Jurgen Klopp addresses resignation rumours

15. feb.. 2021
338 448 Ganger

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Ahead of Liverpool's Champions League tie against RB Leipzig, Jurgen Klopp addressed the rumours that he was going to resign as Liverpool manager. Klopp also discussed Liverpool's decline in form which has seen them lose 5 of their last 7 games.
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  • Wherever he goes, i will support Klopps team

    LilTone 97LilTone 97Time siden
  • The media need to learn respect

    Peter KPeter K4 dager siden
  • shite manager

    KyñlaKyñla4 dager siden
  • Love Klopp! 100%

    ali hughesali hughes4 dager siden
  • We are so lucky to have this incredible man at our club. I’m sure he will honour his contract. Forget his managerial acumen. We can all learn from his humility and approachable nature. YNWA

    Darren PearceDarren Pearce5 dager siden
  • only idiots selling headlines could come up with such a dumb rumour.

    Caleb LimCaleb Lim6 dager siden
  • No need to explain as a man utd fan we know the media are a joke

    Brian EamensBrian Eamens6 dager siden
  • Total media-created tripe.... P**s off!!!! Pathetic!!!

    John HattersleyJohn Hattersley6 dager siden
  • When all the players return, Liverpool is still invincible!

    Alwyn LvvAlwyn Lvv6 dager siden
  • We'd take this man over Solskjaer, that's for sure.

    Coffee Fueled CurmudgeonCoffee Fueled Curmudgeon7 dager siden
  • I’m not a Liverpool fan or a Germany fan but I like Jurgen klopp and wish him all the best from the bottom of my heart. He is a good man and I am glad he chose to pick the premier league as his office. 🙏🏻🇬🇧🇩🇪 (Edit) give him credit. He deserves respect as he has won a league title. Stop being jealous of success and humble yourselves. It’s a sport so have some compassion for each other. 🤜🏼🤛🏾

    Pam walkerPam walker7 dager siden
  • Klopp flop. Time for change!!!!!

    Bulsara BardotBulsara Bardot7 dager siden
  • These media people are hungry for content and controversy.

    Google UserGoogle User7 dager siden
  • I've been supporting this club since '97. I supported this club for 23 years before I saw us lift the PL trophy. Klopp came to us when we were in a very rough place. He committed to us and lifted us up. Now he's going through a rough stretch, both professionally and personally. I trust the the supporters will stick with him and this team. YNWA Jurgen.

    Andreas SandgrenAndreas Sandgren7 dager siden
  • His time is up we had a good run but I believe it’s time for Klopp to leave. We need a new manager

    Elon DustElon Dust7 dager siden
    • fake fan

      billy forrestbilly forrest7 dager siden
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    John JamesJohn James7 dager siden
  • Jurgen is the man. I support him, not only me but every reds fan. Following this interview, the reds flew out to Hungary and won 2 - 0 end of the chat!!!

    Steve DaySteve Day7 dager siden
  • The man deserves a break since his mum passed on.His an amazing manager and went through the same at Dortmund highs and lows

    P KP K7 dager siden
  • Journalists and traffic warden the type of job cunts take Bit extreme 😳 sorry

    Roger MellingRoger Melling7 dager siden
  • To appreciate the wins, we need the defeats. This is the game.

    Tony RyanTony Ryan7 dager siden
  • You just got to love this man,from a Northampton town supporter

    Christopher GarrettChristopher Garrett7 dager siden
  • Kloop and liverpool match nade in heaven

    Prasanta RoyPrasanta Roy8 dager siden
  • This man is absolute class and one of the absolute best managers... from a United fan!

    They Race Me So HardThey Race Me So Hard8 dager siden
  • Don’t mention the war

    Dave 360Dave 3608 dager siden
  • I feel sorry for him not being able to got to his mother’s funeral

    StaplesStaples8 dager siden
  • I don't like this New kind of journalism where you push people's buttons asking queations with answers in them. I wonder who really is behind-the-scenes pushing this absurd theory. Liverpool for life.

    Created by GodCreated by God8 dager siden
  • This is some mind control game and totally worked up by the nedia.

