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2. mai. 2021
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► Just a casual day out shopping...
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  • My dog who’s called Ollies nicknames: Poopy Poopyshoe Monkey Bean Squirty bean Sugar bean Poopy bean And of course I call my dog baby 😂

    Aimee BairdAimee Baird5 dager siden
  • For my cat tiggs I used to call him Beany, bean bean, Mee-mees, pig from piggle town tiddle drops... why?! 😅 For my boyfriends cat Meg I call her muffin 🧁😍

    Naomi VictoriaNaomi Victoria5 dager siden
  • i'm always torn between watching your vlogs or waiting for zoe's because I love her super long vlogs

    shannyanniedoodahshannyanniedoodah5 dager siden
  • My dog is called Ozzy, we call him: Dobby Mr Pickles Honker Oswald Cobblepot Ozzyboo Mr Sir Cutieboo Booboo

    Vix ElizabethVix Elizabeth5 dager siden
  • mam bottles are a swear by time and space saving bottles you don't need a steriliser they are self sterilising all you have to do is stack them a way and put them in the microwave

    maddy whitcombmaddy whitcomb5 dager siden
  • i love baby shopping even tho i have a 2 year old still gets me excited

    maddy whitcombmaddy whitcomb5 dager siden
  • Love you guys but just a word of advice my health visitor told me. Don't keep babies especially newborns asleep in car seats it can restrict their breathing resulting in sids. Just a word of advice you guys will do amazing x

    Jazz YavuzJazz Yavuz5 dager siden
  • My cats name is Luke but we often call him Lil' Pickle

    PaigePaige5 dager siden
  • cats name: Phoebe nicknames: Bubbas Pumpkin My love Pretty Lady (oh man it sounds so lame to type it out lol)

    LaurenLauren5 dager siden
  • Diggy, iggy, darcey bustle, scuisme - my dogs name is Reginald

    Gracie CainGracie Cain5 dager siden
  • My dog’s name is Astra and my dad calls her Sparsky 😂

    Ashley de la RocheAshley de la Roche5 dager siden
  • we call him bod, his name is peanut😂

    tia fitzgeraldtia fitzgerald5 dager siden
  • My dog is called smudge We call him moogiewoogie

    Lauren EggletonLauren Eggleton5 dager siden
  • I have a cat called mac and the nick name we gave her was Cat or cacerl

    Brooke HattonBrooke Hatton5 dager siden
  • My kittens name is Simba, we called him Monkey, became snuggly monkey, shnuggly shmunky 😭😂, sneaky monkey, monkey butts, all sorts 🤣

    Dolka -AleksandraDolka -Aleksandra5 dager siden
  • My Cat is called Pip - we mostly call her Pamela, Uno, Love, Dumpling, Babe & Squeak 😂😂

    xxpiperxxthomsonxxxxpiperxxthomsonxx5 dager siden
  • Kizz wizz, pee wee, for our dog Kizzy Neenaa noonoo for our collie Nala

    Natalie WinzerNatalie Winzer5 dager siden
  • Our kitten is called Callie and our names evolve all the time but currently moomoo is a favourite.

    Ele MilesEle Miles5 dager siden
  • Loving reading all the pet names everyone has! I have a blood hound cross called Charlie (after Charlie the unicorn) but she also gets Chaz, Charlesbury the fifth, Chunky, Little one, and Toss Weasel when she's being annoying. 😂

    Jessica BianconJessica Biancon5 dager siden
  • My dogs name is Zeus and I call him the following : Willy, Will, Choobie, Bazoobiezoo and Choo-Choo 😂

    Kaelin Louise SimpsonKaelin Louise Simpson5 dager siden
  • We call our cat (luna) tuna sandwich sometimes. And nox is noximus prime or Grumpy McGee

    Mikayla Morey PeraltaMikayla Morey Peralta5 dager siden
  • My cats name is also Nala. Some of her names are naly, shitten, kitten, puddy, puddytat, little one, baby

    Raina JonesRaina Jones5 dager siden
  • Our dog's name is Ruby ... we call her: Chicken, Chicken Douglas, Pooben, PeePoo, Ruben, RubbaDubba, Cutie Judy, Chooken, Ratbag, Stinky etc.. lol

    EmilyAnn OgdenEmilyAnn Ogden5 dager siden
  • Love seeing all of this from you & Zoe - keep it coming! ☺️☺️

    Emma KershawEmma Kershaw5 dager siden
  • The thumbnail!! Alfie with a baby carrier is the craziest and most fitting thing I’ve seen. So excited for the two of you!

