It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At This

1. okt.. 2020
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  • dude always has a smile in is face unlike other people who are just plain cold

    eghosa ekhatoreghosa ekhator16 minutter siden
  • 4:10 i aint even gonna lie thats a lie

    Trippy GotDripTrippy GotDrip28 minutter siden

    Aaron JarvisAaron Jarvis56 minutter siden
  • That accent challenge had me dead 😂😂😂

    JDOG _JDOG _Time siden
  • your hair looks like liquorice

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gokus Dragon ballGokus Dragon ballTime siden
  • The fuckin church

    Gokus Dragon ballGokus Dragon ballTime siden
  • The outroo xD

    Alfie SajuAlfie Saju2 timer siden
  • The end was too cute🥺

    Isha KanuIsha Kanu3 timer siden
  • Nikolai Ramm do be exploring

    Håvard BergmannHåvard Bergmann3 timer siden
  • Dead ass The New York accent killed me🤣

    Daniel ReyesDaniel Reyes4 timer siden
  • Watching from philippines 👍🔥

    James DuhigJames Duhig5 timer siden
  • jesus is coming soon pls give ur life to him if you havent

    Kmasi PlayzKmasi Playz7 timer siden
  • that was a scream mask w a vibrator on the top of it 😂

    Ethan McgrathEthan Mcgrath8 timer siden
  • Hi

    WeezyPlumWeezyPlum8 timer siden
  • I don’t know wats funnier the memes or jj explaining the memes

    soinhu foitusoinhu foitu8 timer siden
  • 1:35 interesting part

    EthangamingfredoEthangamingfredo13 timer siden
  • 10:05 Confirmed Corona Virus

    Adhytria Gusti LanangAdhytria Gusti Lanang13 timer siden
  • 2:08 this is the type of shit my mom finds on WhatsApp

    YoshiYoshi14 timer siden
  • who els mute KSI screams and laughs ?

    Michael sadekMichael sadek14 timer siden
    • Man said his hair be looking like licorice

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu8 timer siden
  • yoooo the patoi had me deadddd any1 else? my yawdiesss wyaaaa

    Justin BarrettJustin Barrett14 timer siden
  • The new york thing a joke

    Girly GamingGirly Gaming15 timer siden
  • We want another video like that 🤣😂😂😂

    Booshy AlBooshy Al15 timer siden
  • i love jj reaction 3:26

    Rasmus christensenRasmus christensen16 timer siden
  • The baby one bro

    Kedel KedelKedel Kedel16 timer siden
  • G O B A C K T O R E D O R U R G A E

    Misahim CODMMisahim CODM17 timer siden
  • Why hasn’t he deleted his account yet? Vik is slangin

    Oliver EvansOliver Evans19 timer siden
  • Teacher: what’s the colour of blood? Me who haven’t had sleep for 5 days: 9:27

    ShivalikShivalik19 timer siden
  • jj laugh to everything

    Stanislav BílýStanislav Bílý20 timer siden
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    Don GilliamDon Gilliam20 timer siden
  • Guys where does he gets these clips from anyone pls

    Sacred PickleSacred Pickle20 timer siden
  • I miss my ketchup fork

    Eternal dagger YTEternal dagger YT21 time siden
  • Why is my guy looking like an Umbrella that had its material ripped off

    DrakainequusDrakainequus21 time siden
  • Man said his hair be looking like licorice

    noya senpainoya senpai21 time siden
  • Eyyyy han har jo tatt me Nikolai ramn fra Norge nice

    Markus MaraasMarkus Maraas22 timer siden
  • F uk tryen to make funna us

    Cristopher MartinezzCristopher MartinezzDag siden
  • Wher cheetos hair

    PhantomPhantomDag siden
  • JJ is in ultra instinct

    Jaden SalinasJaden SalinasDag siden
  • Imagine someone says where you from I’m from fucking 😂🤣

    We Obey AllahWe Obey AllahDag siden
  • Wannabe Polo G 😂😂

  • The funniest thing is all of those kids with the object permanence of deji's IQ cutting up their masks to look for a fucking ipad lmaooo

    Babatunde [Gang Shit]Babatunde [Gang Shit]Dag siden
  • Ksi laugh is like a dog crying

    Sebastian BascoSebastian BascoDag siden
  • 6:57 Jeremy is the best

    Rhys OwensRhys OwensDag siden

    SaimaSaimaDag siden
  • Why is no one talking about this 10:03

    John LeivaJohn LeivaDag siden
  • JJ’s hair looks like how polo G does his

    Akay InfiniteAkay InfiniteDag siden
  • 8:05 i dont get it

    Mohammed ALMohammed ALDag siden
    • Random person: Wow. Your having a boy? KSI: what? Random person: your shirt is baby blue. KSI: No, I just like this shirt. Random person: gay.

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideDag siden
  • Ksi just titles the video try not to laugh and forgets it.

    ankit kaliramanankit kaliramanDag siden
    • Lil tecca wannabe🔥

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideDag siden
  • Try to watch 2:40 without laughing.

    Hunter WallaceHunter WallaceDag siden
  • That laugh lmao I'm dead 8:52😂😂🤣

    joel Pattenjoel PattenDag siden
  • it's the Jamaican accent for me🇯🇲

    3gad 3gad3gad 3gadDag siden
  • 4:16 when i have a stroke

    Fırtınanın SefasıFırtınanın SefasıDag siden
  • What’s between your teeth in the thumbnail Brodie ?

