Jet Engine Thrust Test - Fuel Experiment (Jet-A vs Diesel vs BioDiesel vs HydroDiesel)

21. jan.. 2021
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I test run four different fuels in my RC jet engine to see which one makes the most power. Jet A, Diesel, BioDiesel and HydroDiesel which contains 80% Diesel and 20% water.
I first build a jet dynamometer then I put all four fuels to the test with some intense full-throttle runs, the results are very surprising.
The test I run on each fuel is 2 straight 20-second Dyno pulls, this is much much longer than anybody would hold the throttle in the full power position under any use except for maybe a fighter
Chapter Markers Below:
00:00 Intro
00:27 Building Jet Dyno
02:52 Dyno Done
03:18 Fuels I'm Using
03:50 Ice In Fuel
04:58 Thrust Test JET A
07:56 Thrust Test DIESEL
12:03 Thrust Test BioDiesel
15:41 Thrust test HydroDiesel
18:52 Summary of Results
19:07 Sending to Project Farm

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Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

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  • In a real test Cell the the efficiency of the engine would be Max EGT, minus Actual EGT (EGT Margin ) at a set corrected thrust. Everything would be corrected back to standard day conditions. I would sat the different EGTs and Thrusts may just reflect the different calorific values of each fuel?Most Gas Turbines for power generation are run to a specific EGT (EGT limited) .The power produced would depend on the temp of the day, type, and condition of the gas turbine. If you could ran that engine to the same EGT on all fuel I guess you would produce the same thrust. Thats if the ambient temp stayed constant.

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  • One liter in one minute, that is about 12 gallons per hour. It is a lot of fuel for 62 lbs thrust. A single-stage centrifugal compressor with an axial initial part would mean a compression ratio of about three at the most. That would mean a low efficiency as far as heat engines go. Still, it is a beautiful engine and it starts sustaining itself at about five thousand revolutions but thrust does not appear till about 70,000 revs with that small diameter turbines.

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  • I used to work on the engines before I went to the academy. They are all fans these days, but when I look at your numbers: - It seems max. thrust is limited by a restrictor in the fuel control or elsewhere rather than the gas producer or electronically via the EGT. - Looking at the EGT and gas producer, I don't see how the BioDiesel can have more thrust than the Diesel. - It would be interesting to see tests where the EGTs were the same across the board and another with the gas producer was the same across the board. You could learn quite a bit from that. - I don't know anything about RC turbines, but it sounds like you are saying the shaft bearings are lubricated and cooled by fuel. - The Diesel sulfur lubrication theory doesn't add up for me because the EGT and Gas Producer are higher for a lower amount of thrust.

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  • Great work! Well,it seems we won't be switching to any alternate fuels soon in comercial aviation...biodiesel is good,almost good thrust with low consumption and low rpm (good for life of engine) but a slow response to acceleration and deceleration. Hydrodiesel is better on thrust but the accel/decel is even worse and water in the aircraft systems is never good. Regular diesel is too weak. So,we are stuck with A-1. But,great work and the sound is excellent!!

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