    Maddy AranaMaddy Arana5 dager siden
  • My dog's name was Captain Jack Harkness... But the names that I actually called him on a daily basis were Jack Jack, wiggle butt fluffy bum, his royal highness, and love of my life.

    fireice3001fireice30016 dager siden
  • This was such a cute video...our dog’s name is Lady Barkington and we call her Love Bug, Cutie Bear, Lovey, Baby doll, Ladles, Barky and Lady Lu. Best wishes for the start of a wonderful family!

    Happiest PlaceHappiest Place6 dager siden
  • I have two dogs. One is actually named Rome, but he answers to Noodle. My other dog is Jaxson, and we call him Bubba, Bobby, Bobert, and Dobby😂😂🤷‍♀️ and yes he answers to all of those.

    Jenny LegacyJenny Legacy6 dager siden
  • The baby stuff is so grown up looking lol I'm so used to colorful and fun baby stuff

    Viviana NViviana N6 dager siden

    samsam6 dager siden
  • I think a lot of pet owner definitely can agree! We sometimes call our dog “Munken-Muck”who’s actual name is Loco 😂

    That's meThat's me6 dager siden
  • Ok first I LOVED THIS VLOG! And second, my little Dog is called Oscar and we’ve ended up with Osc, Ox, Oskin, Skin, Skin n Bone, and we have Buddy who’s ended up answering to Bear, Bearness, B, errr there’s deffo more 😂 Oskin Bear Deyes? 😂♥️

    Hannah LisaHannah Lisa6 dager siden
  • I don’t know how booty came about but yep, my dog answers to it. Not in public tho’ that would be embarrassing.

    Shunlee BrownShunlee Brown6 dager siden
  • my dogs name is Dollie and I call her wiener HAHA she's a wiener dog

    Julia SpagnoliaJulia Spagnolia6 dager siden
  • I have a black cockapoo,I call her mopsy or moo moo .her name is Millie

    Nicola SmithNicola Smith6 dager siden
  • My dogs name is coco Chanel.. Chanel for short. But after we got her as a puppy we started calling her baby. But we also call her Nell, Nellie, Nelson , nay nay . She’s called baby more often than not

    PaigeMPaigeM6 dager siden
  • naaw your dad sounds like the sweetest guy ever! x

    natasha radinownatasha radinow6 dager siden
  • My cats name is twinkle and I nickname him twinkstar 😂🤣 or bright star cause of the song twinkle twinkle little star 😭🥺🥴😍🥰

    Stefanie PendonStefanie Pendon6 dager siden
  • Omggg this is in Chichester I think omggggg

    Izzy GilbertIzzy Gilbert6 dager siden
  • That John Lewis is literally round the corner from me, sooo annoyed I didn't see you there 😆😂

    Lily RobinsonLily Robinson6 dager siden
  • I call my girl dog “little boy”. Hi little boi! She’s also stinky and Mrs cutie. Sometimes chickie nuggie

    Helen GHelen G6 dager siden
  • So I have two cats Derek is “fat man” or “fat baby” and my other cat Blue is “booty” or “boopy” 😂😂 I call them name bastardisations lmfaooo

    Hannah HumphreyHannah Humphrey6 dager siden
  • I call my cat benelli miss beans, birdie, and momma when she’s never been a mom 😂

    HannahHannah6 dager siden
  • Pet nicknames omg my dogs name is Violet but I call her baby, peanut, shmoopee, stinky

    G MG M6 dager siden
  • My Pomeranian is Grizz and my Chihuahua is Fez. I call them both Bubba. LOL

    Pia’s LifePia’s Life6 dager siden
  • I literally call my dog baboon or pretty boy also baby 😂 his name is Bruno..

    X_ Jodie _XX_ Jodie _X6 dager siden
  • My dog is called Leo. We call him Muffe 🤣 (I'm from Denmark. However, the nickname doesn't make any sense in Danish either)

    Lisa Griebel OlsenLisa Griebel Olsen6 dager siden
  • My dog is named Samson (Sammy) but I'll call him Samuel Pajamuel...😂 idk

    Hillary RoseHillary Rose6 dager siden
  • The mam bottle 100% are amazing would deffo recommend them also I had the Icandy peach in sweetpea and loved it so much now my son is 5 I miss that buggy so bad xxx

