Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak

12. feb.. 2021
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Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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  • Spending his life exploiting his dog to make the buzz with his unbearable, pathetic voice! I feel sorry for you doggie, it should be forbidden to piss off like that! You will have had a glimpse of the greed and stupidity of some humans... a shame these videos.

    Phileas FoggPhileas Fogg14 minutter siden
  • Passer sa vie à exploiter son chien pour faire le buzz avec sa voix insupportable, lamentable ! Je te plains Toutou, ça devrait être interdit de te faire iėch comme ça ! Tu auras eu un aperçu de la cupidité et la stupidité de certains humains... une honte ces vidéos.

    Phileas FoggPhileas Fogg20 minutter siden
  • This dog has more restraint around food than me

    ItzBlxuItzBlxu54 minutter siden
  • She is literally milking this dog for content...

    TYHONTYHON55 minutter siden
  • Hey, I love ur vids keep up the good work P.s small youtuber here

    RaginiRagini57 minutter siden
  • have kids rather than dogs

    TheAsiaCenturyTheAsiaCenturyTime siden
  • my dog will eat my food whilst staring into my eyes

    Ylea IbarraYlea IbarraTime siden
  • She is looking damm cute with that earrings.

    ShreyShreyTime siden
  • Linda's Voice Is So Smooth

    Indu VashisthaIndu VashisthaTime siden
  • Tucker good boy

  • I will pray for you 😂😂😂

    lucky gamers yoga channellucky gamers yoga channel2 timer siden
  • I am inspired from your youtube channel and i also opened my dogs youtube channel , Tucker is a very good boy and i love his videos !

    CHIKU : THE DOGCHIKU : THE DOG2 timer siden
  • tucker is better at english grammar than polar bear maya!

    Anders TermansenAnders Termansen2 timer siden
    • Well, Polar Bear Maya's owner is form China. Broken english to begin with... *welp*

      mcworld999mcworld99922 minutter siden
  • Please make video that Tucker reacts to iphone or other phone.

    yusuf khanyusuf khan2 timer siden
  • Such a good boy!

    JustGuess :PJustGuess :P3 timer siden
  • awww I love your vids when you gonna make another?

    Your CasualtyYour Casualty3 timer siden
  • Next: Leaving my dog alone with a wagyu

    Aarav ReddyAarav Reddy4 timer siden
  • Forget the steak I'm tryna eat what's in them jeans

    FuzzyDancingBearFuzzyDancingBear4 timer siden
  • Hey what breed is tucker and how do you brush him

    the wafflethe waffle4 timer siden

    AmigoMichaelAmigoMichael5 timer siden
  • Nice dog treat!

    AmigoMichaelAmigoMichael5 timer siden
  • Tucker is kinda cute if he wants food.

    zaira leonardozaira leonardo5 timer siden
  • My dog eats my food when I leave his eye sight

    Funny FidgetzFunny Fidgetz5 timer siden
  • This dog deserves a steak for the shear willpower he displayed in not eating yours.

    Phillip BatchelorPhillip Batchelor5 timer siden
  • It's like the marshmello test for dogs 😂. He would have a bright future.

    Camila TrigosoCamila Trigoso5 timer siden
  • hekk dis doin me a starve

    CHAI JIE HANN MoeCHAI JIE HANN Moe5 timer siden
  • Pls make more funny vids

    Lillian PadillaLillian Padilla5 timer siden
  • This dogs patience is over 9000

    XMcTurtleXMcTurtle5 timer siden
  • I heard dogs aren't supposed to eat salt or pepper. Is this true?

    Saraí Pérez CarrascoSaraí Pérez Carrasco6 timer siden
  • holy shit she is SMOKIN

    aye lmaoaye lmao6 timer siden
  • Such good self control

    The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!7 timer siden

    Alan GoodstadtAlan Goodstadt8 timer siden
  • Can you make a part 2 of dog reacting to Alexa

    Keke MylesKeke Myles8 timer siden

    lapis wolf3lapis wolf39 timer siden
  • I’m like Tucker. Every time I see my mom eat ramen, I look at her eat

    Jessica NguyenJessica Nguyen9 timer siden
  • Is been a month since you made a videoooo

    GwenivereroxGwenivererox9 timer siden
  • i am VERY impressed with this dog! i used to have 2 golden retrievers im quite certain that stake would be gone.

