It’s time for some change

9. okt.. 2020
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I have been working at this office for 4 years now and I have decided its time for some change. Office Tour + Behind the scenes of how I shoot videos!
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  • Who got freaked out by the intro? don't lie Best Tech Deals updated daily! DealSource.Tech

    TechSourceTechSourceMåned siden
    • who hasn't freaked out would be better......i really liked the place neat and tidy. It looks better than the messy one.

      Arun Roy PerumattilArun Roy Perumattil24 dager siden
    • I thought you were moving on from yt.

      Daniel WDaniel WMåned siden
    • hey, man.. how are you? i am a big fan of yours.

      TechVid StudioTechVid StudioMåned siden
    • Sir cant you give me a gaming pc or normal pc for my online class im from Philippines

      Jamesbenito YTJamesbenito YTMåned siden
    • Can I have some parts🥺

      EndlessEndlessMåned siden
  • Suffering from sucess

    Miixer 2000Miixer 20009 dager siden
  • This is more like a room tour than changing anything.

    PO1SON 1VANPO1SON 1VAN9 dager siden
  • Him:peasants gpu Me that hoping i could get a 1650ti:😭

    FuriousGamingYTFuriousGamingYT9 dager siden
  • "They`re just jealous that you`re more powerful" 9:28

    Umair AnsaariUmair Ansaari10 dager siden
  • 0:20 titan x my dream

    rishi parasharrishi parashar10 dager siden
  • you shoud do giveaway theseeeee item

    Ayyub SolihinAyyub Solihin12 dager siden
    • i dont know how to get it

      Ayyub SolihinAyyub Solihin12 dager siden
  • can i have a pc?

    Charles Phillip F. FriasCharles Phillip F. Frias13 dager siden
  • ed is a simple guy, he doesnt need 10 million gpus

    staticstatic16 dager siden
  • Ed: Like the Video If Your Enjoying Me: No Im Not Enjoying I'm Jealous

    HexTech GamingHexTech Gaming16 dager siden
  • Now that was a sneaky advertising

    Rob Ch.Rob Ch.17 dager siden
  • ED im banned from ur discord idk how i dont think ive ever joined ur discord but im already banned

    ConsersativeConsersative18 dager siden
  • Hey Ed! I live in the LA area and am working on my first PC build, and am having a really tough time finding a good gpu for market value because of the lack of stock. After watching this video and realizing that you have a ton of lightly used parts in your possession that are cluttering your workspace which can't be good for your OCD... I was curious if you would be interested in selling one to me as you wouldn't have to ship it to me, I could come to you to pick it up. (Wearing a mask and socially distant, of course). Let me know if that would be at all possible! Whatever the answer, I appreciate you and everything you do man. It's super refreshing to see someone who has found success give back to his subs so frequently and in such volume. Especially the setup makeover series, man. Those get me every time.

    Cody HughesCody Hughes21 dag siden
  • Ed can literally open a PC store with the amount of stuff he has...... DAMN

    Shaikh AbdullahShaikh Abdullah26 dager siden
  • Wait so if those are peasant cards then what are my intel 520 graphics?

    Neil PatilNeil Patil26 dager siden
  • This is cool while he says peasant cards while I wish I had a pc I even use a old 11 yr old Sony tv 📺 I’m not sure if it’s that old but it’s old

    Rak1n 2kRak1n 2k29 dager siden
  • hello ed uhm im a Filipino and i already watch your videos, i just wanna ask when will you gonna do the (THE SETUP MAKEOVER AGAIN) cause if you will gonna continue it i will do my best to be chosen ed cause my pc like a cheap one i buy it in a price of: 16,500 php ( in USD it only cost 330 USD here is the specs of my pc: Ryzen 3 3600 gigabyte A320M-H Elite ddr4 8gb 266 (1 STICK ONLY) adata SU650 120 gb ssd no gpu no video card POWER SUPPLY UNIT ATX 700w not modular, not true rated( DOESN'T HAVE A SWITCH JUST PLUG THE CABLE STRAIGHT TO GENERATOR) CASE: CVS ACRYLIC WITH RGB LED STRIP(GENERIC ONLY NOT A HIGH END CHASIS CASE) keyboard and mouse bundle:(i dont know the name the name is written by chinese) and its not a mechanical keyboard and the space bar keep stucking when i click it also its rgb but cant chase the color cause its fake. monitor: nvision 18.5 inches if you want proof here is the link( ) also i am a vlogger and i vlog my unboxing of my pc and i want to stream too but my pc is a low specs and cannot support streaming and high end games AND THATS ALL, thats why i want to join in the setup make over and this pc is like 2 or 3 months old thats all ed please choose me if you want a picture just say it i will picture it anytime you want im not joking or anything i just what to have like close to my dream pc build

    Rheljayy The utuvirRheljayy The utuvirMåned siden
  • Can you Not Send me a Graphiccard 😭😢😀😅😬

    FraserDTLFraserDTLMåned siden
  • hey bro ! can i have a ssd ... thanks

    kasun dewakakasun dewakaMåned siden
  • U tryna donate ur extras to me?

