Karakalpakstan: The Place You Never Knew Existed

30. mars. 2021
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I heard there was an autonomous region inside Uzbekistan called Kalpakstan that had its own language and history and I was intrigued to see what hit was like. Turns out it had the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet and a pretty cool set of abandoned ships too. Join me on the road from the capitol Nukus to the Aral Sea as we meet the black hat people.

  • Taking a week off to try and sort my stomach out. Very very nearly shit myself in the back of a taxi yesterday whilst waiting at traffic lights in the centre of Nukus. It could of made the local news had it happened, 'Celebrity Vlogger.........' not to mention the logistics of using the hotel lift with shite dripping out of my pants.

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    • Found your channel today. Great content and I’ll subscribe for more.

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    • must be long covid

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    • Wow. What an isolated place. No body would dare going there except you. Thanks for your video. Knowledge and entertainment all in one.

      funny onefunny oneDag siden
    • Might be COVID lmfao

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    • @Glen Brandenburg What does your older brother have anything to do with the price of fish? Go alone like the Bald guy :)

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  • Karakin pakistan...

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  • What I love most about it is that this is just a one guy with camera having fun, while making such an entertaining and at the same time a thought provoking content.

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  • anyone else notice all the cars were badged as Chevy?

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  • Why you did not visit Savitsky Museum

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  • You can't get a Muslim woman to be your new wife like that. No hope for you, they don't even date, very high standards mate.

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  • Salam to all Muslims of Uzbekistan... Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰...

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  • Uhm.. I knew

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  • Desert and cold. Not for me.

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  • 09:02 wow..!

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  • A porn musical. That's a first.

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  • Your videos make me miss My ex Soviet country Latvia, i moved from there 12 years ago. Its great country to visit. Thanks for content and real ppl in it.

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  • ain't there any concept of balconies?

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  • Looks like Mongolia...

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  • Whats the point of this channel? Just noticed this isn't ur main , . I assume they're shorter daily vlogs? just curious as to why make the second channel a most of your subscribers aren't part of and probably never see rather than just creating a Playlist for daily vlogs on your main , is there a monetary benefit from having a second channel that let's you count ur subscribers as 2 subscribers if they're on both channels? I'm not trying to talk shit just genuinely curious. Ur the man!

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  • This guy playing Geoguessr irl

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  • Its west uzbeki

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  • Bald moving around a market with a porn DVD in his hand and showing Babuska bras... The content I love

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  • I did several flights over this area in the last year. Got some very interesting pics.

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  • Bro, you are awesome!!! I learned to speak Turkish and karakalpak means Black headed. So in Turkic its Land of the Blackheads. You're a traveler after my own heart! Subscribed!!

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  • Dusty mucus.

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  • Always love the history on where he explores from Baldy.

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  • not adios!!! paka

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  • safer in ussr than chicago or los angeles! have the democrats been lying to us?

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  • I lived here for 1 month

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  • I was wondering where is this place in Pakistan 🇵🇰 so I started the video clip 😀😄😆

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    • han bhai mein bhi

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  • This channel is better than the main one

  • Moynek looks like the apocalypse

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  • How many languages you can speak ???

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  • Sad ending to glorious past of Moynak city, sad to know

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  • Wow! You´re doing a great job there. Now don´t stop, keep going and show us a few more forgotten places 2.000km beyond the end of the world...

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  • Amazing to see that the people there are also using masks, in my country people that age would throw a fit before barely putting it on.

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  • amazing... the ships in the sand remind me of the illustrations in craig thompson's book Habibi... diff culture and story but the same scene of the ships and the sand

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  • "hey salam" ahah nice 1

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  • Lol watching this from Manipur

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  • WOW!!! Awesome!! Learned things I never heard before. Thank you!!

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  • They stole the sea!

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  • Come to Pakistan!

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  • Just crazy how distruttive humans can be. I guess risk assessments weren't a thing back then... Lol

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  • I feel very sorry about the Aral Sea. Because of humans' manipulation of the environment the once source of living had turned into a desert land.

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  • Very wise, to use your throatmask in the bus 👍😂

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  • Now I know why too many women in Gulf countries from Uzbekistan are involved in prostitution and Dubai is especially on top, only poverty :(

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  • Dry and arid land, dark skies, no sunshine, cold weather... But ppl smiling and greeting everywhere.. only reason I would want to visit this place.

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  • Never leave bags in taxi...😐

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  • If “When in Rome was a person” 😂👌

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  • Sad story. Probably these people are just very small portion of many victims of soviet so called planning economy. People living in areas included in so called specialist's plans were the last aspect considered. However I must say levels of ability to adjust to new circumstances amazes me very much. The new circumstances mostly didn't improve quality of life. They only increased records reflecting economical growth mostly fake and far from reality.

