Kings Gambit - Rust Movie

6. april. 2021
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50 hours of rust wipe in 1 video. The ultimate forced wipe experience. Risk it all to take the throne, Kings Gambit. Its only the beginning.
I hope you all enjoy this video!
Intro/outro narrator:
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VFX/Thumbnail Artist:​

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    FrostFrost11 dager siden
    • part 2 ?????

      PolorsonPolorson3 dager siden
    • @Lane Lalonde stfu 9 yo kid

      TeeXTeeX3 dager siden
    • A frost vid not scripted cap

      Lane LalondeLane Lalonde3 dager siden
    • new vid or new movie?

      BleachaholicBleachaholic4 dager siden
    • cool . footage from 3 months ago . if u try a bit harder , p;retty sure u can find some black and white footage somewhere in there .

      johnkjohnk4 dager siden
  • Part two or else...

    Trayte LazenbyTrayte Lazenby32 minutter siden
  • Upset because the first video I found of yours is literally the best one! Your editing is insane and I've been watching these non stop for two days now!

    Sebastian BledsoeSebastian Bledsoe40 minutter siden
  • Nice man! Realy good, the nickname was the best in a nest video put Viola I'll be honer hehehe Peace man!

    Francisco ViolaFrancisco Viola41 minutt siden
  • i just found your channel and its honestly some of the best content on youtube

    ImReliImReli46 minutter siden
  • noice

    RecklessNEWBRecklessNEWB57 minutter siden
  • Can't wait for pt2

    TBTBTBTBTime siden
  • now i dont think dream deserves all these wievs and subs this is so much golder

    Thor MjolnirBjørnThor MjolnirBjørnTime siden
  • Well, now I need the second part. "I won't leave you guys on a cliffhanger like that." Proceeds to do just that. I need to know what happens from Point A to Point B of no more base

  • OMG i dont know until now that this game is got deeper meaning n deeper gameplay man good video, enjoy watching your drama , this should win oscar i like watching walking dead series here. PLEASE NETFLIX MAKE THIS MOVIE that raid on subway tho is the best movie i ever seen

    Alunan HijrahAlunan HijrahTime siden
  • Dude why didnt you raid that other roof campers

    Dogan TosunDogan TosunTime siden
  • LOL! KK...KKona xD

    BOTS한빛BOTS한빛Time siden
  • This guy should have an Oscar for the best move-maker/producer/editor/writer of the year

    WoodWood2 timer siden
  • How much longer till the next video?! This was so good

    SLOTZSLOTZ2 timer siden
  • In the beginning it said part 1. So there should be a part 2 right. I’m so stocked

    Teodor NymanTeodor Nyman3 timer siden
  • Lowky that area around the 1 hour mark was so funny cuz you guys were like the freaking US army or something pulling in there to bases hardly made of stone with you guys hoding full AK kits Pure Amazement.

    Willem SchultzWillem Schultz3 timer siden
  • At the end all we wanted to se was a text that said "to be continued". Like how can u not want another video for that. SHEEEEEESH

    Jesper ErikssonJesper Eriksson3 timer siden
  • I'm waiting for Part 2 when the big battle will actually happen. The skull from the begining of the video its actually Frost's skull. PS: the ending with girl's voice its Legendary !!

    LanFigure LibertyLanFigure Liberty3 timer siden
  • a true film maker.

    CassCass3 timer siden
  • Part 2?

    TyL3r.TyL3r.3 timer siden
  • The quality and effort put into this is simply amazing. Kudos

    GalloXGalloX3 timer siden
  • no way. NOPE. I would never ever play rust this much.

    KAIIRUKAIIRU3 timer siden
  • Frost's videos are hands down the best video game content I've ever experienced!

    VardaineVardaine4 timer siden
  • Hey frost can you help me I’ve been raided on this server and even insided I wanted to know if you could help me get revenge

    Lucas Gacha and stopmotionLucas Gacha and stopmotion4 timer siden
  • Holy fck, this was the best video ive ever seen

    TeunklinkTeunklink4 timer siden
  • What incredible cinematography for rust of all things. You've truly outdone yourself. Keep it up Frost.

    StalinWhaleStalinWhale4 timer siden
  • 1:20:28 that is the biggest base ever Jesus good luck you’ll definitely need it

    Hungry WafflesHungry Waffles4 timer siden
  • That tunnel scene with all the tracer fire was a work of art.

    Newmatic WeaselNewmatic Weasel4 timer siden
  • I don't even play this game but I can't stop watching

    Konman89Konman895 timer siden
  • Yooooo this just insane work man

    Ili artIli art5 timer siden
  • okay… relax

    blonded _blonded _5 timer siden
  • 30:00 music name?

    Silent GamerSilent Gamer6 timer siden
  • As long as it’s not scripted it’s godly😭😭 ur goated

    XD GAMER XDXD GAMER XD6 timer siden
  • kinda sus ngl :flushed:

    GrenGren6 timer siden
  • wtf the end when she said empire gived me chillsss dudde

    oOKesOooOKesOo6 timer siden
  • Very awesome!

    Michael HansenMichael Hansen7 timer siden
  • Fric da algorithm

    BossiBoi ._.BossiBoi ._.7 timer siden
  • This is way to good

    Rahul VepuriRahul Vepuri7 timer siden
  • 51:07 what is sleep when there is metal to be had - candyman

    Bening AlexBening Alex7 timer siden
  • That was the best ending ever!

    kikthakitty realkikthakitty real7 timer siden
  • 48:06 sheeeeesh

    Bening AlexBening Alex7 timer siden
  • 35:48 maybe they see ur flash light

    Bening AlexBening Alex7 timer siden
  • Thats sooo goood. I want continue of this.

