life at my cabin; settling back in

2. mai. 2021
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welcome to just a mess of a montage of what it's like to be me, living in my cabin in the woods, willing spring into existence, and making the best of when i can't. love ya'll.
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I'm so damn proud of my friend Joey; since this was filmed their campaign has doubled in size 🤯 if you haven't gotten to that part of the video yet; JoGo is a coffee brewing straw inspired by the traditional Bombilla, and is designed to be compact, portable and sustainable - so it's kinda the perfect way to update my usual coffee montage 😉 you just put your coffee and water directly into your mug, and you're done- the straw filters it for you! 😊 they're also donating 5% of profits to Survival International, which I think is pretty rad, and there's a ton more information on their kickstarter page ♡♡
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00:00 - brace yourselves for mouse cuteness
00:27 - celebratory table scraping
02:16 - “I’m of to release the mouse”
02:47 - the first of many raking
03:54 - time to go do chores while I wait for papa to bring in the cows
04:50 - I need a place to bask in the sunlight
06:17 - we’re gonna put on Christmas music
06:44 - the story of bringing Matilda back to life
08:24 - laundromat sounds hard
09:56 - a story about Hong Kong
12:38 - still love ashnikko
13:48 - been doing a lot of raking lately im sorry
16:02 - it has snowed again, time for coffee
21:25 - wood

  • welcome to just a mess of a montage of what it's like to be me, living in my cabin in the woods, willing spring into existence, and making the best of when i can't. love ya'll. 00:00 - brace yourselves for mouse cuteness 00:27 - celebratory table scraping 02:16 - “I’m of to release the mouse” 02:47 - the first of many raking 03:54 - time to go do chores while I wait for papa to bring in the cows 04:50 - I need a place to bask in the sunlight 06:17 - we’re gonna put on Christmas music 06:44 - the story of bringing Matilda back to life 08:24 - laundromat sounds hard 09:56 - a story about Hong Kong 12:38 - still love ashnikko 13:48 - been doing a lot of raking lately im sorry 16:02 - it has snowed again, time for coffee 21:25 - wood

    hannahleedugganhannahleeduggan7 dager siden
    • Look into bucket “washing machines”, basically some buckets and rope can make a washing device! A tad easier than washing in the bath!

      Sofa PopSofa PopDag siden
    • I think this video is very very very very very very very very very very very interesting I like videos like this.

      mrs ????mrs ????3 dager siden
    • Happy B-Day, I like that Jo boy, then you started playing the love music after he was off screen....hummm. Love the format and your raking buddy gets a kick I bet raking leaves with a lady in a dress. Very nice Vlog Hannah!

      MikeMike4 dager siden
    • @Darwin Off Definitely, I have been using Flixzone for months myself =)

      Dash KamrynDash Kamryn4 dager siden
    • Pro tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

      Darwin OffDarwin Off4 dager siden
  • Pure peppermint oil works on repelling rodents.

    Bill MBill M37 minutter siden
  • I love your daily videos!!

    Korren PhillipsKorren PhillipsTime siden
  • Another pledge for your friends straw! ❤️

    Lori ConeLori Cone2 timer siden
  • Happy belated birthday!

    Kim'sTaureanButtKim'sTaureanButt2 timer siden
  • Clothes lines outside is much easier or you can get a portable washing machine

    Vickie PierretVickie Pierret4 timer siden
  • I love to see how people do different things and how I can set up my own home I line dry a lot of things

    J. WilliamsJ. Williams5 timer siden
  • I need your playlist

    Cherilyn McFadyenCherilyn McFadyen5 timer siden
  • I see you have the handy dandy 5 in 1 tool. Love that thing. Comes in handy for so many things.

    Lynn CarolLynn Carol5 timer siden
  • Elle vit ds un decor de film d'horreur Manques un acteur.......

    Mafalda 852Mafalda 8526 timer siden
  • We love Joey 💕

    Zion KetchumZion Ketchum6 timer siden
  • your content is amazing for recovering from the vaccine, so relaxing, thank you

    laurenlauren8 timer siden
  • Finding out you like Ashnikko absolutely makes my entire day. Perfect musical taste

    RoseRose8 timer siden
  • omg she listens to ashnikko 🤭

    Audrey MicheleAudrey Michele9 timer siden
  • I enjoy this kind of stuff- these kind of videos

    TheRiceKrispyTheRiceKrispy9 timer siden
  • You should get the famous portable washer/dryer! I'd love to see if it works for you!