    Timurs AncovsTimurs Ancovs18 timer siden
  • What a shit hole !

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  • Inscription on mosaic (I don't know why do you need it but here it is): Авторы: Есенгалиев Ишанов При исполнении участвовали: Курбаниязов Сапарниязов Янгиваева 1979 Authors: Esengaliev Ishanov Took part in creation: Kurbaniyazov Saparniyazov Yangivayeva 1979

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  • The Soviet Federation really is the world's most crap country, isn't it?

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  • Jai bhole ki...got recommended after indian series.

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  • that was fun and educational and very different - please keep doing it :-)

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  • This reminds me of Metro Exodus

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  • Uzbeki porn I mean film 😂😂😂

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  • I am always shocked to see so many people living in places with nothing growing. No trees, shrubs, or flowers. Yet they seem happier than those who have so much, and yet waste it.

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  • Pakistan 🇵🇰

    Introduction of Software TestingIntroduction of Software Testing22 timer siden
  • Kara-Kal Pakistan. In Central Asia. Pakistan in South Asia 🌏

    Introduction of Software TestingIntroduction of Software Testing22 timer siden
  • That one random pigeon at @1:42

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  • This is a terrifying video. Our sorry-ass planet is on its way to a very strange future. Strange to me, anyway.

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  • Is this where you go to die?

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  • hes about to go hard on gohar

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  • Uzbek women gotta have it.

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  • Why it sounds like Pakistan???

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  • I've spent hours watching your videos! Entertaining and knowledgeable. You kick ass bro!

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  • Oh i came here thinking this place is in Pakistan as the thumbnail says, "Karakalpakstan" thinking its in karak a city in pakistan, hahaha thou very nice place, love to uzbeks from Pak... ❤

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  • You should watch it before the boarder agents look at it and might find some juvenile acting... haha Just mention it. You dont want take any unjustifiable risks 1:15

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  • That promenade overlooking a dry sea is one of the saddest locations I’ve ever seen.

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  • Uzbek po.. no Uzbek movie 😂😂😂😂

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  • lol.. porn... errrr film..

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  • I appreciate you showing the mosaics and such! Its cool seeing diffrent architecture

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  • What language is that?

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  • Mate you could charm the birds out of the trees

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  • Sounds like Pakistan, two awesome places on my list.

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  • Can't even pronounce it, never mind never knowing it existed!

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  • Borat country

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  • I being from Pakistan 🇵🇰 hurriedly clicked to see which place is that in Pakistan then in the first minute of the video understood that its Pakstan not Pakistan. Well lets carry on to see the full video :) Heard for the first time about it though Interesting 🙂

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  • Aroosi= wedding in persian

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  • Strange seeing all that water gone in the Aral Sea, kind of scary to think about. I would like to know what happpened.

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  • Watching from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

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  • I find this place on pubgm new maps

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  • just another ecological catastrophe, courtesy of human stupidity.

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  • a bit self conscious??? nothing like sticking out like a sore thumb in your bright jacket and no hat when they all wear dark clothes and hats...

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  • I think Dr. Evil bought some nuclear weapons that came from there. Great video.

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  • gövher ismi bizde de var la

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  • In the market, the product looks modern only the shop looks OLD SCHOOL... Great.

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  • Thanks for the video , top notch , something i learnt today

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  • this is the first vid i see from you thx to youtube algorithmus... i guess u are a man who is warm welcome all over the world.. upright, friendly and a good sense of humoer.. stay strong and lucky...and not to forget: my best greetings to your new karakalpakstan girlfriend. 😂 nice greetz from germany...

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  • It is very interesting to see something like this.. With 💚 from 🇵🇰

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  • Where are trees?

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  • It's a shame how they dried up the sea. You truly have a gift to chat with people and in multiple languages. I wish I had a 5th of that.

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  • bro some words are same as hindi or URDU

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  • and who said that the earth is overpopulated as this psychopath Bill Gates says - there is still enough room for double amount of the people than we have at this moment

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  • gohar is an urdu word as well

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  • Woah i never knew there was this another Pakstan, Karakalpakstan. Love from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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    • Nothing to do with pakistan...

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  • He thanks the BUS Driver !!!

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  • Why all the cars are white in an already dusty landscape?

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  • I’m gonna buy an Uzbek Porn.. I.I mean movies LOL

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  • Still the channel is Demonetized after so many views...

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  • USSR gives us language and technology but take away our nature As a guy from Uzbekland this video make me somewhat sad

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  • Environmental terrorism

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  • OMG u speak Russian very well!!! Like your English accent

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