    Radim KrbRadim Krb7 timer siden

    Gust ManGust Man7 timer siden
  • using the same base as those roofcampers atm xd

    Aksuuu ytAksuuu yt7 timer siden
  • u did a great job I was entertained

    ItsmaddmaxItsmaddmax7 timer siden
  • 20:49 haji haji

    Bening AlexBening Alex7 timer siden

    NaxNax8 timer siden
  • this was mesmerizing to watch, fantastic editing and gameplay man

    kojikoji8 timer siden
  • Am i the only one that was hoping the neighbors leader would change his name to Deadpool since frost was Francis

    JOE MAMAJOE MAMA8 timer siden
  • Stunning.

    TDDTDD9 timer siden
  • This is soooo sick! Can't wait for the next one.

    Tom HuangTom Huang9 timer siden
  • this is not gaming anymore, this is art!!

    Magic :DMagic :D10 timer siden
  • I love your cinematics!!

    AaronW GamingAaronW Gaming10 timer siden
  • this was a great watch! made me want to actually play Rust.

    BloodContactBloodContact10 timer siden
  • So.. Whens the next part coming frost?

    Abhineet BadyalAbhineet Badyal10 timer siden
  • I need more please

    Micheal JacksonMicheal Jackson11 timer siden
  • What is that song at *43:58*

    Joe The OreoJoe The Oreo11 timer siden
  • When is part 2 coming out?

    Tom GilerTom Giler11 timer siden
  • Bruh i need a part 2 now

    Jake GriffinJake Griffin11 timer siden
  • poor body bags :(

    evanevan12 timer siden
  • Yo dude you better upload the next video right now okay!

    KratzKratz12 timer siden
  • that intro had sea of thieves vibes

    MeechrMeechr12 timer siden
  • but i like the farming montages

    REAPERREAPER12 timer siden
  • More

    Not YamiNot Yami13 timer siden
  • Nah this is too good

    Okami YTOkami YT13 timer siden
  • Hey dude, I've watched you for years and it looks I'm finally gonna be able to play rust FINALLY. Got it preordered. Cant wait dude. Are you gonna try it out on xbox?

    Cueva TUBECueva TUBE13 timer siden
  • cant wait for next part of the movie!!

    Sondre StendeSondre Stende13 timer siden
  • 12:33 your using a crosshair lmao

    HOSTOBI HDHOSTOBI HD13 timer siden
  • first time watching your vid, and holy shit that was fun

    Bamb4BoyBamb4Boy14 timer siden
  • ok

    Bogdan VoljanekBogdan Voljanek14 timer siden
  • Somebody watching the whole time 🙏🏽 I’m readyyy

    NotDisnxyNotDisnxy14 timer siden
  • Felt like watching Money Heist jeeeeez!!

    APE AnalysisAPE Analysis15 timer siden

    Incognito FribergIncognito Friberg16 timer siden
  • Yo that was one of the best rust movies I have ever watched

    Daniel EDaniel E16 timer siden
  • amazing quality. you definitely deserve like

    SarcasmSarcasm16 timer siden
  • bro that ending gave me chills

  • The ending. WOW. This is amazing!

    CateDogeCateDoge17 timer siden
  • I just got a rust ad from the start XD

    Rae ChanRae Chan17 timer siden
  • 51:07 "What is sleep, when there is metal to be had" -Candyman aka. The Farmer

    wøkewøke17 timer siden
  • love this content mate, keep up the good work!

    Fat Cat GamingFat Cat Gaming18 timer siden
  • Editing is supreme tho

    Devin BreaudDevin Breaud18 timer siden
  • Why does he always say unscripted???

    Devin BreaudDevin Breaud18 timer siden
    • because this is some crazy content

      wøkewøke17 timer siden
  • HE SAID 4X 40:00

    AK47.entityAK47.entity18 timer siden
    • Edit: 39:50

      AK47.entityAK47.entity18 timer siden
  • sheeesh

    Beb OsasBeb Osas18 timer siden
  • Holy crap the one battle at the beginning looked like a full bllown african tribal war! Hahaha

    Mark Anthony SerronaMark Anthony Serrona18 timer siden
  • I am the solo rat who lives close to anyone lol 😆 🤣 I like the view !

    BREWDOG85BREWDOG8518 timer siden
  • a frost movie to start my day with, let's gooo

    wøkewøke18 timer siden
  • This cinematic masterpiece gave shivers, looking forward to see more of these beautiful long videos. Great work man!

    MoldyMoldy18 timer siden
  • I don't care if it's scripted or not this is fucking amazing

    Devam DesaiDevam Desai18 timer siden
  • I don't even play rust but this is fire.

    CateDogeCateDoge18 timer siden
  • Never played Rust but im addicted to these videos. It's like watching a movie.

    tony8999tony899919 timer siden
  • The train station fight remains me of metro last light

    Jayden MarkJayden Mark19 timer siden
  • Please make more video like this, its really fun to watch👌

    Juan BorresJuan Borres19 timer siden
  • when is part 2 ? im hooked

    Jaylin RobinsonJaylin Robinson19 timer siden
  • Would someone please tell me the name of the song starting at 29:30. I've been looking for it for embarrassingly long.

    Sebass CaseySebass Casey19 timer siden
    • idk the non copyrighted one though

      wøkewøke17 timer siden
  • when is there going to be a Part 2 and kings Gambit it is such a good series it actually should be on netflix please come out with a part 2

    kyle bkyle b19 timer siden
  • rust is gamer rust is life life is rust

    Decepted ZBNDecepted ZBN19 timer siden
  • I don't even play Rust so why am I so invested in this story?

    Fanueli Po'uhaFanueli Po'uha20 timer siden
  • Glad how far you’ve come bro real talk💯

    Jdub WorrellJdub Worrell20 timer siden