19. april. 2021
113 427 Ganger

Liverpool, along with 5 other Premier League clubs including Man United and Arsenal, as well as others from the continent including Real Madrid and Barcelona have signed up to form a European Super League. UEFA and the Premier League are threatening expulsion. What now?
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  • taken this step. Not happy!

    dcoog anmldcoog anml8 dager siden
  • taken this step. Not happy!

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi9 dager siden
  • What annoys me is how FSG market LFC as a historic, famous, brilliantly supported club with adoring fans and great culture and then flip us off.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui10 dager siden
  • taken this step. Not happy!

    asioe kiouasioe kiou12 dager siden
  • Real Madrid 5 - Arsenal 0, Barcelona 5 - Arsenal. DT - "When's it gonna end Robbie" 😂😂😂

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni13 dager siden
    • i feel bad (never thought id say this) for the fans of the big six clubs for being dragged into this shite

      dcoog anmldcoog anml8 dager siden
  • Liverpool - as a United supporter, both of our great clubs histories are about to go down the drain, forever. Let’s not allow it to happen.

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty13 dager siden
    • If the owners get their way the next step will be that clubs will become franchise's that can be moved at will just like the NFL in the US.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui10 dager siden
  • If this had gone ahead I guarantee they would Americanise football Probably have 4 quarters to accommodate more advertising. Probably get rid of offside rule to create more goals

    gerry o sullivangerry o sullivan15 dager siden
    • I will no longer wear my Liverpool shirt again until this stupid idea is put down.

      asioe kiouasioe kiou12 dager siden
  • the irony of it all is UEFA have instigated their own version of ESL anyway! they've added more games/teams. Al this does is kill football,its saturation for moneys' sake. No thought to fans or players. footie died with the premier league. Leicester apart there is only 3/4 clubs who can win the title. It ws only the brilliance of Klopp that we broke into that group. When he leaves I think our title credentials goes with him. Stadiums are full of tourists fans, resulting on shite atmospheres. We need to follow the German model,if thats possible

    Gav BGav B15 dager siden
    • European Shi*e League. We can't be doing this.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni13 dager siden
  • New title - New Comp - US yanks decided to 'Make America everywhere again' TM. The Arabs oiled the way again, TM - The Russians had nothing to do with it again.....(TM) ....& spurs etc....TRADE MARK! You are Welcome. THIS ISN'T AMERICA!!!!!!! This is England. This is NOT a yank sport...It's a World sport, "Made in ENGLAND" - TRADE MARK and re-owned and loved the World round - AND LOVED by all!!! I bought shirts this year i CANT AFFORD because we won ....30 years. I cannot wear MY shirt where I live because of YOU John. Yes you John may well be a Master of difficult meetings after the fact - pre-requisite. Your words spoken like a true sociopath and masterfully too. Re-printed MUG on every paying fans forehead who believed you - after the fact. That's why you are where you are. I'm occasionally smart but You wont know about this comment unless you answer it personally....or continue to "Walk alone" - TRADE MARK that version of the song...Its your very own version you own it....It's YOUR personal version for you...You're LIVERPOOL F.C.U.K. TM ( LFC = 129yrs - U.S.A = 244yrs ) - you do the maths... The USA is a Country/Child. Don't be gaming with our club and clubs in our much older country. 3 Your Parent. Jurgen/Players/Fans/anyone with a beating heart and soul.

