Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

5. okt.. 2020
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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

  • She’s so happy it’s so cute

    Princess PanikkPrincess Panikk2 minutter siden
  • Kylie is a amazing mother I mean she has a giant career and yet she still makes time for stormi. Also she has taught stormi SO Well she says “towel please” awh she’s so nice 🥺

    Kammi GamingKammi Gaming11 minutter siden

    Ethan DessaillyEthan Dessailly44 minutter siden
  • can we talk about how stormi is so such a cute thing

    Valentin PachecoValentin Pacheco45 minutter siden
  • Stormy is sooo cute!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Anaisa FunesAnaisa Funes55 minutter siden
  • Such good manners 🥰 Kylie is a great mom

    Llyn KynastonLlyn Kynaston56 minutter siden
  • Y’all might hate kylie, but look at her daughter. Like she’s a great mother and raised a great child. Kylie works so hard and still has time for her child, makes cookie with her, and does so many other things for stormi. Overall I love kylie sm and I think she’s the sweetest Kardashian. WE STAN KYLIEE

    dadixie ,dadixie ,Time siden
  • i kinda feel like she looks like none of her parents

    Alex Or AlecAlex Or AlecTime siden
  • aaaaaaaand of course the kid is black.....

    ciociaro irrequieteciociaro irrequieteTime siden
  • OMG STORMI is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen I just can’t her voice and movement ❤️❤️❤️

    Kertu ValingKertu ValingTime siden
  • kylie : *should i try one?* stormi : *sure🥺* shes so precious i cant sbejshjdhjs

    diablitadiablitaTime siden
  • Awww this was tooo damn cute 💜🙏

    Luci FerLuci FerTime siden
  • Kylie, I like you. 🙂

    h mh mTime siden
  • Her manners😭

    Katelyn MartinezKatelyn Martinez2 timer siden

    jasmine huujasmine huu2 timer siden
  • Awww the 2 are beautiful 😘

    Lups BonlaLups Bonla2 timer siden
  • Awww

    Suhana AlhmawendiSuhana Alhmawendi2 timer siden
  • Holaa , espero que todos se encuentren bien . Les invito a pasar por mi canal y apoyarme en ello , hago contenido cristiano y muy muy interesante , se los recomiendo y les agradecería de todo corazón ! Bendiciones:)

    Ornella GalarretaOrnella Galarreta2 timer siden
  • OMG so cute!🌹

    Belen Sanzana barrigaBelen Sanzana barriga2 timer siden
  • Does anyone realize that the vanilla spilled last year 2 lol

    Dania LaraDania Lara2 timer siden
  • omg Kylie and Stormi is cute !

  • Stormi at 2: we're being so messy mommy Me at 2: being the cause of all the messes and a pain to everyone in the house

    neriah nwajeineriah nwajei2 timer siden
  • “That’s cute mommy.” I love this-

    sᴏғᴛ•sᴋɪᴇssᴏғᴛ•sᴋɪᴇs2 timer siden
  • This was ADORABLE 😍 ❤️

    Kristen EpicKristen Epic3 timer siden
  • She just wanted to be a pumkin😔

    lela rose gaminglela rose gaming3 timer siden
  • Not a kardashian fan at all! But this was adorable 🙂

    Ali AbuJamaaAli AbuJamaa3 timer siden
  • 7:52 my toddler in sims 4 when she is going to tell me something.

  • I don’t understand why everyone mom shames her, stormi is polite, kind and her moms own hype girl.

    opzz xsinopzz xsin3 timer siden
  • Españooil

    luciana Paezluciana Paez3 timer siden
  • The smile on the little girls face when she sees the tray of cookies---priceless. For everything else there’s MasterCard.

