Lets Build A PC Gaming and Laptop Setup!

22. mai. 2020
829 904 Ganger

Building a Hybrid PC Gaming and Laptop Minimalistic setup!
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LG gram 17: bit.ly/2W5yJ2p
LG gram 17 on Amazon: geni.us/I5mM4I
►Setup Gear (US)◄
Minimalistic Gaming PC: bit.ly/2zZpycp
Ikea Linnmon Table: bit.ly/2TpwOVG
Ikea OLOV Legs: bit.ly/2yndhOk
Black Wood Vinyl: amzn.to/2yoOXvv
iOttie Wireless Phone Qi Charger: amzn.to/3gfajMO
Amazon Speakers: amzn.to/3el3HLt
LG 240Hz Gaming Monitor: amzn.to/2WTCtFS
Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard: amzn.to/3bQPx2H
Feker PBT Keycaps: bit.ly/2WRPtvj
Logitech G603 Lightspeed Mouse: amzn.to/2XgYj4U
Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse: amzn.to/2LOFxMT
WD Black Portable 1TB SSD: amzn.to/2XefXX2
Extended Mousepad: amzn.to/2LRdBYJ
Monitor Mount: amzn.to/36s45ov
Laptop Mount: amzn.to/2ZsVgZZ
Himalayan Salt Lamp: amzn.to/3bVpqI5
Pencil Drawer: amzn.to/2WSpZ11

*Cable Management Accessories*
Power Strip: amzn.to/3bV1jJE
Velcro Straps: amzn.to/3ecpfK7
3M VHB Tape: amzn.to/2Tr0GRq
Cable Clips (Tiny): amzn.to/36mY8Jw
Cable Clips (Thicc Boy): amzn.to/2TudeHN
Split Channel Raceways: amzn.to/3cWjT5l
3M double sided Tape roll: amzn.to/2Zr8BlO
►Setup Gear (UK)◄
Minimalistic Gaming PC: bit.ly/2zZpycp
Ikea Linnmon Table: bit.ly/2TpwOVG
Ikea OLOV Legs: bit.ly/2yndhOk
Black Wood Vinyl: amzn.to/2XegJTW
iOttie Wireless Phone Qi Charger: amzn.to/2WTTkYM
Amazon Speakers: amzn.to/2LLQ6Ax
LG 240Hz Gaming Monitor: amzn.to/3e3OPAE
Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard: amzn.to/2A3Dxh2
Feker PBT Keycaps: bit.ly/2WRPtvj
Logitech G603 Lightspeed Mouse: amzn.to/36lUwax
Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse: amzn.to/2TvcnGV
WD Black Portable 1TB SSD: amzn.to/3gce59V
Extended Mousepad: amzn.to/2Xl3Eby
Monitor Mount: amzn.to/2yoCfgp
Laptop Mount: amzn.to/2XiPnvY
Himalayan Salt Lamp: amzn.to/3e9vRsx
Pencil Drawer: amzn.to/3gcLS2H

*Cable Management Accessories*
Power Strip: amzn.to/3bU3g9h
Velcro Straps: amzn.to/3gbQje1
3M VHB Tape: amzn.to/2Tu8XUT
Cable Clips (Tiny): amzn.to/3e6saUv
Cable Clips (Thicc Boy): amzn.to/3cUchjT
Split Channel Raceways: amzn.to/3g6NU4x
3M double sided Tape roll: amzn.to/36jqC6Y

  • Hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you did consider leaving a like 💕 Also let me know what setup I should build next and what budget I should stay under!

    TechSourceTechSource6 måneder siden
    • @Ssvenpai put it in the garage cuz you wont need them for a while

      sebastian garciasebastian garcia59 minutter siden

      AphycAphyc2 dager siden
    • If it’s okay I ask what you do with the pc that you built

      Brissa TamayoBrissa Tamayo13 dager siden
    • It's the best setup u built than other man cave type setups in setup wars

      Rafia BanuRafia Banu14 dager siden
    • 10/10

      Parv VermaParv Verma26 dager siden
  • 7/10

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  • I gotta say it’s a nice setup, but I’d rather see just a laptop or just a pc, but you do you. I personally am working on a setup, I’ll submit someday. Overall, 9/10

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    family airmaefamily airmaeMåned siden
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  • TechSource: The laptop arm supports up to a 17in laptop! Me Sporting a 17.3 in laptop: Bruh 0.3 in away from greatness.

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