    MyhotpoptartsMyhotpoptarts9 timer siden
  • Congratulations Joey! I’m excited to see how far you go. Also happy belated birthday Hannah!

    Andriesse DotsonAndriesse Dotson10 timer siden
  • Put your extra coffee in a mason jar and put it in the fridge for the next day as iced coffee!! If I don’t finish my whole 36oz French press (which is not often🤭😅) I’ll just put the whole French press in the fridge once it’s cooled down. And there you go!💕👏🏻

    Kaleigh TuckerKaleigh Tucker10 timer siden
  • Yes, Hannah plz I wanta see what you do like start a garden, remodel kitchen, a new more efficient wood burning heater with glass door so you can see the 🔥 fire. Get a pet. Enjoy watching you do your thing!😏🖐️👍💜🌹✌️

    Wendy HolcombWendy Holcomb11 timer siden
  • You remind me of my daughter and I. She is the Felicity of my life especially when we are together. Wonderful video of your homestead! I too am Living Simply!

    Victoria CarrVictoria Carr14 timer siden
  • Did you make the hammock? Like the story about the bathroom.

    Levi HLevi H22 timer siden
  • hey does anyone know what her job is? like online or something?

    Izzy PieIzzy PieDag siden
  • can i live in your other cabin

    Darrell BlairDarrell BlairDag siden
  • A vlog by any other name isn't a vlog. You do you Hanna and We'll be here to egg you on every adventure...even if it's washing your undergarments, hanging a hammock, raking the yard, scraping the table, stacking firewood. Plus, I think it's SOO Cool just how versatile your music interests are. Being 54 (with a van in process of converting), your energy is palpable and intoxicating. Cheers Hanna! And congrats to your Friend exceeding the 100K mark! That's EPIC! Zip~

    Zippo Varga Small Engine MedicZippo Varga Small Engine MedicDag siden
  • make more videos like this it's fun watching you doing stuff around your cabin

    foxqueefoxqueeDag siden
  • Hannah you should consider doing some kind of something with Squirmy and Grubbs, also known as Shane and Hannah, as they are also in Minnesota. I think something with you all together would be really fun and interesting! Just an idea 😃

    robert Bakerrobert BakerDag siden
    • I mean, you guys put out completely different content, however, I've noticed that you do seem to have very similar personalities and sense of humor, hense the thought of you all working together popped into my head!

      robert Bakerrobert BakerDag siden
  • Who else thinks that she kinda looks like IamSanna?

    Elsa Is the bestElsa Is the bestDag siden
  • I'd love to see an episode on the process of getting your property.....!

    BattleTested_BattleTested_Dag siden
  • What State is your prop in?

    BattleTested_BattleTested_Dag siden
  • hey love , you could hang your undies/clothes on hangers in the shower 😭❤️ ily

    valentine greyvalentine greyDag siden
  • We share the same birthday! April 14th.

    Karma of OminitKarma of OminitDag siden
  • Hey im argentinian. How is the invention Joey made different from the bombilla? I couldnt spot it maybe if you can and want you can explain it to me? Im just curious cause to me it seemed like you were having a coffee version of mate, well not really but you know what i mean. Also mate (and the bombilla) is a very important social and cultural part of argentina (and other south american countries) , and it is mostly supposed to be drunk in company. I liked how you guys did just that!

    Noel BarberisNoel BarberisDag siden
  • Hahahaha HANNAH!!! The way you racked between your legs killed me!! Watched it 10x. I love you ❤️ keep being you xo

    Misty CadryMisty CadryDag siden
  • It will be fun to see what your plans are for the other houses on the property

    Lisa MedlynLisa MedlynDag siden
  • Hannah Lee. Left msg for you under "agreedtobeme" on your instagram site in regards to some artwork. Would you mind checking it out and let me know what you think ? Thank you..... Barry

    barry harshawbarry harshawDag siden
  • I’ve got the same text alert as you... what’s the sitch

    Nat GreenNat GreenDag siden
  • Why would you have a mouse in a jar?!??!

    C.J. Creighton-MellenC.J. Creighton-MellenDag siden
  • You movie star! I just purchased two JoGo straws on Kickstarter and there you were in the promo videos!