    Mr KeyMr Key15 dager siden
  • Everything has gone down the drain. The clubs have betrayed the fans. I’m so emotional about this. I don’t believe it.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt15 dager siden
  • Serie A ignored AC match fixing. West Ham wanted null & void last season. Man City do not follow the rules. Spurs & Liverpool took Torie handouts. The FA don’t care about racism but will move heaven & earth to protect their below par referees. The FA are corporate Tories and will continue like all the other associations to give tickets of finals away not to the fans of the two clubs. Premier League will have games @ opposite ends of the country on a Sunday knowing full well there’s no train home and now want English games to played abroad. FIFA are corrupt from top to bottom. FIFA have a new 24 team CWC at the end of each season when our players already get no break. UEFA couldn’t give a flying f*@# about racism. Sky & BT will continue charging whatever they want for shite coverage. Men in suits who haven’t grown up following football will keep changing the rules to impact the sport negatively. Our clubs do not care about us, they will charge us & our children £100 a kit each. They will keep charging an arm and a leg for tickets and they will rise in costs again. The backlash from clubs, coaches, managers, directors, pundits, media, government, players & ambassadors towards TESL has been pathetic and passionless because they only care about money. This was stopped by us. Football fans let’s not stop here, let’s keep on moaning, keep on writing letters/emails, keep on speaking with our feet & our pockets until our game is back or next time we will lose what is a working class game to capitalism and they will get their way. Next stop is this new Champions League format is A) not competitive (similar to the European Super League), how can a table of 36 teams play 10 games each so not against each other it’s throughly an unfair competition, in the same league and then qualify like that International Champions pre season cup? B) The money will be kept amongst the elite (similar to the European Super League) now shared amongst clubs based on history. As well as 2 of the 36 spots being awarded on history meaning 6th place could get a CL spot over 4th, that’s not earning it so keep them T-shirt’s out. C) It’s adding far too many games in to elite sport. Let’s not accept ruining our favourite competition.

    Sham HarvSham Harv15 dager siden
  • New format by UEFA will further dilute the quality of EPL with more games to play overseas. FA Cup and League Cup is shit now until quarter final.

    Kim Peow LauKim Peow Lau16 dager siden
  • Sky sports also breakdown the old premier league to EPL in 1992. This standoff shows UEFA is arrogant gangster with self interest, never enforced Financial Fairplay rules, never set cap for transfer fee and player's payout which resulted in bloated cost for top clubs which is not sustainable.

    Kim Peow LauKim Peow Lau16 dager siden
  • now we will get a wave of PR spin and crisis management playbook response from those who are culpable. we must change club ownership rules, these people cannot be trusted. we also need to sort out EUFA. If we dont do this now we will be shafted again sooner rather than later. these greedy owners must be punished, and punished hard, actions have consequences.

    Stephen bestStephen best16 dager siden
  • Fans of all clubs must stand united together and fight for this. Simply cannot allow this to happen

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt16 dager siden
  • did you think it would happen

    martin sheridanmartin sheridan16 dager siden
  • If Every Subscriber Puts In 1500 Pounds We Can Buy 50+1 Of The Clubs!!! Let's do this #YNWA #LFC #FSGOUT

    Dotan12Dotan1216 dager siden
  • This has all been coming since the Premier League was born - that football started in 1992. All this shite with ‘official’ sponsors, registered trade marks, new kits every season and Sky tv’s subscription channels have just kicked anyone who loves the game right in the bollocks.

    Paul QuinePaul Quine16 dager siden
  • i feel bad (never thought id say this) for the fans of the big six clubs for being dragged into this shite

    Gavin WhiteGavin White16 dager siden
  • Does this mean that Port Vale have an outside chance of being in the playoffs to get in the third division? South Africa

    Roger WintleRoger Wintle16 dager siden
  • If the owners get their way the next step will be that clubs will become franchise's that can be moved at will just like the NFL in the US.

    Robert DraperRobert Draper16 dager siden
  • I will no longer wear my Liverpool shirt again until this stupid idea is put down.

    ElysiumNZElysiumNZ16 dager siden
  • European Shi*e League. We can't be doing this.

    Eight FrancsEight Francs16 dager siden
  • What a shame... I WAS Juventus fan since 1972. No more.

    Mauro MartoneMauro Martone17 dager siden
  • All this has made me so ill and depressed if this goes ahead I'm done with everything and destroys our heritage is disgusting these people are aloud to push this

    Wayne SmithWayne Smith17 dager siden
  • Even now... Watching the league games.. what's the fucking point now. I'm done supporting arsenal fuck them.

    yilmanbabiloniayilmanbabilonia17 dager siden
  • I know my boundaries and I won't be watching LFC in some shallow shit Super League.

