29. april. 2021
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Craig reacts to Man United 6-2 Roma with goals from Bruno Fernandes (x2), Pellegrini, Dzeko, Cavani (x2), Pogba, Greenwood
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    Mundo SportoMundo Sporto10 dager siden
    • Hey man, what’s your prediction for tomorrow, hope it’s a great , much respect for your support off Liverpool, hope you make champions league but dreading the game tomorrow no matter where we are in the table , wish fans would be in!!

      Nathan GinnellyNathan Ginnelly7 dager siden
    • @Wallace Sasso wait were u on a greg renko vid?

      MrPenguinMrPenguin8 dager siden
    • @Wallace Sasso Yea, I've been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

      Malcolm IsraelMalcolm Israel8 dager siden
    • A trick : you can watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

      Wallace SassoWallace Sasso8 dager siden
    • Ok

      Oudom GamingOudom Gaming9 dager siden
  • David De Gea amazing Rome tough venue Old Trafford we just data blinding half of football

    Andrew SandersonAndrew Sanderson3 dager siden
  • Job done good substitutions taken off owlette back and centre half centre midfielder and the scorer of both goals aggregate

    Andrew SandersonAndrew Sanderson3 dager siden
  • Cool channel.

    Danish PastryDanish Pastry4 dager siden
  • YNWA from a Manchester United supporter with love ❤️💪🏼

    Tevin JohnsTevin Johns4 dager siden
  • With these hand balls they should just change the rules. The officials seem to have a completely different understanding of “a natural position” to everyone else. Should we just get rid of the “ball to hand” thing and say that it’s a handball regardless of intentions and everything else. Ridiculous I know, but if that was the rule at least I wouldn’t be angry when these penalties are given.

    Kasey EscapeKasey Escape4 dager siden
  • I'm a united fan it's good to see a fan of another club being humble and appreciating other top class players ❤️

    Kieran JefferyKieran Jeffery5 dager siden
  • The true fan of any team , love you mate, you are the type of fan every team needs

    Aeryl valesAeryl vales5 dager siden
  • I love unbiased football fans who see mofe than their own side.

    Martin S.Martin S.5 dager siden
  • i thought irish were all utd fans

    Mike MurrayMike Murray5 dager siden
  • A dipper that I actually have respect for. Fair play

    death bystereodeath bystereo5 dager siden
  • United in Heart

    kinda coolkinda cool5 dager siden
  • Listen,mate......if you carry on talking up United like this, we might even become mates! Now that wouldn’t do,would it! We might even have to start slagging off the toffees instead ! Seriously though, all credit to ya for tellin it like it is.

    John WalkerJohn Walker5 dager siden
  • this guy really changed after the 7-2 karma incident.

    David RoosemailerDavid Roosemailer5 dager siden
  • Love this channel mate🔥

    Jishnu SathishJishnu Sathish6 dager siden
  • its a amazing how many people are copying mark goldbridge a channel for the club they support and a neutral channel for watch along next you will be playing fifa

    Goober FaceGoober Face6 dager siden
  • your a top class bloke!

    Sean HickeySean Hickey6 dager siden
  • this man is an honest man love his commentary

    jojo ramonjojo ramon6 dager siden
  • I m coMing here for the first time and it was like i m hearing a utd fan doing these commentories..

  • Cheers for your unbiasedness

  • Liverpools Mark goldbridge absolute legend.

    Jonathan ThompsonJonathan Thompson6 dager siden
  • Respect from Sri Lanka 👍

    Mushfiq ZainMushfiq Zain6 dager siden
  • Get on match of the day ffs

    Kieran LillisKieran Lillis6 dager siden
  • Cool

    Sorcha HouldenSorcha Houlden6 dager siden
  • Most unbiased Liverpool fan there is

    Lvrd ChaosLvrd Chaos6 dager siden
  • Everyone sucking dick in here "oOOOoooo never liked a lfc fan before". "Man united fan here" fuck off he supports liverpool but is a football fan just like most of us we can appreciate good football

    Fatsmellyneek cheeksFatsmellyneek cheeks6 dager siden
  • Superchat said ty looks like papa smurf 🤣🤣🤣

    db Odb O6 dager siden
  • And Donny will get a 5 minute cameo in the second leg...

    Ferenc FajkuszFerenc Fajkusz6 dager siden
  • Much respect to you,I think many people got a bad perspective of you when you where kinda joking about man utd conceding 6 goals,And people were sharing you all around but I wanted to see the full clip and saw that you are a proper lad,Respect🤝

    Not JaniNot Jani6 dager siden
  • Subscribed.

    Kelechi AsikaKelechi Asika7 dager siden
  • Lovely channel, unbiased and insightful! Good on you! From a utd fan

    NizzeNizze7 dager siden
  • If kdb made that pass that cavani did u wouldn’t hear the end of it😩

    Cmuni7 ZCmuni7 Z7 dager siden
  • love him so unbiased

    Damien DalyDamien Daly7 dager siden
  • When all people saying all liverpool fans is delusional,biased and arrogant this man prove not all lfc fans like that. I even liverpool fans but I'm more super neutral and always speak based on fact. I even hate some of delusional and arrogant lfc fans. I hope your channel will grow up man. Salutes for you

    harith danialharith danial7 dager siden
  • My favourite Liverpool fan

    Sisekelo DumaSisekelo Duma7 dager siden
  • Love your positivity towards football and not letting rivalry get in the way of objective footy talk.

