Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell

28. april. 2021
3 619 159 Ganger

Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,” and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).
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  • Jimmy you are a sellout. Did they coach you as to what to say

    Lisa PeggLisa Pegg20 minutter siden
  • And yet again we are reminded just how deplorable and disgusting the left truly is...

    TerriB Marry Me on a MondayTerriB Marry Me on a Monday29 minutter siden
  • What a classy, generous and impressive guy Mike is. Very impressive. You cannot attack and rattle a man like that, whose identity is not rolled up in his huge success or what you think of it. He is the genuine unshakeable article. A man of strength. Kimmel doesn’t come across though, does he?

    nickflightnickflight43 minutter siden
  • Go get em Mike. Woke idiots.

    E JohnsonE JohnsonTime siden
  • Ps he is more of a man than you.. you are a beta!!!! (Said like Jesse Lee)

    Brian SBrian STime siden
  • Jimmy you're evil. You just showed your true self.

    Brian SBrian STime siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel sucks

    How/NOT/to/do/itHow/NOT/to/do/itTime siden
  • Thank God our hope isn't in Jimmy and we are not defined by our past. Jesus came down, to die for our sins, so we can choose to recieve Him and have external life. Well done Mr. Mike!

    Sha SmileSha Smile2 timer siden
  • Hopefully jimmy uses my pillow in his casket. Sooner the better

    Mick Le MicklessMick Le Mickless2 timer siden
  • I honestly wanted to hate this guy but his lack of ego and good sense of humour really endeared me to him. I wasn’t aware of all the hurdles he had to overcome. I wish him well in his recovery.

    Easy TigerEasy Tiger2 timer siden
  • Wow just looking at some of the comments nice to see all the trumpets watching something other then fox Newsmax and oan. Welcome 👋🥳🥴

    Craig byrneCraig byrne3 timer siden
  • I didn’t think I could dislike Jimmy Kimmel any more until I watched this. Why do people like him? He’s rude and not even funny!

    Jake VenoyJake Venoy5 timer siden
  • Jimmy has nothing here. Back to the basement!

  • Wow Jimmy is a real creep and obviously does not fear God. 😳 Amazing Mike is awesome for his ability to show Love and respect when he is not getting any in return. I bought 10 pillows from Mike this year and I will be buying more every year from now on! God Bless you Mike!! Made in America 🇺🇸🙌

    JessAnnLightRiverJessAnnLightRiver5 timer siden
  • Jimmy was legit mad at this guy and trying his best to shake him.. says a lot

    Marcus Therealius6Marcus Therealius65 timer siden
  • My Pillows and Mike are the best !

    Don RockDon Rock5 timer siden
  • Great job Mike , I’ll buy 2

    GreytroGreytro5 timer siden
  • I don’t believe what you are are saying so I’m going to slander you as much as I can.

    GreytroGreytro6 timer siden
  • Trump has taken advantage of a person battling with addiction and mental health problems. What's new?

    Tyler JamesTyler James7 timer siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel is a real caught up in himself loser, it's ashame he has to belittle people to make himself (think he's big) . Ashame, sad.

    Brad QuallsBrad Qualls7 timer siden
  • It's not the crack, it's you ... wearing the tinfoil hat.

    N. OpeN. Ope8 timer siden
  • The likes are for Mike Lindell. The dislikes are for Jimmy Kimmel. Shame on you, Jimmy. You have no honour.

    Albert BareseAlbert Barese9 timer siden
  • Jimmy went full out to make him look ridiculous, he just laughed them off. Best response ever.

    Equalizing ForceEqualizing Force10 timer siden
  • I don't agree or care much for Lindell and his ideas, but I give him this..... He is steadfast in his convictions in spite of criticism and mocking from every direction. Jimmy tried continuously to tear him down, but Lindell held his own. We must admire his courage to come back from a bad place in his life.

    pezikipeziki10 timer siden
  • I have never have watched Jimmy Kimmel. Does he always sit on a platform to elevate himself over his guests?

