Judging The Worst Setups - Setup Wars EP190

16. mars. 2020
809 562 Ganger

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    TechSourceTechSource8 måneder siden
    • no

      JonixivaJonixiva2 måneder siden
    • Well I could easily win this lemme explain.. so I have a nice mouse nice keyboard nice mousepad and all that, no PC No Desk.. me and my brother share a room and the Xbox is on his side of the room. So I have my kbm on his BED... lemme submit and win the challenge real quick

      Digit UpriseDigit Uprise3 måneder siden
    • I thouht you were better then that

      fuzion pancakesfuzion pancakes3 måneder siden
    • Raiddd

      FaithFNFaithFN3 måneder siden
    • No

      Aof_YTAof_YT3 måneder siden
  • Mine is worse cus I don’t have one

    Stephanie CheneyStephanie Cheney21 time siden
  • ethan easily mand has a pc from late 1200s and is using paper as a mouse pad and no rgb

    Cloroxis4uCloroxis4u2 dager siden
  • Here's my setup!! Oh wait I dont have a setup😥

    Sm YukiSm Yuki4 dager siden
  • Imagine losing a game on Jayden's setup and just accidentally kicking the pc

    YaiYai5 dager siden
  • I like the office set up, I don't see cardboard cases much

    D ruzziD ruzzi7 dager siden
  • S

    Nigel RidgeNigel Ridge10 dager siden
  • Did I come here for a bit of a laugh? yes Did I watch the entire raid ad? yes Did I enjoy every second ? yes Is there someone holding a gun to my head ? maybe

    Liam HartoghLiam Hartogh11 dager siden
  • The Barney one was easily one of my favourite ever 😂😂😂

    Liam HartoghLiam Hartogh11 dager siden
  • Tech sores

    Dylan BairdDylan Baird14 dager siden
  • 5:57 The worst thing i see in this picture is the knicks drawing...

    _ Gumzy__ Gumzy_17 dager siden
    • Also they might’ve just liked the image

      FuzzyGramFuzzyGram14 dager siden
    • Then why is it a drawing?

      FuzzyGramFuzzyGram14 dager siden
    • @FuzzyGram cuz its a picture of the knicks

      _ Gumzy__ Gumzy_14 dager siden
    • bro thats a good drawing why u hating on the guy

      FuzzyGramFuzzyGram14 dager siden
  • On the first setup appreciate that he uses Lunar Client on Minecraft xd

    BedlessNoob 2.0BedlessNoob 2.018 dager siden
  • i use my sis old desk and a pc case as a pc and my setup looks good

    Freshsaled102Freshsaled10218 dager siden
  • Isnt no one going to talk about 7:19 how he bought a wraith prism cooler instead of using the wraith stealth

    Mouse GamingMCMouse GamingMC20 dager siden
  • Nobody: The amount of money raid shadow legends spends on sponsorships: yes

    Ramil AbbasRamil Abbas21 dag siden
  • I have a high end pc with a shitty old Dell monitor 1440 not p with tv dinner tables lol and use my gaming laptop as a mouse pad lol

    David chavezDavid chavez21 dag siden
  • Bruh I play on a cracked tv and 8 year old Xbox one

    Oliver CasselOliver Cassel22 dager siden
    • ya gotta do what ya gotta do

      FuzzyGramFuzzyGram14 dager siden
  • who else noticed the hi spelled out with the shortcuts for jesses setup lol

    AcwertAcwert22 dager siden
  • Talking ablut the worst setups did he look at his own setup Not hating just saying

    TheGuyThat AlwaysCommentsTheGuyThat AlwaysComments24 dager siden
  • Bruh this dude hot my name and got my same desk 5:30

    CringleCringle25 dager siden
  • a whole 2 mins of this video was raid shadow legends

    Felix Gabriel PagkalinawanFelix Gabriel Pagkalinawan25 dager siden
  • Edgar cyber bullies people for fun :O (jk)

    cheezygdcheezygdMåned siden
  • When these setups are much better than mine...

