Kung Fu.... Rabbit???

27. nov.. 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • I remember when he fed them whipped cream lol

    JJPhoenix13JJPhoenix135 timer siden
  • 7:41 is what your here for lmao

    Heyyy WspHeyyy Wsp6 timer siden
  • I can’t breathe... HALP

    Kitty GKitty G9 timer siden
  • pls review romeo and juliet: sealed with a kiss

    Abbie _Abbie _16 timer siden
  • Bro the kung fu rabbit move mad 11 million dollars from it

    Knox McKellarKnox McKellar16 timer siden
  • shit i just spit out my food

    lazy potatoezlazy potatoez21 time siden
  • This isn't kung fu, its cong foo

    BasicallyAstroBasicallyAstro23 timer siden
  • He’s dressed like a new host of blues clues

    li' maniack16li' maniack16Dag siden
  • im so dead lmaoo great content man

    jess biancojess biancoDag siden
  • Hi fellow 14 year old nammed drew

    BloodBathBloodBathDag siden
  • *Wonder if hes still subscribed...*

    I Am The GooseI Am The GooseDag siden
  • How did no one rick roll him?!

    KidAwesomeKidAwesomeDag siden
  • He’s actually been doing it for 26 YEARS!

    Zohair ZamanZohair ZamanDag siden
  • 5:47 meanwhile rocket slapping thor be like " i love smacking bitches"

    Phoenix GrayPhoenix GrayDag siden
  • The racoon thing was so wholesome man

    rama_jahinrama_jahinDag siden

    George LampropoulosGeorge LampropoulosDag siden
  • Not to be racist but bruh almost every eyes is small as an ant

    collynd. Yezkielcollynd. YezkielDag siden
  • my grandpa showed me that raccoon video of the guy feeding them hotdogs

    Sayuri RosaSayuri RosaDag siden
  • your hair 🤸

    xd slandorxd slandorDag siden
  • 10:41 gotta keep an eye out for selener

    Melanie MunozMelanie MunozDag siden
  • can he make a video of what he would do if we looked it up p.s-pls DO IT

    Shandale McLenaghanShandale McLenaghanDag siden
  • Anyone else feel like the Kung Fu Rabbit sounds like the mad hatter from Alice in wonder land??? 🤔

    【 -ʙᴏяᴛᴢ- 】【 -ʙᴏяᴛᴢ- 】Dag siden
  • Danny! You should’ve subbed to the raccoon man!😢

    Jess EJess EDag siden
  • I’m surprised no one Rick rolled him lol

    Luke ShawLuke Shaw2 dager siden
  • wheres the movey

    The Report FutureThe Report Future2 dager siden
  • My chinchilla can pick up random tiny things and throws it

    Furious BearGamingFurious BearGaming2 dager siden
  • watch gacha life cring

    froomple doomplefroomple doomple2 dager siden
  • lol I remember watching this shit when I was younger, I’m still laughing about it till this day🤣

    Weebalicious ArtsWeebalicious Arts2 dager siden
  • love the shirt danny

    connie hoylandconnie hoyland2 dager siden
  • I remember the scene where the rabbit catches a fly and that’s it

    Comic NineComic Nine2 dager siden
  • The racoons were passively growling at each other. Basically just telling the others to get their own. I to feed racoons. 😆

    Dwight schruteDwight schrute2 dager siden
  • "I can't make a video out of short videos" 7 minutes in, still talking about the racoons

    ArcriArcri3 dager siden
  • 5:00 💀

    Anna FarleyAnna Farley3 dager siden
  • The next thing I want to see is Monster House, that movie was terrifying as a little kid

    Wait-Wait-3 dager siden
  • Seems every year you make a video off of a knockoff movie (last year was Ratatoing)

    Wait-Wait-3 dager siden
  • Getting slapped by a raccoon sounds a lot better than getting slapped by legal

    Not John BrunoNot John Bruno3 dager siden

    Sally NSally N3 dager siden
  • .... This is unhealthy for racoons ....

    Krystek XDKrystek XD3 dager siden
  • Ohhhmygooood! Years ago, my family rented this movie thinking it was the sequel to kung fu panda and we were so god damn disappointed in the shit we saw

    Rick BowenRick Bowen3 dager siden
  • Who's greg

    ΜΞŦŽ ŦĦΔŦΜΞŦŽ ŦĦΔŦ3 dager siden
  • I’m from South Carolina but I’m from the upstate

    Logan TaylorLogan Taylor4 dager siden
  • why does kung fu rabbit sound like the mad hatter

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari4 dager siden
  • Lol i remember watching the bunny thing.

    Brick MagmaBrick Magma4 dager siden
  • It’s a sequel to Kung fu panda

    Funnyicewolf _RLFunnyicewolf _RL4 dager siden
  • I’m Greg now!!!!!! I subbed and put the bell on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gamer boyGamer boy4 dager siden
  • I almost cried watching that raccoon video... I laughed rly RLY hard

    Julia BascombJulia Bascomb4 dager siden
  • Omg I just realized I watched kung fu rabbit when it came out

    Whimsical tunesWhimsical tunes4 dager siden
  • He needs to watch "Rim of the World" on netflix, its a trainwreck and even has a random adidas sponsorship scene

    Austin ArnoldAustin Arnold4 dager siden
    • God i remember watched that movie, ya make mistakes

      Per PennerudPer Pennerud3 dager siden
  • Raccoon whisperer update: The channel now has 413k subscribers

    Jon DJon D4 dager siden
  • He needs to do a full Kong-Fu Rabbit video

    FlargarbasonFlargarbason4 dager siden
  • Well done video Drew Gooden

    TheDeadCobraTheDeadCobra4 dager siden
  • No half glizzies

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment5 dager siden
  • the sequel is better