    J CroninJ Cronin17 dager siden
  • This will happen and all of the big six will stay in epl. I think the biggest disgrace is UEFA management. This is essentially switching UEFA for SL and sure it won’t be the same but it’s about money. The fact that 14-16 clubs bare most of the cost to make CL sellable and still don’t get nearly enough for there liability says it all. If you and your buddies pay for all the investment and get dicked out of the bottom line you’ll might want to think about take some control back. This is exactly that! UEFA is Lou Pearlman and SL is *NSYNC

    Haraldur BenderHaraldur Bender17 dager siden
  • Like all sports you have to earn the right to be at the top. Too many teams especially the those 12 teams have bought their titles & you can say this all the way back to Blackburn. What they are worried about are the Leicester’s & West hams of the world that over take them. Personally I think Uefa should go back to the old format from 70s for champions only & have the cup winners cup instead of the Europa league. So teams earn the right & not put out weakened teams for cup matches. Villa & Notts Forest have won more European cups than Spurs, Arsenal & on par or beat Chelsea.

    Paul AustenPaul Austen17 dager siden
  • Fuck this superleague and everything that comes with it. Goes against EVERYTHING that Liverpool is, it's an insult to the fans, to the 96 and everything that has happened during the 129 years of history of this club and I would rather see lfc in the vanarama national if it meant getting the club back from these hostage takers that are the FSG.

    joel nilssonjoel nilsson17 dager siden
  • No respect from me for this your saying if remain in premier league it’s ok

    Gerard WoodGerard Wood17 dager siden
  • I will always support liverpool,, especially after the 2 disasters our great club went through,,,, I fuckin hate the owners tho,,, get em out,,,, scouse and proud,,,, ynwa

    Anthony NewnesAnthony Newnes17 dager siden
  • I read that Henry is a vice chair for this super league

    kevin phillipskevin phillips17 dager siden
  • I feel sick, no-one wants this other than the yank profiteering bastards that own our club

    Charlie GrimesCharlie Grimes17 dager siden
  • FSG The Glaziers Stan Kronkie Daniel Money Bags Levy Abramovich And Sheikh Oil Money. Get the F*****g lot of them out now. Fans need to stand together and unite against this shambolic European Super League!!

    Nigsy JohnnoNigsy Johnno17 dager siden
  • The clubs seem to be edging towards a negotiation, if this is a result of the reported cracks and the response then the clubs will come out of this looking like weak bullies

    Paul GarnerPaul Garner17 dager siden
  • I always liked the German's 50+1 rule, it's starting to make a shit ton of sense now.

    P. PincheletteP. Pinchelette17 dager siden
  • Wolves fan , all premiership fans need to come together!

    Shaun JPShaun JP17 dager siden
  • Paul the issue is you are saying would I stop supporting Liverpool but if that club join the Super League they aren't Liverpool the City is Liverpool and nit the Charlatan Club or Owners

    Jordan RentonJordan Renton17 dager siden
  • And just like that #FSGout is cool

    Cameron Clark Carlton TVCameron Clark Carlton TV17 dager siden
  • Saints fan here (not a Liverpool fan but a lifelong admirer). Thank you. This is the most eloquent and heartfelt take on this situation that I’ve heard. Beautiful. Thank you.

    SquarelegSquareleg17 dager siden
  • They will steal our club and take it to the Far East

    Joe FaganJoe Fagan17 dager siden
  • Liverpool getting kicked out of domestic games aren't their call... FA, FIFA, UEFA is to be blamed. FIFA is holding the teams hostage... Liverpool didn't pull out of the Premier League. UEFA new format is playing more games 100 more games.... more money for the UEFA while the cost is on the club.... more games, more injury treats.. what does Liverpool get from it... basically they had enough and starting their own European League is a better decision for the team. Fifa, FA, and UEFA are playing everyone... so are the media... a change is not always bad.

    Iven LongIven Long17 dager siden
  • 62 year old Chelsea fan here, this a total betrayal, who do they think they are!? Pax Americana Franchise model doesn’t work here for very good reason!

    Martin LeeMartin Lee17 dager siden
  • Been a Liverpool fan for nearly 40 years. Season ticket holder and get the new kits as often as possible. But if Liverpool do this, im done, i'll walk away from the club i love. The only way to stop this is the players. THEY are the ones that have the power right now.