    Sophie's story timeSophie's story time6 dager siden
  • Egg prams are good x

    Ruby BaldwinRuby Baldwin6 dager siden
  • Also bring on the baby content! Absolutely love it😍

    Kellie MKellie M6 dager siden
  • Random little tip for you both about prams in case you haven’t considered this already.... Make sure if you are planning to try for a second baby at some stage that you check for the prams capability to covert to a double pram. That saves a lot of hassle when a second child comes along 🙂 Not sure if you’ve heard of or looked into uppa baby vista .. they are a great pram and have awesome double pram features It’s one thing I didn’t considered when I bought my first pram and I wish I had have Happy shopping! ☺️💖

    Kellie MKellie M6 dager siden
  • I have a little white Maltese Yorkie mix named Lilly.. I call her Lilly bear, lillian littles, lillers, monkey, stinkers, lil. My sister used to call her Lilly Ann fitsberbert whenever she got in trouble😂 We still call her that once in a while when she's in trouble, and she knows she's in trouble when she gets called that, its funny.

    Lisette V.Lisette V.6 dager siden
  • My cat is Hamilton and we call him so many names. My favourites are Booshka and Bow-Bow 😂💙

    Steph HigginsSteph Higgins6 dager siden
  • My dog’s name is Louie: I call also call him Bub, Bubby, Pooper, Stinky Butt, Handsome Boy

    D MariaD Maria6 dager siden
  • That is so precious that your Dad does that for your Mom. 💗💗

    Jennifer LambertJennifer Lambert6 dager siden
  • I have the silver cross you showed it converts to a buggy I have used this all the way through without having to buy another buggy or anything. My daughter is now 3 and does not need it much now it is still in excellent condition. Worth every penny.

    Naomi - 75 Art StreetNaomi - 75 Art Street6 dager siden
  • I call my dog stinky, princess, smelly bum, sausage, chicken, chunky and there’s so many more 🤣

    Kasey KnightKasey Knight6 dager siden
  • Ok so the nick names I have for my dog Nelly are Poocharina schnookie-boo-cams 😭😂

    Lottie DukesLottie Dukes6 dager siden
  • My lab cross spaniel called woody gets called poodles 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

    madison dowmadison dow6 dager siden
  • Names we call Bruce: Bumhole Bill Bobble Bob Bobble Bean Bruiser Buddy Bubba 😂 Please don’t call your kid Bumhole Bill!

    TattyOld ConverseTattyOld Converse6 dager siden
  • Zoe if you can breadtfeed you will need to pump between because there always milk left over then alfie can feed with your excess milk look into Tommie tippee website but there are lots of companys out there who sell pumps or silicone collectors xx

    Steph TurnerSteph Turner6 dager siden
  • I call my Dog "pops"...her names grace

    Ellie WebsterEllie Webster6 dager siden
  • Our frenchie is called Rosie, I call her : Rolo, Rose, Babba. Mum calls her pug face 😂😂xx

    Jade LouiseJade Louise6 dager siden
  • I’ve got a cavoodle called Ruby and I call her noo-noo, nuggie, rinka, and drumstick 🍗 😂

    Jess and DeclanJess and Declan6 dager siden
  • These vlogs remind me of the excitement of being pregnant. My boy is now 4! It is SO MUCH FUN. 💗💗💗

    Jennifer LambertJennifer Lambert6 dager siden
  • We had a cat called Salem she was called, worm, salad, rat, slim, 😭

    Jinjamjoo UwuJinjamjoo Uwu6 dager siden
  • My dogs name is Piper and we call her julius, grit, shnugs, miss pipes, jerry, pippy, pipsqueak

    Becky SkeneBecky Skene6 dager siden
  • cant forget nalas nickname 'alan' that joe gave her

    abbey hodgeabbey hodge6 dager siden
  • we called my rabbit big fat bunny and actually forgot her actual name when taking her to the vets

    Mia RoseMia Rose6 dager siden
  • I have a kitten called Nala & I call her Nars, Narlie, Scrumptious, Scrummy, Crumpet, Scrumps, Crumps😂😂😂

    Ava MurrayAva Murray6 dager siden
  • We have a pug called Loki and his nicknames include..... Loafy, and best of all Person, because he think he’s a human!