    JayJayDag siden
  • Is this ksi

    CCB officialCCB officialDag siden
  • Now I got worms on his head

    DOT_StrikerDOT_StrikerDag siden
  • J

    Hannah ShafiHannah ShafiDag siden
  • @TommyInnit

    Ismail UllahIsmail UllahDag siden
  • "Id like to see how you make fun of this on Reddit" Halloween Spider Do My Guy... Reddit Hit this up.

    Liam HoldernessLiam HoldernessDag siden
  • Ngl I preferred the red hair but I will love to see baldski again

    phantom artphantom artDag siden
  • Well f*** Reddit. I know the only reason why you wear a bandana? Because you are trying to look like your old self and you realize that you are slowly growing bald and you don't wanna be posted about your big ass forehead that you wear a bandana to hide your shame... Lol I don't know where that came from...

    George Henry FletcherGeorge Henry FletcherDag siden
  • Lil tecca wannabe🔥

    XxamirulizwanXxamirulizwanDag siden
  • Random person: Wow. Your having a boy? KSI: what? Random person: your shirt is baby blue. KSI: No, I just like this shirt. Random person: gay.

    H412MichaelH412MichaelDag siden
    • Bruv shut up you're not even funny

      John CenaJohn CenaDag siden
  • Hey Fam, fist time writing u and ask if u watched a russian commercial about Water. Fame u will not belive it.

    InduriuInduriuDag siden
  • And your mother 😅🤣🤣

    Mbah Buyut ChannelMbah Buyut ChannelDag siden
  • Walmart

    holly roperholly roperDag siden
  • He went from Cheeto to liquorice xD

    Jayne SaxonJayne SaxonDag siden
  • That NY accent is nonsense.

    AlexanderAlexanderDag siden
  • I discovered JJ a couple days ago, when I saw Pewds reacting to his reddit. Now I’m watching his videos non-stop and I love it!❤️

    RollCake CookieRollCake CookieDag siden

    DeciDevDeciDev2 dager siden
  • He should go to the place fucking. Comment if he should

    Jacobo Hernandez TrejoJacobo Hernandez Trejo2 dager siden
  • U

    Daniel ObrienDaniel Obrien2 dager siden
  • brb gonna make a sandwich

    hanahana2 dager siden
  • 4:47 is funny lol

    hanahana2 dager siden
  • it has also a place in Switzerland who called "bitsch" with an "s" hahahahahaha

    Nico BedinNico Bedin2 dager siden
  • Yo ma boy JJ got them curtains

    LakzeLakze2 dager siden
  • Yooo.... I am alive

    stevan mileticstevan miletic2 dager siden
  • I never even realized that, we call a liquid "gas".

    Demgphi xDemgphi x2 dager siden
    • Short for "Gasoline" it has nothing to do with the state of matter. That being said, internal combustion engines burn the gasoline in an aerosol form, not a liquid form, so gas would be more correct anyways. Food for thought.

      Fat HabitFat Habit9 timer siden
  • mans look like cheef keef

    YungChungsYungChungs2 dager siden
  • im jamaican so i now what that white man said

    Jonneia TurnerJonneia Turner2 dager siden
  • yall find this funny like not the video but him

    Apocalypse visionApocalypse vision2 dager siden
  • wth the gay lady souded like teh actore form white chicks ngl

    Zayne AqraaZayne Aqraa2 dager siden
  • 9.05 to 9.20 is my fav part

    Michael TuatagaloaMichael Tuatagaloa2 dager siden
  • at like 9:26 I was just looking at the two, and when that guy said what was the color of the baby's shirt I thought something was wrong with the shirt so no joke spend a good minute staring at it but watched like 5 more seconds of the vid and got what he meant. Either I'm pure, or stupid fucking idiot.

    Emanol Has A Green HatEmanol Has A Green Hat2 dager siden
  • what do y’all call gas? i’m from canada

    DaytonDayton2 dager siden
  • Boris was jokes fam

    Hashir HussainHashir Hussain2 dager siden
  • “ Behold the F*****g Church!! ”

    Suman MallaSuman Malla2 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂Noooooooooo!!!!!🤳🏾☠️💀

    Nathaniel HalkettNathaniel Halkett2 dager siden
  • Lmao

    scope 7scope 72 dager siden

    Yejinli 71Yejinli 712 dager siden
  • I swear the second one better be fake.

    ひな。ひな。2 dager siden
  • Was anyone actually surprised that vik was packing

    Da OG PickleDa OG Pickle2 dager siden
  • We got the same Hairstyle

    The ChiorasThe Chioras2 dager siden
  • bro KSI didn't even notice that there was a vibrator on the scream mask. lol

    Luciano MoranoLuciano Morano2 dager siden
  • This is a reupload

    Z MasterZ Master2 dager siden
  • Do British people have to judge Americans and everything in the world I mean just look at their makeup

    Andres RamosAndres Ramos2 dager siden
    • Bro calm down its jokes

      S ScremebossS Scremeboss2 dager siden
  • Yo ksi nice dreads

    Mr SteveMinecraftMr SteveMinecraft2 dager siden
    • Black is better

      mikin liroumikin lirou2 dager siden
  • ur hair is fine now thats the hair style my 5 year old cousin has but its extensions and not twists

    toxicvibestoxicvibes2 dager siden
  • Where is blue ski

    Angel FernandezAngel Fernandez2 dager siden
  • you should of lost again's Logan Paul and also be a maverick

    Jodi O'NeillJodi O'Neill2 dager siden
  • Polo G

    Omar LolOmar Lol2 dager siden