    Naustin FipectoNaustin FipectoMåned siden
  • It’s funny cause nobody talks about RAID unless it’s how annoying these sponsorships are

    Alexander ScandalisAlexander ScandalisMåned siden
  • “Ladies and gentlemen! (Mostly Gentlemen)” Me: hmmm... sexist

    Gio GamezGio GamezMåned siden
  • when your set up is worst then all of these

    parkour brosparkour brosMåned siden
  • Imagine you think ur setup is LEGENDARY so u enter but he puts u I’m potato edition🤣

    Mr. CringeWorthMr. CringeWorthMåned siden
  • What’s wrong with the first one it’s better than mine😓

    Nederlandse ClipsNederlandse ClipsMåned siden
  • Technoblade won the potato war and he didntget any money HE GOT VIEWSSS

    Ron QamiliRon QamiliMåned siden
  • Me cries having no setup

  • 3:39 ok he has more ram then me

    LettuceLettuceMåned siden
  • You know your DIY when you use a page for mouse pad

    KamKamMåned siden
  • Bro i literally would take some of these setups

    JyzarJyzarMåned siden
  • Wish i could get those pc's

  • ok that gear in jesses setup is solid except no gpu and the orginization sucks

    dynstydynstyMåned siden
  • jaydens setup does belong on budget edition but no way does it belong on worst setup edition the only bad thing about it is the desk and maybe the ryzen 3 but otherwise its solid

    dynstydynstyMåned siden
  • i honestly think cameron does not belong on worst setup edition

    dynstydynstyMåned siden
  • Bruh a 6 pack of those lights behind you cost more than my setup 👁️👄👁️ I forgot what there called I have no brain

    AvreeeyAvreeeyMåned siden
  • 5 because only a computer at least the others have a Pc and Monitor

    Avakate 2008Avakate 2008Måned siden
  • You ranking the worst setup and me still having windows Xp

    Brissa TamayoBrissa TamayoMåned siden
  • bro i didn’t even know there was 2 monitors in the first one lmao

    Douglas DDouglas DMåned siden
  • My setup is bad because of this: Me: hey dad, can I have a new desk for my Xbox? The desk I have was what my grandmother used My dad: do you think we have the money for that? Also my Dad: *buys himself an IPhone 11 Pro*

    FBX pandaFBX pandaMåned siden
  • I love how he says if you think your setup is bad then watch this and for me I realize it’s worse than bad

    FBX pandaFBX pandaMåned siden
  • He's Making Fun of "Potato Setups" and me who can't even afford that

    Falcon InfiniteFalcon InfiniteMåned siden
  • raid sha-⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭

    BigToeBigToeMåned siden
  • Cameron because he’s Scottish repping us

    JG0507JG0507Måned siden
  • Can u send in ur xbox set up?

    Talan WilsonTalan WilsonMåned siden
  • Jesse is a mega troll

    I Already1I Already1Måned siden
  • Who else is trying to save up for a gaming pc

    Reptile LReptile LMåned siden
  • 5.7 percent represent !

    SamaraSamaraMåned siden
  • 7:05 his pc is off the desk a bit

    PhantomDriftz876PhantomDriftz876Måned siden
  • custom pc .... a greeeeeeaaaaat one

    Crxzy_is_Cr8cedCrxzy_is_Cr8cedMåned siden
  • Imagine having such a bad setup that it isn't even worth in potato edition setup wars lol (crying inside cuz my setup is so bad) lol

    kanav _kkanav _kMåned siden
  • My 11 year old brothers setup is like these, except he doesn’t have a pc or console and uses my Dell laptop (which is quite dated)

    Sammy ScootsSammy ScootsMåned siden
  • Mathias because his setup is so bad I threw up and he could sell his ps3, get the 100$ from u and buy himself a new ps4 and at least some cable clips and a longer hdmi cable

    Chopper IsDeathChopper IsDeathMåned siden
  • Im glad with high respect for those who submit these setups because it makes me not to feel lonely with my futuristicn't setup

    KewlKewlMåned siden
  • Quick question that you won’t answer, Do you have to be over 13 to apply for setup wars?

    Toad ToastToad ToastMåned siden
  • They all get 100 because they need it

    Sugar numb // deonteSugar numb // deonteMåned siden
  • How do u send ur set up?

    Fe4RLessFe4RLessMåned siden
  • Lol what if someone thought they were applying for the setup wars but made it on this potato edition

    Alien Captive 147Alien Captive 147Måned siden
  • You should do a console setup edition

    Do it yaaself YTDo it yaaself YT2 måneder siden
  • I have a decent pc i can make it in setup wars Edgar: Thats a setup thats gunna go in patato edition Me: ...