    Harrison of The NorthHarrison of The NorthDag siden
  • Yes, I like daily stuff. Go Vegan. Watch Dominion.

    AsmrAppleLover _ MediterraneanGoddessAsmrAppleLover _ MediterraneanGoddessDag siden
  • You do realize the mice are talking to each other, sharing the story how they got warmed up and got snacks before they where released?🤣

    micaro84micaro84Dag siden
  • Kinda loved it more when you were alone, just doing you

    vivianne amenyavivianne amenyaDag siden
  • If I were you I would get a hand crank portable washing machine.

    Purple TamPurple TamDag siden
  • Hannah! we need the song list for all the jam sessions in this vid😂😭. Pretty please.

    Empowered Esquire TVEmpowered Esquire TVDag siden
  • I think this stuff is very interesting to watch! This is what I followed you for. Keep just doing you and sharing daily life. You always are entertaining

    Jesiah StegmannJesiah StegmannDag siden
  • What about one of those plastic portable washing machines? Think they are a Zeny.

    Teresa HTeresa H2 dager siden
  • we need more of hannah & joey

    Monica C.Monica C.2 dager siden
  • Happy belated birthday Hannalee duggan

    Murph FeeMurph Fee2 dager siden
  • Like the animal cameo at the end. Lol

    Charles RyanCharles Ryan2 dager siden
  • That “More you know” cat window was hilarious!!!!

    Charles RyanCharles Ryan2 dager siden
  • Waiting to buy mine

    Kama'aina GirlKama'aina Girl2 dager siden
  • I love this so much. But my favorite part is when you ride the rake like a broom to rake your leaves. Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh! Have a fabulous weekend

    Smokey Fireside CreationsSmokey Fireside Creations2 dager siden
  • Just seeing the way someone else lives is very entertaining. I think it is good for some people who never get to see how people live in a rural area. So many people have no idea what it’s like. I live in a rural area and lived even more rural when I was a kid so it’s nothing new to me. But I know a lot of people who have no clue and sure could learn a thing or two from your daily routine. For me it’s that you are inspiring, cute, young and interesting.

    Shari BrewsterShari Brewster2 dager siden
  • Paint your cabin

    Yaimy GarciaYaimy Garcia2 dager siden
  • I love seeing your every day life!! Your underwear washing was very entertaining lol, please continue content like this!

    Shannon Jo AckerShannon Jo Acker2 dager siden
  • 30 seconds after you made the "drake is now cottage core" comment, I got an ad for hot topic cottage core haha.

    Shannon Jo AckerShannon Jo Acker2 dager siden
  • I had to stop the video on go make coffee when they were having some.

    The Peace of Wild ThingsThe Peace of Wild Things2 dager siden
  • Normal day stuff is good. 😁☮

    awarenessvillageawarenessvillage2 dager siden
  • OMG I heard the Kim possible tone and I freaked lmao. I have it tooo 🤩

    LUNALUNA2 dager siden
  • Ah, I saw you in a Jogo commercial on instagram. Which prompted me to immediately try coffee with one of my bombillas. Yeah, just a little gritty. I could probably make it work with a coarser grind of coffee.

    Doc_WatsonDoc_Watson2 dager siden
  • big project tiiiiiiime! mmmmm my best guess is you're fixing up the outside sitting area since you started with the table. i love seeing your daily living. :) your videos are always entertaining to me, whether you're out exploring or hanging up undies to dry hahaha.

    Obscura xObscura x2 dager siden
  • Hi Hannah! I bet that a couple of small skylights would bring in some much needed warmth to your adorable home.

    Fran RiddioughFran Riddiough2 dager siden
  • chopping wood. ive yet to do that. but i have used a wood buring stove before but never had to chop it yet.