    DEX FACTORDEX FACTOR3 timer siden
  • salut

    CatouneCatoune3 timer siden
  • Do u notice how Stormi has maners when she said oh pass me a towel plz

    Yamileth QuitoYamileth Quito3 timer siden
    • I really Hope this Bond between them is real, Then its wunderful ✨

      opzz xsinopzz xsin3 timer siden
  • She’s so adorable omg 🥺🥺

    Kaitlyn. LaukkanenKaitlyn. Laukkanen3 timer siden
  • How beautiful is Stormi

    ESTHERESTHER3 timer siden
  • Eu morro de amor com ela mdssss

    Nathaly CarvalhoNathaly Carvalho3 timer siden
  • They are like the perfect mother daughter duo idc

    Kenzie BraysonKenzie Brayson4 timer siden
  • Kylie is so humble

    It’s briaa *It’s briaa *4 timer siden
  • Awww x I loved this 🤣❤👍💖🥳

    Aleena 84Aleena 844 timer siden
  • Why they always drop the Vanilla LOL😂💔

    L a n y a H o s h m a n dL a n y a H o s h m a n d4 timer siden
  • That's so cute mommy

    Gloria CletoGloria Cleto4 timer siden
  • Ngl I really don’t like some of the choices Kylie has made and it’s none of my business what she does but she has raised an amazing child

    Ahmed ElsayedAhmed Elsayed4 timer siden
  • She is so adorable

    fadel mahadefadel mahade4 timer siden
  • Mera chota bhai aur cute hai😂😂

    Sameep KulkarniSameep Kulkarni4 timer siden
  • this is the most wholesome thing i have ever seen

    CalvinCalvin4 timer siden
  • Who else love their matching outfit 👇 👇 👇

    Esther smith KowalskiEsther smith Kowalski4 timer siden
  • I really Hope this Bond between them is real, Then its wunderful ✨

    Little GirlLittle Girl4 timer siden
  • Ablas español

    Alisson GRAlisson GR4 timer siden
  • The vanilla extract again lol

    ItsjerinItsjerin4 timer siden
  • bruh she only 2 years old and she speaks better then me wow

    Itz ya boy SleepyItz ya boy Sleepy4 timer siden
  • Hello

    Sandra LombanaSandra Lombana4 timer siden
  • what a good mom many congratulations beautiful 😘

    Adelita FloresAdelita Flores4 timer siden
  • stormi is so cute omg

    Itz ya boy SleepyItz ya boy Sleepy4 timer siden
  • “Patience, patience, patience” omg!!!!! ❣️

    Pau ZeledónPau Zeledón4 timer siden
  • this is so cute

    jupiter is a beanjupiter is a bean5 timer siden
  • She is so well educated

    Lara DamiensLara Damiens5 timer siden
  • Есть русские?

    Study PinkStudy Pink5 timer siden
  • You’re such a good cook

    Carly StoweCarly Stowe5 timer siden
  • She is so polite and sweet!

    Erin AdamsErin Adams5 timer siden
  • My name is Carly Stowe I’m a plus S keeping up with the Kardashians but my favorite is you and stormy she’s so cute and polite I’ve always wanted to be famous although I’ve never achieved it I think that might be because I’m 11 years old and you are my idol

    Carly StoweCarly Stowe5 timer siden
  • Stormi makes me want a baby and I am literally 13 like 😭😭😂

    LaurxnLaurxn5 timer siden
  • the cutest 🥺💘

    lily leannalily leanna5 timer siden
  • I cannot. She is so adorable and she has good manners 😭💖

    Laura GardnerLaura Gardner5 timer siden
  • does anyone else think kylie is acting like a little like annoyed or something idk she seems off lol

    EvelynstyEvelynsty5 timer siden
  • my mom would never-

    Ishita ChavanIshita Chavan5 timer siden
  • Stormi: Talks so clearly Me: Watch her skip school

    Leah JackLeah Jack5 timer siden
  • Kylie and stormi have been two peas in a pod since day one aw

    x xx x6 timer siden
  • Yo vine por Stormi

    Allison A. MoralesAllison A. Morales6 timer siden
    • X2

      Andrea Carolina Perez HernandezAndrea Carolina Perez Hernandez4 timer siden
  • Stormi is soooo cute!!!😍😍😍😍

    Arwen CelestinoArwen Celestino6 timer siden
  • I usually don't watch Kardashian/Jenner related content, but I love Kylie's relationship with Stormi. I remember when she became pregnant, there was a bunch of negativity behind it but she is a good mother to her child from what I can see.