    MrBounce66MrBounce6617 dager siden
  • Arsenal in Europe over Leicester, crazy

    don oysterdon oyster17 dager siden
  • Atleast consider the actual top teams in every country, this would take the piss out of teams like Leicester atalanta napoli and West ham this year

    don oysterdon oyster17 dager siden
  • It's an insane idea, but it's been coming for years. UEFA have a lot to answer for here too. There are few innocent parties.

    gomey70gomey7017 dager siden
  • ESL is obviously meant to replace UCL. ESL clubs plainly state they plan to play in domestic league as usual. If they get boot out, its exactly that, they get booted, not that they quit. Now why would PL boot them for UEFA? I appreciate many sensible point you made: its better for LFC to be inside than outside, this is not just the clubs but the whole industry management, there cannot be NO domestic league.

    Pt BotPt Bot17 dager siden
  • Have you been drinking

    John HobsonJohn Hobson17 dager siden
  • WHAT I SAY to redment tv is SWITCH off if your that against it and stop making a living off the club....

    midnight tokermidnight toker17 dager siden
  • Football League, F.A, and Premier League have to come together and remove the ‘big 6’ from all the domestic competitions. 86 remaining clubs are more powerful than the so called ‘big 6’. As a fan of NUFC the hypocrisy of the Premier League in delaying an agreed takeover of our club because of a ‘fit and proper person’ test seems ironic after yesterday’s news (fans of the 6 clubs involved can see clearly now that their ownership of their clubs is anything but fit and proper)could it be that the dye was already cast as these 6 clubs must have been already primed to set up on their own and didn’t fancy a ‘new’ monied rival in Newcastle? It is sadly all about money and greed. A new system of club ownership has to happen or football as we know it will be for the history books.

    Michael O'DonnellMichael O'Donnell17 dager siden
  • The premier league is just a playground for sheiks and super rich owners.... Now the top clubs want to make even more money, what a surprise

    Nightrain92Nightrain9217 dager siden
  • Doesn't surprise me at all..... Liverpool still has a nice image, but in reality the club is just a product that belongs to investors from the US. It's just sad

    Nightrain92Nightrain9217 dager siden
  • There is no chance the PL will expel these 6 clubs. Absolutely zero chance. They will posture and wag their finger but in the end, they will to see who wins the war between the Super League and the Champions League and then fall in line with and support the winner. Expelling their most successful, marketable clubs is cutting their nose to spite their face. Everyone knows all of this is about money, so if the Champions League becomes a worthless competition, if Bayern, PSG and some others sign up to the remaining Super League spots, then all the other leagues and FA's around Europe, including ours, will just fall in and form a working relationship with the new big man in town. I'm a Chelsea fan and I hate this idea with every fibre of my being but I also know if this thing has legs and it takes off, I'll have an important decision to make.

    Book ClubBook Club17 dager siden
  • ESL is for the zoomer/post zoomer generation, according to Florentino Perez he said young people ages between 16-24 are not interested in football anymore. ESL is going to be for people born in 2002, 2005. They want a new legacy.

    Mark SideMark Side17 dager siden
  • Paul is right this is utter madness

    RedKenRedKen17 dager siden
  • I supported Liverpool since I was 16 years old, if this carry on, it's the end of my interest in club football, I supported the people club, if FSG make it a sport franchise like American sport, thank you I'm not interested! Never felt a zero desire to watch a Liverpool match before!! F*&K FSG!!!

    Ehab Al-OtibiEhab Al-Otibi17 dager siden
  • I’m an Evertonian, but it’s a disgrace that Liverpool have put your fan base and it’s employees in this position. It’s also a disgrace that Fan Channels have to come out and make statement. Good on you lads for standing against it. Like we did with H’Boro, Everton will stand with the fans

    Player1Player117 dager siden
  • I will not be supporting this club anymore if they do continue with this Super League. I woukd rather my time, energy, passion went to a team outside the "big 6". I'm not a plastic fan I've supported this team my whole life 24 years and I've had their back since day 1. But this is outrageous we are a Liverpool FC and this is not the club I fell in love with... FSG OUT