    Created by GodCreated by God8 dager siden
  • My Manager ❤🔴👍

    Jonathan PatelJonathan Patel8 dager siden
  • Firmino is tired doing nothing

    YABARAGIYE AnithaYABARAGIYE Anitha8 dager siden
  • As a Liverpool fan I can say I 100% trust klopp no one could have done what he’s done at Liverpool no one. He’s done what no one else has ever done win us the league. Any Liverpool fan saying he needs to go is one stupid and two disrespectful, no manager will be better than klopp hes one of the worlds best. Also remember when pep lost his mother? Last season and similar things happened at Man City? It’s not a coincidence. As Liverpool fan we need to show our support to him win lose or draw! That’s the club we are. YNWA

    Nathan GarrettNathan Garrett8 dager siden
  • Klopp is awesome. He and Liverpool will get through this as we stick together and are positive as we deal with the challenges. Challenges if dealt with correctly can make dividuals and the club stronger. They have been superhuman for 3 years and now they are showing their human side. It will pass in time.

    Truth PrevailsTruth Prevails8 dager siden
  • What happen to You never walk alone...

    Shaik zamry ZamryShaik zamry Zamry8 dager siden
  • No one is asking for his resignation. I know the Media is trying to create a buzz but please don't stoop this low to lying straight to people's face.

    Aditya Kuntjoro AdjieAditya Kuntjoro Adjie8 dager siden
  • Form is temporary class is permant,

    mothusi letsatsimothusi letsatsi8 dager siden
  • Should of gone weeks ago,overated

    *Aesthetic Vibxs**Aesthetic Vibxs*8 dager siden
    • Stupidest thing I’ve heard If he wasn’t here Liverpool would be 6-12

      Icewallowcome 1Icewallowcome 18 dager siden
  • resign lolllll 3 euro finals? runner up 97 points? champions eng/world .....resign my arse

    quickstep dancequickstep dance8 dager siden
  • As a united fan i think that sky sports are horrendous after the loss of his mother asking him about resigning is a discrase

    Alfie DaviesAlfie Davies8 dager siden
  • He is under pressure and he knows he can be sacked. You can hear in his voice. The way he is explaining things sounds so cringe

    Gautam DawesarGautam Dawesar8 dager siden
  • Can fly to Budapest yet he's not allowed at his own mother's funeral. World's gone mad

    MancmacMancmac8 dager siden
  • He’s under enormous pressure .

    Neil RaffertyNeil Rafferty8 dager siden
  • Imagine saying to him when his mother has JUST passed away during a global pandemic meaning he cannot travel to her funeral, "nothing else is going on right now but football". T**t

    Tom BarberTom Barber9 dager siden
  • Can comeone please make these retarded Media morons accountable? they should be judged as the players

    p0kerviK1N67p0kerviK1N679 dager siden
  • Klopp will manage Germany and Steve G will be back !

    Colin QuigleyColin Quigley9 dager siden
  • You must go klopp said bye bye to liverpool

    sanjay rammunahsanjay rammunah9 dager siden
  • The resignation rumours are created by the media so they can make clickbait videos like this. Barely any Liverpool fans want him to go, and if they do, they're deluded.

    Dudley PowellDudley Powell9 dager siden
  • Ynwa come on the redmen and never forget we are lucky to have jurgen and we are despised for our stance on the sun, so the media are never going to be able to give us a fair shake it's been through gritted teeth that we get any praise ???

    Pamela StaffordPamela Stafford9 dager siden
  • dont go klopp

    Jaylon KnockJaylon Knock9 dager siden
  • Sky: runs unfounded tabloid and social media clickbait about Klopp resigning or being sacked. Also Sky: Klopp, are the rumours we just made up true?!

    mpnfilmmpnfilm9 dager siden
  • Stephen Gerard is like 🤔

    Ronnie MushiwokufaRonnie Mushiwokufa9 dager siden
  • Eventhough, I support City I absolutely love this guy... Wishing him the best and hopefully he’ll recover once again and go head to head against City

    Nazmul HudaNazmul Huda9 dager siden
  • I'm a Man Utd fan. I wish the media would stop click and baiting so much and start to do proper analysis. Cite your source for the rumours. I dare you? Made up nonsense. I really do hate the circus around football these days.

    Irish MagicianIrish Magician9 dager siden
  • KLOPPO!!!

    Bratan RomanBratan Roman9 dager siden
  • In Klopp we trust. We have the best manager in the world, and a great human being.

    gomey70gomey709 dager siden
  • I'd pay alot of money to see a report done on the media's impact on football, players and all the staff involved.