    RedeemingPatriotsRedeemingPatriots10 timer siden
  • On tik tok can you help this dog that has 3 months to live there tik tok is eebee22 with cats as the profile picture please they need help

    Anne PaquetAnne Paquet10 timer siden
  • Mine would've even eaten the table...

    Squared TomSquared Tom10 timer siden
  • Tell Tucker to do a smelling test!

    Sharon GalerSharon Galer10 timer siden
  • I also love that suddenly she has to use the bathroom 🚽

    Tirzah JoyTirzah Joy11 timer siden
  • I’m new watching this channel I love how the steak talks and also I am drooling 🤩

    Tirzah JoyTirzah Joy11 timer siden
  • Tucker,where are you??You better not be sleeping.

    Tarek AbayazeedTarek Abayazeed11 timer siden
  • Two great looking dogs

    Iron MikeIron Mike11 timer siden
  • Lmaooooo. Just found your channel. Dog's adorable.

    Katayanagi Twins TRONKatayanagi Twins TRON11 timer siden
  • Your dog can stay around steak while you’re gone but my dog eats the cake my mom spent forever on

    RandømRat PlayzRandømRat Playz12 timer siden
  • Tucker:M I N E

    Kelly GloverKelly Glover12 timer siden
  • He reminds me of my self not sating that a Im. A dog

    shawna scottshawna scott12 timer siden
  • Love rhis dog

    shawna scottshawna scott12 timer siden
  • Cute doggy :)

    Eriola BakalliEriola Bakalli12 timer siden
  • he totally deserves the whole thing

    Cameron MilneCameron Milne12 timer siden
  • ish tucker okay?

  • OMG 😆 SO CUTE ☺️

    Victor IvanovVictor Ivanov13 timer siden
  • :( I have a cat

    Jeratt SmithJeratt Smith13 timer siden
  • Ok i love seeing what you put above his head

    Trex 123Trex 12313 timer siden
  • Such a funny dog

    Beartron 1919Beartron 191913 timer siden
  • I would've eaten that

    Aqueel KadriAqueel Kadri13 timer siden
  • We miss tucker:/

    B.m AnandB.m Anand14 timer siden
  • The daffy maid increasingly burn because cultivator genotypically approve for a narrow forgery. draconian, wacky soda

    Emma WatsicaEmma Watsica14 timer siden
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    matthew lindemannmatthew lindemann14 timer siden
  • Ikfjf.f ty ty BM cjhnxkkkkk

    matthew lindemannmatthew lindemann14 timer siden
  • Why don’t you post any more

    Charli’sbiggestfanforeverCharli’sbiggestfanforever14 timer siden
  • Jirkrkrkrotuteyd

    matthew lindemannmatthew lindemann14 timer siden
  • If my mom left a steak on the table I would eat it cus I'm a cat!

    samsam14 timer siden
  • I recently got a dog and I’m still learning about dogs... but I thought salty and oily human food were bad for dogs..?

    sunflower syndromesunflower syndrome14 timer siden
    • @αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs heh. I imagine your mini dog is cute xd

      BlazePlayzBlazePlayz12 timer siden
    • ​@BlazePlayz Mini dog, haha. Alaska's almost 1 year old and she's still small lol

      αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίsαmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs12 timer siden
    • @αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs lol "Mini dog" XD

      BlazePlayzBlazePlayz13 timer siden
    • Salt isn't bad for dogs, however to certain extents. Giving your dog a small amount of salt is totally fine, however giving your dog *too much* salt is bad. It could cause it to be sick and/or even have sodium ion poisoning (google if you don't know what this is). I have a miniature dog named Alaska (Pomeranian), I give her some small portions chips here and there as treats. She feels totally fine after eating it. However this can really depend on your dog. I hope this helped!

      αmarαn†hinε ŕόsίsαmarαn†hinε ŕόsίs14 timer siden
    • EarlyReplyBotMessage

      BlazePlayzBlazePlayz14 timer siden
  • Dear tucker, I me and my mum always watch you and I just wanted you say your such a good boi and my dog is always jelaous because your such a good boi, I have a question that I want you to answer, if Linda gave you a pile of steak would you eat it strait away or save it for a month and eat a little bit every day?

    Laura’s world Of fun!Laura’s world Of fun!14 timer siden
    • I’m not a bot?!

      Laura’s world Of fun!Laura’s world Of fun!14 timer siden
    • @BlazePlayz what?

