'Kimi Parties All The Time!' #Shorts

27. feb.. 2021
216 534 Ganger

Classic Kimi Raikkonen during the post-qualifying press conference at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.
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#F1 #Shorts

  • There is no worse way to view a video than vertically. Please stop it!

    GaGa12 dager siden
  • Kimi why so serious.

    Sašenko ŠSašenko Š27 dager siden
  • Kimi did NOT like that 😂

    ViaMirageViaMirageMåned siden
  • Kimi's brain : 'Cheap-childish hamilton humour again..... Bwoah' '

    prateek gillprateek gillMåned siden
  • Lewis: Tries to be funny Kimi: Does nothing, is even funnier 😂😂

    prateek gillprateek gillMåned siden
  • Leave my to do the party. I know what to do

    Miguel QuirozMiguel QuirozMåned siden
  • Literally me reply this vid more than 💯 times

    JustChill DudeJustChill DudeMåned siden
  • stop doing the vertical video crop. It's annoying.

    slothomaticslothomaticMåned siden
  • ahah this always makes me laugh, and, ps: I miss sewis moments... :' (

    Paola FabbioPaola FabbioMåned siden
  • That serious face .... that's what I love about him 💯 always focused

    Rose Smith - R7.Rose Smith - R7.Måned siden
  • Кими Райконен - отработанный материал лет так 5 тому назад. Если в яйцах нету мочи, не помогут даже Сочи...

    Игорь ShpuntikИгорь ShpuntikMåned siden
  • *KIMI'S Brain* : !!!.....BWOAH.....!!!

    PiyushPiyushMåned siden
  • Party People: gathering eating and open up drinks Kimi: he has his own definition

    Albertus AswinAlbertus AswinMåned siden
  • What is this 'bloke' doing?!

    Jeffrey LebowskiJeffrey LebowskiMåned siden
  • I don't think Kimi likes Lewis

    ParzivalParzivalMåned siden
  • How is this funny? You wouldn’t dare do this to Lewis

    EcommBlonde •EcommBlonde •Måned siden
  • КImi live legend. 😎

    Риле80Риле80Måned siden
  • Do you know that moment when the teacher calls your name after she asks a question but you weren't listening so you try to play it cool?

    Adrian UntalanAdrian UntalanMåned siden
  • You cut out where Hamilton says he'll wipe the smile off sebs face,.. 😂😂. It's starts at his moaning reposte

    Aswads AswadAswads AswadMåned siden
  • Kimi is like mwoah he’s not wrong.

    Tristan Ellis GamingTristan Ellis GamingMåned siden
  • Kimi forever! 😂

    S BS BMåned siden
  • Hamilton made a bad joke....

    pjaxegopjaxegoMåned siden
    • No just being honest

      Aswads AswadAswads AswadMåned siden
  • Kimiiiii

    Emanuele TavernitiEmanuele TavernitiMåned siden
  • Kimi looks bored

  • No one says more by saying nothing!!

    John WellsJohn WellsMåned siden
  • 0:19 *That laughs...*

    Chaus GamingChaus GamingMåned siden
  • And Seb did partied on that Sunday thanks to a software glitch

    عبدالقادر الجزائريعبدالقادر الجزائريMåned siden
  • Bwoah F1 is just a hobby, I know what I'm doing.

    DarkSoulOfCinder89DarkSoulOfCinder89Måned siden
  • Kimi be like: 🗿

    Davi HenriquesDavi HenriquesMåned siden
  • Hamilton: "Kimi parties aLl the time". In Kimis head:"PARTY ALL THE TIME, PARTY ALL THE TIME, PARTY ALL THE TIIIIIME!!"

    Ioannis KritsotakisIoannis KritsotakisMåned siden
  • Фантомный президент Финляндии единственный настоящий гонщик в Ф1)

    Семен ПетровичСемен ПетровичMåned siden
  • 飛んだすまし顔...

    あんこ入りスリットローターあんこ入りスリットローターMåned siden
  • Kimi is a legend!

    Rafael Migliorini TenórioRafael Migliorini TenórioMåned siden
  • Kimi has the best reactions ever

    Pedro Henrique Indio do Brasil dos SantosPedro Henrique Indio do Brasil dos SantosMåned siden
  • Infact, he's partying while sitting there.

    Sarat CSarat CMåned siden
  • Eddie Murphy, his girl, and Rick James, ain't got nothing on Kimi.

    Naz's PlaylistNaz's PlaylistMåned siden
  • Kimi is an outstanding BOSS, words for what simply an epic masterclass💪

    Corona virusCorona virusMåned siden
  • doesnt look like Kimi like's Hamilton at all.

    KenchuckyKenchuckyMåned siden
  • Slower than Out of context f1

    Yu HatoriYu HatoriMåned siden
  • bwoah

    markusfenix74markusfenix74Måned siden
  • Any middle aged person who has to work with millennials knows how Kimi feels.

    Cameron JamesCameron JamesMåned siden
  • I feel ya Kimi, i also don't like that guy

    Maurice GMaurice GMåned siden
  • Coolest sportsman ever!!

    grm3334grm3334Måned siden
  • Yes kimi you will have a party

    Concon conconConcon conconMåned siden
  • Kimi is such a partyanimal, that he was partying even during this press conference.

    Michael NameMichael NameMåned siden
  • Y se hace el weon como q no pasara nada jajajajaj

    Sergio Silva BarrazaSergio Silva BarrazaMåned siden
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm partying all the time. You don't have to remind me every ten seconds.

