Kevin Talbot's 2020 RC Car Mayhem PART 2

20. jan.. 2021
547 772 Ganger

Part 1 -
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What a year, 2020 we had so much fun. This is part 1, over 2 hours long so go get a cup of tea and some popcorn!!

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This is my fun channel, you'll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff :) Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.
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  • Oòlììoio9ooo899oo9o9o9oooooooo9kkiòĺoo

    Irsyad irwanIrsyad irwan9 dager siden
  • Elmo on the Xmaxx 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    GarzaLovesYouGarzaLovesYou10 dager siden

    stephen preecestephen preece15 dager siden
    • Mmmm

      stephen preecestephen preece15 dager siden
    • it only kills the sale if you don't know how to sell and my course teaches how to sell!

      Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot15 dager siden
  • 2:43:23 Martyn flips kev off

    Callum NicholsenCallum Nicholsen18 dager siden
  • why cut out space for tyres on your fast car? it looked like you had space when you showed the un painted one.. the resistance forces from those tiers will act against you if you dont block them down with covers

    svein gjøran nordbøsvein gjøran nordbø20 dager siden
    • if all the air from the tyers get the car to fly:P you have ways to divert the air out, but at the same time getting downforce.

      svein gjøran nordbøsvein gjøran nordbø20 dager siden
    • you also want to try to keep the air from the tyers to go under the car, or better route it to the side, if you can measure an airflow you want to have that flow upwards to create downforce.

      svein gjøran nordbøsvein gjøran nordbø20 dager siden
  • The arma karton has broken every time you took it out Kevin, is it just a bad luck or they just go that easy?

    Alex KellerAlex Keller23 dager siden
  • Marcus

    tamara etheardtamara etheardMåned siden
  • wings are for wimps that is my favorite part.

    Slow CitySlow CityMåned siden
  • red

    shawn peterpaulshawn peterpaulMåned siden
  • Do you sell rc cars..?

  • I have a racing Vintage RC CAR for sale

    Chase MeChase MeMåned siden
  • @ 9:06 - it went over everyone's head (bad pun, sorry) but after the buggy landed in a mangled heap, the little girl said 'but the chopping board's OK!' 😂 Nobody responded, but it was actually very funny though, fairplay. 😂

    horatio321horatio321Måned siden
  • idk I think the reason rc wheels/tires break is bcs they spin at higher rpm than full size automotive wheels/tires. IDK how your going to break the record of 212mph without help for the bets mounted tires, how about it mate?

    Auto Body EverythingAuto Body EverythingMåned siden
  • Im going to build a 120S.. jay kay lol... but hey man, you should reach out to Michelin or Good year and any tire manufacturer to have them custom make you a tire and wheel combo. it might even have to be inflated like the real thing so it doesnt expand or break.

    Auto Body EverythingAuto Body EverythingMåned siden
  • Any one know how to fix dhk maximus steering jammed to one side,?

    Antonio MetaxakisAntonio MetaxakisMåned siden
  • You guys are AWESOME-RESPECT !!! Where can i buy one of this cars & how much is it ??? Yours truly,Kelt Klan Slovenia...

    Sunlovers KeltisSunlovers KeltisMåned siden
  • Sre1

    ChowChowMåned siden
  • don't be angry manooooh

    Wisdomy CharlesWisdomy CharlesMåned siden
  • Kelvin pls i need 2 see u face 2 face

    Wisdomy CharlesWisdomy CharlesMåned siden
  • Wat is your contact numder

    Mathiyazhan PMathiyazhan PMåned siden
  • Z Zizzi

    HeatWaveHeatWaveMåned siden
  • Why is it 3 hours, I don’t have time to watch it all

    music memegodzmusic memegodzMåned siden
  • Armas are accually really good especially for the price just the battery straps suck so I would recommend the strongest velcro you can find and put it in there and by strongest I mean like really hard to pull apart strong because the gs it will experience are alot

    sparrowsparrowMåned siden
  • Garykenny

    Gary KennyGary KennyMåned siden
  • Hey Kevin Talbot I am from India I am Indian I can't afford this car please send me one car 😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please

    jyoti Upadhyayjyoti UpadhyayMåned siden
  • Hey Kevin Talbot

    jyoti Upadhyayjyoti UpadhyayMåned siden
  • cool

    shawn peterpaulshawn peterpaulMåned siden
  • Kkkkk

    Theo KeenaTheo Keena2 måneder siden
  • how fast do they go

    Nathinello WilcherNathinello Wilcher2 måneder siden
  • Only started watching your channel last few days, really enjoy the variety, the entertainment, the laughs along the way... absolutely bloody brilliant dude.. thanks 😎👍🏼

    Ernie 'R'Ernie 'R'2 måneder siden
  • I like you video

    Jyoti ghatuleJyoti ghatule2 måneder siden
  • Please give rc car in Free my contact is malad

    Jyoti ghatuleJyoti ghatule2 måneder siden
  • Pure enjoyment of life. Smiles, laughter, and RC’s. It doesn’t get better. I’m in this hobby because of Keven Talbot. Thanks my friend.