      Laura’s world Of fun!Laura’s world Of fun!14 timer siden
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      BlazePlayzBlazePlayz14 timer siden

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      BlazePlayzBlazePlayz14 timer siden
  • Maybe the real steak is the friends we’ve made along the way

    MystixR8MystixR814 timer siden
  • I love tucker

    Sonny ValentineSonny Valentine15 timer siden
  • Tucker is good boi

    Kausthubha KausthuKausthubha Kausthu15 timer siden
  • If he died I'm sorry for ur lose I Love Tucker I wish Dog don't die I rlly have ur dog Alot of months My dog is bad He bite me always he look like tucker to I Love Molly Name of my dog She's girl I will miss tucker of he died

    Yuri ToralesYuri Torales15 timer siden
  • I want Gordon Ramsay to approve that steak.

    Quentin FugeeQuentin Fugee15 timer siden
  • Tucker doesn't talk, it's all her. I feel like it needed to be said. These comments really buy into the antipromorphizing.

    Modest Mind25Modest Mind2515 timer siden
  • 1:40 when u want to eat ur favorite food soooo hard, but you just can't disobey ur mom........ (His face was really sad) T^T...

    Thamid AkibThamid Akib15 timer siden
  • i would eat it lol. I havent eat a steak in my entire life of 14 years

    トプ画見ないでトプ画見ないで15 timer siden
  • Pls put video fast

    Swarna SudhaSwarna Sudha16 timer siden
  • Golden Retriever is the smartest dog, probably smarter than you. I am not surprised, any other breed would have eaten and shit that until you come back.

    πthoηeerπthoηeer16 timer siden
  • He deserves a round of an applause 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽....he is more patients than me😂😂🤐

    African Boy Sunate ReactsAfrican Boy Sunate Reacts16 timer siden
  • HA this was awesome your dog is very cute love your vids plzzzzzzzz don’t stop posting

    Matthew NurseMatthew Nurse17 timer siden
  • Very well trained, good boi ❤️😊

    Christine Angelie UngabChristine Angelie Ungab17 timer siden
  • Linda is hot very hot

    Samvaran VaibhavSamvaran Vaibhav17 timer siden
  • Ok but can I see some TOE BEANS?? 🤪☺️🥺💖✨

    GalaxyGoop AnimationsGalaxyGoop Animations18 timer siden
  • Fun fact: salt is harmful to dogs

    Whoareyou Myth0Whoareyou Myth018 timer siden
  • He do be a gud boi

    Triple cwinTriple cwin18 timer siden
  • Mom:The Internet is a very scary place The Internet:

    Data TouristData Tourist18 timer siden
  • I was squirming because that steak was getting cold.....

    Chenuli SilvaChenuli Silva18 timer siden
  • I want to name my dog tucka budzy

    mr.AJ Abellamr.AJ Abella19 timer siden
  • Tucker is such a good boy i want him so bad haha jk

    Ronn CODMRonn CODM19 timer siden
  • Don't play fucking games with good dogs 🐕

    Krack Poragaadi TrollsKrack Poragaadi Trolls19 timer siden
  • Why u torturing that good ol boi

    Apple KApple K19 timer siden
  • Wow when the thing said : torture his eyes really made the move

    Layla SolimanLayla Soliman19 timer siden
  • Q and a comment: tucker do u like chimken or steak?

    FireX SoulFireX Soul20 timer siden
  • I was out of the room 5sec and my German shepherd ate my lamb shanks off the bench😅

    MichaelMichael20 timer siden

    Maria AquinoMaria Aquino20 timer siden
  • Legit amazing!!! My dog would eat that as soon as i leave, if i stayed eating, she'll just keep looking at me all lovely and cute, if I don't give her she'll be catching my hand with her paw looking at me... Then she'll bark a little if I don't give her anything them she'll go all sad and make me feel all guilty, literally won't speak or even acknowledge me for 3 or 4 hours

    Rohan KishibiRohan Kishibi20 timer siden
  • Me and my grandma were watching this and she said: :Grandma: I feel like I just wanna rub his little head

    • iistxrynights •• iistxrynights •20 timer siden
  • This makes me 😊

    The HackerThe Hacker21 time siden
  • Can you please do a video where you have a piece of steak and a piece of chimkin and see what he would choose? I love your videos! Have a great day xx 🐶

    Laura KaneLaura Kane21 time siden
  • Thouu shall not touchhh the steakkk!

    Terence FelixTerence Felix21 time siden
  • The restraint of that dog is just amazing. :)

    Front LobeFront Lobe22 timer siden