    Carl AtkinsCarl Atkins17 dager siden
  • Turns out it was a stupid thing to do to put the statement out the evening before a match and one that may be decisive in us not achieving CL next year. Normally I would have said a point away at Leeds was a good result but I think we're hoping that the distraction of FA cup final could cost Chelsea and or Leicester.. assuming West Ham haven't got quite enough to get over the line so that means one place up for grabs

    Patnav chatnavPatnav chatnav17 dager siden
  • Just greed u should earn your success

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward17 dager siden
  • Big Liverpool fan and I love my club ,but today I'm totally ashamed of Liverpool sooo ashamed

    simon poolesimon poole17 dager siden
  • You’ve got my full respect from a leicester fan

    Ben StevensBen Stevens17 dager siden
  • Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today-PINK FLOYD

    ABHISHEK modiABHISHEK modi17 dager siden
  • It feels like they are splitting the club in 2. Fans, players and manager (plus support staff) on one side and owners/chairman on the other. Cut off the head and leave the heart ❤

    The Nurturing CoachThe Nurturing Coach17 dager siden
  • Write to the club, write to your local MP, unfollow them on social media after posting what you think about them on there, protest at the ground. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS LADS! Don't give up!!!!

    Darth PepeDarth Pepe17 dager siden
  • Did LeBron James (Lakers, NBA) know about this super league when he invested in Liverpool a few weeks ago? Shame on him. As an African American he should know the value of sports to community and its social fabric. Maye he forgot.

    : Antypas: Antypas17 dager siden
  • It is a sad incitement on football fans, and fans in general. We are sheep and we will go where we are herded. Sure we will complain a lot, but in the end only a few principled individuals will actually make the hard decision to follow a new club. Look at the terms being used, such as desert their club. That makes it sound as if the fans are in the wrong. Many of these clubs were set up by working men who came together to enjoy themselves on a Saturday afternoon. Many were even set up as charities. The clubs that we are reminiscing over have long gone and most of us will never have experienced what these clubs were. Instead we have buried our heads in the sand while the clubs have changed out of all recognition, while listening to the stories our grandfathers or father told us that gave these clubs a place in our hearts. Those clubs are gone. I am bitter. I have been bitter for a very long time as I watched these clubs suck the life out of the game and their fans. Now they just want to finish the job and ride off into the sunset. Until football fans wake up and see themselves how these clubs see us, nothing is going to change.

    Brian JohnBrian John17 dager siden
  • EPL/UAFA/FIFA so entrenched in their positions that maybe these teams realise it takes a depth charge to bring them to the table eg How do LFC actually get full control of our media shit and full revenue potential? Will never happen if we just keep accepting the bollix from the Authorities. This makes them sit up and talk....after the divvy threats of course...Patience Grasshopper, patience...We'll still be [playing PL and CL once they are talking rather than listening to the bluster from the Blazer-wearers and cunts like Murphy & that manc bell-end.

    Russell FitzPatrickRussell FitzPatrick17 dager siden
  • Like my mate used to tell me 15 years ago Support a lesser club yes u might never see them win a treble but they will never ever sell its soul to anyone foreign Time to support bristol rovers mate

    Zailan AyubZailan Ayub17 dager siden
  • Big uncle from the U.S. comes over and offers you a crazy amount of money, the only thing you have to sell him is your soul. Big 6: "Oh yes, take my one´s first!" A sad day for football. Shows again and once and for all the mindset of these club owners. Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace.

    Mahatma StrikerMahatma Striker17 dager siden
  • Oh ffs Paul, the chances of the EPL kicking out the 6 main teams???? What do they do then when they force these teams to set up in competition and have no access to the players of the top teams who are contracted on the best wages? They force the hand of their top teams...there is only one outcome if they hold a gun to their heads. The current Authorities need to make serious changes to get out of the mess we are now in....Look at the fuckin mess the EPL/FA/uafa/FIFA have made of all their competitions during the Covid bollix. Let's see what now develops.