    F1 Radios BrasilF1 Radios BrasilMåned siden
  • Third years ago, Niki Lauda told us


    Parmesh IshaanParmesh IshaanMåned siden
  • 0:19 rich man's laugh

    Naz's PlaylistNaz's PlaylistMåned siden
  • I opened the video and immediately saw a grinning Seb. Made my day

    Naz's PlaylistNaz's PlaylistMåned siden
  • What is the most exciting? "I have my STEERING WHEEL & DRINK" :) What is the most boring? "NOW" Bwoah!

    JHJHMåned siden
  • Why is Kimi sitting in the third position place? He outqualified Seb in this qualifying session.

    Ciaron SmithCiaron SmithMåned siden
  • Should have put the Eddie Murphy/Rick James song in the back!!!

    Ciaron SmithCiaron SmithMåned siden
  • Kimi is hilarious!

    Trevor LawrenceTrevor LawrenceMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Becker NuñezBecker NuñezMåned siden
  • I never know how to take him?

    Charlene MarcksCharlene MarcksMåned siden
  • nice try f1, but this video won't show up on the shorts shelf :D

    LemonsausageLemonsausageMåned siden
  • Kimi so not interested in anything Lewis has to say. Too funny how Kimi gets away with things other drivers would never ever do. That is why Kimi is such a legend on and off the track.

    Anne RudAnne RudMåned siden
  • Lewis: Kimi parties all the time Kimi: **can i put my sunglasses on now?**

    isshyfuxisshyfuxMåned siden
  • The ice man!! Kimi you legend!!!

    Jim SmithJim SmithMåned siden
  • F1 has the best admins

    strange TVstrange TVMåned siden
  • Kimi in his head: I wanna hit him when I see him

    Formula 1 ClipsFormula 1 ClipsMåned siden
  • Kimi was like: tf is going on here

    The WaffleThe WaffleMåned siden
  • Kimi : Do I like sushis? Yeah I think so...

    II-IronFlo-IIII-IronFlo-IIMåned siden
  • Bwoah

    Paolo ScopellitiPaolo ScopellitiMåned siden
  • Forumla 1 taking advantage of the algorithm

    Pepe_rainaPepe_rainaMåned siden
  • XD. Really?

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueenMåned siden
  • Ki-mi wants to party all the time party all the time party all the tiii-me

    artoodiitooartoodiitooMåned siden
  • And that's why we love Iceman...

    Gilda RosadoGilda RosadoMåned siden
  • This channel is embracing more and more its meme side. I LOVE THAT.

    Luca BaracchiLuca BaracchiMåned siden
  • I watched this 3 times and I'm still stumped trying to figure out Kimi's thoughts. Love it!

    Procat ProcatProcat ProcatMåned siden
  • F1 will be boring without Seb and Lewis

    GroningeneoxideGroningeneoxideMåned siden
  • Well... he can't deny it...

    inkoolinkoolMåned siden
  • So what the f*** are you talking here, can I go party or...

    Axeman RacingAxeman RacingMåned siden
  • Kimi Matias *iceman* raikkonen

    DREX 04DREX 04Måned siden
  • Kimi: No drink...No Party

    Patricio ReartePatricio RearteMåned siden
  • Kimi Thinking: I'd rather be partying right now but i dont have the drink

    Ninja TortoiseNinja TortoiseMåned siden
  • Kimi's smile is kinda like Monalisa's.

    Dennis Hermogenes FerreiraDennis Hermogenes FerreiraMåned siden
  • My Kimi wants to party all the time, party all the timeeee

    :Darko:DarkoMåned siden
  • People still have a way to hate on Hamilton in the comments 🙈

    Seshvir SeoduttSeshvir SeoduttMåned siden
  • thats why he wanted the drink

    wayne conoverwayne conoverMåned siden
  • The look on his face is absolutely legendary

    mohd fauzi Ramlimohd fauzi RamliMåned siden
  • I do recall Kimi partying in a gorilla suit and almost falling off his yacht after a "few" drinks.

    NoToBigBroNoToBigBroMåned siden
  • lol

    Elit3ShushElit3ShushMåned siden
  • Why is this cropped to portrait mode?

    lonestrangerlonestrangerMåned siden
  • Well he s certainly partying in his head

    Mukund Dilip krishnaMukund Dilip krishnaMåned siden
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    Doge EnergyDoge EnergyMåned siden
  • Lool Kimi's reaction 😂😂😂

    Rohan Raj ThakurRohan Raj ThakurMåned siden
  • Kimis off race week schedule Monday 😐 Tuesday 😐 Wednesday 😐 Thursday 😐 Friday 😀🍻🍺🍸🥃 Saturday 😀🍻🍺🍸🥃 Sunday 😴😐

    M o o dM o o dMåned siden
  • His brain must be preserved in case in the future someone develops a technology that can show what the person was thinking at the perticular moment. I'd want to know what was going on inside that head. 😂

    Vismay GuptaVismay GuptaMåned siden
  • Bwoah

    Hello MateHello MateMåned siden
  • Eddie Murphy would be proud.

    Bruno Lima DiasBruno Lima DiasMåned siden
  • Watched a 16 second ad for a 28 second Kimi video, every second worth it!

    Vishu ThapaVishu ThapaMåned siden
  • hamilton: kimi party all the time. kimi: yes that's right woke dork.

    Luke SkywalkerLuke SkywalkerMåned siden
  • That was *EPIC*

  • This is so bad chopped down to vertical. You need to be able to see all three drivers

    Marble CountertopsMarble CountertopsMåned siden
  • I think Kimi secretly controls the world or something. Somebody check his computer.

    Elijah (Eli) GoldbergElijah (Eli) GoldbergMåned siden
  • Iceman party song " Hey Steering Wheel. .... Hey... Steering wheel... COMMON ON !!!!! ROCK 🎸 ON !!!!"

    Krishnan G MKrishnan G MMåned siden
  • Kimi doesn't even care😂

    Shivaansh AggarwalShivaansh AggarwalMåned siden