    Carly SinesCarly Sines6 dager siden
  • I’m so confused by Tesla’s, how do you open the doors in a car park without hitting cars next to you, that door opened so weird 😅

    Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor6 dager siden
  • My dogs called Pippa She gets called poos Stinks Mrs Pippas Pippy Pops

    Skye BlueSkye Blue6 dager siden
  • we have two dogs called Amigo and Maisy, but some time we started calling them shmigo and shmaisy/shmig and shmais instead lol, amigo is also sometimes called beagle (even though he's a labrador)

    Jenny McMahonJenny McMahon6 dager siden
  • One of my cats, Cali, I call either squidge or butt face, and another one Tajo, I call gorgeous 🤦‍♀️

    Mo HopeMo Hope6 dager siden
  • My dog dobby I call him baby.. Bambino..chunker...dodo

    Megan HardingMegan Harding6 dager siden
  • My dogs called scrappy and the nicknames we have for him are - Poopwa (said in a French accent) - Bubba - Bubs - Puppy - Doge - Dog - Doodlebugs There’s so many holy shit 😂

    Munchy PMunchy P6 dager siden
  • I have a daisy and a Charlie, both dogs!!! And I call Charlie “char char butt” 😂 and daisy is just daisy girl or daisy squirrel 🐿😂

    Joella SummersJoella Summers6 dager siden
  • We call our dog Lana, "Dump truck" and she responds to both 😄

    Sadie MulhollandSadie Mulholland6 dager siden
  • My dog is called Teddy, but I call him Penne Pasta... no idea why🤨

    LisaBxo 94LisaBxo 946 dager siden
  • My dogs name is Namira. I quite often referred to her as Pup, which then turned into pupasaur, then pupasaurus (like tyrannosaurus). Eventually I dropped the pup, and now she is just “saurus” or “saurus-y girl” which she filled responds to. My kittens name is Millie, but I call her Milificent, Miss or Ma’am

    Payton ThompsonPayton Thompson6 dager siden
  • Trust me your baby will also have a lot of nicknames! :)

    anoukalaanoukala6 dager siden
  • Your voices sound way lower in this video 🤔 p.s. Loving the baby content!

    Rocky ApplebeeRocky Applebee6 dager siden
  • Shuffle bottom is what we call our dog , his name is Alfie 😂

    Hannahfree 727Hannahfree 7276 dager siden
  • I call my guinea pig (called mouse) moose, bubba, sluggy, princess, moomalina, boo

    Tazza ProductionsTazza Productions6 dager siden
  • I call my dog bubbles when his name is Stanley

    daisy dootsdaisy doots6 dager siden
  • My cats name is Blue then somehow I came up with Blueseph (like Joseph) as his “formal” name. That evolved into Booseph and now I basically only call him Baby Booseph and almost never Blue.

    Stephanie MarieStephanie Marie6 dager siden
  • Cat was called Kitty - called her kitchen 😄

    N. KuN. Ku6 dager siden
  • I call my dog her name is ruby and I call her scooby or

    Maddie CooperMaddie Cooper6 dager siden
    • Scoobs

      Maddie CooperMaddie Cooper6 dager siden
  • My dogs called Aliona but her nickname is muppet

    charlotte downescharlotte downes6 dager siden
  • Nicknames for my dog who’s real name is Nova... bumbles, bumblebee, monster, hooligan, gangles, monkey. Occasionally there’s a monkey-bumblebee combo as well 😂🙈

    sarahme2004sarahme20046 dager siden
  • Oh my goodness your mum has an unbirthday!! That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard !!

    Elsey&EssieElsey&Essie6 dager siden
  • I call my dog mochi all of these names and more: gee gee, momo, may may, lady, pumpkin, moo moo, coco, me me, mocha, mocha frappuccino, coconut, princess and chocolate lol

    alohafleuralohafleur6 dager siden
  • love vlogs like this so much! I'm so happy for you guys)

    Kate VeseKate Vese6 dager siden
  • My cat is called minky and we call her miss weem

    MollyMolly6 dager siden
  • i absolutely loved this vlog!🥰

    Rebecca VanceRebecca Vance6 dager siden
  • My dog Zoe(RIP) I called Bowie. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Our new dog is Alfie - we didn’t name them we kept the name they had in the rescue cause we didn’t want to confuse them.

    angelicboyneangelicboyne6 dager siden
  • My cats called called pebbles her nickname is mush, domino, pebbs and bubba

    Editing_JennaEditing_Jenna6 dager siden
  • my Aussie Shepherd Pearl gets called Tiny, Pearlie, Tot, Toebeans McGoo, Wiggle bum, Monkey, Pearlie-whirlie bum-bum, chonk, little P, pumpkin and Maggot.

    Am y MacDougallAm y MacDougall6 dager siden