    Gale GrantGale Grant11 timer siden
  • Not a fan of trump or anything he does or this guy. But i know what he is up to and i know he took it well. Was a nice show

    P GP G11 timer siden
  • Don’t agree with Lindell. But Kimmel should not have been attacking his guest for his past drug addiction. Inexcusable.

    Evan TuckerEvan Tucker15 timer siden
  • I used to like Jimmy Kimmel this is so disappointing how pathetic. Lindell should be proud as it is very hard to quit crack cocaine. Do you know how hard it is to quit doing drugs of course you don't Jimmy because you still do drugs who knows what you do but to make fun of someone like this it's disgusting and so are You Jimmy. I don't know how Adam Carolla put up with your disgusting personality. How the hell he turned out normal is great. but you certainly DID NOT!!!

    Ursula GrangerUrsula Granger16 timer siden
  • I'm reading these posts and people are saying this was an attack on the right and and an attack on cons. For 4 years we had a man attacking anybody who didn't agree with him on the left, right, or down the middle but the only criticism i heard was he tweets too much. People laughed when he did it. People yelled and screamed and raided a government building when he did it but he only tweeted too much. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    YamSSYamSS16 timer siden
  • Way to go Mike. Good job. Kimmel just showed his ignorance.

    Tanner ArmstrongTanner Armstrong16 timer siden
  • Kimmel just came out to argue and debate.

    Marcos BoltMarcos Bolt16 timer siden
  • Kimmel SUCKS! Adam Carolla carried Kimmel for years. It's almost like he was neutered by ABC and Hollywood. I would never watch him, even if he ever finds his balls.

    Jamie KennedyJamie Kennedy16 timer siden
  • Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to be so bad that he makes this clown look good

    Allen AAllen A17 timer siden
  • So proud of Mike....Kimmel is a closed book.

    debi stonedebi stone17 timer siden
  • Jimmy, condescension seems to be your forte. You win this year’s Character Assassination Award.

    Meta SoloMeta Solo17 timer siden
  • Think about the difference in the way Kimmel treated Hunter Biden vs Mike Lindell. I can't imagine too many people that actually need to acknowledge this will but it goes to show all you need to see to understand just how corrupt, compromised, biased and disgusting these corporate media clowns really are.

    Charlie BrownCharlie Brown18 timer siden
  • It is believed Dominion machines have been used numerous times in banana republics to elect the "correct" candidate. So don't act so naive, Jimmy! Now I just watched you suggest that your guest, a very respectable man, has a brain problem of some sort. You, Jimmy, are showing us exactly what sort of fellow you are. It's not cool to mistreat guests, even if they don't speak the "approved" narrative.

    Jane BadonJane Badon18 timer siden
  • Kimmel is a broken man

    Matt CandlerMatt Candler19 timer siden
  • He’s a very successful pillow man, he employs people and manufactures good as opposed to being Kimmel, a paid mouthpiece who has everything written for him to propagandize for the Biden’s and the Democrats who are in the process of ruining a great country.

    Mike O'CeallaighMike O'Ceallaigh19 timer siden
  • Sad media

    Maureen ParisiMaureen Parisi19 timer siden
  • Don’t you dare say a f’d. word. This h Kimmel. He cares not for the American people. Avoid Kimmel God Bless you Mike !!

    Maureen ParisiMaureen Parisi19 timer siden
  • DS on panic mode

    BrainfartBrainfart19 timer siden
  • That whole network is garbage

    Michael MirandaMichael Miranda19 timer siden
  • You do realize Jimmy is trying to bait you, right Mike? He wants to make you look like an idiot! You are such an idiot Jimmy. Got your stupid #

    Leann SandoLeann Sando19 timer siden
  • He doesn't get an applause break when he says he gives his money to charity? I guess those are for ppl that announce their wife is pregnant

    HammertimezHammertimez19 timer siden
  • I find it funny how people think Mike Lindell has no proof because he doesn’t show it. Yet, when Adam Schiff said he has/had proof on Trump on the Russia/Ukraine people believe it.