    M. MurrayM. Murray2 måneder siden
  • this is good

    duke06 ocheaduke06 ochea2 måneder siden
  • Tumble Womble is what happened to that lolol

    unboxerunboxer2 måneder siden
  • Kevin you should come to USTE next year I am sure you would have a blast there..

    Gary WynegarGary Wynegar2 måneder siden
  • Your channels never get old Kevin. Just Binge Watched both of the 2020 vids and I'll say they capture Your channels perfectly. Great Friends, Great RC's and an epic attitude mate!! 2021 can only be better still!!!

    Steve BlackbirdSteve Blackbird2 måneder siden
  • I think I’ve just had a brain embolism - is it about an RC shop or a skatepark or a land rover haha

    problemchild1976problemchild19762 måneder siden
    • Don’t ask me coz idk

      MiniMincePieMiniMincePie2 måneder siden
  • please lease me one of your X-Maxxs

    eddy babyeddy baby2 måneder siden
  • Love the losing 5t

  • Nice mate

  • Should have took some air pressure Range Rover you would have made it through the mud

    Toby DyesToby Dyes2 måneder siden
  • Me: are you hungry? My sis: (confused) yeah? Me: flors my RC car

    carscats karenscarscats karens3 måneder siden
  • "idk what happened perfect soldering..." I saw that soldering 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shawn RenfroeShawn Renfroe3 måneder siden
  • I don't see a Spartan in your collection

    Jonathan MackeyJonathan Mackey3 måneder siden
  • Amazing...sultan👍👍😂😂

    Jus kawe adventureJus kawe adventure3 måneder siden
  • Where did you get the tires

    Zander WysienskiZander Wysienski3 måneder siden
  • Congrats on the 900k! I've been subbed since 100k nice to see how much you've grown!

    Jesse CiminoJesse Cimino3 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who actually likes realistic rcs with functioning lights kinda like the traxxas Trx bronco

    Randall DropRandall Drop3 måneder siden
  • Tumblewumble

    Carl EdmondsCarl Edmonds3 måneder siden
  • 😮😮😮Your rc cars take a hell of a beting

    고완준고완준3 måneder siden
  • is there any shocks u just need to change the springs,all this oil ing and internal o rings and all change sucks,who makes just the springs need to be changed shocks?

    jeffjeff3 måneder siden
  • Yellow cartuble wumble

    Thomas SpencerThomas Spencer3 måneder siden
  • I bought a rc truggy today on amazon. It goes about 20 km/h and has rear wheel drive. Ik it sounds like... not much. But its more then enough for me. It looks kinda professional tho from the outside. It even comes with a spare wheel and a screwdriver. And it only costed me €35,-

    Bliksemflyts 24Bliksemflyts 243 måneder siden
  • When was it that nice (weather) this yeah?

    matthew bartonmatthew barton3 måneder siden
  • it is like a very long trailer to his youtube channel

    Caleb J FoleyCaleb J Foley3 måneder siden
  • Looks like Flitwick skate part in one of them my local. Good little park that👍

    Sam BeatonSam Beaton3 måneder siden
  • 3:07:30 - never full throttle a brushless motor without load! You can ruin it in a few seconds!!!

    Ferenc RaczFerenc Racz3 måneder siden

    AGAR MASTERAGAR MASTER3 måneder siden
  • The little kid telling his dad off for thrashing the RC car tires is so funny.

    「ZED」「ZED」3 måneder siden
  • My sec is broken

    Jonjon CaseyJonjon Casey3 måneder siden
  • Kevin you need more down force and weight in the front of your speed car. Please share to Kevin.

    Curtis AldrichCurtis Aldrich3 måneder siden
  • Man i wanna hang out too! Lol. Too bad im more than a few miles away. GA. USA. :/

    CDSCDS3 måneder siden
  • you should put sparking wheels on your notorious

    Caspar MarszalekCaspar Marszalek3 måneder siden
  • Awesome video my Rc friend also i SUBBED👍🏾

    Zeke's RcZeke's Rc3 måneder siden
  • Awesome podcast!!

    Alexander RiveraAlexander Rivera3 måneder siden
  • At 1:00:10 is kev speaking so fast as eminem.

    Arrma_fanboyArrma_fanboy3 måneder siden
  • Dude, he had no control in the air at 8:30

    Arrma_fanboyArrma_fanboy3 måneder siden
  • Nice kev

    Ryan DaltonRyan Dalton3 måneder siden
  • Kev how the hell do u get some of those shots? Like when ur both in the truck and u get shots of under the car as ur driving, comes back three the window and out the other side? Or in some cases the 360 of ur rc? Shits awsome. Love the vids. Me and my 2 year old son watch everyday. Iv seen ur videos all dozens of times each LOL currently watching this same video on my bigscreen(my son picked it) haha

    XxbowhunterXx92 -XxbowhunterXx92 -3 måneder siden
  • Kev you should bring out a line of merch stuff like signed x maxx bodys

    Daniel AxtellDaniel Axtell3 måneder siden
  • What’s the brand name of the street truck that’s 4x4 and brown? Very low looking car that I need.