    The RhettXThe RhettXMåned siden

    Onbekende VreemdelingOnbekende VreemdelingMåned siden
  • he disliked his own video at 0:43 LMAO

    PradoxPradoxMåned siden
  • i wish, i could make a studio like you.

    TechVid StudioTechVid StudioMåned siden
  • He got a box with the oculus brand. Ed did u got a vr headset?

    maarten hendriksmaarten hendriksMåned siden
  • Yo can you like..... give me some stuff?🙄😶😗😉

    • Juicy •• Juicy •Måned siden
  • even the tree wires are hidden!

    Arvid LindArvid LindMåned siden
  • Toilet? Lol

    Native2458Native2458Måned siden
  • Wow so many items just sleeping in there😱 can't even buy now...need to start making money 💰 and buy some fancy cards😍

    Mighty SirazMighty SirazMåned siden
  • update HE HAS TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BloxTunesBloxTunesMåned siden
  • dude!!!!! You have a threadripper just waiting to be put in a pc? That’s insane do you know how much those things cost??????

    BloxTunesBloxTunesMåned siden
    • up

      BloxTunesBloxTunesMåned siden

    WildtobesWildtobesMåned siden
  • How come you don’t gift some of it away to people that would like some of it but can’t buy it.

    Ashen BoneAshen BoneMåned siden
  • In the start I thought it was a ad 😂😂😂

    18-Dan Napier 6th G18-Dan Napier 6th GMåned siden
  • i wish i could afford all of that, i am still trying to save up for 1 pc, let alone 78

    Landen LarcadeLanden LarcadeMåned siden

    AussieJokerAussieJokerMåned siden
  • Ed:rich Most of his viewers:broke Hotel:trivago

    MaleKing06MaleKing06Måned siden
  • Me who wants a pc for Christmas: All those parts. With no use.

    EyeGrxxnEyeGrxxnMåned siden
  • TechSource please give me a graphic card if you have lot of them

    JithinJithinMåned siden
  • great to hear i have a peasant gpu

    Dante BrizziDante BrizziMåned siden
  • This guy is amazing wish I could have all of this and give them away to more people

    Sylar JavaSylar JavaMåned siden
  • 0:43 Disliked his own video lol

    FoodiepieFoodiepieMåned siden
  • The thumbnail is like ed is wondering which pc part to lick first

    Eccentric WindEccentric WindMåned siden
  • rtx 2060 high end rx 5700 xt mid end

    Nama GoffNama GoffMåned siden
  • Edgar is a good example for showing that nerds can be stud and have good relationships.

    Abhishek JoshiAbhishek JoshiMåned siden
  • I wish i had this kind of problems.

    Pere Joan Galmés BlanquerPere Joan Galmés BlanquerMåned siden
  • Clean office I like it a lot

    David MbongiseniDavid MbongiseniMåned siden
  • I want a rtx 2080 but it is very expensive and my mum says no more spending on the pc

    Ahmed123 DadipatelAhmed123 DadipatelMåned siden
  • Nice bro

    Dj.Guddu nadiaDj.Guddu nadiaMåned siden
  • How to join ur giveaway ?

    samuraisamuraiMåned siden
  • i need some

    Mr wafflesMr wafflesMåned siden
  • you can give me some parts if you have to many :)

    Mr wafflesMr wafflesMåned siden
  • that is biology not chemistry u dumbo

    kshizuberantkshizuberantMåned siden
  • Ed's shelf's give me anxiety, especially the GPU shelf, I would be worried constantly of things falling off

    RenjiRenjiMåned siden
  • suffering from success

    annaynannaynMåned siden
  • you inspire me to keep goin with pc building, right now im trying to save to make my system an all white build and post on youtube, love the vids keep going!

    josh bairdjosh bairdMåned siden
  • You should of said Kobe and Gigi

    Jonathan GeorgeJonathan GeorgeMåned siden
  • I have a 1050 Ti and am thinking of upgrading should I get a 1660 Super or something else

    Nathan GuanNathan GuanMåned siden
  • You should send me some parts that you don’t want to upgrade my pc lol

    LuxLuxMåned siden
  • Techsource I realize that u don’t have enough space in ur office u mind letting me “borrow’” a few parts so I can create a pc or so

    ENENMåned siden
  • You should turn your garage into a bit coin minder just open up the door on a windy day

    DiffugeDiffugeMåned siden
  • new gp just a dream of everyone BD

    MyFavVidMyFavVidMåned siden
  • Peasant GPU gang?