    David WollertonDavid Wollerton20 timer siden
  • Kimmel is a condescending hack that can't shut up long enough to listen.

    David DDavid D20 timer siden
  • At 16:15, Kimmel's talent comes through. He can't do anything serious because if it goes against his thoughts and liberal beliefs, then he has no interest. Garbage.

    LuckyLucOnBassLuckyLucOnBass21 time siden
  • Wow Jimmy is so deep state you can see right right through his agenda he should work for CNN

    kajill1kajill121 time siden
  • What a bottom feeder Jimmy is.

    Tony OrnelasTony Ornelas21 time siden
  • Nice Jimmy has no argument except to character assassinate poorly

    TheEricwalker1000TheEricwalker100021 time siden
  • It’s really distasteful how Kimmel is treating him like some piece of garbage... politics aside

    Blaqbarbi3Blaqbarbi322 timer siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel you are a disease you are what's wrong with California

    svs incsvs inc22 timer siden
  • Kimmel kept badgering, interrupting, insulting, mocking him and mentioning the drug use in a very disrespectful way. This was pure evil. Mike Lindell is a sincere and truthful man.

    DameGarboDameGarbo22 timer siden
  • How come comedians aren’t making fun of Biden everybody else’s he is the poster child for comedy LOL

    TimTim22 timer siden
  • Not a good idea to bash a person that the public loves like Mike Lindell. He’s actually looking out for us as a nation and a free country!!

    Gamers Channel23Gamers Channel2322 timer siden
  • I hope Mike ends up being right and Kimmel loses all credibility. Well Kimmel never had credibility with me

    Chris CliffordChris Clifford23 timer siden
  • 11:36 jimmy: “they say......” Lol. Definition of a sheeple.

    AW 08AW 0823 timer siden
  • Kimmel is typical. Another self righteous hack...

    tehmutehmu23 timer siden
  • Kimmel is trash.

    John WJohn W23 timer siden
  • Jimmy is a huge jerk! So rude!

    Let's Connect!Let's Connect!23 timer siden
  • Wow, Kimmel, so disappointed in you. And come on man, so combative, you don't have Trump any longer to trash, but yet you DO NOT hold Biden and Harris accountable. How is your ratings? WTF you priviliged elite $hit Kimmel. The rest of you deserve this pathetic crap and the socialist country you are creating. You are a fascist.

    Lisa SieversLisa Sievers23 timer siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel IS EVIL

    So Much, For FunSo Much, For Fun23 timer siden
  • I'll give Kimmel credit for interviewing this man but it's really sad to see Liberals treat half the nation like they're criminals. I don't know how this divide ends in peace when we have a media apparatus that hates millions of Americans. Ironically the best thing for this nation was for Trump to lose so the legacy media implodes. I do believe in the future we will look back at this time period and realize it was all a blessing in disguise. If God exists, he had Trump lose for a reason. It's becoming really clear that the legacy media needs to go.

    Max WillsonMax WillsonDag siden
  • Wow! Barely let him speak. You are a man of God Mike Lindell! Nothing is a coincidence.

    Tina PasqualiTina PasqualiDag siden
  • The way Kimmel is treating Mike is garbage. For someone who dressed as and made fun of blacks for years idk who he sucked off to stay on air but Kimmel, Behar and all the rest need to be banned from TV

    Rock City CardsRock City CardsDag siden
  • Kimmel is on Crack! Will never watch his shows ever..

    adam mcquillanadam mcquillanDag siden
  • Mike lindell is brave for this.

    Dylan SikesDylan SikesDag siden
  • I love Mike Lindell. He’s a patriot

    Dylan SikesDylan SikesDag siden
  • He probably tell the same thing to Guillermo that’s he’s not American he’s a Mexican

    kushlifekushlifeDag siden
  • You Deserve For Rifel Headeck

    LONS-Peter-KrysztofowiczLONS-Peter-KrysztofowiczDag siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel sux!