    Harry NOT PotterHarry NOT Potter9 dager siden
  • Typical press. Dreaming up stories again. Show me someone more passionate about his team and their results of late? Without Jurgen at the helm we are gone. With him we will fight back.

    David HorneDavid Horne9 dager siden
  • Most of media are just assholes

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson9 dager siden
  • I like and respect Klopp much. Get back to winning ways! Gunner fan.

    Tom GolabTom Golab9 dager siden
  • The sky reporters are like sun reporters,,scum 😈

    john trevenajohn trevena9 dager siden
  • Really going to throw this man under the bus after what he has done for you as a club. Im a utd fan, but this is stupid, who you going to replace him with?? Hes just lost his mother too. Give him a break

    game ramgame ram9 dager siden
  • kloop is strested because liverpool arent playing

    Antoinette CarmodyAntoinette Carmody9 dager siden
  • Klopp still gets my vote regardless of the train wreck of a season

    sean powellsean powell9 dager siden
  • No matter what is the outcome from Liverpool fc, i standby and will support Jurgen Klopp and the team till the end. Trust them will get through the whole situation. YNWA.

    Glenn Chua. Hian BengGlenn Chua. Hian Beng9 dager siden
  • It's like the media has an obsession with Liverpool to destabilise the club

    V998V9989 dager siden

    Cichlid ChrisCichlid Chris9 dager siden
  • Give him a chance to enjoy his coffee...

    Hlanganani SibandaHlanganani Sibanda9 dager siden
  • The media once again love to sensationalise stuff like this. Yes Liverpool are not performing however the guy just lost his mother he is bound to be stressed and worn out. Leave him alone FFS

    Fernando .PartridgeFernando .Partridge9 dager siden
  • His very first press conference "I think we should win at least one league title " now I worry.Liverpool fan.

    michael byrnemichael byrne9 dager siden
  • Klopp, you will never walk alone!

    Fu CkFu Ck9 dager siden
  • What!? He deserves at least a few mediocre seasons after what he’s done for us. I really hope the majority of Liverpool fans agree with me

    Samuel CoeSamuel Coe9 dager siden
  • want to see more entertainment at PL ? Let Klopp continue his job. It's going to be more wind, grass, var, injuries, ref, slots. What a circus we're going to have !!

    runnerrunner9 dager siden
  • Liverpool fan want Klopp ....... ...

    Qaran DoonQaran Doon9 dager siden
  • This guy is angry

    Qaran DoonQaran Doon9 dager siden
  • I hate journalist that always try to make a big thing about some poor runs... give the man a break!!

    Kavish KoomarKavish Koomar9 dager siden
  • Klopp needs a break at Real Madrid.

    Monda ChewonMonda Chewon9 dager siden
  • Seriously? You call that a question? to the MAN who brought first ever "Premier" League title to the club? Have some respect jesus. Get a sense of reality too, you are not playing FM here.

    Jun LeeJun Lee9 dager siden
  • The person in question NEVER expressed such a will, but still people and the media make and spread 'resignation' rumours. As a Gooner, I don't have any affinity toward both Mr. Klopp or the Liverpool. It just seems to me that some people have memory problem. To THE manager who brought first ever "Premier" League title to the club after decades of failures, as well as winning a Champions League. For that kind of man, you don't get to make up rumours about 'resignation' unless he tanks the Liverpool to lower league. Even bringing that question up? Seriously? Have some respect. Jesus, I thought journalists in my country are bad, but UK got even worse ones I tell ya.

    Jun LeeJun Lee9 dager siden
  • Great manager and a even greater man. I have nothing but love and respect for him. He is the definition of a "gentleman" We have lost arguably are best player in vvd,playing hendo and fab at cb,jota is out. Once jota comes back "hopefully in the next few weeks" we will start racking up the points. We are creating loads of chances but just not being clinical. One thing about jota is that he is very clinical. If you think we are going through a crisis,then you must not remember when Roy hodgson managed us lol. Come on you reds!!!! YNWA

    Fràncis WintersMcCallanFràncis WintersMcCallan9 dager siden
  • Media: Not much happening today in the world of football so let’s make story of a so called rumour that Klopp is going resign because the TV / Internet Lemmings believe everything!

    iNdepthphotoiNdepthphoto9 dager siden
  • Dam I needed to watch this. I’m glad he’s okay, I hope he stays okay. We all love football but it’s nothing in comparison to a loved one dying. And as bad as the results have been, the way we were playing at the start of January was diabolical with bad results, we are not playing that bad, but unfortunately we still aren’t getting those results and consistency. Let’s see what happens. it’s been a weird season for more than just Liverpool. It’s been a weird season for everybody and most of us will probably never see a season like it again in our lifetime all going well.

