KSI BANNED! - Charli D'Amelio Father says NO to guys Dating her! - JOJO Siwa vs DaBaby! MrBeast MAD!

22. feb.. 2021
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  • Thank you guys so much for supporting my content NOworld is NOT putting me in recommend at all much over last 6 months so it’s kind of impossible for me to grow my channel. But I’m still doing pretty good. It’s cus you guys are so loyal viewers. Thank you so much.

    DramaAlertDramaAlert2 dager siden
    • Maybe if werent such a cancerous growth maybe youll get to the recommended page

      Zealot Of The OrchardZealot Of The Orchard7 timer siden
    • How many subs can I sink with this sea mine? 🎆💣💥 e-begging be trending for too damn long...

      RobertPayne556RobertPayne55619 timer siden
    • You got ratiod

      Dream SMP CommunityDream SMP CommunityDag siden
    • Papa

      DramaDramaDag siden
    • The Hollywood fix found miniladd in texas and it was super cringe and weirrd

      Bob Zilla1Bob Zilla1Dag siden
  • You’re really not gonna cover David Dobrick’s sexual assault allegations?

    Leigh RamsayLeigh Ramsay17 minutter siden
  • Next DramaAlert can you speak on Jisu

    MutantMutant20 minutter siden
  • Why is mrbeast always mad lol?

    onninnoonninno36 minutter siden
  • i live in the uk so we dont have mr beast burger:/

    Ring ring suck Ya mumRing ring suck Ya mumTime siden
  • no I'm last

    Floyd MorrisonFloyd Morrison2 timer siden
  • Get Logan out of mi isla 🤦🏽‍♂️🥲🤣💀

    Mikey PrmMikey Prm2 timer siden
  • ksi after the ban i have made a sever and continues laps of my judgment

    Khaled AlmarzooqiKhaled Almarzooqi2 timer siden
  • Goto 1:10 for first story to start

    Bryce McKayBryce McKay4 timer siden
  • I’m last to watch the video 💪🏽

    MLG TIGGERMLG TIGGER4 timer siden
  • ah, my weekly fix

    cosmiccosmic4 timer siden
  • How does this guy still have a platform

    ImnamedSeanImnamedSean5 timer siden
  • Lets go clout gang

    Ghostly gamerGhostly gamer6 timer siden
  • Am I right or keem star should do a podcast with @fitmc Like=yes Reply=no

    Kinetic goldKinetic gold7 timer siden
  • damn, lotta news. feels like 2015 again

  • So charlis dad is acting like he doesn’t know grown men have been clappin his daughter for years?

    sannio komisannio komi7 timer siden
  • “Wordplay”

    carlos skenandorecarlos skenandore9 timer siden
    • I wanna see the return of little Tay 😔🥺😳

      sannio komisannio komi7 timer siden
  • haha i almost never watch keem so i find it funny he truly lost that g fuel sponsorship is gone forever

    lucaspttrsnlucaspttrsn9 timer siden
  • If it's word play it's awful. What does "jo jo see why" even fucking mean?

    notsosuperheronotsosuperhero9 timer siden
  • Still hate you for ruining bashur he was a great NOworldr and you ruined everything

    Tristen FerraroTristen Ferraro10 timer siden
  • I'm just gonna say it Claire's was the girl version of gamestop and jojo siwa was sonic the hedgehog

    Leftover Spaghetti In God's ShoelaceLeftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace10 timer siden
  • He didn’t diss jo jo never had never will

    ADEDxRisleADEDxRisle10 timer siden
  • Every video talks abaut carly damilo it is anoing end it looks like she is a princes but she is not

    Simpi SSimpi S10 timer siden
  • | \

    FuxierLuxFuxierLux11 timer siden
  • shut up

    FateXllFateXll11 timer siden
  • Bro NOworld got fuck off I can’t find his videos no more I have to search him his vies are down they have make a new app

    ELmer OlascoagaELmer Olascoaga11 timer siden
  • Bruhh if they banned Ksi for ever I woulda died

    Juanco101Juanco10111 timer siden
  • Your such a click baiter

    the cloud gaming playsthe cloud gaming plays11 timer siden
  • cancer

    Daily CommitmentDaily Commitment12 timer siden
  • He should really put time stamps for when he’s covering certain topics because I only wanted to know what happened to ksi

    GST MonkeyGST Monkey12 timer siden
  • That guy was so funny

    AiVb ClanAiVb Clan13 timer siden
  • Wtf is this title

    Matthew BurnhamMatthew Burnham13 timer siden
  • I wanna see the return of little Tay 😔🥺😳

    ITZ MAXITZ MAX13 timer siden
  • Lost a ton of respect for Mr beast with the honey ads. Manipulating his young audience, saying shit like "I have a challenge for you". Scummy way to make kids think it's a challenge and to download honey

    Solomon GorringeSolomon Gorringe13 timer siden
  • *Mr Beast in 10 years* "Hey guys today i just bought and trained my own private army!"