    Cas LittCas LittDag siden
  • Hmm Jimmie is getting paid to act like he has the inside scoop and push his activism I used to watch his show, when he was funny, now he is just another political hack God bless pillow guy who questions the authority at hand and has the set to do it

    Paula SundlofPaula SundlofDag siden
  • Hundreds of thousands of votes counted after they called a halt, to voting. 4 states flipped in that time from one opponent to the other. All in a 2 hr. Time period & they were caught on video in Georgia, pulling up votes from under the table & the biggest evidence of all was how NOworld & big Tech are silencing people’s freedom of speech after, 4yrs of Russian Hoax bullshit. You have to be blind or plain stupid to not see a poorly planned conspiracy. Happening in front of your eyes. That is why Kimmel want let him answer any questions & just keeps interrupting him.

    Marty BlackMarty BlackDag siden
  • Philippians 2:9-11 KJV Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    Tomas MendezTomas MendezDag siden
  • Jimmy K. this is for you, Galatians 6:7 King James Version 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Tomas MendezTomas MendezDag siden
  • crackhead.

    deborah youngdeborah youngDag siden
    • VPN Wuamo that thinks he is free..

      123OGNIAN123OGNIANDag siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel trying to make non-tangible things tangible. He tried to throw Mike off so many times and failed lmao. Pathetic

    ZeroPhilosopherZeroPhilosopherDag siden
  • Trump best president....

    Rene ZepedaRene ZepedaDag siden
  • Ok.. let me get this straight: you can hack a pipeline but you can't hack an election

    Mark JgMark JgDag siden
  • God Bless Mike Lindell

    Shane & Kim BarclayShane & Kim BarclayDag siden
  • Jimmy is wack job and a puppet. He said " this is not connected to the Chinese hackers " how do you know jimmy?

    Chris ClarkChris ClarkDag siden
  • Wow.. props to Mike for going on this show. I can’t believe how rude Jimmy was throughout the whole interview .. and Mike stays polite and respectful.

    Andrea ValiquetteAndrea ValiquetteDag siden
  • Mike is such a nice guy

    MirkyWaterMirkyWaterDag siden
  • Potato Joe

    jmunjjmunjDag siden
  • This makes me like Mike Lindell even more!! He is a voice for millions that stand behind him! We are all praying for him🙏

    Sonjah AllisonSonjah AllisonDag siden
  • Soon we will have the report of the election fraud in Arizona. Then we will check other States .Inside criminal activity on a mass scale created the biggest fraud in the United States of America history. Give the investigation another month or so. America is watching

    Gregory MGregory MDag siden
  • damn kimmel, just lost a viewer

    Zachariah LoweZachariah LoweDag siden
  • Good on you mike! Jimmy did his best to talk down to mike and make him look and seem like an idiot, unsuccessfully! Jimmy is a hack, hes not even funny!?!? Lets have Jimmy come out and we can list all his faults, mistakes, and posts/tweets and then lets interview him! He did his best to tear a good man down and all mike did was laugh and let it roll off his back. Good on you Mike!!!

    Bryan SmithBryan SmithDag siden
  • Jimmy blew it..... he had nothing to counter but insults. Prick

    mram 77mram 77Dag siden
  • God bless Mike for being a truth teller!

    Duchess LadaDuchess LadaDag siden
  • Mike did good and held his own. Jimmy went hard at him and nothing wrong with that and Mike handled it well.

    Lafayette AzevedoLafayette AzevedoDag siden
  • Jimmy “Karl Malone” Kimmel

    Skye TheDogSkye TheDogDag siden
  • koo koo for cocoa puffs!

    tom buildertom builderDag siden
  • Wow, what a crappy person Jimmy is.

    B-McGB-McGDag siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel succeeded in the impossible task of making Mike Lindell look sane

    Michael NewmanMichael NewmanDag siden