    Denise KingDenise King2 dager siden
  • i forget if i left message to you about how ive learned to wash my clothes and make homemade soap. so ill leave it again, im 56 years old ive been without a washer and dryer for about 6 or 7 years now. and so i use a mop bucket and i bought a plunger so id have a clean plunger. and i make my own home made soap for washing clothes and dishes. and i make soap for washing my body too. i just use less superfat in the bars i use to wash clothes etc. so it washes clothes and dishes very good. and if i want a scent i use put cedar essential oil in my rinse water. i put the bar of soap in the bucket put a few clothes in and fill with water in the bath tub. then i plunge for a while until the bar of soap gets the water all bubbly then plunge some more. then start rinsing and wringing. and i got a clothes line in the house and a dryer rack. if the clothes are still dripping i put the dryer rack in the bath tub. ive priced a wringer and they are about $179.00 and i think it might attach to my kitchen sink. but its so expensive. ive refrained from buying one. ive thought of buying a mop bucket with a wringer for a mop one off those yellow ones. but have yet to buy one of those either. the wringing is the hardest for me. and i go to the laundry matt when i can. and now since covid last year. i made cloth toilet paper and wash that in the bucket too. i saw a video on it when the shortage of toilet paper started. someone suggested it to me. its like washing dirty diapers. perfedtly normal for some. for others it might take a little getting used to. really i could cut up alot of my clothes and just throw the cloth away for about 6 months at least. i have that many clothes, and some i probably dont need. it took me about 6 years of thinking about making real homemade soap before i actuall made my first batch. i was kinda afraid of the sodium hydroxide. but if your careful its pretty easy. just hard to get started on. just striving to keep from inhailing the fumes from the chemical reaction of pouring the sodium hydroxide into the water and stirring until completely disolved. over the stove vent. or outside. is best. and wearing a mask a covid mask works good. and keeping my face turned or stand back from directly being over the glass jar while pouring and stirring. then let it cool. and prepare oils in container and anything else you might want in your soap. then when everything is the right temperature you can pour the lye water mix into the oils and stir or use a hand blender. and then pour into a mold. and wait for 24 hours or so. then its done. you just have to wait 6 weeks or so. to use longer is best. about 6 months is best i think. thats become my routine too now. and ive watched a video about china oriental countries where they live in very small spaces. weve got it good over here. and it good to know that others suffer so much making all this stuff to sell all over the world. and it tells us its time for a change. they are suffering over in oriental countries to sell us these goods we buy. i think the online sales really made it more difficult for them. i hope the paradise gets here soon. and if theres something i can do ive been praying about it. you make me feel right at home. your a wonderful person, Hannah. ive watched many homemade soap tutorials and the cloth toilet paper ones too. on you tube here. granted your sexy bathing suit one are probably more fun to watch and the beautiful earth ones too. its good also to look at the real life. so others can see how to be a homesteader and a do it your selfer. just think of all the plastic we can keep from being made. from laundry soap containers.

    Denise KingDenise King2 dager siden
  • Lol you wrote something about cottage core in a caption next thing i get an ad for a cottage core collection one second later

    NightLightNeonNightLightNeon2 dager siden
  • Marry Joey! You both are already comfortable around each other, already best friends and both so cute! Match made perfectly 🥰

    Jesse JohnsonJesse Johnson2 dager siden
  • Well, you can always start fixing up cabin number two for your videos 😁 ✌️

    Dawn BarrettDawn Barrett2 dager siden
  • You’re kind of a goofball aren’t you? 😂 One of those people the dance like no ones watching....only you put it on NOworld for the whole world to see! I wish I was as confident and competent w building and using tools as you! (Something tells me it’s not as hard as silly boys make it seem) 😂 I love your “I’ll figure it out attitude!” I’m a zoologist. I live in a cabin, too. One of my favorite things about you is that you don’t leave your footprint on the environment and you save your lil woodland homies. I have cages in the barn for catch and release as well as mending injuries before I release. This even includes snakes. (*i should remind whoever, im a biologist and medic, so I can ID venomous critters and recognize injured, sick, diseased vs normal, aggressive or curious behavior) I agree 100% w you! No, you can’t patch every hole in the cabin. Even though they’re in YOUR home...your home is in THEIR environment. I cohabitate w all critters as well. In fact, you enjoy the visits from your lil woodland friend when living in a forest! Naming them, and sending them off happy w a tummy full of snacks is my favorite part! We spread more diseases than animals. I don’t have to state the obvious for you, but for those telling you it’s not safe....she’s obviously not going to pick up a fox or raccoon that’s foaming at the mouth and displaying aggressive or seizure type behavior. She’s perfectly fine relocating mice. I find it funny that people always warn of disease, lice etc on animals.... yet have they ever met ANY one who has contracted a disease? Also, the species of lice and fleas that live on animals DONT live on humans. They live on fur and feathers. We have hair. You’re safe w that, too! You just do you, girl!

