♂️

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbMåned siden
  • Lol Liverpool are no good nowadays the proverbial bubble has burst! Burnley did not break a sweat. Liverpool for last 6? 2 losses 4 draws.

    FreddyFreddyMåned siden
  • Loserpool in the mud, klopp is a petulant child

    i Galaxyi GalaxyMåned siden

    Cidmigel SeapnoCidmigel SeapnoMåned siden
  • “Who’s the daddy klopp” has me dead 😂😂😂

    The happy ScotsmanThe happy ScotsmanMåned siden
    • He did in career mode and it was wayyy funnier🤣🤣🤣🤣

      DomjayceonDomjayceonMåned siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Bayezid AliBayezid AliMåned siden
    • Time stamp: 1:30:49

      The happy ScotsmanThe happy ScotsmanMåned siden
  • Put some respect on Burnley everyone. A lot of people don’t like their style of football but it clearly works. They’ve been in the premier league since 2016 and they’ve finished in the top half twice with the lowest transfer budget in the league. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbMåned siden
    • @Qhama Liyana Isn’t that what you idiots say every season? Burnley are on better form than most teams around them and are 7 points about relegation. Keep crying though

      UhUhMåned siden
    • @Qhama Liyana Nice joke

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbMåned siden
    • Patrick Kelly

      Qhama LiyanaQhama LiyanaMåned siden
    • They will finish in bottom half and will be relegated Alongside Sheffield United 19th and Brighton 20th.

      Qhama LiyanaQhama LiyanaMåned siden
    • @Ethan Cross The team doesn’t have much to possession and the strikers are great for hold up play. Also, their positioning makes it easy for them to get to the long balls and catch many defenses off guard. Also, it’s very satisfying watching a successful defend. The low amount of goals scored only makes every goal they score more enjoyable.

      UhUhMåned siden
  • 0:00 "Hello everybody and welcome to the united stand"😂

    The New WayThe New WayMåned siden
    • 😂😂😂

      leo stewartleo stewartMåned siden
  • 33:57 LMAO 😂

    Zach MoritzZach MoritzMåned siden
  • As happy as I am that Liverpool lossed, as a United fan I can’t help being pissed off that we didn’t end that record of there’s at Anfield as we really could of, hopefully City start losing points now aswell

    sparky mufc rileysparky mufc rileyMåned siden
    • @NormalSodaGuy we are definitely in a title race for sure. I’m happy they lost, I just wish it was us that ended there run as we had a chance too, but them losing no matter who too, is most important. We need City to fall off again now

      sparky mufc rileysparky mufc rileyMåned siden
    • ah look it sucks but at the end of the day Liverpool dropping points is good occasion and puts us a bit closer to lifting the Premier League it's not over yet but recent results are showing we are still in this race

      NormalSodaGuyNormalSodaGuyMåned siden
  • 300k for the king

    EcashEcashMåned siden
  • Who was there at the Anfield agenda live when the game ended 😂😂😂

    Lonelys V3Lonelys V3Måned siden
    • It is bloody Burnley. Finally Happy for the first time Burnley benefited us

      Charan PudiCharan PudiMåned siden
    • Yeah

      Ben EleyBen EleyMåned siden
  • Ashley barnes ooooooooooooooooooh it's a winner

    nonce pedononce pedoMåned siden
    • 😂

      Aaaa BbbbAaaa BbbbMåned siden
  • what is 2021 when man utd fans are able to banter liverpool

    Riley AllanRiley AllanMåned siden
  • The scoreboard image for Burnley aahahahahah

    SlothBirdBeardSlothBirdBeardMåned siden
  • ‘I can’t see Burnley winning they have done nothing’ - 1 minute later Burnley score 😂😂

    GERINGERINMåned siden
    • Burnley just love to prove Goldbridge wrong🤣

      Chinaedum UkaobasiChinaedum UkaobasiMåned siden
    • Reminds me of “Burnley are team I’d love to see get relegated”

      UhUhMåned siden
    • just another example of my age old saying " Possession does not matter it's what you do with possession that matters " time and time again this has been proven hell i remember a good few years back Burnley beat Liverpool 2-1 and Liverpool had like 82 or 83% Possession

      NormalSodaGuyNormalSodaGuyMåned siden
  • i bet mark loves burnley and doesn’t want them to get relegated 😂🤣

    DanDanMåned siden
    • No

      Qhama LiyanaQhama LiyanaMåned siden
    • @Suyash Tyagi 😂😂

      DanDanMåned siden
    • It's a toxic relationship

      Suyash TyagiSuyash TyagiMåned siden
    • 🤣🤣

      Chinaedum UkaobasiChinaedum UkaobasiMåned siden

    Sakr KhalidSakr KhalidMåned siden
  • Mark what do you think wrong with the font three

    morgan soulmorgan soulMåned siden
    • Of liverpool

      morgan soulmorgan soulMåned siden
  • What is it about Burnley? A wise man asked

    ΠαρασκευάςΠαρασκευάςMåned siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      The Batman ChannelThe Batman ChannelMåned siden
  • Last time I was this early, Liverpool scored a goal

    PrometheusTVPrometheusTVMåned siden
    • U mean 438 minutes ago😂 ?

      Salima WindsorSalima WindsorMåned siden
    • 😔

      Phil McKrakinPhil McKrakinMåned siden
  • Liverpool has lost to Burnley 1 nil

    John Mthazilazuwa NtharaJohn Mthazilazuwa NtharaMåned siden
    • @SalahSaadSalah ratio'D

      Bradley MillsBradley MillsMåned siden
    • Thanks mate would never have known if i didnt see this comment

      SalahSaadSalahSalahSaadSalahMåned siden