    Jack IhavenoideaJack Ihavenoidea14 timer siden
  • jojo is 13 right wait no 14 any way she to yung to drive \

    TbnrcummingsTbnrcummings14 timer siden
  • 7:38 at least the fight would last past the first round and I'm not talking about the logan fight :D

    PinkifyWasTakenPinkifyWasTaken14 timer siden
  • Rogan is down bad.

    PinkifyWasTakenPinkifyWasTaken14 timer siden
  • 9:06 bruh 😂😂🤣🤣, NOworld Cold War

    J03K3RJ03K3R15 timer siden
  • i have accully seen the negitive dislikes it is not photoshoped

    Clint FoglemanClint Fogleman15 timer siden
  • Floyd was just interviewed on the way in to his birthday party he said the fight is 100% happening stop spreading false shit

    bilij pdanbilij pdan15 timer siden
  • @keemstar do you still have a talking relationship with Fousey. Just wondering?

    FrossFross16 timer siden
    • Hmm i’ve seen this before.... Morgz and Pontus Rasmusson

      bilij pdanbilij pdan15 timer siden
  • nice with that krix kola keem

    Elian BadlisiElian Badlisi16 timer siden
  • I feel bad for Jojosiaw even though i don't listen to her music cuz it doesn't have my taste of music and i like her things though. I hope Dababy gets banned and thrown in jail for making fun of a 12 year old popstar. *smh*

    HotelToonsHotelToons16 timer siden
  • Please someone cancel this that.

    Joel BruschiniJoel Bruschini16 timer siden
  • I don’t have the negative dislike but I do have glitch , where the titles disappear 😂😂

    OwenWarrior7870OwenWarrior787016 timer siden
  • Why is this channel still alive? It's like if TMZ had a knock off broadcast feeding off of them from years ago. Let it go. You are cancerous and should shut down

    Addison MarksAddison Marks16 timer siden
  • underrated!

    GamerzTheaterGamerzTheater18 timer siden
  • not bhad baby and whoa vicky 🤣💀

    Skittle sSkittle s18 timer siden
  • I don’t get why Charli’s dad gets to decide who his daughter dates.

    Papyrus The CoolPapyrus The Cool18 timer siden
    • Because she still a minor.

      MightyMetaMightyMeta16 timer siden
  • 5 or more let it soar round that up to 57% lol

    Samuel CordovaSamuel Cordova18 timer siden
  • Lol keem got some respect finally

    Stevan ŠmekerStevan Šmeker18 timer siden
  • ur a little late on the david dobrik story.. arent you supposed to be a news guy?

    Pablo SebascobarPablo Sebascobar18 timer siden
  • Please cover David Dobrik and Jason Nash abusing Seth. There is video footage and Seth has been interviewed on the H3H3 podcast. There are many interesting and daunting intersections between media, celebrity, justice and power here.

    Emily G.Emily G.19 timer siden
  • This NOworld channel is gay

    Brody MorrillBrody Morrill19 timer siden
    • @Papyrus The Cool I mean this channel is trash

      Brody MorrillBrody Morrill15 timer siden
    • Don’t use gay as an insult

      Papyrus The CoolPapyrus The Cool18 timer siden
  • What happen to the podcast?

    Colin BuckmanColin Buckman19 timer siden
  • you love ksi.

    Elijah PowellElijah Powell19 timer siden
  • Hmm i’ve seen this before.... Morgz and Pontus Rasmusson

    robin mattssonrobin mattsson19 timer siden
  • Finally!!! I've been waiting to hear solid news on rain, dude low-key an idol for this lil 22yo

    Ayer HeadAyer Head19 timer siden
  • If you find Charlie damelio attractive there is something wrong with you. So ugly

    Ronald McDonaldRonald McDonald19 timer siden
  • This man still doesn’t report on the David dobrik situation with Seth, shit is crazy. seems like a cult.

    Luis GarciaLuis Garcia20 timer siden
  • D amelios couldnt be anymore irrelevant...talk about a person like Jisu

    ShortyWatches YOU!ShortyWatches YOU!20 timer siden
  • Dababy is a GENIUS

    Xavier Bousquet-ScottXavier Bousquet-Scott20 timer siden

    Mason OchoaMason Ochoa20 timer siden
  • Can you say thw N word on a video again

    f u 12f u 1221 time siden
  • To be honest I really don’t give a shit about clout gang

    Jason JacksonJason Jackson21 time siden
  • Hey where's the frency girl interview?