    Natalie RozeanNatalie Rozean2 dager siden
  • I feel like the majority of us watch your content for you and your personality, we’d watch anything you post even if you don’t think we’d enjoy it!!

    LydiaLydia2 dager siden
  • Definitely interested in seeing this type of cottage work! Hope you're doing well.

    LovebyremissionLovebyremission2 dager siden
  • i LOVE that you coexist with mice. SO darn cute

    Patricia JackischPatricia Jackisch2 dager siden
  • Love your energy 😁 Greetings from the land down under xxx

    Kris CliffordKris Clifford2 dager siden
  • Hii friends

    Ashwini DhoreAshwini Dhore2 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    LauraLee CreationsLauraLee Creations2 dager siden
  • Thank you for saying bye to me.

    robertc190robertc1902 dager siden
  • What state is this?

    Esther ShaplandEsther Shapland2 dager siden
  • I think I’m in love with ur straw friend

    SarahLynn1330SarahLynn13302 dager siden
  • I’m so curious, how do you catch the mice in those jars???? Also why are they all so damn cute it’s really not fair

    SarahLynn1330SarahLynn13302 dager siden
  • Bruh why do we have EXACTLY the same playlist?!

    KassTyKassTy2 dager siden
  • Not sure if you will ever do it... and I know it will take away from the look... Don't want to jinx you but if I were you, I would cut down any and all trees that hover over your cabin, over your power lines, over your path of egress - your driveway.... Sure they look cool.. but not so cool when they suddenly fall in a storm.... If one falls, I don't want to think about how that can change things for you... It's a safe bet that it won't be pretty.

    FeedScrnFeedScrn2 dager siden
  • Happy Late birthday

    Alex ClawsonAlex Clawson2 dager siden
  • ~♥~~♥~~♥~💖💖💖

    Mets ChellMets Chell3 dager siden
  • Ratatouille

    Jonathan GonzalesJonathan Gonzales3 dager siden
  • I should 💃 while raking leaves

    Jonathan GonzalesJonathan Gonzales3 dager siden
  • Love your overalls!!

    Jonathan GonzalesJonathan Gonzales3 dager siden
  • the neighbor was hot nil

    Abigail HutchinsonAbigail Hutchinson3 dager siden
  • that mouse was adorable

    Abigail HutchinsonAbigail Hutchinson3 dager siden
  • you should definitely get some pet mice or rats. they're wonderful companions and I feel like it's suit you.

    Lilia DolinyLilia Doliny3 dager siden
  • omg that chipmunk at 22:51 😭 🐿💨

    Wyatt ColeWyatt Cole3 dager siden
  • this video has great vibes

    MonicaMonica3 dager siden
  • watching Hannah chuck wood and just looking at the wheel barrow in the background.....

    lydialydia3 dager siden
  • Latina girls are taught at a Young age to wash their undies every day when we showered. I still do 40 yrs later. We have an extra rod to hang them.

    Glady GalvanGlady Galvan3 dager siden
  • You need to marry Joey😍 You guys are so much alike and he is SO into you!

    Courtney LoosliCourtney Loosli3 dager siden
  • I love watching. But I think you could have hung your undies in the bathroom and not in the kitchen over kitcheny things

    Nicolle DesveauxNicolle Desveaux3 dager siden
  • I’ve had to catch and release some mice at my camp this spring too. However, I’ve read that mice will return to a place they know has a good source. So I take mine for a drive a few miles away ! Lol Haven’t seen anymore for two weeks. Good luck 🤞

    Karma The GiantKarma The Giant3 dager siden
  • Happy Belated Birthday 🎉 we are birthday twins.

    Kelly GrauKelly Grau3 dager siden
  • you have the best taste in music

    Colleen KesslerColleen Kessler3 dager siden
  • hat squirrel at the end made me crack up!!!

    Rachael BakkerRachael Bakker3 dager siden
  • ❤️ OMG the cute squirrel right at the end of the video carrying something on its mouth! I love this channel! ❤️

    DianaDiana3 dager siden
  • omg that squirrel at 22:50 :D Its SO fast :D

    Vere NaVere Na3 dager siden
  • Does anybody know what state her cabin is in??

    Robert OliveroRobert Olivero3 dager siden