    Russell FitzPatrickRussell FitzPatrick17 dager siden
  • Elliott Management Corporation just bought AC Milan what a surprise, ManScum LFC Spurs Arsenal owned and financed by Americans and Real and Barcelona Banks are Americans, Juventus just gone into partnership with oh what a surprise JP Morgans. Smell a rat anyone? ITs an American take over, just like they did to the Music Industry and our companies factories jobs. Its the American model the American way. Lovely friends aren't they !! You cannot blame our Clubs its their owners who bought them for a specific purpose profit and greed, self interest. This has been on the cards, planned for years only brought forward for one reason, ManScum failed to qualify for the Champions League, so why now? Answers on the back of a beer mat !! Oh cos they failed to qualify for the Champions League, and the Glaziers lost millions, so remove competition and start your own with NONE Who created and cost us millions with the Banking crises in2008? ah yes that would be American, amazing how they never loose yet everyone else pays

    UselessoldmanUselessoldman17 dager siden
  • Or....Use it as a youth comp great experience for the under 21s

    kungfustukungfustu17 dager siden
  • Let’s fucking Riot

    Eleven GroupEleven Group17 dager siden
  • We are watching our club destroy in front of us

    Manav JhuttyManav Jhutty17 dager siden
  • If this goes ahead, I can no longer support Liverpool. I can't not get excited about a competition that isn't a competition. They would no longer be the same club I have supported all my life. Us, the fans, absolutely need to wield our power, ultimately we are the ones that line their pockets, it's high time we stopped being complicit. #NotMyClub

    TrippyDrewTrippyDrew17 dager siden
  • You know the drill. Your da said it best. They don't care unless we make them. Start pushing them out now. Black standards corrupted shirts to the presses to fund efforts. Duck with their finances as much as possible. Organize both as Liverpool fans and a city. Connect with all the other clubs involved. Boycott Divest Sanction While we're at it, time to strike at every opportunity with the aim of a credible general strike. Corbyn / McDonnell will get involved if you/the movement ask them. Also as a resident of Germany the view from here is also one of utter abject disgust and Liverpool Football Club has once again become simply indefensible as in any way different. Maybe we're different in the douchebag/shit sandwich way that Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump are different flavours of mass murdering imperial c words

    P BBP BB17 dager siden
  • I agree with you that this superleague proposal is absolutely horrendous for fans. But it is worse for liverpool there goes our history our legacy sold down the drain for a few extra quid. As I see it THE PROBLEM HERE IS JOHN HENRY, IT HAS BECOME CLEAR HE IS TOO DANGEROUS FOR LIVERPOOL. he must be removed. The time has come FOR THE FANS TO OWN LIVERPOOL AND Imean the 771 million fans counted and catalogued by the front office. They must all be offered a piece. Sales must be limited to 100 shares per fan so as to ensure the maximum spread without a single large invester being allowed to take a large block. Fans would them select a "Governing Council" of 51 fans chosen from the largest cross-section as possible. Lawyers, bus drivers, nurses, business executives, 1 legislator, shop owner, lets make a list of 50 and 50% MUST BE WOMEN. No person on governing council canbe a millionaire! And we must provide governance training to each incoming group of governors. Terms if 2 years limited to 2 terms per individual. We must also ensure that fans do the appraisal of the value because Henry and his cohorts will only attempt to over-value the club. In a smash and grab attempt. You say you don't speak for the fans BUT YOU MUST SPEAK TO THE FANS AND BEGIN THIS GROUNDSWELL TO OWNERSHIP. this is the moment to move. Lets get in touch with Mr. Moore And get that list of 771 million fans.

    Darrel3000 - Darrel Ganesh SukhdeoDarrel3000 - Darrel Ganesh Sukhdeo17 dager siden
  • Ancient Prophecy Yu also told the couple that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance was also documented in the ancient prophecy Taibai Mountain Monument Inscription by Liu Bowen, a renowned sage in the Ming Dynasty. For example, the beginning of the prophecy wrote, Heaven has eyes, Earth has eyes, And all possess a pair of eyes; Heaven shall shift, Earth shall sway, Yet carefree is a happy life. This means we are watched over by the divine and, by valuing virtue, we would have a happy and worry-free life. When people’s morality deteriorates, however, tragedies can happen and plagues can break out as described in the prophecy. But that does not necessarily mean we are hopeless. Through a word puzzle (refer to “Ancient Prophecy from Liu Bowen and Its Connection to Our Modern Day” for details), the prophecy explains the importance of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance (Zhen Shan Ren) and added, Answer this riddle, and find human joy; Life shall extend into halcyon days. All who have eyes can see the solution, All who are present can transmit its praise. ... This future belongs to those gentle, good folk

    edcvgftyu tgbhujiedcvgftyu tgbhuji17 dager siden
  • After 40 years of being a red it sickens and saddens me that the club has shown itself to be as morally bankrupt as City, Utd or a Russian gangster