    LightningLightning2 måneder siden
  • my set up sucks its a windows 10 monitor plugged into an old tv with a knock-off brand keyboard and mouse luckly im getting new gear in a month

    wolf graywolf gray2 måneder siden
  • And yet I’m the one playing snake on a flip phone on a mattress on the floor

    MysticTerror394MysticTerror3942 måneder siden
  • well i am very proud for Ethan bcs hes from Malaysia (im from malaysia)

    The NorthThe North2 måneder siden
  • video starts at 2:30

    Shivam SharmaShivam Sharma2 måneder siden
  • Me and Jayden have the same mouse

    AllenFNAllenFN2 måneder siden
  • Now i can actually win something..imma join this list

    SmølzzSmølzz2 måneder siden
  • my setup is in a weird limbo state, i've got a very powerful laptop and a good ass keyboard, not to mention a decent mouse, headphones and xbox one x controller, but i'm on an (admittedly big) normal ass table, i use an old textbook as a stand, a ps4 mic, a bluetooth connection for my mouse (my logitech receiver broke), and a small ass mousepad that i made in 5th grade. but i have a nice big desk fan, so that's cool.

    Gregory MirabellaGregory Mirabella2 måneder siden
  • Poopy but

    the epic cool and awesome friendly guythe epic cool and awesome friendly guy2 måneder siden
  • My reaction in a nutshell First look: oh wow thats a ok setup Second look: oof owchie no good much bad setup

    osu!lazerosu!lazer2 måneder siden
  • Bruh these r good-

    Flow GamingFlow Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Mathis should win

    quantityquantity2 måneder siden
  • Lamo better setup then mine all your guys

    Chris the gamerChris the gamer2 måneder siden
  • i would easily win this like, so easily.

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi2 måneder siden
  • 2:25 thank me later

    viper playzviper playz2 måneder siden
  • How do I actually send in the photos??

    MrIcyMrIcy2 måneder siden
  • U r rich we r poor wht to do Wil u giv us If u dont then dont make fun

    Sudama KMSudama KM2 måneder siden
  • Jayden expected to just get on budget edition after finding for his setup for years

    ScoutdhScoutdh2 måneder siden
  • its ethan because he need a bit of cleaning and maybe a better case

    spybeastspybeast2 måneder siden
  • You went quite hard in jessie

    Surrgeon_FPSSurrgeon_FPS2 måneder siden
  • My man has a lot of mouse space (5thone) the mouse pad is like that size which is enough to play anygames

    DARK LYNOXDARK LYNOX2 måneder siden
  • First one looks extremely cool its not potAto

    DARK LYNOXDARK LYNOX2 måneder siden

    Prophecy LJProphecy LJ2 måneder siden
  • NOworld: demonetized!!! NOworldr: well now I'm broke Raid shadow legends: writes check her you go

    Epic fantasy gamingEpic fantasy gaming2 måneder siden
  • I have no computer sad

    Lorenzo JamesLorenzo James2 måneder siden
  • i watch this to feel better

    IceWizzIceWizz2 måneder siden
  • How do you hide the wires? :p

    WxrthyWolfWxrthyWolf2 måneder siden
  • every single one of these is better than mine

    Finn ParringtonFinn Parrington2 måneder siden
  • Decent setups that made it in because of a garbage desk choice and poor cable management lol

    David GoDavid Go2 måneder siden
  • hears Raid Sha- (aggressively smashes right arrow key)

    Mr LaheyMr Lahey3 måneder siden
  • when he said “mostly gentleman”... that shii hurted

    sam morrissam morris3 måneder siden
  • I am going for jayden cuz he has two monitors for streaming and the only I don't like about jayden's one that he has very low space for keyboard

    Sabynation GamingSabynation Gaming3 måneder siden
  • Ed knows that Raid Shadow Legends sucks, and you can tell he’s holding himself back from roasting it.

    PhoenixPhoenix3 måneder siden
  • honestly, my pc itself is decent, even tho it doesn't have a case... however my setup is way worse than any of these hahahaha

    younghundeadyounghundead3 måneder siden
  • No one loves raid shadow legends

    MerdraMerdra3 måneder siden
  • The worst gets the price or the best in potato editions

    AS GamingAS Gaming3 måneder siden
  • Matias

    madd runnermadd runner3 måneder siden
  • Can I submit mine if I play kbm on console

    ToasterToaster3 måneder siden
  • JAYDEN his setup is decent smol 2 monitors and yea

    Hoxar ClanHoxar Clan3 måneder siden