    Lazar JanjicLazar JanjicMåned siden
  • How terrible i get so many pc parts everyday theres like no more space. Me: You must be fucking joking right

    BigMateoBigMateoMåned siden
  • I mean if you don't have enough room I'd be happy to help out. You can send me stuff that you don't have any room for.

    Rasmus AasmäeRasmus AasmäeMåned siden
  • Then give me parts to build me a pc,,this will make more space xD

    YsterVarkiesYsterVarkiesMåned siden
  • Not new bro It's organized which feels better than new.

    Seraj WahhajSeraj WahhajMåned siden
  • Linus has the classic socks+sandals while Evan has some weird ass shoe with white socks hahaha

    Adison Teo Yi Tao *Adison Teo Yi Tao *Måned siden
  • Im willing to help me a gaming set up and send it here in UAE.and thank me later.😁😬✌😋

    CapCaloy Etc.CapCaloy Etc.Måned siden
  • today i decided to upgrade my 89$ pc but i can't

    Rv cruzRv cruzMåned siden
  • I use core 2 duo and 500 GB hard disk help me

    Sufia KhanSufia KhanMåned siden
  • could u giveaway a 2060 super lmao

    YT MahlksYT MahlksMåned siden
  • Hey could you slide me a motherboard

    Divide BrysonDivide BrysonMåned siden
  • Hey I’ve had my pc for 3 years now I have a gtx 1060 ryzen 5 and 8 gigs of ram I’m saving up for ram but I kinda need a new set up I was wondering if you could maybe make a video fixing my setup?

    RakutuoRakutuoMåned siden
  • Seeing this and watching this on my trash pc

    the troll buildthe troll buildMåned siden
  • Ohh woah is me companies send me to much free shit. Smh

    SidmannSidmannMåned siden
  • Give away rtx pls

    Jhunjhun OliquinoJhunjhun OliquinoMåned siden
  • Ed: peasant gpus on the bottom Me seeing a 2060: damn so even the mid tiers bullied you

    Alex A17Alex A17Måned siden
  • Your postman must be pissed with all the dileverys

    Nobody_2539Nobody_2539Måned siden
  • Imagine if he got robbed again

    Nathan PearlNathan PearlMåned siden
  • bruh i got banned from techsource clu for some reason, i have no idea why

    YourMom 55YourMom 55Måned siden
  • Am your big fan bro

  • I’m trying to build a PC for my friend for his birthday so i’m gonna try and win a case gpu or psu

    zypezypeMåned siden
  • Who also noticed he disliked his own video at 0:46

    ZfinxZfinxMåned siden
  • man i dont have a gpu give me a gt 1030 i dont caya just need a gpu

    Muhammad HarisMuhammad HarisMåned siden
  • I need me a new graphics card, still rocking the 960

    I Love You ❤️I Love You ❤️Måned siden
  • Let me help you ed with those boxes. Send it to me. Yep, that is for free tho.

    DeleCianDeleCianMåned siden
  • I have a question? Why am I banned on your discord I have 2 discord acounts! They both are while I only was in your server with my main! And I just made a new discord and thats BANNED TO!!! So why? Can I get a unban?

    Just GamesNLJust GamesNLMåned siden
  • no one is gonna talk about that toilet scene?

    KaziX_GamingKaziX_GamingMåned siden
  • tbh I had no idea you were in the garage

    TripledVirusTripledVirusMåned siden
  • Have a sale for ur followers🥺 like i would really love to have a 2070 super founders edition (unable to find it anywhere in India) sell it to me 🥺???

    Ankit SikandAnkit SikandMåned siden
  • i just realized his office is a garage..

    lil lego blocklil lego blockMåned siden
  • Graphic card racism right in front of you

    Chinmay MadhaviChinmay MadhaviMåned siden
  • I hope someone will give me one full set up this upcoming Christmas because my PC is already is far from the PC builds today. I would be thankful if someone will give me because I could used it for my Online Class and Play some Online Games if there is a free time. Because it is very expensive to buy here in Philippines. Hope you'll notice my comment

    Gerard Vincent CagudGerard Vincent CagudMåned siden
  • Sana all

    Gerard Vincent CagudGerard Vincent CagudMåned siden
  • Sana all

    Gerard Vincent CagudGerard Vincent CagudMåned siden
  • "Peasent GPUs" he says... A gtx 1660 sitting there. I would be happy if I even had a 1060...

    - Ryz- RyzMåned siden
  • Awesome.. It's just dream for me.. 😭

    Sony ChenSony ChenMåned siden
  • your eye is beautiful

    Mahir AsifMahir AsifMåned siden
  • ngade2 mamat ni

    StarLord PutraStarLord PutraMåned siden
  • I am tour fan i like y

    arsalane.youness Studentarsalane.youness StudentMåned siden