    K AindowK Aindow17 dager siden
  • Welcome to the great reset all part of a bigger plan chek out the great reset videos on youtube and the world economic Forum one of there wee sayings is own nothing and be happy all these elites are trying to take everything from us u not noticed all the small businesses being baught up by big corporations like weatherspoons replacing ur local pubs asda intredicing hairdressers in there stores things like that it's not just happening in football my friends another thing to chek out is so thing called third generational warfare it's basically how to take over a country without firing a weapon but its being applied world wide what u think these lockdowns are all about for ur own safety nope its been all about closing down of small to medium work places so they can swoop in and take it from us another thing they said at the start of lockdown its to save the N. H. S if they were woryd about our frontline workers why did the give them a 1% pay rise. And spend over 3 billion on track and trace yip u heard that right over 3 billion on track in ur movements has it helped in eny way to dent covid. Nope so they are really more interested in tracking ur movements than helping out our nurses doctors and yeh nots forget about the key workers for the elderly could they no have done with some of that cash to help our most nearest and dearest wee grans and grandads not being looked after right old folks with covid being put back in care homes with. People who don't have it what's that all about basically the 1% as they call them self's what total. Controll of us all big Corp and billionaires take away. Our rights freedom of speach freedom to move about withese health passports is next to go don't fall for this great reset B. S u really think people like Bill Gates cares about u every expertt u here on TV is it her funded or had grants from the bill and Melinda Gates foundation if u don't. Believe me do some digging on the people or so called experts or proffeciors they are all part. Of the system the system is the problem start questioning everything on that TV and news all they do is push propaganda and the elites run the news stations so it's there point of view and fear u are getting bombarded with if u what some real news from normal people chek out carol Vernon and Hugo talks open ur eyes my friends before its to late take care and be safe

    captinraveman1212captinraveman121217 dager siden
  • Call it as it is #fsgout

    Keir CanwellKeir Canwell17 dager siden
  • This has devastated me as a Liverpool fan for 33 years of Liverpool continue to pursue this I don't know if I would watch my team play football ever again the nature of football is watching the drama the highs and lows and supporting your team through thick and thin FSG TAKE NOTE FOOTBALL IS ABOUT THE FANS NOT YOU LINING YOUR POCKETS WITH MONEY 🤑🤑 football is a sport that at the end of each year if Liverpool finished bottom of the premier League then they finished their on Merritt and as a football fan I would have to raise my hand up and say we were not good enough.

    Craig FaulknerCraig Faulkner17 dager siden
  • I love Liverpool and our standards. Joining the super league rips every single fabric of what we stand for. Just feels like the owners have ripped our hearts out and stomped on it. I am livid, upset and devastated.

    Rory LoveRory Love17 dager siden
  • I've just cancelled my LFCTV and International Membership, I let them know why I was cancelling, one disgusted fan!!

    JaxstaJaxsta17 dager siden
  • they taken away your clubs, they trying this here in germany to, there is something fundamentally wrong with all this for years, when there is man on the field making more than 1000 times as the guys in the stands, and than these guys get traded around for even more money and fans discussing how many millions there club should spend to get better. 3 games in a week just to satisfy tv stations, corrupt executives like fifa (katar lol) and uefa and so much more bullshit, maybe now is the time things can change. But i doubt it, its all about the money....

    citbcitb17 dager siden
  • The very first act of protest everyone watching this video should do is cancel your subscription to the official LFC NOworld channel and any other social media subscriptions you have to the club.

    his1ojdhis1ojd17 dager siden
  • There no winners if this goes ahead everyone will lose.