    James ArnesonJames Arneson3 måneder siden
  • Time to start smoking some weed with the zombies, grow a bunch in the warehouse and sell it to them LOL

    Mike HawkMike Hawk3 måneder siden
  • good show

    shonde huntshonde hunt3 måneder siden
  • hi five ...I watched it full

    • Car mayhem part 2 nice👍

    • boom!!

      Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot3 måneder siden
  • I ❤️the voideo

    Aydin NekrewsAydin Nekrews3 måneder siden
  • Hey Kevin Talbot Man maybe try out the T-Bone racing bumper by T-Bone racing and see if it gets you more jumps or if it gets in the way, also I was thinking you should try rear wheel steering on the Xmaxx, I ordered reidenracing medal skid plates and I was thinking maybe only on the rear bulk head because of Bumper support on the front, curious about the suspension, also there is Wd-40 specialist gel lubricant that should water proof electronics a bit, maybe help with Machines in the water, Good Luck man, Awesome Work Kevin Talbot!

    Branden WobbeBranden Wobbe3 måneder siden

    Ower CotoOwer Coto3 måneder siden
  • Ive just started researching the best rc car to get into the hobby with. Then Kevin happened and i cant stop watching his vids to get any more research done lol. Thanks Kevin for the entertainment and the laughs

    William OsborneWilliam Osborne3 måneder siden
    • I would say the best one is an amp desert buggy and then start from there you don't need a car that goes like 40 get one that goes like 20 and go higher and higher

      demetrius sellersdemetrius sellers3 måneder siden
  • I want to see more losi 5t vid. And where the raminator gone? 🤔😃

    Ks.ZsoltiKs.Zsolti3 måneder siden
  • 3:07 where can i buy that quad body?

    Joel NJoel N3 måneder siden
  • What are the chances of you getting a Losi DBXL-E 2.0?

    Mike ZMike Z3 måneder siden
  • You have the coolest stuff I wish I could have that many rc cars

    David GonzalezDavid Gonzalez3 måneder siden
  • Kev, could I suggest you get yourself a pair of Bolle tactical glasses? I'd say you'd love them. Thank me later. 😉👍🏻

    Alan LucasAlan Lucas3 måneder siden
  • Kev do you know anywhere I can get your exact white indestructible V2 Xmaxx body? I've looked everywhere man and cannot find one.

    naclnacl3 måneder siden
  • Am Philippines

    Jeymer DavidJeymer David3 måneder siden
  • Gave me rc car pls

    Jeymer DavidJeymer David3 måneder siden
  • Hey kev could U do a review on the HP's remote control 1/10 scale brushless

    Thomas25 ZaharopoulosThomas25 Zaharopoulos3 måneder siden
  • Kevin could u do a cheap thropy truck or a desert racer video?????????????

    Aung Kaung HtetAung Kaung Htet3 måneder siden
  • السلام عليكم اريد سيارة لو سمحت

    شامسYT1234شامسYT12343 måneder siden

    CTthemanCTtheman3 måneder siden
  • He should so make a flat bed crawler

    Jackson SullivanJackson Sullivan3 måneder siden
  • Hey Kev! Can you please walk me through connecting a Dumbo to a Castle Mamba Micro. Or maybe in which channel should I plug it into.

    Diego De La RosaDiego De La Rosa3 måneder siden
  • hello kevin you can make a video of the savage xs flux i am looking to buy one more just watching your videos to see if it is good, i am from brazil a lot of people who play by car here watch their videos.

    Vitor Andrade soaresVitor Andrade soares3 måneder siden
  • you should get the losi lasernut i want to see you use it before i get it

    Smth to ReviewSmth to Review3 måneder siden
  • High5!! Watched the entire video. Both parts :D You made me buying an Xmaxx

    ZozzMiataZozzMiata3 måneder siden
  • Can u do a unboxing of traxxas e Revo 1/16 scale vxl

    Extra rc KidExtra rc Kid3 måneder siden
  • Kevin you should try painting an rc shell with rust oleum mirror paint, you spray the inside of the shell and the outside turns into a mirror

    Richard dillenRichard dillen3 måneder siden
  • Follow rc_builders_foundation i do some cool custom builds !

    GrimreaperrcGrimreaperrc3 måneder siden
  • I bought a Traxxas E Revo VXL 2 after watching your videos. Cheaper than the X Max. I'll have one eventually... I cant wait for warmer weather I been bashing in the snow. Thanks for all the video over the years of great fun with your friends bashing and breaking and jumping

    Dn RDn R3 måneder siden