    James NJames N7 dager siden
  • I love the content legend

    Ali ElteibAli Elteib7 dager siden
  • Respect to this Guy 👍🍻

    United GBGUnited GBG7 dager siden
  • Well done Craig always here whenever utd playing. Keep up the gd work

    Lynette GiggsLynette Giggs7 dager siden
  • I came here expected some United Liverpool war but damn. This dude is too chill

    Phan Hải SơnPhan Hải Sơn7 dager siden
  • Respect as a rival fans, appreciate that bud

    Vindis DominicVindis Dominic7 dager siden
  • i’m a united fan but i honestly love this guy

    Ben ShallickerBen Shallicker7 dager siden
  • If only more football fans were like u mate, as u say it don't always have to be tribalism, I'm a United fan and obviously don't want u lot to win but I'm also a football fan so if u blow me away with good football like u have the past few seasons I will hate it but appreciate it at the same time.... top man keep up the good work 👍

    JOE 85JOE 858 dager siden
  • Feels like the comments section is full of United

    Mufudzi KwendaMufudzi Kwenda8 dager siden
    • Well it was a U tied game to be fair mate. Also this isn’t a Liverpool fan channel, it’s a football channel. Anfield Agenda is our Liverpool fan channel 👍

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
  • You just cant hate craig anyways good luck for tommorow (utd fan)

    Lucas HienLucas Hien8 dager siden
    • Thanks Lucas

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
  • even though i support United this guy is right up there with Mark Goldbridge

    Huw DaviesHuw Davies8 dager siden
  • Best liverpool fan on the internet must say

    Kane JohnsonKane Johnson8 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mohammad zain gamerMohammad zain gamer8 dager siden
  • What you thinking Sunday big fellaI’m going 3-1 Utd

    Steven KilgariffSteven Kilgariff8 dager siden
    • I’ll be doing the watchalong over on Anfield Agenda 👍

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
    • I’ll watch it with ya bro stay safe keep up the great work 🤟✌️

      Steven KilgariffSteven Kilgariff8 dager siden
    • I’m going 1-1

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
  • favourite game so far

    Christophe OosterwijkChristophe Oosterwijk8 dager siden
  • Good channel, keep it up and thanks!

    Clever TrevorClever Trevor8 dager siden
  • why did u want rashford to score so much?

    hassan bashierhassan bashier8 dager siden
    • He had him to score as part of a bet

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
  • Bias can go for or against

    robert smithrobert smith8 dager siden
  • Dude I'm a Manchester United fan and I gotta say I always seem to find myself watching your videos. You do better actual commentary than half of the United fan channels. Keep it up bud good work 👍

    Space In Ya FaceSpace In Ya Face8 dager siden
  • Seriously the most real Liverpool fan right here... nothing but respect to you sir. keep on doing you.

    Batmaan KnowsBestBatmaan KnowsBest8 dager siden
  • Worth the subscription

    Dale ChilverDale Chilver8 dager siden
  • He really wanted Rashford to score

    Awe SamAwe Sam8 dager siden
  • I didn’t expect to see such a Liverpool fan. Respect my man.

    Benz AbangaBenz Abanga8 dager siden
  • Hey man love the videos as a united fan I love your videos and keep up the good work 💪❤

    Srihari SrinivasanSrihari Srinivasan8 dager siden
  • take a shot everytime you see a comment that says something about respecting Craig "from a United fan"

    TheInvincible HTheInvincible H8 dager siden
  • Love this guy mehn!! No useless bias. Pure football fan first and foremost. We need more fan channels like this, breaking fanbase barriers. As united fan watching this, i enjoyed it. No negativity, 2020 gave us enough of that. Keep doing your thing man.

    Noble EmejiNoble Emeji8 dager siden
  • Came here to see you for the first time hoping that you'd overreact happily when Roma lead and get embarrassed by the end. Ended up loving how you see and analyse the game. New subscriber attained!

    Moch BarmansyachMoch Barmansyach8 dager siden
  • How he goes through the goal and every event is very educating. Better than Goldbridge screaming 'GET INNN BRUNO THE POONO BOOYAH WOOHO YOU PRATTTT'. Can United Stand hire you instead😂

    Moch BarmansyachMoch Barmansyach8 dager siden
  • I love how unbiased he is even though he is a Liverpool fan!

    Evmit 100Evmit 1008 dager siden
  • Showing how to be a football fan, no matter what team you support. A fan that gives and earns the respect of many.

    Matt GibbonsMatt Gibbons8 dager siden
  • United Fan here, i love how you are unbiased. Waiting for the United vs Liverpool match! May the best team win

    Yash PawarYash Pawar8 dager siden
  • Very fair, objective commentary.