    Conor SConor S9 dager siden
  • The media seem to think it's ok to hound managers to create stories...sad and pathetic

    mick78ftmmick78ftm9 dager siden
  • This guy is pleading for the sack

    Jake The SnakeJake The Snake9 dager siden
  • The media sucks shocker

    Daniel O NeillDaniel O Neill9 dager siden
  • The media likes to harp on that fans are short-term, but this is pure insanity being driven by the press. Show me *any* Liverpool supporter who would seriously wish to part company with Jurgen Klopp after everything he has done for the club, just because of a few defeats. This is a perfect example of creating a story where there isn't one.

    Jason KennedyJason Kennedy9 dager siden
  • As a Manchester United fan, it will be shameful of Liverpool to fire this man after what he has done for them, and for football in general. He is 100% pure football to the core, we should have more of the likes of him in charge of clubs, not less! You fire him and it will be another 30 years before you win another title!

    L C FL C F9 dager siden
  • im not a Liverpool supporter but i have great respect for the team and Klopp, hope he stays

    Richard bryceRichard bryce9 dager siden
  • Liverpool should boost their confidence in winning games and communication must be there Between each individual players on the field to avoid mistakes committed by individual players

    Swapnil BagadeSwapnil Bagade9 dager siden
  • If they sack jurgen klopp Liverpool becomes inferior like before 👎👎👎👎

    Nepal TalksNepal Talks9 dager siden
  • Who would want to be a manager. It's crazy . I'm a United fan but jurgen just won the premier league first for 30 years n won the champions league . Already ppl are calling for him to be sacked sighs . Is it Liverpool fans that are calling for his head ? After all he did n achieved for u . As soon as a team has a bad run of form the fans immediately blame the manager he needs to be sacked sighs lol

    Martin KelleherMartin Kelleher9 dager siden
  • Loserpool back to being what they really are mid table club they can't even win Europa like arsenal they be back there well they weren't even qualifying for that last 10 years lmfao. This Fucker is so overated trash

    ben chhakben chhak9 dager siden
  • I understand he has a lot going on with his mother passing and him not being able to travel for the funeral but I seriously cannot stand the way he answers questions, so belittling to the reporters it’s almost like they’ve personally attacked him when they’re just trying to ask a question.

    Carl KirwanCarl Kirwan9 dager siden
  • Sack someone who brought the club back up to being at the top

    Paul CoxPaul Cox9 dager siden
  • Love your parents and be thankful, give them kindness and soft treatment for they raised you and looked after you when you was young.

    Ab JAb J9 dager siden
  • 1:44 Man has good emotional intelligence

    Ryan VeyrRyan Veyr9 dager siden
  • This man could not attend his mothers funeral but can travel to away games heartbreaking. Football is the last thing in his mind his players need to turn up for him utd fan. Its awful to burie a loved 1 during these times believe me I know.

    Ab JAb J9 dager siden
  • My condolences to Jurgen and his family on the passing of his mother. Football when this happens doesn't matter in my opinion so for him to carry on as if everything is normal is a tribute to the man.

    Ray ArthurRay Arthur9 dager siden
  • He's getting so much support and empathy, especially regarding the loss of his mother, but why the cheap shot at Everton? Honestly, Ancellotti a class above this guy

    StephenStephen9 dager siden
  • He shouldn't even be having to answer that question. Is he leaving? Who ever wants that is not a red. Klopp has transformed Liverpool into an Elite club. We've had so many injuries and we are still up there. Wait till next season and we are full strength we will be back on top. YNWA

    SealTeamZeroSealTeamZero9 dager siden
  • After years of liverpool being on top winning every game and getting over 90 points in the prem in 2 years dose it matter they are going tho a bad few games after years of perfection anyone is going to stop being no 1 eventually.

    Aronn TigheAronn Tighe9 dager siden
  • Disgraceful headline and disgraceful line of questioning, from a man utd fan

    YordiYordi9 dager siden
  • Imagine loosing Klop

    JAY1HILTONJAY1HILTON9 dager siden
    • P

      JAY1HILTONJAY1HILTON9 dager siden