    Roo17Roo1717 dager siden
  • I share your thoughts as do many supporters this is insain. However it is so insain that it is clearly a power move by the owners to trigger fear in the governing body of losing their wealth that they don't distribute enough to the club's. So I see it as a Mexican standoff between owners and governing body. They knew this would cause outrage but I don't think they thought it would blow up at their own clubs. It's meant to turn on the governing body who clearly pocket too much money that clubs need more share of. Now think back to why we went private ownership. We needed to develop the facilities and generate revenue to be competitive in the transfer market as the old youth system wasn't as viable as it once was. It's not just a couple of forign players now days playing it's almost the whole team leaving the youth system a less reliable source for producing players for the first team. That is where the market has changed with city, Chelsea ect... owners sending so much that they force you to adapt or fall behind as a club. It's not easy to change your whole budget stratagey as you just can't go spend that 500mil in a transfer window. So the fact that clubs can't get anymore money from the governing body or even the champions league leaves owners with little choice but to form their own league. I don't agree with it I would rather peal it back to what it was 20-30yrs ago but that means the same prem may not be the number one league it wants to be. So the governing body has brought this upon themselves. New trophy new branding was done by the governing body to generate more money that they won't share. I've said this before instead if financial fair play they should give clubs a total points system to buy their sqoud if breached they lose match pts. They can pay a player whatever they want in wages but you can't over pay in the transfer market as a player value will be determined by his total points value. That way clubs will be able to save more money generated. It works in my local football league and has seen 4 teams break 50yr droughts making it far more interesting to watch as the competition is better. Two teams use to dominate the league making it uninteresting. That's the solution.

    Roo17Roo1717 dager siden
  • Although i think that super League is killing football, but UEFA's handling is disgusting, so i support these 12clubs and hope that super league can greater than UCL, so they can humiliate UEFA.

    Firmino ErnestFirmino Ernest17 dager siden
  • 4:30 is me.

    NvrdiNvrdi17 dager siden
  • Absolutely disgusting, what happened to our beloved Club ??

    The Collector Lee ChannelThe Collector Lee Channel17 dager siden
  • Let's just hope that this is just brinksmanship to get a more preferable set of reforms to the Champions League. Because this would tear apart the whole fabric of competitive club football in Europe. Instead of exciting games with loads riding on them we would get bored of watching Liverpool playing the likes of Juve and Real Madrid in glorified friendlies every week. They've seen how much money they can earn in pre-season friendlies and they want to force UEFA to pay up or let them leave. It wouldn't surprise me if the finals are slated for Dubai and other similar states. Let's not be deceived, this has been building for a long time. When mega-rich owners and investment groups started buying up clubs like franchises, this was always on the cards. You are totally right, it is 100% about greed and squeezing every last drop of money out of the venture before it is discarded. They wont care if fans in Britain are priced out and switch off if they are making bank from fans and betting companies in the far east. If this goes ahead, it wont be long before these clubs sell off naming rights for the club and the stadiums.

    AuriflammeAuriflamme17 dager siden
  • These teams don't wanna work hard to earn place in champions league, no german french teams gonna join this clusterfuck of a league

    Everyday ProductsEveryday Products17 dager siden
  • Time to burn my liverpool gear

    Everyday ProductsEveryday Products17 dager siden
  • I say let them do it. Just start a new lfc a new manu nso. The club is in the heart of the fans. The sprit is only there. Its not the stadium or the name or any matirial thing. Its the memorys the mates u watch it with aso. So let then do it. When the people dont watvch the esl. They loose the money and all. They go bankrupt and u can buy lfc for 5£ lol

    JennyRalf StockmannJennyRalf Stockmann17 dager siden
  • Liverpool supporter since 1977. Liverpool runs through my veins, but as long as this nonsense exists I will not subscribe to any Liverpool TV/subscriptions or club sponsored memberships. Additionally I will NOT purchase a the new kit when it inevitably comes out. This not only hits the ownership, but the sponsors as well. They are ready to fleece your pocket and sell out your clubs history. The only things they understand is the bottom line and you have to go after that. Support the manager, support your players, support each other, but don't spend a penny towards the clubs ownership.

    GoldyGoldy17 dager siden
  • When a football crisis happens, football solidarity shows its unified face. It's natural and it can be a strength against this 'dark room treaty'.

    NoblemannNoblemann17 dager siden