    John NevillJohn Nevill8 dager siden
  • Waiting for ur reaction on man utd vs liverpool

    kaal- time,space&deathkaal- time,space&death8 dager siden
    • You’ll have to come over to Anfield Agenda to see it!

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto8 dager siden
  • You're alright Liverpool fan

    Zavian Anthony PatienceZavian Anthony Patience8 dager siden
  • Don't like Liverpool don't like most Liverpool supporters but Craig seems a sound guy good one for not been biased against United

    Paul BeadlePaul Beadle8 dager siden
  • Refreshing unbiased opinion. Subscribed, never change lad.

    ZeldozZeldoz8 dager siden
  • This guy should inspire other fans to be more unbiased 🔥

    OneChezzyBoiOneChezzyBoi9 dager siden
  • You're a secret United fan. 🤣I know a United fan when I fucking see one. 🤣

    John-Perry BentleyJohn-Perry Bentley9 dager siden
    • @Mundo Sporto you're fan of us, I can tell 🤣😭 someone get him a signed Cantona shirt.

      John-Perry BentleyJohn-Perry Bentley9 dager siden
    • On this occasion you’re hallucinating if you think that’s what you’re seeing my good man. Enjoy the game on Sunday & have a great weekend 🤝

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto9 dager siden
  • From one Irish person to anoughter great vodeo

    TheserveingSoda RBLXTheserveingSoda RBLX9 dager siden
  • He is a good guy... Liked his face on the first goal when he was talking to people then the eyes as pogba played the ball to cavs then the cheeky great ball for brono to lift it over the keeper... To be fair this day in age that pogba pen is given this day in age and we just need to deal with that.

    Michael McKayMichael McKay9 dager siden
  • The main problem with football today is the amount of money sloshing around. The next main problem is the amount of hate.

    Michael DoddsMichael Dodds9 dager siden
  • Good lad on the pogba pen So many bias rival fans laugh amd say penalty all day long Those fans will eventually get biten while they kill football

    Luk GrayLuk Gray9 dager siden
  • Penalty has been awArded

    Noah.B 23Noah.B 239 dager siden
  • Come on you reds

    Chris Holmes MashManChris Holmes MashMan9 dager siden
  • When I played football as a kids with friends we'd kick the ball at an opponent's hand to get a penalty. Decades ahead of VAR. What a fucking joke it is. Why bother with a ref on the pitch?

    MartiMarti9 dager siden
  • If we lose pogba and cavani in the summer we gonna struggle to get into top 6

    Compost SmurfCompost Smurf9 dager siden
  • This is what you call a football fan, supports a rival club but gives credit where credit is due

    Kristján MániKristján Máni9 dager siden
  • As a united fan hes The best liverpool fan i ve ever seen

    ELSA ABDULELSA ABDUL9 dager siden
  • Youre so fair

    ELSA ABDULELSA ABDUL9 dager siden
  • Youre a true football fan

    ELSA ABDULELSA ABDUL9 dager siden
  • Mate love the content very unbiased deserves all the clout you have and more

    Trippy BothrugTrippy Bothrug9 dager siden
  • dude wanted rashy too score so bad...don't worry broda'll see him scoring on sunday

    Sunaima khanSunaima khan9 dager siden
    • I had a bet that involved him scoring

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto9 dager siden
  • From a ManUtd Fan you are My favorite Liverpool fan fair and true….a lover of football

    UNCLE SAMUNCLE SAM9 dager siden
  • It's your Irish blarney ,great craic!!!

    michael kingmichael king9 dager siden
  • This is how a Liverpool fan should be Respect 📈

    S AS A9 dager siden
  • This guy is great He’s only getting bigger and bigger and he deserves it

    Matthew KaneMatthew Kane9 dager siden
  • It 6-2 be a Roma fan today.

    T WT W9 dager siden

    Angelo ValentiniAngelo Valentini9 dager siden
  • Perfect balance of chat and explaining what is going on in the match

    Liam JonesLiam Jones9 dager siden
  • A proper Liverpool fan, respect GGMU

    Liam JonesLiam Jones9 dager siden
  • I honestly wish he was a little biased so that us United fans and him could have some friendly banter. It’s hard to make fun of a guy that never makes fun of you lol

    Wet TowelWet Towel9 dager siden
    • Come over to Anfield Agenda & I promise it’ll be banter all the way!

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto9 dager siden
  • Ever since the Aston villa game hes gained respect for United LETS GOO

    SuarzSuarz9 dager siden
  • As a Man Utd fan I think you commentary is very fair. Fair play to you mate.

    Troy TempestTroy Tempest9 dager siden
  • i despise liverpool but this man is my fav fan channel, says a lot about the personality maybe !

    Anton MossbergAnton Mossberg9 dager siden
  • Is it just me or someone else as well who thinks that he's a secret man united fan?

    Harsh MunhetHarsh Munhet9 dager siden
    • @Mundo Sporto RESPECT👍

      Harsh MunhetHarsh Munhet9 dager siden
    • No I’m definitely a Liverpool fan

      Mundo SportoMundo Sporto9 dager siden