    Eternal NemesisEternal Nemesis21 time siden
  • Your truck is in grunt you of me and it’s so slow up grade it you cheap skate

    Thao StokesThao Stokes21 time siden
  • Oh boy, it's been a busy week One might even say the GOATS are under attack 👀 tantantantan!!!!

    Lady SarcasmLady Sarcasm21 time siden
  • why are you still alive? like gradeA did bulletproof arguments toward you and you still are making videos (not tryna hate but to be more rasict then donald thrump and still being alive is a magic)

    b0jka7ab0jka7a21 time siden
  • Why do you still exist

    EthayEthay21 time siden
  • KSI probably got banned because of how ugly he is lol

    ViperViper21 time siden
    • Not liking unpopular things isn't a personality

      Zeke ShrullZeke Shrull21 time siden
  • Dude why not talk about daft punk

    wolffphoenix23wolffphoenix2322 timer siden
  • NOworld is Drunk

    Lenny SummersLenny Summers22 timer siden
  • Yeah, YT is just trash nowadays with all their strict rules and "guidelines. I've seen videos where someone has JUST posted a vid, have under 1000 views but has 4000 comments or likes 🤔👎

    Nicole AbigailNicole Abigail22 timer siden
  • Can’t hold Rogan for shooting his shot

    Ponkle _Ponkle _22 timer siden
  • I saw JOJO and I clicked and I was disappointed

    Terrified Sora FaceTerrified Sora Face22 timer siden
  • Negative likes come up because youtube has named and account a spam account so if someone likes a video then decides to dislike the video the like counts as a dislike then if they dislike it it counts as another one I'm pretty sure cause tekkitrealm made a video on it

    Jackie BrooksJackie Brooks22 timer siden
  • Can’t JJ post on his main channel Just for them good old memories 🥺😭💔

    YAGYTYAGYT22 timer siden
  • Keematar runnin out of content 🤦🏽‍♂️

    PoopPlugPoopPlug22 timer siden
  • Omg HER DAD SAID NO TO DATIN!??? 😰😰😰 OMG 🤦🏽‍♂️ we dont care bro its not like we finna find charlie amd date her

    PoopPlugPoopPlug22 timer siden
  • What happened to dr disrespect

    abood alsadaabood alsada23 timer siden
  • Buy yes bank ...next target 35 !

    Travel DiariesTravel Diaries23 timer siden
  • Drama Alert makes lockdown go away

    Matty gamingMatty gaming23 timer siden
  • i feel like u shouldnt be posting peoples business without their permission. some people like privacy, and respect. unless they its something that they did very very bad i dont see posting the unnecessary stuff

    Truly JayTruly Jay23 timer siden
  • “Talent” and no mentioning of Bobby shmurda yeah this ones downvoted still love tho keem

    Zack MillerZack Miller23 timer siden
  • have a heart attack already

    KennethWayneOfficialKennethWayneOfficial23 timer siden
  • Last

    Wan ScrapWan Scrap23 timer siden
  • NOworld is becoming too censored, everyone is offended by eveything. Soon you won't be allowed to kill people in call of duty because they might get offended.

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu23 timer siden
  • Last

    MonikaMonika23 timer siden

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu23 timer siden
  • Nope I’m last

    Dale HartDale Hart23 timer siden
  • So this episode is about James Charles because he seems to be inserting himself in everything 😂

    Keyana CousinKeyana CousinDag siden
  • Last

    Gino FolgoreGino FolgoreDag siden
  • Let’s get keen to a negative dislike number

    Big red ShmokeBig red ShmokeDag siden
  • James out here saying everyones body beautiful but he height shaming Dababy

    Myles MMyles MDag siden
  • who rembers when rogen bode showed that tweet abt charlie a month ago (fyi what hes tryna do is more than "date" her lol) who tf whould even want charlie lol

    Xxxgamepro360 GAMESXxxgamepro360 GAMESDag siden
  • Talk about maximilianmus

    FreshPickle FNFreshPickle FNDag siden
  • I know you hate Ethan but please talk about David dobrik and Seth

    MonkeMonkeDag siden
  • Lol what? Beast burg sold 1mili sandwiches yet no one was able to buy one? We have found ourselves a new conspiracy

    Brian RamirezBrian RamirezDag siden
  • no

    Jesse CasillasJesse CasillasDag siden