    BoredYoutuberBoredYoutuber5 dager siden

    HappilyDepressedHappilyDepressed5 dager siden
  • Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google it) but it failed. (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

    Hikmatu MutalaHikmatu Mutala5 dager siden
  • Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google) but it failed (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

    Hikmatu MutalaHikmatu Mutala5 dager siden
  • i just searched lionsgates films and kung Fu rabbit is not one of them

    Super Ibrahim 2010Super Ibrahim 20105 dager siden
  • Kung fi rabbit more like cung fu trash oooooooooooo I tried spare me

    Porter JonesPorter Jones5 dager siden
  • This is lispist

    Meron EshoMeron Esho5 dager siden
  • I liked that movies

    Meron EshoMeron Esho5 dager siden
  • I’d everybody going to ignore *OBJECTS I HAVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE*

    ZeetackZeetack5 dager siden
  • I wait three months and binge his videos

    Scarlette :3Scarlette :36 dager siden
    • Good idea

      chaiki Nanamichaiki Nanami5 dager siden
  • That “Is someone gonna do something” scene went between like 4 scenes.

    CreationatorCreationator6 dager siden
  • If I saw that bunny at night I would be sacred ad fricc

    PantKickerPantKicker6 dager siden
  • Danny: Monkeys' have hands- Monkeys': Don't mind if I do!🥂

    Rxzz Gxlxy!Rxzz Gxlxy!6 dager siden
  • danny’s finger looks uncircumcised at 5:37

    DingerDinger6 dager siden
  • "What animal has hands?" Uh.......humans do.

    Nathan JarrettNathan Jarrett6 dager siden
  • fun fact: raccoons also like to wash food with their little man hands. they also purr! my cousin brought in a baby raccoon to rehab and i got to hold him and he clung onto me for dear life and was purring like crazy 🥺

    cowboy babycowboy baby6 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/y3i_e9CmupbJqsk.html

    Tess C.Tess C.6 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/y3i_e9CmupbJqsk.html

    Tess C.Tess C.6 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/mX7boa1pxri3rsk.html

    Volkan MancoVolkan Manco6 dager siden
  • the racoon guy is a legend

    shia is a evil gamershia is a evil gamer6 dager siden
  • you should react to the first Sharknado movie it is SO bad and it make a GREAT video

    NeoFyreNeoFyre6 dager siden
  • Apparently Michael Clarke Duncan is in both Kung Fu Rabbit and Kung Fu Panda.

    Stuart DStuart D7 dager siden
  • oh no... this...

    Evan FerreiraEvan Ferreira7 dager siden
  • Your shirt reminded me of blues clues

    Stinky’s DinerStinky’s Diner7 dager siden
  • the kung fu rabbit backgrounds look EXACTLY like the ones in kung fu panda legends of awesomeness. there's not a difference, they literally look the same.

    lilén i thinklilén i think7 dager siden
  • Danny is wearing the same shirt as the guy from blue's clues

    Noah FowlerNoah Fowler7 dager siden
  • not 6 years 26 years

    Chandler ToddChandler Todd7 dager siden
  • Why does Danny look like he’s the host of “feeling blues clues”

    Kally WerningKally Werning7 dager siden
  • 11:59 did you sneak Walter in there?

    ScrambleScramble7 dager siden
  • He looks like Steve Harrington in season 1 of stranger things lmao

    Lps SunnyLps Sunny8 dager siden
  • the second i saw the rainbow flag in low quality waving, i quite literally shouted “NOOOOOOOO” because i knew exactly what it was....

    Ghost NarrowGhost Narrow8 dager siden
  • If you give a racon half a hot dog he is going to "🖕you now I'm going to give you rabies!!! "

    Lynqx_Xar STUDIOSLynqx_Xar STUDIOS8 dager siden
  • The rabbits mouth didn’t sync up with the audio and his face didn’t make actual facial expressions it’s like he had permanent Botox and couldn’t move his face

    Aseya SimsAseya Sims8 dager siden
  • When you were talking about the raccoons I thought you were lying because you're always sarcastic

    TheThingsWeDoTheThingsWeDo8 dager siden
  • i love that danny’s wearing a shirt that looks like a raccoon-

    Radhika RaoRadhika Rao9 dager siden
  • 9:40 I'll just leave this here

    Deku DragionDeku Dragion9 dager siden

    Angel MorrisAngel Morris9 dager siden
  • He’s been doing this for 9 years. 9! Not 6. My god!

    DoggaraffeDoggaraffe10 dager siden
  • www.youtube.com/

    l1th1um67l1th1um6710 dager siden
  • I feel like Danny is in denial about how much he loves raccoons so he titled this video Kung fu rabbit

    Louisa MarkertLouisa Markert10 dager siden
  • 12:22 Jesus christ that gave me flashbacks

    Memes that no one will findMemes that no one will find10 dager siden
  • 7:35 did you not make an entire video on Yummy? lmaoo

    Chloe CarlsonChloe Carlson11 dager siden
  • Honestly i probably would of watched kung fu rabbit if i didnt see kung fu panda first

    m meerahm meerah11 dager siden
  • How did you not get rick rolled

    JudeJude11 dager siden
  • A squirrel monkey slapped me before 🐒

    Ann OreillyAnn Oreilly11 dager siden
  • Ok, I used to LOOOOOVVVVEE that Kung Fu Rabbit movie when I was little

    Madison HendricksMadison Hendricks11 dager siden
  • I feel like I’ve seen this in a fever dream

    ____11 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/y2XUataisbfN2sU.html r a c o o n s

    Kylie YaussiKylie Yaussi11 dager siden