    Minimalist Mom In ProgressMinimalist Mom In Progress6 timer siden
  • Hello Kylie, you are a super beautiful person with a unique personality. Say hello to Stormi please I love you and I admire you so much that I would like to meet you, greetings from Costa Rica.❤

    Samantha Umaña picadoSamantha Umaña picado6 timer siden
  • She's the cutest i'm so late!

    Daisy RodriguezDaisy Rodriguez6 timer siden
  • A stormi se le cae algo Kylie le trata bien y en mi caso mi madre me hace alto bullyng b)

    •MariaThePende••MariaThePende•7 timer siden
  • the fact that stormi is so polite and patient is so cute!! And shes so beautiful !!

  • So cute 😍❤️

    Aloy AAloy A7 timer siden
  • She’s such an amazing mom

    Kay. EquestrianKay. Equestrian7 timer siden

    Ginni KhatwaniGinni Khatwani7 timer siden
  • I love how she DOESN'T freak out about a spill

    Rachel UωURachel UωU7 timer siden
  • Kylie is literally the best mom🥺🥺

    Rachel UωURachel UωU7 timer siden
  • I think every year now someone needs to spill the vanilla. Hahaa make it a tradition

    Karena ColonKarena Colon7 timer siden
  • I may not like kylie but i feel like she’s a good mom and i hope she keep on raising her kid like that 👍🏻

    Mirasunflower ‘Mirasunflower ‘7 timer siden
  • hiiiiiiiiii lm6 lmshfali

    Radhika NandRadhika Nand7 timer siden
  • Stormi is so cute and pretty! best children of Kardashians-Jenner

    Fernanda GonçalvesFernanda Gonçalves7 timer siden
  • “How many sprinkles do you want stormi” Stormi: yes.

    Bella BelphinBella Belphin8 timer siden
  • awww

    juliet ellaajuliet ellaa8 timer siden
  • Ooo how sweet mom

    Be happyBe happy8 timer siden
  • Kylie deberia hacer un video en español por favor like si quieres lo mismo

    saris y cristalsaris y cristal8 timer siden

    Shreekaa prabhuramShreekaa prabhuram8 timer siden
  • i love so much stormi and kylie PS: that outro was the best I understood everything stormi said hahaha love then both!!

    MirandaMiranda8 timer siden

    Gemma HaylockGemma Haylock8 timer siden

    Gemma HaylockGemma Haylock8 timer siden

    Gemma HaylockGemma Haylock8 timer siden

    Gemma HaylockGemma Haylock8 timer siden
  • Philippines 🇵🇭 here

    MARIA mariaMARIA maria9 timer siden
  • I love you stormi 🧡 u look so pretty⭐

    bahar ataybahar atay9 timer siden
  • Nice kid. I just got the 2.7 software update on my kid. She grew 2cm and is now able to cook her own food. Super efficient. She can also drive manual transmission and takes pictures for my wife’s instagram. She is only a 2019 model. Bought her from Walmart.

    Aaron OAaron O9 timer siden
  • she’s so sweet

    Vanessa XoxVanessa Xox9 timer siden
  • I need towel please 🥰 so so cute

    Yuni ArtatiYuni Artati9 timer siden
  • stormi is so sweet girl omg

    Putri IvardiaPutri Ivardia9 timer siden
  • Kylie is an amazing mom, no wonder stormi is so nice and well behaved

    Bow GamerBow Gamer9 timer siden
  • That "Thanks, Mom". *awwwweeeeee*

    Blessy June CulturaBlessy June Cultura9 timer siden